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Jan 2017 · 1.6k
Today in History
Jordan Rowan Jan 2017
Put your thoughts in a magic box
Press return and set them off
Do not expect them to be revised
Or to be read like they were in your mind
And when double vision comes into your eyes
Don't cry
They all just want to watch you die

The highest minds are on the bottom line
Running across your screen into the divine
Sweat drips onto the microphone
As the talking heads say you're not alone
For every point of view has its place to crawl to
Just like you
We all want love and nothing new

I wish I could meet my conscience then
When it was as clean as the state I'm in
And for every moment I've been alive
It fills up more with truth and lies
The Wings of the West fly high over the horsemen sky
And wave goodbye
To what we've built since we arrived
Jan 2017 · 1.3k
These Things
Jordan Rowan Jan 2017
Have you seen the target on my back?
Painted in red and black
Does it matter what you say
If you're a thousand miles away,
From this place
Where freedom rings louder than the hate it brings
Do you ever think about these things?

There's a line you can't cross
Even if it gets you off
Stand broken by the road
Where a lonesome river flows
And a wall grows
Signs that read "Leave your things,
And the songs you sing"
Do you ever think about these things?

I've seen the pages of God
Sweet Jesus and Allah
Whatever pages you may read
I don't care what you believe
We all bleed
We all need the little things
Do you ever think about these things?
Jan 2017 · 1.0k
For a Change
Jordan Rowan Jan 2017
Let's put the Earth first for a change
Instead of these trivial sacred names
Things so easily rearranged
Like where they came from or who they blame
I don't think anyone is listening
If we continue to do the same
Worship something that never came
We'll end up drowning in acid rain
And wasting time by praying
It's just a voice inside your brain
They used to say that was insane
All we've got is now decaying
Let's put the Earth first for a change
Jordan Rowan Jan 2017
So when does the screen become my friend?
In the end, I'll send my heaven around the bend
For it to never come back again
And just as heaven is all pretend
So is this thing I call my friend

Back down, dear Preacher, from the children on high
It must be where the good go when they die
So why do we even try,
When forgiveness tastes like wine
Why not drink from 9 to 5?

So when does oral become the tradition of love?
I've heard it's only for those who like it rough
But god says it's too much
When even she hates to touch
The hands that call every bluff

The birth of a nation sounds like the fire from a gun
Bend down, you peasants, and kiss my golden sun
If I promise one to everyone
Then how would I buy kingdom come?
It will be fake for you but my money won

So when do I get to watch my life from the golden shore?
Can I skip over my family and just get channel 4?
That's when I found heaven in a *****
Some quiet dancer on the hardwood floor
Why is it still dark, when will there be more?
Jan 2017 · 2.3k
Jordan Rowan Jan 2017
Six strings fell from his fingers behind the Café Miel
He sang French ballads and smoked by the church bell
The gospel choir left and gave him a penny each
Each one a blessing towards redemption out of reach
The coffee-drinking couple kissed and passed him by
Both gave a look but neither looked him in the eye

He slept on rocks and was kept warm by the news
He dreamt of silk and of oceans painted blue
He begged for life and thought entirely of death
He gave his soul to love and music was his breath
He searched for purpose until the final day of rest
He was buried by the wind that carries his songs to the West
Nov 2016 · 1.5k
Jordan Rowan Nov 2016
Maybe a few miles down the road
We'll find something worth to know
A few stories to tell and things to show
But for now, we've got to go alone
The dust we gather along the way
Will be only ours to brush away
But when we're finally clean from the busy days
We'll find some time and things to say

Maybe down the street, under yellow lights
We'll meet and find an urge to fight
When the stars and our eyes are bright
We'll lose our minds and our sight
The hearts we **** up with stress
Will be washed by someone else's mess
By the common fear of death and success
We'll find some time and a place to rest
Nov 2016 · 1.7k
Back Again With Nothing
Jordan Rowan Nov 2016
About an hour on the road
And too many left to go
There's a few things still on my mind about something so long ago
Where by the shadow of the smoke
And the feeling of hope
There was story too short to be told

