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Kelsie Kay Apr 10
wishing by a well in the ground
its stones softened by years of weathering
sitting on the edge on a cold hard throne
how far down does the darkness go
perhaps right into the ear of someone
who needs to know the secrets it's told
an eternal safe of words kept inside
oh no
I've lost my balance
Kelsie Kay Apr 10
the moon glows warmly
a deer stands alert, watching
waiting for someone
Kelsie Kay Apr 10
I wish i could have known back then
how much i'd miss you when it ends
to run without a care in worlds
from little boys and little girls

to wake up early and to run
to see the water kiss the sun

good morning, oldest friend of mine
I miss your face, I miss those times
so simple yet so manifold
those memories, engulfed in gold

in summers now I sit and stare
I feel I cant go anywhere
that normal gone in just a wink
not even time enough to blink

Goodbye little brother
I wonder when
or if, or how we'll meet again
and how will each of us react
within our eyes fading to black
echos in time living deep below
where thoughts of past all sink and go

— The End —