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Kim Johnson Mar 2019
It’s time I remove my skin,
And wear the flesh I have beneath,
Kiss you hard as I longed to,
Acknowledge myself I am for you.

I wanna be out wearing my flesh,
I wanna make aquaintance with another flesh,
I am you with my skin on,
I will be snatched and torn if my skin is gone.

I should burn my skin and go search a flesh,
Who’s heart beat faster when our bodies clash,
I am confuse of I thee created,
I am him, I am he but I am never she.
Try to read what poet really wanna say.
Kim Johnson Aug 2018
Loving someone is the hardest task,
But its so easy in movies you ask.
Hero wins over the damsel in the end,
Thats when the movie end my friend.

Love is hard in this surviving world,

Sometimes girl cheats or love for money,
Sometimes guy is married or only *****,
For worst is when u r confused,
You actually love ******* and good u refuse.

Breakup is hardest in the life we live,
Survival is difficult it makes u believe,
It builds up stages to haunt you,
U wont patch up back even if u sew.

First memory taunts you in leisure time,
Missing him frequently is ur only crime,
U remember he hugged u while u cook,
U remenize tiny things where ever u look.

U shed tears for him every hour
Instead u can buy yourself a flower,
U wish n pray if he just comes back,
Instead please move on your own track.

The worst is yet to come my friend,
Its when the sun sets and day end,
When night falls and u slèep alone,
'Missing him' meter hits upto trillion.

Wishing for a foot step in the silent night,
Wishing for a voice in this idle night,
Wishing his return when dog barks,
Fulfilling my heart with sensual sparks.
Kim Johnson Jul 2018
It’s raining tonight and lights went off,
Why don’t you come and swipe me off,
No one knows who you are,
It will be a mystery ‘A man in my house’

I feel aloof in this giant bed,
I sleep on right and ur side is left,
Come call my name from the window,
I will be up from your voice.

Come tonight coz night is silent,
even my heart beats so Loud,
Come tonight it’s been so long,
Make an oasis in my deserted soul.

Please don’t call or make appointment ,
Just surprise me and satisfy my thurst,
I will wait tonight for you my love,
And forget tomorrow when the sun rise.
Kim Johnson Feb 2018
Many chances i got in my life,
But my stubbornness kept me lonly in my life,
How can i promise my life with anyone,
As i will be turning soon into no one.
They might hav thought i am so self centred n egoistic but they don't know the truth behind me leaving them.
Kim Johnson Nov 2017
I am told that diamond is the hardest rock,
Then why is our heart so fragile,
Why does it hurt so much when it break,
Why are we made like that.

God wont be so selfish to hurt his child,
God can't be so foolish to plan such act,
Why does he punish us by breakup time,
Which kills us slowly but we never die.
Wrote this poem after watching a kdrama (CMHO)
Kim Johnson Nov 2017
It was the fragrance of happiness,
When I saw you for an instance.
That very five seconds felt like a wish granted by stars.

Reminiscing the look on your face, your hair and clothes.
Assured me that you are alive, breathing still.

Though I may not feel your presence, warmth on me anymore.
But I still feel goosebumps when I remember our past.

I quit our love, talks and meeting at night,
But the moment I saw you again rushed the blood up to my heart.
It proved me again that you are alive, breathing still.

We had those times and I don't regret it,
I had my share of fun and you had it too,
But love was never a promise for you,
Sometime you promise and later I quit.
Love is an unnecessary burden creates by brain and punishment for heart.
Kim Johnson Oct 2017
This is the story of burning horse,
Burning his desire and inner soul,
He gallopes so fast to sooth his soul,
But couldn't calm it; instead it rose.

He met a shiny water horse,
It matched it's desire with burning soul,
It cooled him up with liquid soul,
And almost removed his burning soul.

He run away from water horse,
And met a new shiny horse,
Wings so cool and dashing soul,
He matched again with shiny horse.

He burnt it's wings with single touch,
It lost it's shine n beauty of course,
Now he regret his burning soul,
Burning his match like a beautiful curse.

He finally met his matching horse,
Fire horse aka burning horse,
Nor soul is burnt neither desire,
Only the physique burn with fire.

He touch the fire horse with his lips,
No desire rose in that fire horse,
He waved his tail to set a chance,
Still no feeling rose from fire horse.
No use was meant to meet his match,
No desire fulfilled of the burning horse.
It's a story of a person ( burning horse) encountering ppl in her life but all unmatched.
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