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They aren't just scars.
They are the demons
I fought at 3 am.
They are my insecurities,
my deepest fears,
and my lonely nights.
They are the insults I have received and the
emotions I cant contain.
They are a part of me
and are what I have become.
hope  you guys like it   plz share
Midnight Dreamer May 2015
maybe when you see what you've done to me
you'll realize what a fool you were
because you don't leave someone you love
for someone else.
Midnight Dreamer Dec 2014
When sitting in my room
With the door shut and locked,
I feel alone, like no one's there
To listen to what I have to say
Although when talking to you
It's like I'm no longer alone,
But with you in my arms,
My days are better and
Nights are shorter,
Because when talking to you
I'm no longer alone
And the thought of that
Keeps me awake
With happier thoughts.
Midnight Dreamer Dec 2014
taking a blade across your wrist
watching the blood pour down
you think that it's the only way
you'll be numb and not feel
the pain of all your
old memories of
the one you loved for
the longest time

— The End —