A few feet from the highway line
The trees are as dead as you and I
Put on your sunglass face to cover up those hidden eyes
Whenever it flashes back
It just makes me laugh
To think of how much I cried

Just one more cup of coffee for the road
So I can make it back to my home
Back to that cabin on the lake swallowed up by the undertow
And the shop is closed
No one knows
Where true love goes before it dies on the road
Aug 2016 · 2.6k
Like Smoke
Jordan Rowan Aug 2016
I wasn't born to be like this
I've got to be someone to miss
Someone save me
Sold all my things to the man with diamond rings
As I sing
Someone save me

This is no good, I know
I hope the hurt doesn't show
As the moon tries to glow
I become like smoke

I never knew how to give / in my life
What you need to live
Someone save me
This isn't me and I'm not you
If you were me, what would you do?
Would you beg too?

This night wears me down
As I wander around town
Someone save me
If you look at me, please don't cry for me
Please don't sweep me off the streets
And maybe save me

This is no good, I know
I hope the hurt doesn't show
As the moon tries to glow
I become like smoke
Jun 2016 · 1.7k
Say Goodbye
Jordan Rowan Jun 2016
Say goodbye to home
To the dust on your shelves
Now that you're alone
You've got to clean it yourself
And when you settle your score at the end of the day
I hope you don't feel like you threw it away

Say goodbye to easy
That will all fade away
This world may be greedy
I hope you never get that way
Because you're soft and sweet and quick on your feet
Like a quiet song that we know complete

Say goodbye for now
That's how it has to be
And when the lights go out
At least remember me
When they come back on and you look in his eyes
Find the good in what came before you said goodbye
Jun 2016 · 4.3k
Hell Awaits
Jordan Rowan Jun 2016
I died on a Tuesday and found my way in the news
Caught between a commercial and karaoke singing girl
Was the appearance of the killer but they only had his shoes

I approached the desk and rang a little bell
Saint Peter took out a pen, found my name and said
"You're not on the list, you must be looking for Hell."

I tried to appeal for trial in Heavenly Courtroom Twelve
Judge Jesus and Judy had to declare a hung jury
And during recess I had to find a bed in Purgatory Hotel

In Room 237, I met a man named Avery
He was a little cynical and said that this was typical
That "it took them 18 years to finally save me."

In the morning I finally I got to hear the verdict
Led by a jury of peers such as writers and queers
They said hell awaits those whose life isn't worth it
Jordan Rowan Jun 2016
She came down from a mountain
Higher than the valley she's been in
She broke down like an engine
On a highway towards forever once again

She says "I don't know where my life is going", but
Baby, nobody knows
Just take a breath and do what you've been doing
True angels wear everyday clothes

She lives inside the mind of a mercenary
Staring down the barrel of a gun
She's tired of the weight they ask her to carry
And her back has been broken for so long

There's choirs that will sing of her memory
Like a fallen queen with silver in her hair
As the flowers bloom and God starts descending
To touch her hand and take her anywhere

She says "I don't know where my life is going, but
Baby, nobody knows
Just take a breath and do what you've been doing
True angels wear everyday clothes
Jun 2016 · 2.7k
Like You
Jordan Rowan Jun 2016
My family called me a demon
That my love is just a phase
They don't know what I'm feeling
And if they pray it'll go away

I'm a boy trapped in a woman
You're a woman trapped in a boy
When we cry every night til morning
They'll just call us paranoid

I will die someone other than myself
If I can't live the way I need to
I'm not a demon praying on someone else
I'm just a human-being like you

Someone fell in love with me on Sunday
And I fell in love with them too
We decided to get married on Monday
We're chasing dreams, old and brand new

