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M L Evett Apr 2019
Sorrow courses through my veins
From my heart where self-doubt reigns
I do not want to face tomorrow
With its promise of fresh pains
I can’t stand this constant sorrow
Choking me in iron chains
And dragging me through icy seas
Of anguish through which I cannot row
And tossing me on ragged knees
Onto a shore of miseries

Sometimes I feel that I will drown
In tempests of my own design
Or in serotonin ups and downs
Raging in my shadowed mind
In this state I cannot see
How to row to safer shores
Or drain the sorrow from my veins
Or feel at peace with life once more

But was I ever truly well?
Or is that the past I wish to see?
As I hear the tolling of the bell
Of my desperate heart and destiny
M L Evett Aug 2018
Flickering lanterns
Floating in the twilight sky
Lightning strikes far off
M L Evett Jul 2017
And I Pined for a Warmer Clime

        I was lost on a vast, dark sea,
        For many days in misery.
        I pulled my oars to paddle on,
        If only for new scenery.

        Some days brought me gusts, gales, and storms,
        Lightning flashes and thunder roars.
        Then I’d sail in an inky night –
        The clouds concealed the stars from me.

What I Found There was Life Sublime

        But then came, wafting through the air,
        A gentle breeze, its aroma rare.
        Its whispered name of beauty spoke,
        The fragrant scent my heart awoke.

        I found the isle, smooth beaches white,
        Red grass waving in sunlight bright.
        And at night all the stars shine down,
        On this island, my home I found.

I Send You My Heart in a Rhyme

        Sometimes still storms will rage around,
        But I’m safe now – your love I’ve found.
        In your safe harbor, I am now,
        Here all my troubles run aground.

        I send my bottled love to you –
        With you I know my course is true.
        A future with you I can view,
        We'll plot a course, just me and you.
M L Evett Jun 2017
I love you as a deer loves the embrace of sun-dappled groves,
      An oak the earth, a robin the nesting crooks of leafy branches.
This love comes naturally.
You keep me grounded, and give me a home in which I am free to grow, entangled in you.

I love you as an eagle loves the lifting currents of the wind,
      A dolphin the waves, the tides the pull of the circling moon.
This love comes naturally.
You give me strength, the courage to strive to be a better person, not tomorrow, but today.

I love you like a lion’s roar echoing across the savanna,
      A moonlit kiss, Olympian gold glittering in the eyes of a cheering crowd.
This love come naturally.
You awaken my passion, stir my hearts’ depths unlocking feelings I’d never knew existed, till now.

I love you like no one I have loved before,
      And for reasons singularly different
      Than I will ever love again.
You are my rock, my muse, my fire.
I have never loved anyone
      So naturally.
M L Evett Jun 2017
Du bist das einzige Mädchen Ich liebe
Du bist das Einzige für mich
Ich will hier mit dir bleibe
Mit meine Schatzie – dich

Rosenrot, du hast mein Hertz
Mein Hertz, er brennt für dich
Diese Welt ist zu kurtz
Für eine so schön wie dich

Ich werde hier mit dir bleibe
Zur ende dieser Welt
Und so ich zu dir schreibe
Und gebe meine Liebe zu dich.
The first (and so far only) poem I've written in German.
M L Evett Apr 2017
I write so memories I can recall;
While effortless at first, they soon dissolve.
I write to crystallize in written form
A vanished space and time while it’s still warm
In my minds’ eye and easily transposed
And can upon your mind be re-imposed.

I write emotions down upon the page
To set them free of this corporeal cage.
I write to clear my mind of dusty moths,
Which overwhelm with multitudes of thoughts,
And waves of feelings that I float upon,
Which build like ocean storms and toss me raw.

I write to catch the beauty of the worlds,
To purify their multi-facet swirls.
I write to sip the essence now distilled,
So when the world in darkness, woe, is chilled
Remember sunlight’s hidden undertow
And needs your heartfelt courage to re-sow.
M L Evett Mar 2017
Her smile is verily my life’s bright sun
Her hair a waterfall of autumn leaves
My puzzled mind her wit has solved and won
By kiss of flowers she my heart achieves
I know that I have found my life’s true mate
When her I see my heart is light and warm
With her fore’er I gladly seal my fate
She will in goodness all my life transform
I do not know what storms we’ll brave at sea
Together we will journey far and wide
What ports we visit I can’t wait to see
I’ll sail with her until our eventide
With ring of heavy stone I gave my oath
*To love and cherish you, I pledge my troth
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