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Maddie Nov 2013
Butterflies kept inside my chest
I'll save them for a less than sunny day.
tucked inside my bed where I lay.
the winged creatures inside me at bay
flipping and flying contently at play.
they move from my chest far
to my brain where they stay,
My mind starts to wander,
these insects are incessant theyre my constant thoughts.
disguised as beautiful winged creatures, but most are not.
my dark thoughts are moths to be swatted away,
some have bright wings.
the beautiful ones just don't seem to stay.
This hidden part of me,
can be quite gray.
I try to drown all my monsters,
Like when Noah built the ark.
Sail away with my beautiful creatures.
The moths swimming like basking sharks.
These are unseen by many
and observed by few.
I gain a moth, and lose a monarch
Every time they're met by someone new,
Or my broken heart.
But who's to say there's no beauty in something dark.
Maddie Nov 2013
Feeling like I do
When I do, and do I,
Miss you.
Well, I know why.

We loved us,
but we didn't love each other.
Like heat in the summer.
We were warm, but we could suffer.

Remembering You and I
The littlest things.
How did it die?
Is love made to sting?

We both sit alone.
"She thought too much.
He didn't care enough."
Written on love's tombstone.
Maddie Oct 2013
When it comes to you,
I'll wait.
You're eyes are bait,
But I won't bite.
I'll sit up straight.
I'll respond,
Not instigate.
I promise,
I'll wait.
I've got time.
I'll need it at this rate.
Maddie Oct 2013
You pretended to care
Told me, "I will." and took me in,
Said something sweet.
You said what I want, but not what you mean.
We were seemingly so serene.
You promised me,
Not just in times of glee.
The happier we seemed to be,
The wishes, well were kept.
As soon as the wind kicked up,
You were emotionally inept.
You said I was the one.
Who knew you'd run.
I saw all your imperfections.
And lied to myself about every one.
Your lie was more,
But it was my favorite.
You'd quietly say,
"I love you too."
Because, sometimes a lie,
Is better than truth.
Maddie Jun 2013
After all we've been through.
I'm still just a body to you.
My soul, emotions
They're not real,  
Or something you just can't feel?
Your eyes watched
As I continuously fell
What about My womb where your child Was held?
Remember when we said those words?
The three that mean
Were happy
Filled with glee
Then you broke it
You Shattered
Here I am.
There you stand.
I'll give in.
Maddie Apr 2013
Do people really know,
Are they just afraid to be alone?
How long does it take to figure,
A month, a day, more than a year?
Can you tell the moment its real?
Is it something you see, or something you feel?
People use the word in excess.
Would you still be in love if there was no ***?
Maddie Mar 2013
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