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Shreya Pokharel Sep 2017
Sweet girls have parched lips
Decent girls wear ***** hoses to secure
Goosebumps are not a thing
You are a factual kind
I'm not in love.
I'm not in love.
Shreya Pokharel Sep 2017
Your walks
Toes that tiptoe
Of generations to bring
You are lost in crowd of thousands
You survive
You don't crash
Of laughs and ashes
Beds are cursed with sleep
I can't take my eyes off you, every time all time
You don't move me
You ***** me.
Shreya Pokharel Dec 2016
There is a wind that flows south west
Far from the east I belong to
I wait at the very end of the road
to see places that are higher than my reach
He places his hands on his rested knee
The two slytherins holding a whiff ball of smoke

They do not get it.
They wouldn't. but wouldn't my point be refuted in the  very second I start to wonder about what they think?
I polish hard, I put effort for the very first time.
I do not go with instincts anymore. I seek more than I possibly ever have before

Your truth, your lies. All so same
I go in a hole so white that I bleed in bliss
two horns and one body
and a soul that craves for more, everytime

Your mess is accessible.
My mind is not
Do not. Do not. do.
Shreya Pokharel Sep 2016
For had I all the tabs in the world

The only I would open a few are the ones for you

The ones that shall seek not to tell much about me

Or you

For all I have is my incognito tab,flooded by jets and beans and lasers and sights

and I still can't pass a single one without stumbling through

something that reminds me of you, always

In words that rhyme and sing in chaos

I unbelong

For I never belong to you when we talk

or when I stare up to the crevices of your smile

I belong with you in motion, in the dark

In bumps and halts

Between the breaks and rests

and between the abrupt goodbyes.

With your words splashed across my face,

I belong with you,

in my incognito tabs.
Shreya Pokharel Aug 2016
Bodies touched
breaths exchanged
held my baby as he entered the world.
Shreya Pokharel Aug 2016
everybody was on the right
and left was left to fight
she gathered no hope to try
for right made up a big fat lie

she snuck up at night
and slowly turned down the light
chased some old papers of past
that left had wrote to pour out the vast

right was right when  colors flew
left was drained out in the blue
whispers were made in the day
that left had nothing left to say

she whimpered in pain as right stole her glory
for he fabricated a whole bit of the story
left was left, and no one cared
right was right, so no one dared

till today, right keeps winning all the fight
and left is on the place where there is no light
so I chose a right path for me to save
but left sighed and signaled me for brave

i left the right and went down the lane
thats when people told i lost my brain
i was no more right in a way that led
with no money, i heaved and read

read and read till my light was shown
left my witness to cry and moan
i chose the left and here i am
there is no right for me to cram

left's my pal and i did the leave
not the right thing instead, with a heave
my thing to do is more so now
till the world looks at left and does the bow
i left the left to do the right
Shreya Pokharel Jun 2016
Of air that can come and not go,
since he took her by his side and told her he'd never let her go
the paparazzi more than happy to celebrate their joy
to avoid eye contact in the brim as a boy
so soft it takes for joys to break
.as a matter of fact, she eats the morning paper for her breakfast.
her face glued to the 3 of pages
of glitz that even had her in search of 'sages'
first few months, such a bright honeymoon
to enjoy the few, sad comes so soon
of glasses that creak like soft porcelain
her aged beauty that came to fade?
some suspected this, and some that
she had her sleeves out to see if she grew fat
the months were counted, 5 it was
the father denied for it was nonsense
and she kept counting the days to pass
she craved the attention from the mass'
a little unknown boy would gather the fame
the ever changing world so tall
some day its the damsel in distress,
some day its a new boy for all.
Of damsels in distress in fame.
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