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Sep 2019 · 78
- Sep 2019
I thank God I am alive.
Nov 2018 · 590
- Nov 2018
I don't mind being alone
I just hate being lonely
Nov 2018 · 85
- Nov 2018
"I am more than my anxiety."

"I am more than my anxiety."

"I am always enough."

Say it louder for the monsters at the back of your mind.
- Jun 2018
it's either you hurt the people who are closest to you,
or they hurt you

but the funny part is
most of the time
you just hurt yourself
Jun 2018 · 1.8k
- Jun 2018
I hope we are all
more than who we
thought we  are
Jun 2018 · 260
My Heart is Full
- Jun 2018
If this is all the love I’ll ever know, if this is all the love I’ll ever get.. I’m content.
- May 2018
And here we are,
surrounded by too many poems;
already too familiar
with what it's like to be a poet
that had his heart broken...

tell me,
I wanna know..
*what it's like to be a poet who has already been healed?
May 2018 · 141
- May 2018
Hold your head up, love
The waves, they crash
The raindrops fall
It’s okay for you to stumble
Yet the tides rest
The storm ends
Get on your feet,
do your best
Apr 2018 · 333
- Apr 2018
Mar 2018 · 152
- Mar 2018
You deserve all the good things this life can offer.

I don’t think I’m one of them.
I’m no good thing.
Mar 2018 · 123
- Mar 2018
Aren’t you glad that no matter how many times you asked the stars to take you away, they didn’t?
Mar 2018 · 341
To every petal there is:
- Mar 2018
I am but a piece of flower, almost withered, never having seen the sun. And there she was, a tulip, never opening up to anyone. Then there were some that come in groups, like orchids - every color there is. My mom and her friends, a bouquet of sunflowers, always looking up the sun. Partners and colleagues, daisies and stargazers. And every other girl you come across with, angel’s breath, roses, lilies and dahlia.

A planet full of women is a garden.
Happy Women’s Day!
Mar 2018 · 163
- Mar 2018
You told me the stars shine for me
but that night was the darkest,
there were no stars

that was the night I figured
I don’t need the stars,
I can shine, too
Feb 2018 · 171
- Feb 2018
Always wanting to be found
Been wishing to saved
Even if deep in your heart you knew
The only person that could save you
Is you
Jan 2018 · 162
- Jan 2018
The halo lifts,
the wings crumble,
the angel leaves,
runs, and never stumble.

She cannot save you.
Jan 2018 · 371
- Jan 2018
My watched stopped ticking the day we met again, and I swear I could hear your heartbeat even from meters away. How long has it been? God, I missed your face. I almost forgot how beautiful you were. You were even more beautiful than the day I lost you.

Time stood still
I stepped closer.
I reached for a hug, let me.

My broken watch was the closest to forever I could ever be. Your heartbeat was the closest to heaven I would ever be.
Oct 2017 · 236
- Oct 2017
‘Til death do you part
And yet even after that

She waits for you to come home every night
Oct 2017 · 385
- Oct 2017
Funny how we're so scared about the future when tomorrow is not even guaranteed.
Oct 2017 · 210
- Oct 2017
A ceramic vase shattered in front of her eyes, she was not the one at fault, but she fixes it anyway.

Now at 18, a boy’s heart is shattered and he's now in front of her, she was not the one who broke the boy’s heart, but she fixes him anyway.
Sep 2017 · 341
- Sep 2017
And I am the hypocrite
who swore to protect you
with everything I am
just to see my sword
piercing through your heart

I am the angel
that caused your death
Sep 2017 · 339
- Sep 2017
You treat her like some problem that you needed to solve when all she needed was for you to accept her.

Some riddles don't need solving.
Aug 2017 · 169
- Aug 2017
When one can no longer seek for justice, when one has already dried up his tears and lost his voice shouting for help, when one can no longer complete a sentence or throw punches because of fear: **BE THEIR VOICE.
- Aug 2017
This war is not a cleanse,
Red is not the color of water*

He promised a bloodbath, he delivers
Blood in his hands, he waves
His men with guns, in rage
All those against him: a huge price they paid

and if you still think this is normal,
if you still think this is for the common good,
are part of the war
you are the weapon
you are the gun

the gun that killed innocent lives and called it "collateral damage", the gun that pushed cops to **** lives to meet their quota, the gun that went from one hand to another to another and was finally kept hidden by the man on the chair

