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Words are like a whistle seducing a lost lover
Words arouse from my crux, and steams my crown
Words are a puzzle of my continuity, congruity
Word floats in my brain waiting for a signal to land
Words whisper and I listen, they sing and I dance
Words are my lifeline, the border of the now and then
Words fuels my breath, for as I gasp they inhale
Words keep me away from the decay of the earth
Words are my safety, they fly me to a world another  
Words are my beau for they hawk my womanhood
Words...these words are my perfect kiss, my world,my all

Words are important to me.... my lifeline.
Inspired by Keith Edward Baucum (HP) comment on a poem I wrote called "Indeterminate (Un-SIRI-fied)"  by the way great abs Keith!  (His homepage)

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she'd been placed
on a missing persons register
she was last seen
walking to the shopping precinct
her whereabouts didn't get solved
for some time
police had no positive leads
from the public
a full scale search was conducted
but nothing new
came to light
she'd just disappeared
like a wisp of air

some twelve months later
a jogger happened upon her
upper torso in amongst
the Taylor lagoon's
reeds and muddy sludge
this discovery was something concrete
for the police to go on
a forensic unit scoured the area
in the hope of finding further body parts
and other evidence

a state by state missing persons
search began
to try and identify the victim
who'd met with a ghastly end
in the autopsy report
it stated that she'd been
sawn into pieces
with a chainsaw
as the marks on her thoracic cavity
and neck
indicated this...

the detective sergeant
complied the information
he had on the lady
for a brief in court
as luck would have it
she had breast implants
and on them was found
a code number
by tracing this number
and the hospital who performed
the surgery
pay dirt was hit
she was a resident of Kentucky
who'd gone missing
in July of two thousand and fifteen

a chainsaw murderer
did the deed
as six female victims
were found
across three other states

NB: The piece is based on a true story.  I've used a bit of license in the retelling.

Two figures dressed in red and black robes sat on a bed in a room that was illuminated in red light.  The larger figure looked at the smaller figure and said
"This is the day we've been waiting on.  It's ok to be nervous but don't be scared.  You are the sacred vessel. "  "I'm not afraid.  I'm just ready to get this day over with" said the smaller figure.   "That's just what I wanted to hear Levi.  It's time to get started.  Please follow behind me" said the larger figure.  "Yes" mother said Levi.
Levi followed his mother out of his room and down a hall that was illuminated in red light.  As Levi followed behind his mother he asked the question "Why do we use red lights to light the compound?"  "Because red is the color of blood.  Blood is sacred.  The color red is sacred" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Oh" said Levi.  "When Priest summons the spirit Evil remember not to fight it.  Just let it take over" said the tall dark skinned woman.  "Ok" said Levi.  When Levi and his mother entered the worship area she had him stand in front of the altar and clergy.
"Thank you Harriet for escorting Levi to the altar" said a tall figure wearing a black hooded robe.  "You're welcome Priest" said Harriet.  Priest stepped down from the altar holding a baby creature in his right hand and a knife in his left hand.  Priest stabbed the baby creature in it's stomach and ripped it opened.  He stood in front of Levi and dipped his finger in the baby creature's blood and anointed Levi's forehead with it's blood.  "Bring me the Book of Evil" said Priest.  A short figure wearing a black hooded robe stepped down from the altar and brought Priest the Book of Evil.  Priest turned to the chapter Evil and began reading.  "As the night blinds the sight of the male and female and Death stalks the living and Hate stands on the grave of Love.  Only then will evil reveal itself.  I offer this vessel to the spirit Evil.  Come forward Evil I summon you."  
When Priest finished reading from the Book of Evil the red lights that illuminated the compound began to flicker off and on.  From out of no where a gust of wind began to circle around Levi.  Slowly the wind transformed into black smoke.  Levi was over taken with fear and unable to move.  The black smoke entered through Levi's gaping mouth and took possession of him.  Levi shook violently and fell to the floor.  "Levi are you alright?" asked Priest.
Levi stood to his feet and looked Priest in his face with eyes that was as black as death.  "The child is no longer in control" said Evil.  Evil walked up to Priest stock his hand in Priest's stomach and pulled out his intestines.  "LEVI YOU KILLED YOUR FATHER!" screamed HaHarriet as she ran over to the lifeless body of Priest.  
"I am Evil.  Like I told the child's father Levi is no longer in control but for amusement everyone may still call me Levi" said Evil as he looked at Harriet.   Evil pointed at the figures on the altar and told them to get rid of Priest's dead body.  "Yes Levi" said the robed figures.  "Harriet go gather the members of Sinister and bring them to the worship area" said Evil.  
Harriet walked out of the worship area and to the office of Iniquity.
She turned on the intercom and with a commanding voice Harriet tells the members of Sinister to come to the worship area.  Harriet turned back off the intercom and stood in the office for a few seconds.  What have we done? I can't believe I let my ten year old son be the vessel to that thing.  I can't believe we were stupid enough to summon that thing.  Thought Harriet.

Written by Keith Edward Baucum

This is a horror story
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