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Martin Bailes Dec 2017
Well that was last week
& this is now
& yes …
it actually is
to him
This President of the United States
who has just endorsed
an accused
child-molestor …


“He denied it”
says Trump,
of Roy Moore
this man who has 8,
yes …
8 women accusers …
together with witnesses
from the time,
& corroborative evidence
from the time,
& tears …
from the time,
& fear …
from the time,

& if there’s special
place in hell
let it house
& Moore
& Moore’s enablers
& Republican justifiers
& equivocating TV hosts
& the Evangelical apologists

& as for Trump
& as for Moore …
the moral bankruptcy here
leads me to simply say
in anger, disgust & horror …
may the dark pitiless depths
of a sulfurous burning pit
be their’s for eternity,

or close to.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
“How these gals came up with this,
I don’t know.
They must have had some
sweet dreams somewhere
down the line.”

Oh yes for sure
Pastor Earl Wise,
sweet, sweet dreams
of violent ****** assault
in a locked vehicle
in a dark car park
behind the diner
in the dead of night,

there are
some 14-year-olds
who …
the way they look,
could pass for 20,”

Oh I know
just take a little
look at that
little 14 year
one over
easy to see
as 20,
so easy.

“I don’t know
how much
these women
are getting paid,
but I can only believe
they’re getting
a healthy sum,”

Oh yes,
perhaps George Soros,
or some secret Jewish
liberal slush fund,
or perhaps those
wouldn’t put
it past them,
no sirree Bob.

Earl Wise is a Christian,
just to let
you know,
just in case …
you were wondering
& such,
him being a Pastor
& all.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
In a sign of
the complete & utter
moral capitulation
to the designs of power
& the primacy of the old
stone cold ‘ends justify means’
the leader of the United States
Republican Party just this morn
came out in whole-hearted
personal actual phone-call support
of an accused ******* & someone who
was actually on a mall watch list
as a grown assed man …
Roy ‘Ten Commandments’ Moore.
& if this news doesn’t just get to you as
it should then you obviously
contain a heart of depthless
dense dark blackness
& find it oh so
easy to quite
simply ignore
the tears
of the assaulted,
an attempted ****,
& innocent
child victims of
this man’s vile pursuit
of pleasure, power
& evil gratification.

******* you Moore,
Trump & all who
enable …
That’s it.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
… & crawls drooling to the fresh putrid grave
of one recently deceased Charlie Manson
to perform midnight esoteric rituals of rebirth
& renewal as kneeling en masse before
the still fresh soil Manson’s bitter gnarled
fingers appear from below to scoop & clear
the way for his primed & rested body to
leap free like some rancid steaming genie
set loose once more upon the world,

whilst McConnell, Hatch & the esteemed
Mo Brooks of Alabama await graveside in
their cloaks of be-dazzling mirrored splendour
to lend succor to the newly reborn & just plain
get their will done ethics be ****** & sure
as **** he’s Charlie but lets put the past behind
us & march on forth to a sweet new world of
righteous Christian revenge, massaged &
pleasured millionaire classes & a stranded
& forlorn weak & weary everyday folks who
by gosh darned if they can’t make it on their
own … then … ah shucks, so be it.

The fresh & revitalized Charlie was then oh
so politely & with just so much deference
escorted red-carpet-like to an awaiting golden
chariot headed by two gleaming & snorting
whiter than white horses whose whip-lash
reins were grasped oh so tightly by one
Donald J. Trump in all his fatuous orange
glory …

& the victorious vehicle of Republican
moral victory carried its newly crowned
poster-child, Ambassador of Goodwill,
Our Boy **** Right He Is! to the
hallowed halls of Congress for a rapturous
near-incandescent welcome & general
‘got you now leftist America’ parade of
Glory, Glory God Almighty Lookee
Here … deal with it ****.
Martin Bailes May 2017
Kissinger's in the House today,
trailing choking ****** fumes
kicking aside limbless tiny bodies
too, too innocent by far,
all dripping entrails & shattering
dry bones gladly underfoot
as he lopes horrendously
all death rictus grin & such
as he once again justifies
to St Peter at the gates
the millions crushed, obliterated
blown into tiny misty red fragments
as he played his all-mighty diplomatic
history lessons on a helpless, distant
once green & fertile land.

Forgiveness? Ha!
Martin Bailes May 2017
And we're off ...
the week has started ...

is it every day we're reminded
how fucken dense this man is?

how utterly, immeasurably ignorant
is this solid mass of orange nothingness
that's tinged with the green of envy,
the dark bile of bigotry,
& the ever present yellow
of moral cowardice,

shaded with coal black
labyrinthian hollows & dense thickets
of double-speak & blatant

Oh this man!

This pitiful caricature of every
far-too-rich fat cat you laffed at
in the Sunday comix,

all over-fed yet never satisfied,
trophy wife upon his velvet arm,
shy & lonely son left to play with imaginary
friends in a gilded palace of pillowed luxury
& golden gushing faucets of milk & honey
& all those fancy trinkets that declare to
himself each day,
... "Oh how I've made it!"

This bottomless well,
this mind of vacancies &
negative sub-atoms,
pure void of edgeless darkness
infinite & oh so very still,

this encyclopedia of the vacuum,
this mole of the intellect,
this dustbin of the present,
overflowing with inane
***-bits of elemental

& the horror is of course
that 60 odd million Americans
gave this jestered fool
the reins of power
in the most powerful
& consequential
nation on this
fragile & hurting
one & only
planet earth.
Martin Bailes May 2017
Americans ... Is it just Americans you're talking
about here Trump? ...
those chosen,
those special people,
those singular red-blooded people,

because I'm a little confused here
as you didn't seem to consider Syrian
refugees as bleeding the same red blood
even when it flowed so freely for them over
there in their pitiless homeland,

& Hispanic immigrants,
they bled red too,
or being rapists & murderers
was it a tainted red?

& black folks?
was their blood red?
from reading your White Supremacist
re-tweets I figured darker skinned Americans
had some innate handicaps or un-American
tendencies & thus their blood was a might
different to us white folks,

& Muslims?
do they bleed red too?
or is it a special breed of red,
an Islamic red?
a special sort of red that favors
deportation as says Brietbart news
or that forbids them entry as per your
unforgivable attempt at en-masse criminalization.

There was no bleeding of the same red blood
as you appealed to the lowest denominator in
white folk bigotry during your successful rise
to top of the heap in Republican vengefulness,
bitterness & just plain Supremacist American
red blooded horror was there?

No, there wasn't.
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