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Mayofficial Jul 2016
When I’m overwhelmed with tears at night..
Emotions are an ocean that consume me.

Soft waters flow down my cheeks as I reminisce about us and our brief memories..

It was a year ago..
Remembering your soft blue eyes slowly closing on a plane.
Your shakey hands would lay so softly in your lap, slowly drifting away…

You finally had some time to rest.

I loved the mornings when you would turn over and hold me.
A still warmth.

In my indecisiveness you took control,
in my want for nothing you gave me your all.

Just by tugging your hand, your eyes would soften and your voice more calm.

You're raging storm silenced..
Darling I’m here now.

I knew you..
Well, just the part of you revealed to me, of course..

I remember when you would downturn your lip and look across when you were unsure..

Yet twist your hand up to say ‘come on lets go!'

I remember when I unhung the turquoise dress from your wardrobe..
I chose it because it matched your eyes..

If only you knew how beautiful your eyes looked under an Italian sunset..

I remember us climbing on top of the old town, watching the sun go down..
The glazing orange skyline blessing your angelic face.
All I could ever want was here.

With you.. there was no pain.
No sadness, no war and no violence..
With my resting head on your shoulder.
No words, just peace.

My memories are a clear water..
Climbing the church tower and cycling the city.
Reaching for my hand up the stairs to make sure I was safe.
I could never catch up to you.

In a room full of art, *all I could see was you.

In a town full of blessings, YOU were mine.

While my body was broken, you were my healer.
How in a brief moment, you loved me and let me go.

Intoxicated nights,
but a blazing fire as soon as the front door shut..
The balcony doors opened..
The night sky saw our passion, only the stars knew our secrets..

How in a short space of time you became so impressionable on my soul,   my inner being.
A feeling.. a place I didn’t know existed within me.. awoken.

I’ll never forget how happy you made me, and still make me when I replay those memories.

Yet memories are just memories..
I pray that I find a way to put to sleep..
The fire that burns within me.

*When I’m overwhelmed with tears at night..
Emotions are an ocean that consume me.


— The End —