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LR Thompson Sep 2018
Why cant we do more?
Be more?
Reach for Babel!

All stories told.

Yet we remain cattle,
Chained like links,
Tied by bonds,
We CAN do more,
But first we must unravel,
Travel the infinite highways
Of the mind,
Rewind the needle
And pull the thread.
Shed the unnecessary
That necessitates a clarity,
Away from the herd
Toward the ultimate

To do more,
One must first,
LR Thompson Sep 2018
Bring down the earth for your own gain
Mother nature tears fall like rain
Open your eyes and you'll see her pain
We're all in this together

What we call progress is really the spread of disease
Man content to exile his home
Forgets that, like a tree, he has roots
That stretch for miles
Creating a vast web that strangulates
The lifeblood responsible for his sustenance
Until the point to which starvation
And devastation run rampant
Darkening the firmament
With smoke from their bombs
As Gaia shakes with earthquake trembles
Warning the plague that they have broken their covenant
As they huddle cowardly in their machinations
Hurriedly searching for the reason why their home aches
While not giving a single thought to the consequences of their actions

However, Gaia, doesn't care about their ruminations
The deal has already been struck
And it is time for her to cash out
She looks to her sister Luna
Who sits in a crescent wink
Hurdling towards their destructive reunion
And the end of the ungrateful pestilence
That made their mother cry

Bring down the earth for your own gain
Mother nature tears fall like rain
Open your eyes and you'll see her pain
We're all in this together
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The heart begins to deteriorate. Leaving behind only minute palpitations that tell the story of the current fall. A single sputter gasping out of synchronicity causes a spastic flutter of images past; facades in multitude. Vanish. Leaving the heart sinking in growing desperation, deprived of that which lends reality to its existence...

"The fact or state of living or having objective reality"

Were we ever even alive?
LR Thompson Aug 2018
At lights end we find a state of mind
Grasping for the familiarity of life
Hoping that we live on in a memory
That establishes how to be a moral
LR Thompson Aug 2018
Millions of miles
Into the sea.
A Darkness beyond,
You fail to see.
Ask not why?
For failure, believe.
Its duty is known
As force to be.
Wonder not?
For fear to bleed.
The universe is vast,
Its secrets you seek.
Look on,
To timeless past,
The answers are yours
Better first,
Then last.
LR Thompson Aug 2018
As tragedies befall man
It can be seen that virtue
,Right and wrong,
Has become a mainstream affair
Whereas the mitress of the good
Is the popularity that she possesses
While by some unknown foreign standard
Emotions such as grief or despair
Have been replaced by the all too brief
Cries of fair or unfair
That by some societal norm
We have become a people of characters
Numbering one hundred and forty
Different ways to paint ourselves
Favorable in the light of our peers
Who also choose to weave a facade
Either to illuminate or hide
The true content of their souls
Behind dishonest kindness
Or blatant hatred
Such that, morality as it existed
Is now falling prey to the whims of distance
And the false sense of safety
Provided by the masks we construct
To remove the burden of responsibility
So that we can abdicate our virtue
,Right and wrong,
Just because we use symbols to signal
Where we stand
As we sit
LR Thompson Aug 2018
The vault of his mind was laid bare
A barren stream with only fossils visible
At the mouth, buried under silt he found unspoken words
That he had left to the undercurrents of political correctness:
"You do not own my mind
It is mine and mine alone
And with it I shatter
Your rules and ties that bind"

As if in response to the unearthing
The dam began to crack
Releasing a tiny rivulet that began to push downstream
Splitting into two distinct eyes that have for too long been blind
Where one stretched long and far into the past
While the other ebbed and flowed in the whirlpool of the future
Where endless possibilities competed for dominance
Against any attempt to join the relative calm of memory

The dam shuddered again and the gates flew open
The river of life rushing back to fill the void
Deafening the ears
Which for so long had only heard the carefully curated lines
Repeated and indoctrinated since his birth
It was in this moment of flood that freedom came pouring forth
His eyes were opened
He saw the sight
His ears could hear
His tongue could fight
His raging river returned to him
Liberty in the light
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