Then one night, we opened the window
To see pitchforks and torches set afire
The pain is deep but little do they know
A few drops of rain can never put out desire
May 2016 · 957
That's What Makes It Good
Jordan Rowan May 2016
The night is long when you're happy
It's even longer when you're sad
But I'll be here with a shoulder and an ear
And a voice to say it won't always be this bad
So listen to the cruel and the sappy
See the beauty in the good and the bad
If you always turn to those who have learned
They will be the ones to bring you back

Times get hard, don't they?
They always get good again someday  
But I'd go through all of it with you if I could
In the end, my friend, that's what makes it good

How's it feel to truly be living?
A fully fleshed out human-being
Fight, ****, go far, always be who you are
You are the greatest you I've ever seen
You don't always have to do the giving
But don't ever treat somebody mean
Always be kind, leave the unkind behind
Smile wide, dance, have ***** dreams

Times get hard, don't they?
They always get good again someday  
But I'd go through all of it with you if I could
In the end, my friend, that's what makes it good
Jordan Rowan May 2016
I told my friends about you
They all say I'm better off without you
They don't know you but darling, do they know me
And where would I be without them?
I'm not sure what to do
But I know that I love them and you too

Just stick around here a bit
I know they'll stop giving you ****
When they see what you mean to me
And where would I be without them?
Give me some advice, my friend
Because I love you all until the end

Remember when we drove to town
We're all looking for something that can't be found
Just take my hand, make love to me, please be kind, give me all your time
I don't know what to do most of the time
But if we're together, I'll be fine
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Flashing light paranoia
Insecure and dark
Dressed to hide a wounded heart
As she implores ya to make a start
Like a vampire with skinny teeth
Making love under painful art
What does she see when she looks at me?
Does she want to tear it apart?

Coming from the mountaintops
Are voices singing out
If only I could hear what they sang about
I'm counting on a soulful shout
She makes her way across the floor
Still unsure of what she's without
But when she reaches out for something
She receives a little doubt

Never mind the lights
Never mind what they hide
The song will say it's what's inside
It's alright to be shy
But when the time comes for showing up
Saying hello and not goodbye
I hope you know that rejection hurts
But regret will watch you die
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Sweet summer leaves breathe with the breeze
Like a mild smile
Like a country mile
Sit with them awhile while you feel at ease

The sun soaks the smoke pouring from his throat
Cold in whirling blue
And like his suit
You can see right through the seams of his coat

Fall river blues run deep into his mind
Like a thousand blank stares
Coming from the air
That's stale and bare with no sense of time

Crisp winds that bend the crease of his tie
Holding in his hand
The promise of a man
He understands what it's like to want to die
Jordan Rowan May 2016
I've wanted a few things here and there
Every once in awhile I find something to compare
But when I peel back the skin and beauty on the glass
I realize it's broken and should be left in the past
Nothing ever lasts

I've got a clear mind most of the time
But every now and then it's really hard to find
If I knew what I was looking for I'd know where to start
But I'm too young to understand the language of my heart
Nothing should be this hard

Sometimes, all you ever need is a little peace and quiet
And then, before you know it, you're paralyzed by it
Pounding on the walls just to make a little noise
Like the sound of rapid fire or the sound of her voice
Nothing's a better choice

I wish I could put all my thoughts into words
Instead they pile up and drag me through the dirt
Where is everything that I remember to be good?
I would trade it in a minute for some peace of mind if I could
Nothing sounds pretty good

Fighting back the urges that possess me every night
I've got to find a reason to hold onto tonight
Like a place to go or someone else to know
Life may fly away but lately I've been going slow
Nothing left to go
May 2016 · 1.4k
Jordan Rowan May 2016
We said our goodbyes
With tears in our eyes
Sometimes things don't last and that's alright
Our family's got a split
How quickly we forget
How much we needed each other through all the ****

Remember the trip down south?
I couldn't believe what came out of your mouth
And how Momma almost kicked us out
But when we got there we forgot what we were fighting about

All I could do was stare
When we threw away the chair
I remember listening to Momma tell stories from there
I broke down once more
When someone painted over the door
With all our heights and that one night where my first love left for war

