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Martin Bailes Dec 2017
Well that was last week
& this is now
& yes …
it actually is
to him
This President of the United States
who has just endorsed
an accused
child-molestor …


“He denied it”
says Trump,
of Roy Moore
this man who has 8,
yes …
8 women accusers …
together with witnesses
from the time,
& corroborative evidence
from the time,
& tears …
from the time,
& fear …
from the time,

& if there’s special
place in hell
let it house
& Moore
& Moore’s enablers
& Republican justifiers
& equivocating TV hosts
& the Evangelical apologists

& as for Trump
& as for Moore …
the moral bankruptcy here
leads me to simply say
in anger, disgust & horror …
may the dark pitiless depths
of a sulfurous burning pit
be their’s for eternity,

or close to.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
“How these gals came up with this,
I don’t know.
They must have had some
sweet dreams somewhere
down the line.”

Oh yes for sure
Pastor Earl Wise,
sweet, sweet dreams
of violent ****** assault
in a locked vehicle
in a dark car park
behind the diner
in the dead of night,

there are
some 14-year-olds
who …
the way they look,
could pass for 20,”

Oh I know
just take a little
look at that
little 14 year
one over
easy to see
as 20,
so easy.

“I don’t know
how much
these women
are getting paid,
but I can only believe
they’re getting
a healthy sum,”

Oh yes,
perhaps George Soros,
or some secret Jewish
liberal slush fund,
or perhaps those
wouldn’t put
it past them,
no sirree Bob.

Earl Wise is a Christian,
just to let
you know,
just in case …
you were wondering
& such,
him being a Pastor
& all.
Martin Bailes Dec 2017
In a sign of
the complete & utter
moral capitulation
to the designs of power
& the primacy of the old
stone cold ‘ends justify means’
the leader of the United States
Republican Party just this morn
came out in whole-hearted
personal actual phone-call support
of an accused ******* & someone who
was actually on a mall watch list
as a grown assed man …
Roy ‘Ten Commandments’ Moore.
& if this news doesn’t just get to you as
it should then you obviously
contain a heart of depthless
dense dark blackness
& find it oh so
easy to quite
simply ignore
the tears
of the assaulted,
an attempted ****,
& innocent
child victims of
this man’s vile pursuit
of pleasure, power
& evil gratification.

******* you Moore,
Trump & all who
enable …
That’s it.
Martin Bailes Mar 2017
“We’ve been dreaming of this since
you and I were drinking out of a keg.”

Oh how sweet it must be,
how sweet the moment,
as it finally arrives,
oh so breathlessly,
so eagerly

This idea whose first
beautiful dawning
came as a bunch of
youthful, oh so youthful
& ambitious conservative
white boys shared some
beers together Saturday night

& dreamed
that one day,
one day,
poor folks would be
kicked off Medicare
... oh how sweet it is ...
the realized ambitions of eager
& principled youth.

— The End —