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M Tamura Jan 2015
I play for the win but lose just the same
M Tamura Jan 2015
Eyes look down so low
It appears the sidewalk frowns
When thinking upon you
M Tamura Jan 2015
I stand mute in a world of muted colors
I can't help but feel I'll never love again
honestly I don't think I will
I'm  tired and worn out
I fancy the thought of being alone.
The burden of caring that ruined my capability of loving
the damage you've inflicted on the girl who's never hurt you
Left scars no one can erase
Yet within this faded world I live
I'm lost without a trace
  Jan 2015 M Tamura
Elijah Nicholas
The night sky above us was splattered with stars.
Millions of them.
Galaxies and constellations right before our eyes.
The universe was dancing and rejoicing
To a cadence that could not be heard, but only felt.
M Tamura Jan 2015
This sea of sorrow we swim in keeping our heads above to breathe is a fight, life is fragile and un promised to us all. Like waves in the ocean or the turning of the cosmos , change unravels if we want it to or not.
I  hope solace finds a way into the coldest depths of sadness, hope a beautiful human feeling burns and weeps in each of us. The relationships we have with those departed is always with us growing as we do, personalized and meaningful  in our hearts and minds, touched by the light of life we appreciate our own endeavors and those closest to us more. No better a way to appreciate, to give thanks to and also to feel the compassion our cherished friends give us every day.  There is no better inspirations or sacrifice. Andy, so many here moved by you, as we will always be. Thank you for being the inspiration guiding us. You are hope.
It was just a few days ago I was writing and came across your poem, feeling better you said even in this cold weather. Your words shined off the page and burned an imprint in my mental book. I have it now always.
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