Remember that Christmas Eve?
When Daddy threatened to get up and leave
And as Momma cried on the balcony
It was just pointless gifts and you and me
It'll always be
You and me
May 2016 · 925
I Will (Please)
Jordan Rowan May 2016
When the pitchfork cuts
I will be here with blood
When the sounds are loud
I will drown them out

Please don't leave

When the hands lose grip
I will kiss your lips
When the flame melts skin
I will hold you in

Please don't leave

When the knife rips veins
I will be their drain
When the words aren't real
I will make them heal

Please don't leave

When the use is up
I will be enough
When the end is here
I will disappear

Please don't leave
Don't leave
May 2016 · 1.2k
Ali Girl
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
It's been a long time since we've spoke
You must think I'm a joke
Trying to reconnect something I expect must've gone up in smoke
If I wear you down or make you frown
Please doesn't hesitate to push me around

Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
I think that my youth is a mess
And when my heart reflects on this lack of respect I hope you tear it right out of my chest
I can't stop or start a dying heart
So please just leave me in the dark

Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
I know that you'll be fine
And when the winter winds blow away these petty sins I hope you keep me in your mind
When life is free and loved to be
Please tell a story about me
May 2016 · 2.5k
Too Anxious
Jordan Rowan May 2016
I barely know a lie when I say it out loud
Like a simple "I'm feeling fine" as I'm freaking out
Have you seen the faces climbing up the walls?
I'm so tired
I'm ******* wired
Control me a little because I've got none at all

I fell in love but I was too anxious for my own good
Sometimes it's rough always being misunderstood
Like the feeling I get when I look to the west
And all I see
Is them leaving me
But everyone tells me that it's for the best

I boarded up the windows expecting a storm
But I heard the wind blows only when it's warm
I'm feeling a little crazy, maybe a little overreaction
Will be the death of me
Just please don't look at me while laughing

Some say that you're always stronger than you think
But I don't feel too strong as I take another drink
Then it hits me that I'm the only one who knows
Who I am
And that I can,
Create a world with my hands
May 2016 · 4.2k
Patience, Girl
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Come and go from here to there
All around comes those who care
Hands and time are few and rare
But patience is always fair

You're still alive, aren't you dear?
So come and grab another beer
I'm tired now so you can steer
And drive us off into the clear

Patience, girl, it'll come
And when it does don't try and run
Close your eyes and have some fun
Lift your dress and grab his gun

Speak the truth like the air you breathe
You're all you've got so never leave
You're the best your lover sees
So be the best at what you please

Patience, woman, don't rush through this
Savor every little love and kiss
For someday all of it will be missed
Make love and dance and reminisce
May 2016 · 1.1k
Into My Mind (And You)
Jordan Rowan May 2016
It's a never-ending story that I get to tell
A redundant allegory that never gets to sell
A promise of forever that barely lasts a week
Promises are made but impossible to keep

Can you come back one last time,
Before you retreat into my mind

I listen to every word that you try to spin
Stop lying, little lover, I know this has to end
But give me a chance to leave a little mark
I'll set it on fire but I won't hit too hard

Find us a place and I'll be on my way
A place we'll remember to bring another some other day
I'd ask you to be quiet but I can't turn you off
You can touch the tower but make sure you do it soft
May 2016 · 2.1k
Send Me
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Send me wild roses from the train
From a mountainside I'll never see
With drops of rain
Write me a letter from your room
When the night is old and the air is cold
I'll write one too

Wherever you are
Don't let this bring you down or break your heart
I'm sure you'll take it easy from now on
Now that you're gone

Send me Spanish boots in black
As a clear sign to my hopeful mind
That you're never coming back
Wrap them up in satin lace
With your perfume and golden loom
And a picture of your face

Send me everything I gave to you
Those little gifts around your neck
And my sweater too
For everything you send back to me
Misery and memories
Sets me free
May 2016 · 1.6k
Just Another Man
Jordan Rowan May 2016
I woke up from the thunder burning down from above
My mind was going under, just another man in love
I've got a lot to live up to
I'm just another man

