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Jan 2017
So when does the screen become my friend?
In the end, I'll send my heaven around the bend
For it to never come back again
And just as heaven is all pretend
So is this thing I call my friend

Back down, dear Preacher, from the children on high
It must be where the good go when they die
So why do we even try,
When forgiveness tastes like wine
Why not drink from 9 to 5?

So when does oral become the tradition of love?
I've heard it's only for those who like it rough
But god says it's too much
When even she hates to touch
The hands that call every bluff

The birth of a nation sounds like the fire from a gun
Bend down, you peasants, and kiss my golden sun
If I promise one to everyone
Then how would I buy kingdom come?
It will be fake for you but my money won

So when do I get to watch my life from the golden shore?
Can I skip over my family and just get channel 4?
That's when I found heaven in a *****
Some quiet dancer on the hardwood floor
Why is it still dark, when will there be more?
Jordan Rowan
Written by
Jordan Rowan
   Darrell Clark
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