"How well would you sleep tonight?"
"Brother, why do you have blood on your hands?"
Aug 2017 · 1.3k
Fountain (Pen) of Youth
- Aug 2017
paper and ink
that's all it takes
for someone
to be immortalized
Aug 2017 · 195
- Aug 2017
Aug 2017 · 1.4k
- Aug 2017
I guess this heart
is a parking lot

Sometimes full,
often empty
Aug 2017 · 430
- Aug 2017
Know what keeps you warm
and let it burn you
Aug 2017 · 117
- Aug 2017
You're the handwritten love letter I will always treasure, but will never open again.
Aug 2017 · 213
- Aug 2017
That face
Your face
I know
I'll be looking
for it everywhere I go
even if my mind forgets
I know my heart won't
Aug 2017 · 140
- Aug 2017
Maybe it's because you were never there, or maybe it's because you have always been - you are the good bye I've been wanting and not wanting to bid.
Aug 2017 · 82
- Aug 2017
You'll always be the dream
that wakes me up at night
Jul 2017 · 117
- Jul 2017
She was shattered. But then again, a shattered glass still shows you more reflections than a regular one. Maybe being broken isn't bad after all.
Jul 2017 · 169
- Jul 2017
Some people leave you,
Some people you leave.
Jul 2017 · 271
Waves are crashing:
- Jul 2017
And here I am, a wrecked ship who refuses to sink; and there you are, a strong current trying to be meek. You were born to destroy me but we're trying to coexist.
Jun 2017 · 198
- Jun 2017
I wish I could save you from falling apart.
Jun 2017 · 247
I keep remembering:
- Jun 2017
I guess I like it better when it used to hurt. Now I have grown used to your absence, I feel nothing.

Angel, I do not want to forget you
Jun 2017 · 147
- Jun 2017
The earth is a messy place
and the monsters I fear are familiar faces. But no matter how scary the world is, it's bearable because of you.

You are my courage.
Jun 2017 · 258
- Jun 2017
Sometimes what you need is not something you can have nor gain. Sometimes what you need is a brief moment of nothing, a comma in a very long sentence, a pause in a long argument, a moment of hear nothing, see nothing, be nothing.
Jun 2017 · 199
Fly, Poet
- Jun 2017
She who breathes poetry,
make me fly.
Jun 2017 · 497
- Jun 2017
I've given you warmth and comfort, but every time I invite you to stay a little longer, you'd tell me you need to go.  

Now I know what that meant, *I was your shelter but never your home.
Jun 2017 · 191
- Jun 2017
Moon to the sun
Plateau to the ocean
Light to darkness
Hero to the villain
Start to an end

I to you
Jun 2017 · 288
For You, I:
- Jun 2017
I will strive to be the best version of myself in order to provide you of what you deserve. I will give you everything I am, and everything I have to fulfill what you need. And even if it means I feel empty, I will fill you with love and hope. I will protect you from harm and love you for eternity.

And you - you just need to stay.
Jun 2017 · 226
- Jun 2017
Maybe home is not a person, maybe home is just a feeling after all; and maybe this is the reason why I feel that I don't belong - to a place nor to a person.

I've lost a lot of things that matter and my senses went with them. I can no longer feel anything.

Now home is just a memory.
May 2017 · 235
- May 2017
And even when we're worlds apart, my soul reaches out to you.
May 2017 · 174
Grumbles & Growls
- May 2017
There's something fascinating and subtly terrifying about thunderstorms - the way it touches the ground and the way it cracks the sky open. It's like the angels want to reach out to us, but whenever they get closer, something gets destroyed.
May 2017 · 873
- May 2017
You are my ghost, you've been with me as long as I can remember. But unlike any other monsters, I'm afraid that one day I'd no longer see you.
May 2017 · 183
- May 2017
Stop staring at me like that. Your eyes, they pierce through me, they cut me deep. You're searching for something that's not in me.

Stop. Don't step closer. Do not move.
May 2017 · 323
A Different Day
- May 2017
the sun still rises around 5 am
the trees still sways and the wind still blows
the birds, they chirp; the dogs, they bark
the sky still blasts orange and purple rays around 6 pm

these people around me, they are still the same people that I've known

but without you in it,
it's a totally different day
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