I drove into the city, I was looking for a hook
Something so pretty that I had to take another look
I've got a lot on the line
I'm just another man

I fired off opinions to the crowd with gospel songs
And like spineless little minions they told me I was wrong
I've got a lot on my mind
I'm just another man

I worked like a madman making money for a mood
I can afford to buy clothes but I can't afford any food
I've got a lot that I want
I'm just another man

I slept with a woman who says she's fallen in love
But ever since that woman left no one can be enough
I've got a lot of fish in the water
I'm just another man

I died in a graveyard and was buried in the sea
If you save your heart you can be just like me
I've got a lot to remember
I'm just another man
May 2016 · 3.1k
Springtime in Paris
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Fallen eyes and wandering leaves
It's a wonder why anybody leaves
Can you help me find my way to nowhere at all?
Can you kiss me up against the tower wall?

Sunglass eyes and sun-dressed skin
A whole city wondering where you've been
Is there anywhere else you'd like to fall in love?
No one here can do it just once

Drink to dream your color queens
Stuck between movie scenes
Where we beg time to just give us a break
And wonder how long this perfect twist takes

Laugh and play and cry and sing
A perfect place perfects all things
Springtime never ends on the Paris streets
Where you can fall in love with everyone you meet
May 2016 · 3.3k
A Long Short Story
Jordan Rowan May 2016
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
His mind is tired but can't control what's in his chest

She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She gave up looking and now she's got tears on her face

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's too young to understand the language of his heart

She's got a picture  
But hasn't developed it yet  
She's got a picture
But hasn't developed it yet
All she sees is a silent silhouette

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
As he laid it down he felt his heart begin to swell

She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
Now all their reservations are made for two
May 2016 · 1.3k
If You're Going Down
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Some lonely hour on a Sunday afternoon
When the sun is high and so are you
Write me a letter or call me on the phone
I don't want you to feel alone

How have you been since we last spoke?
Grab a seat next to me and a smoke
I just wanna do whatever you want to
We can conquer this life or sleep it through

It's always you and me
When we've got nowhere to meet
It's always me and you
When we've got no one to see and nothing to do

Some lonely hour on a Sunday afternoon
When the night is young and so are you
Try to ignore the noise around you
If you're going down, I'm going down too
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Drinks below the summer skies
Love and loss hidden in your eyes
There's a future in there, I know
Send me a sigh of at least a sign
Whatever it is, honey, I'll make it mine
I just wish you didn't have to go

Came along before the storm fell
Wherever you are, I wish you well
If it's a million miles or down the road
Letters, gifts, and flower lace
Picture frames with your smiling face
I just wish you didn't have to go

Speak to me, don't make me guess
I did something wrong and I'll confess
I'd like to say I'm sorry so you know
Tired winds blow away my tired cries
Of whispered hellos and goodbyes
I just wish you didn't have to go

Long ago, before I knew your name
I was stuck and lost in a foreign place
There was still a whole world left to show
Stars would fall with a wish to say
Now they're all wished away
I'm left to wish you didn't have to go
Jordan Rowan May 2016
The sweet summer sun shines on me
On a quiet bench in the city park
With my guitar and a softened voice
I write a song about a broken heart
And the way home is lit with sunglass eyes
Reflecting back the summer day
All I see is good and bad
Without much else to do or say

Steam rises from a lakefront balcony
And some react to an inside joke
Some days are meant for misery
But today is meant for calm and hope
And my way home is like a picture frame
With kisses on suntanned cheeks
All I hear is my mother's song  
On a day when the air is sweet  

A patron sells his portrait piece
But he'll paint you for a fee
With a bigger nose and bigger smile
That you can hang up for all to see
And my way home is smooth and still
Like an easy feeling country song
All I know is I am who I am
And you can always ride along
May 2016 · 3.3k
Land of the Free
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Grab that cigarette and take another drag
Listen as the country shouts "**** the ****"
Ain't that a drag
Well that ain't my bag

