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Kayla Jul 2016
Nervous glances,
shaking hands,
small smiles saved for me.

Profound silence,
eager hearts,
soft, stolen kisses.

Silly laughter,
crazy talks,
walking hand in hand.

Fun adventures
by your side,
falling asleep in your arms.

Feeling better than just okay.

**The little things are my favorite things.
Kayla May 2016
How am I supposed to  
be content in this tiny town
when my soul feels too big,
way too big, for this body?

How am I supposed to
forget all of these ghosts
when I feel their haunting
presence everywhere I go?

How am I supposed to
move past these memories
when all I can think about is
how things could be different?

How am I supposed to
let go of this aching feeling
when it is all that I have felt
for what seems like forever?
Kayla May 2016
She is a burning flame
that lights up the darkness
when the shadows draw near.

She is a burning flame
that provides a great warmth
when the cold draws tears.

She is a burning flame
that shines brightly the way
when the path becomes unclear.

She is a burning flame
that has made such an impact,
and I hold her very dear.
Kayla May 2016
Untouched, by human hands
it grows strongly.
Uncultivated, by human means
it exists freely.  
Untainted, by human instruments
it lives purely.

To its very core,
it embodies originality.
To its deepest roots,
it remains unrestrained.
To its brightest petals,
it emanates splendor.

Untouched, by social influence,
she grows strongly.
Uncultivated, by social expectations,
she exists freely.
Untainted, by social conformity,
she lives purely.  

To her very core,
she seizes independence.
To her deepest roots,
she wanders uncontrolled.
To her brightest petals,
she radiates beauty.

— The End —