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May Stockdon Aug 2015
The brush of his lips against her neck
The scrape of her nails across his back
The slide of his hand elicits a sigh
The curve of her waist, gripped in his hands
The rhythm of his heart beating in time with her own
The throaty moan that urges him on
The thickness in his voice, reveals his desire
The desperation because they know this is the last time
The gasp of pleasure begging for release
The cry of pleasure as she tips over the edge
The sound of her name, repeated again and again
The whispered goodnight once they have settled
The faint snoring breaking the silence of the room
The decision to stay the night
Aug 2015 · 284
One more
May Stockdon Aug 2015
One more glance in your direction
One more dinner in the moonlight
One more touch of your hand
One more glass of wine
One more moment gazing into your eyes
One more kiss and one more after that
One more night under your covers
One more morning in your arms
One more cup of coffee in your kitchen
One more collection of scattered clothing

— The End —