Did you see that video that's been circulating?
A cool customer got shot down for debating  
All he did was say
Something everyone's been saying

This place is crazy
And so are we
Freedom dies quickly
In the land of the free

Paranoia's a drug and it's getting contagious
I'd like some logic but that'd be outrageous
Why'd it take so long to say this?
First I had to get famous

So grab your lover and rest your head on their chest
But first you gotta check if they're the same ***
If so, move on to the next
Everyone else knows what's best
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Too Far
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Don't be late, just stand and wait
Time will pass and so will fate
Your eyes are clean and your back is strong
But that'll be gone before too long
I don't know if I've got much time
But what I've got is only mine

**** my friends, Doctor Strange
With your pad and pen that makes us deranged
I've been told a story or two
But the scariest ones are all about you
Come with me into my home
I like my space but hate being alone

Stand and deliver what makes you quiver
As you shiver beside the Mississippi River
Call your dreams and make them scream
You need to learn how to work as a team
Smoke my eyes and punch a cigar
And with that, I've gone too far
Apr 2016 · 2.3k
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
You drive me ******* crazy
Apr 2016 · 3.2k
Uptown, Baby
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
I got my philosophies ready to go
And all I want is for you to know
Let me tell you what's wrong with you
And why you need to change the things you do

What is that you've got in your mouth?
I thought we left those ideals in the south
A perfect platter tastes so natural
And perfect laughter sounds so beautiful

I'll meet you in uptown, baby
The place downtown goes crazy

You made a joke without warning me
You need to know that you offended me
I hope you're happy, you Neanderthal
Hopped up on commercialism and Adderall  

Do you wanna know what my talent is?
It's telling you how the end begins
I'm not a prophet, I don't believe in one
But you're gonna pray to me when I'm done
Apr 2016 · 4.2k
Friendly Face
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
It's late
Midnight is just a dream
I get that light in my eyes reaching out for a friend
It seems I'm here again

Listen up, here's what I have to say
And when I'm done, watch me walk away
I'll be the place you come to on the run  
I'll be the place you run away from

Never gets brighter
Grab ahold of me tighter from a million miles away
Each night, I'm still here for you to play

Broke down
And no one to go to
"Slow down" you yell, when all I want is to rest
"Get out" you say as you stab me in the chest

Listen well, little blanket on the blues
I only love the way you've learned to lose
Someday, someone else will take your place
But for now, please stay my friendly face
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
It's hot in the city
And never settles down
Look past the dark and the gritty and see beauty all around
I've made a mistake
Says a close friend of mine  
"When hearts begin to break, just give it a little time."

I wrote you a letter
In a broken whiskey bar
It said "I hope you're better, wherever you are."
I don't want an answer
I don't want to hear your voice
But when I close my eyes I don't really have a choice

I came in from the rain
From a place I can't recall
I'd rather be insane than stuck here staring at a wall
I laid down to rest
Where you've lied before
I get a feeling in my chest that there's something more

I punch out and run
To the station by the tracks
I stare at almost everyone trying to see if you came back
When the sky opened up
And showered off the note
I knew I wasn't bold enough to give you what I wrote

The evening settles in
And makes me think of you
All will be forgiven if you'd just tell me what to do
Quietly and calm
The ringing begins
I feel the brass on my palm as I let you in
Apr 2016 · 4.0k
To Hell and Back
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
I woke up to a country song
Mother's favorite song to sing  
And when the mailman came down the road so long
She cried out "Let freedom ring"

My sweetheart grabbed my arm
And she told me she wouldn't let go
But when the mailman handed me a bullet-storm
I told them I had to go

I left home a week from then
Still too nervous to even think
I wondered if I would die and never see them again
But I drowned it all in a thousand drinks

I killed my first man on a Monday
And by Tuesday it was up to nine
I had my thoughts but I had nothing to say
They told me their lives were mine

