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MBJ Pancras Jan 2018
Living on paper they walk away,
Denied of leave and holiday,
Simply seeing through masks,
Waking others who walk with them,
Helplessly sinking into the marshy bog!
A philosophical concept written in the fomr of Limerick
MBJ Pancras Nov 2015
Elsewhere thou wert born with thy dispositions born of HIM,
Might be with the galaxy of blossoms flocked with song birds,
Might be among chiming streams brimmed with fishes.
Might be drenched in tuneful showers of grace.
My heart hath perceived thy childhood painted in thoughts
Right now painted in my words of magic incredibly.

Butterflies hover above thee sprinkling colours upon thee,
I hear gallops in thy quick steps as stallions trot,
So sweet as of the Nightingales with their melodies,
Serene, I believe, are thy words adorned with innocence,
Young as the tender shoot looking ahead of blossoming,
Thy words, I believe, knit with philosophy still to gain,
Amiably caressed thou art with the West Wind,
And I read Shelly’s mind in his ‘Ode to the West Wind’
So swift and amicable traversing ‘cross the horizons,
Child-like etiquettes, I believe, crown thee to stride ahead.

Thou art a star seen in the expanse of my inward eye,
May be a way of life to perceive thee ‘cross the sky,
Thou art a child still unto me and I am thy friend.

We’re all awake of HIS Way of Creation, a mystery to say,
Everyone learns the truth that the world is round,
And we all meet where we begin our journey.
And let our journey shall be led by the ONE WHO created us.
A verse for a girl friend
MBJ Pancras Sep 2015
truthfully logic
streamlined in everyone's soul
on earth for Great Life.
MBJ Pancras Sep 2015

thoughtless agony
drained in the soul of loss
all earthly sorrow.
MBJ Pancras Sep 2015

Thou art the rainbow decked with colours of dreams,
Reigning the sky with moisture wedded with haze.
Thy beauty embedded in the rainbow - the crown of the sky.
When you smile unto me with thy fragrant love,
My heart grows blossoms of rainbow beauty,
I know not why thy heart inspires mine;
Yet I know it’s the magic of muse on its pinions
Speaking unto my silent heart and wakes my poetry.
Thy smile unto me adds wings to my poetry,
And my way of life is all of poetry.
Thy eyes sing lullaby unto my heart,
And my heart is drenched in the rain of thy love.
I adorn thee with my magic odes
When I address thee as a muse unto me,
Thou art a song bird chanting in silence into my heart,
I deck thee with my sonnets clothed with metaphors
For thou hast changed me Spenser with his sonnets,
I epitomize thee with my epic of anecdote
As the muse of Homer reigns my poetic child.
When I beautify thee with my blossom-like verses,
I’ve been Keats whose truth is:
‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’
And I believe my verse for thee bears a lasting touch.
MBJ Pancras Sep 2015
I see her!
She smiles at me with her
I watch her!
She gazes me with her smiles!
I read her!
She writes in me with her thoughts!
I study her!
She paints in me with her lovely innocence!
I perceive her!
She draws in me with her perceptions!
I dream of her!
She floats in me with wings of love!
I poetize her!
She becomes the muse of poetry!
I adore her!
She hugs my heart with her beauty!
I love her!
Because she loves me!
I made her my poem!
And she's a poem in my world of fancy!
She flies in my world!
And I fly in her world!
And both fly in our world!
And our world is the world of love!
Love for her!
MBJ Pancras Sep 2015
Dedicated To My Loving Daughter SUZANNA CHRISTY
On her 12th Birthday (08/09/2015)                  
Days rolled on; moments of time trotted; Waters changed shapes;
She walked with His Grace; smiled with His Mercy; grown with His Love.
Eleven nautical miles she hath crossed; might be twisted with ebbs and tides;
Yet His provident Arms have carried her in tender and glorious ways.

I see her seated on the banks of the stately throne with scepter of innocence,
My heart is thrilled with her mother’s heart of her child-like majesty
Envisaged across the firmament with the rainbow colours within.
Each of the rainbow shade dappled with Heaven’s Glory to glow.

I have drawn her in the sky of my fancy with figures of speech in colours,
She hath become a poem in my kingdom of poetry in pageantry.
We’ve been dreaming of her splendor glowing in His Presence
And pray unto Him no blemish shall taint her soul till the day.

My heart perceived sweet smiles on her lips translated from her within:
Every smile is His Blessing showered on her heart - gratitude to HIM.
We planted a garden and ‘ve grown the seed of godliness to grow like His Son,
Our hearts rejoice in the growth of the seed beside the sweet flow of His Love.

She hath grown through lightning, storms, showers and withstood with His Grace,
She’s been God’s Gift’ conferred on us late but in His time mystifying to mankind.
It hath been His Eternal episode that she ought to be in our arms crawl.
And God’s Gift is in His Image to grow in His Shade and fly under His Wings.

We are instruments to lead her in the way of Eternity, and her soul is precious to Him.
All have souls and all have Eternity, and have to choose His Son hung on the Cross;
Yet earthly affinity hath no role to play in His Kingdom, for He is Spirit,
And all His children ought to have His Image ever to reign in His Glory.

We perceive Truth of Eternity on her child-like countenance each day.
She hath stepped on the twelfth way of life and hath years to walk through.
Our prayer unto Him is His Providence be showered on her soul till the time.
She hath awakened us to share the Truth of Eternity in my simple verse.
Love for my daughter
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