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 Oct 2014 Maddie
Gwen Johnson
How wind storms so violently, how peace finds no place.
How danger seems to look you right in the face.
So how do you stay alive in a world with so much hate?
How colors seem to fade.
How I see that look that look on your face.
How do you find a place
when wars never fade and the dark keeps you awake?
Will hate ever fall and bring peace to us all
in a world with so much hate?
You hate the world until it falls to the ground
then realize it was great but that’s what happens
to a world with so much hate.
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Matthew Walker
I asked my friend once
Why he cuts himself
His reply was completely sensible to me
Though others might say it was senseless
But so heart wrenching was the reply
So real that it made me cry

He said
I cut myself to make sure I'm alive
Because pain is the only emotion
That throughout my life
Has been able to thrive
But every time I cut, I think
If I can feel pain,
Maybe another emotion has survived

You see
There's this thread that is tied around my heart.
But it's not just tied around my heart
It's tied from my brain to my heart
To my soul to everything around me
To everything within me to all that surrounds me.

There are many things attached to this string
The closer they are to the end
Wrapped around my heart
The bigger the knot they form
And the bigger the knot is
The easier I can feel them

There is one emotion
I feel every single time my heart beats
That emotion is pain
Through past, present, future
Throughout my entire life
That emotion has never ceased

Pain is so close to my heart
On the thread of emotion
That maybe if I feel the pain
I'll be able to feel the emotion
That is one step further than pain
And then the emotion beyond that

I cut myself because if I can feel pain
I might be able to feel hope next
And I might feel happiness after that
And maybe, just maybe
Someday, because of the pain,
I'll be able to feel love

I asked my friend once
Why he cuts himself
His reply was simple
He said
Because sometimes,
Cutting is all that keeps us alive
 Oct 2013 Maddie
ugly outcast
 Oct 2013 Maddie
ugly outcast
i know i'm going
nowhere in life.
i've got that.
but why do you have to
remind me?
why is this necessary?
i have plenty of bad
opinions of myself, thanks.
you don't have to add to the pile.
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Walker U
your body against mine
caresses my heart
I feel as if we're one
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Rorie Evans
My darling boy,
The real one. The real thing and all.
A figment of my imagination but in my (tiny) self I hold.

There is much awe in my city, my dear, but you are the skyscraper. Much joy in my world, but you are the bubbles, clumsily blown by a three year old.  Much wonder in my life, but you are my eyes when fireworks are set off. There is much music, but you sing a different song, of other lives lived, of sisterhood, of soul mates, of brothers, of lovers. Once again, we are.

It had been so long and on your descent, your landing, your smooth slip through Heathrow’s arrival gates (the home of my memory hidden in its ink)
I felt myself climb
Back into you
In the strongest, yet weakest way
Now you must rest. Go home to your mother and sleep til you wake.

Those days later
I watched you step out of that car
And as if in swift teamwork, my body was broken and healed at once.
I watched you cascade, so graciously, towards the bell ringers.
The people, your people
Your girls – full of anger, heavy wombs and hurricane.
I whispered, under my breath, ‘thank you, I love you’ and became
You arrived and left without a ******* your arm – because, the truth is, you could never have anyone on your arm
Not even

My olive tree
The fruits of my loves labour never lost
A middle aged woman’s warm self among metallic scratches and blips.
A photograph – taken just before
Half of your face
Filling the whole page.

I will write to you
For you
As yours
And at the end of each I will
Whisper, under my breath, ‘thank you, I love you’

Thank you
I love you
Scorpio x
 Oct 2013 Maddie
James Fate
 Oct 2013 Maddie
James Fate
echoes in my mind
like aches
but merely echoes
I am getting better at being
but that is only because
I am so full of dead things
to remind me of what I now
have the option
not to be
to be
is my decision
I am locking it in
to be
that is my final answer
until my choice is taken from me

stardust is the basic component
of all the parts and pieces
I am so full
of dead things
I was born with fourteen ghosts
excluding the stars that we rise
from the ashes of
like phoenixes
excluding the animals
that gave rise to us
excluding names
and faces
and friendships
and homes

fourteen ghosts

and they say we are born innocent
 Oct 2013 Maddie
soul in torment
One kiss from you

and I


ask no more.
It's impolite to talk with your mouth full even when you have two tongues
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Alice Kay
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Alice Kay
The water is so hot it burns,
but it still isn't burning away the sadness.

Melting away skin is not enough,
if only feelings could melt just as easily

But if that were true
I would never step out of the shower
I just found this from a year ago, decided to post it.
 Oct 2013 Maddie
Geno Cattouse
A very wise man said an eye for an eye
leaves the whole world blind.
  Would that be a bad thing all together? I ask.

A world without sight would close our differences.
and draw commonality. A universal tribality. The blind would be
required to lead the blind.

Imagine all of us reaching out to hold hands in a common cause.
All for one and one for all. Hold onto your brother so he does not fall.

Judge me not by the skin I am in.
Touch my face and feel my spirit.

Hear my voice with your heart not
you fear.

Lets try this...

An eye for an eye, for an eye, for a  year.

I would not take this to its logical conclusion.
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