I got shot in the chest
And I saw the end of the road
But as I stared through blood to the sunset west
I heard the choir bells explode

I came home somebody else
I knew they wouldn't recognize me
But I stayed kind and tried to keep to myself
And my sweetheart stayed with me

She's still here with me
And now we're both at the end of the road
When I close my eyes, I still see misery
But when I open them, I am home
Apr 2016 · 2.4k
Seemingly Everything
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Walking on the sidewalk
Down long, winding roads
Carving through the city while my mind explodes
I see a little girl wearing a velvet shirt with Marilyn Monroe
It made me think of you as I found a new place to go

Staring down the windows
Looking for a friendly face
Pushing through the avenues with nothing left to replace
I see a starlight sky and a million shining eyes
And I remember the time we watched them go by

Leaning on the windowsill
Listening to Midnight sing
Only the lonely seem to remember everything
I hear a country song coming from an open bedroom door
It was the words you sang when you couldn't take the silence no more

Here comes the morning
With the sweet summer sun
Barreling down the alleyways and shining down on everyone
I see a gypsy woman wearing a sundress painted red
As she twirled her hair I couldn't get you out of my head
Apr 2016 · 1.5k
From El Paso to Heaven
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Met in El Paso in the security line
I was headed back home and you were out of your mind
The heat was in both our eyes
Long nights and stale flights made it easy to say goodbye

Somewhere out on the eastern shores
You were waiting tables, going through strangers' doors
I stopped in one night for a drink
When you saw my face, you froze in place and tried to think

Met once more in a Catholic church
Where forever was promised that we would make it work
We'll meet once more, I know
Somewhere above, still in love, where all our loved ones go
Apr 2016 · 3.3k
Smiling (Going Out of Town)
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
I took apart the clock and set it on the floor
Where I'll be going I won't need it anymore
I'm going out
I'm going down
You'll find me in the sun with no one else around

I sang a little tune and tried to write it down
Doesn't matter if it slips it'll find its way around
I'm going out
I'm going down
You'll find me where only nature makes a sound

I've got a ringing telephone in the palm of my hand
I threw it in the water so I could truly breathe again
I'm going out
I'm going down
You'll find me with a smile somewhere out of town
Apr 2016 · 824
Ali's Song
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
A few emptied bottles
Aren't worth much,
When life without you
Could never be enough.

Maybe I could pretend
That you're here and you're well
And maybe I could pretend
That I don't feel like hell.

Maybe each year that passes
Will become easier to get through.
Or maybe time just drains me
And brings me closer to you.

I'll continue to reach for you.
Keep your picture in my drawer.
And soon the day will come,
I won't dig it out anymore.

Never forgotten
And never not missed.
I wish you were here,
But your memory will persist.
Apr 2016 · 6.5k
Grave Crossed Lovers
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Romeo, Juliet
They were better off dead
For falling in love is just like getting shot in the head
Come along, little fool
What better way to learn the rules
Than for someone to be cruel to you  

Miss Thelma and Louise
Their spirits drift over Belize
Lovers live forever and never learn to leave
Mrs. Bonnie, Mr. Clyde
Seems like everyone in love has died
Not in each other's arms but by their side
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Take apart your words and put them back together
See how they string you along?
Think a little more before you sleep forever
Maybe you'll relate to a much better song

Have yourself a drink and think it over
Don't come out at night
Put your head in the mind of your lover
And would you want to see such a sight?

