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Jan 2017
Put your thoughts in a magic box
Press return and set them off
Do not expect them to be revised
Or to be read like they were in your mind
And when double vision comes into your eyes
Don't cry
They all just want to watch you die

The highest minds are on the bottom line
Running across your screen into the divine
Sweat drips onto the microphone
As the talking heads say you're not alone
For every point of view has its place to crawl to
Just like you
We all want love and nothing new

I wish I could meet my conscience then
When it was as clean as the state I'm in
And for every moment I've been alive
It fills up more with truth and lies
The Wings of the West fly high over the horsemen sky
And wave goodbye
To what we've built since we arrived
Jordan Rowan
Written by
Jordan Rowan
       Carlo C Gomez, Blue, TheRaven and Ben At93
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