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Martin Bailes Dec 2017
Well that was last week
& this is now
& yes …
it actually is
to him
This President of the United States
who has just endorsed
an accused
child-molestor …


“He denied it”
says Trump,
of Roy Moore
this man who has 8,
yes …
8 women accusers …
together with witnesses
from the time,
& corroborative evidence
from the time,
& tears …
from the time,
& fear …
from the time,

& if there’s special
place in hell
let it house
& Moore
& Moore’s enablers
& Republican justifiers
& equivocating TV hosts
& the Evangelical apologists

& as for Trump
& as for Moore …
the moral bankruptcy here
leads me to simply say
in anger, disgust & horror …
may the dark pitiless depths
of a sulfurous burning pit
be their’s for eternity,

or close to.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
“How these gals came up with this,
I don’t know.
They must have had some
sweet dreams somewhere
down the line.”

Oh yes for sure
Pastor Earl Wise,
sweet, sweet dreams
of violent ****** assault
in a locked vehicle
in a dark car park
behind the diner
in the dead of night,

there are
some 14-year-olds
who …
the way they look,
could pass for 20,”

Oh I know
just take a little
look at that
little 14 year
one over
easy to see
as 20,
so easy.

“I don’t know
how much
these women
are getting paid,
but I can only believe
they’re getting
a healthy sum,”

Oh yes,
perhaps George Soros,
or some secret Jewish
liberal slush fund,
or perhaps those
wouldn’t put
it past them,
no sirree Bob.

Earl Wise is a Christian,
just to let
you know,
just in case …
you were wondering
& such,
him being a Pastor
& all.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
In a sign of
the complete & utter
moral capitulation
to the designs of power
& the primacy of the old
stone cold ‘ends justify means’
the leader of the United States
Republican Party just this morn
came out in whole-hearted
personal actual phone-call support
of an accused ******* & someone who
was actually on a mall watch list
as a grown assed man …
Roy ‘Ten Commandments’ Moore.
& if this news doesn’t just get to you as
it should then you obviously
contain a heart of depthless
dense dark blackness
& find it oh so
easy to quite
simply ignore
the tears
of the assaulted,
an attempted ****,
& innocent
child victims of
this man’s vile pursuit
of pleasure, power
& evil gratification.

******* you Moore,
Trump & all who
enable …
That’s it.
Saxe-Coburg-Stoata won't pop its Windsor weasels,
'til God's outed as Alan Smithee, credits roll for Kingdom Come.
***** equerries are  lickspittle English mudsills.
Workingclass virture's vice of received wisdom.

Their peacetime plebwish, standby wartime deathwish
for prole monarchists who find wonder not in wonders.
Echoes have higher IQs than yeoman status masochists,
scruburbs of sycophants wowed by plumvoiced plunderers.

Redtop recon in caff over nitrosamine sandwich
(last diner donated copy of the uncharitable Sun):
peasants poppysmic over pageantry (prozzies prize a
****'s plumage).
'Loyal subject' highborn hypocorism for  '****, but
Our ****'.

Feudal themepark fortified by perk sword, ignominious
honours. Sleb serfs genuflect, hobbled by thralldom
- shall we regain our Equilibritain? Fendersmith mutinous,
cinderise Windsors! UK PLC's slave morality: duty will be dumb.

But not by me, poet and fully zerohoured member of the precariat.
Fronthall Larkin's prams gridlock pales as act of artistic
harakiri next to perduellion against truth: lipserf is Laureate!
My sovereign's First Lady Jackie P, Jackie Parnassus. Vive la Republique!
Martin Bailes Mar 2017
“We’ve been dreaming of this since
you and I were drinking out of a keg.”

Oh how sweet it must be,
how sweet the moment,
as it finally arrives,
oh so breathlessly,
so eagerly

This idea whose first
beautiful dawning
came as a bunch of
youthful, oh so youthful
& ambitious conservative
white boys shared some
beers together Saturday night

& dreamed
that one day,
one day,
poor folks would be
kicked off Medicare
... oh how sweet it is ...
the realized ambitions of eager
& principled youth.

— The End —