Come along, sweetheart, and hear my story
It isn't one of my own
But this has happened to many others before me
And look at how they've grown

Look inside the mirror and look closely
Tell me, who do you see?
Everything in life passes but only slowly
And soon you will be just like me
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
All Out War
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Guess what? Baby, tell me that you know it's true
I'm one quiet little loser that's willing to wait for you
Guess what? Baby, that's exactly what I'm gonna do
But when you come around you're gonna make a sound only meant for two

Honey, honey, sweet little rock and roll
I'm gonna find a way to penetrate your soul
Honey, money doesn't get control
For when I'm here with you to steer, it's just between me and you

Darling, darling do you like the dress?
I bought it so we could make it smell like success
Darling, warning: I like to make a mess
Fire up the jets with blood and sweat because love knows best

Guess what, baby? I'm ready for more
Take a deep breath 'cause I know that you're sore
Guess what, baby? I'm opening the velvet door  
We've been doing this since our very first kiss, now it's all out war
Apr 2016 · 9.2k
Let Freedom Ring
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
There's a tired old man singing in his boat
He hates his voice but he still likes to vote
Voter registration put him on hold

The value of a thought has steadily dropped
Respect for free speech has stopped
I gave my opinion and someone called the cops  

Pump your fist in anger and tell the world why
Shout to the sky, look in the camera's eye
And say "I don't need a reason, it's my right"

Think of all the change that you will bring
Telling the artists what to paint and sing
Sanitize, commercialize, let freedom ring
Apr 2016 · 3.3k
Take a Drive With Me
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
It takes a lot to be level-headed
When I see where we're headed
I think of everything and I just want to sing
Would you like to take a drive with me?
And stay alive with me

I know I probably shouldn't tell you
But I'm contemplating Bellevue
Maybe West Louisiana or eastern Havana
Doesn't matter much to me
Just stay alive with me
And take a drive with me

I know that I'm merely 22
But I'm gonna be dying soon
And I don't want to regret things I haven't conquered yet
So would you take a drive with me?
And be a prize with me?

I can't tell you where we're going
Because I have no way of knowing
Just be the DJ for me and sing before you speak
And take a drive with me
To stay alive with me
Apr 2016 · 3.6k
New Way of Life
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
I'm leaving / my home
Without a word of goodbye
I'm sorry / if I hurt you
I've gotta find a new way of life

I'm sorry / if I'm dumber
Than my age says I should be
But I'm tired / of losing
To the way things should be

I promise / to remember
All you've given me
If you promise / to surrender
To the fact that I had to leave

Wherever I go, I'll keep you in my heart
If I'm a thousand miles away or down the road
Everyone needs a few brand new starts
Everyone needs some time alone

I'm riding / through the heartland
Waiting for peace to come
I'm hiding / in the mountains
Singing to the morning sun

I'm riding / through the valley
Breathing in mountain air
I'm smiling / I am happy
I feel like I belong somewhere
Apr 2016 · 1.2k
When Bad News Comes
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
It's hard to breathe
When nothing's well
When time is gone, who will tell,
That all is well
In the end?
Know that I'll be back again

It's hard to stay
Awake some days
All will pass, like wind through grass
Like love and life
Like day and night
Know that I'll be by your side

It's hard to know
What will be
Close your eyes but don't turn away
It's hard, I know
When strength starts to go
Know that I'll be strong for you
Mar 2016 · 1.5k
I Am Always Me
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
Well the end is near
Or so they say
But I keep waking up every day
I put my hands
On my face
I think it's time I got out of this place

It's too hard
To go with the flow
I think I'll stand here and watch it roll
I'm tired yet
I'm wide awake
I'm much too young to never make mistakes

Where is the fantasy?
Can someone promise me
That I'll never grow old until I die?
Where is the promised land?
It must be gone again
Dropped in the sea like one big lie

I'm not alone
And I've checked
But I'm sipping wine by the bottleneck
Take me home
But not inside
If I can't open doors I might as well die

I took a pill
Let's take a ride
When reality fails just look inside
I don't like
What I see
But at least I can say I am always me
Mar 2016 · 1.3k
Be Who You Are
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
I don't need the stars aligned
I don't need the perfect line
I don't need a ******* thing
Just treat me nice and kind

I don't need a million words
I don't need a perfect world
I don't need a ******* thing
Just tell me what I'm worth

It never ceases to amaze me
How much people need
I think they're crazy
But maybe that's just me

I don't need a hero's heart
I don't need shooting stars
I don't need a ******* thing
I just need you to be who you are
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