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Madai Mar 24
Humanity is isolated
Humanity is blind these days
Humanity depends on stories
Humanity got news in spades

Humanity is lost with questions
Humanity in search for fate
Humanity is needing answers
Humanity is really scared

Humanity is scarred forever
Humanity time to embrace
Humanity will come out stronger
Humanity had this before
I tried to describe our state lately due to what's going on around with the spread of COVID-19
Madai Mar 24
How do you laugh with sonorous contagious laughter
How do you talk with voice as poem to my heart
How do you look with gaze one struggles not to lose himself forever
How do you smile with dear impeccable your traits

I'm powerless beyond imagination
My nights are long and full of thoughts about you
When pictures of the past moments are alive and almost real
I lose a sense of present time and lieu

The winter outside is cold and cruel
Reminds me of the way you are at times
No mercy in your voice, your words are cold and freezing
Unconsciously your consciousness prevails

Seeking refuge in big dark eyes as deep as ocean
I caught a glimpse of tender sentiment in them
Your eyes can't lie betraying your intentions
They gave me strength I needed to withstand

You have the urge to shake me to the core as usual
Revealing that the man is solid as a rock
Is all the proof you need to find the peace, I promise
I'll stand indeed so you can just relax

— The End —