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Jordan Rowan Nov 2015
Pity hurts worse than death
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
There's a simple life somewhere
Out there in the cold
If it's dead, I don't care
I'm already too old
The window feels like winter
It makes me think of home
My thought's been split to splinters
On this lonely, teenage road

Have you seen my possessions?
I think I left them in Omaha
I've got no obsessions
As we pass through Arkansas
Can you play our song?
Only if you sing it with me
And if you've been driving too long
Give the control back to me

There's a ringing in my ear
It's the voice of an angel speak
Tell me, I want to hear
Your stories awaken me
This wheel's on fire now
Just like our skin and our hearts
And before it's over now
Can you tear me apart?

I've been in here too long
I can't stand the engine noise
I need to get back home
And have a drink with the boys
Can you fill up the tank?
Can you bring me to the end?
Don't take this to the bank
But I want to see you again
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Let's speed down the highway
85 under the street lights
Watching the towns grow small behind us
The music murmuring in the background
The cars fading
Shadows dancing across your face
And no matter what's ahead of us
I can't stop looking sideways
As we drive into the night
Making memories in the moonlight
Holding hands under the bridge
Exchanging kisses at the stop lights
Staring at you while you drive
Cause you can't stare back
with both eyes on the road
Laying my head against your arm
Wishing this **** console wasn't here
Wishing the night would last forever
So I could ride along with you
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
If it's easy, let it go
Don't let it come without a fight
I haven't seen this much blood
Since last Christmas night
I was buried in a haze
And it's taken way too long
I'm doing better these days
I've got good friends that came along

There's something I gotta say
Before I walk back home
It isn't easy to walk away
So don't say I have to go
I've got a little in the tank
I can drive around this town
I've got too many to thank
For keeping me around

Have you seen a simple suicide?
There's no ease to this one too
I'm simply ******* terrified
I hope I'm alive to see it through
I've been trying to get the hang of it
Trying to gain some control
I've been wondering what to do with it
But it's impossible to know

Is there a way to recall
Every little thing you said?
If I can point to it all
I'd say it all stuck in my head
If I go to bed tomorrow
With a smile on my face
Then I won't have to borrow
One from another place
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
You say stop and I say go
It's the little voices that tell me so
You say yes and I say no
But I hate it when you have to go
I can't think straight but that's okay
I don't have much to say anyway

I'm important and you are too
There's got to be something we can do
Do you like to drive around?
We can listen to what you want to
I'm bored and I don't care
Responsibilities give me nightmares

I say love and you say hate
Hate is easy but love is fate
We talk philosophy and time and space
When passion's real it shows in your face
I'm too tired to even try
The rain is nice but my bed is dry
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
I'd like to meet the man who is never afraid
Listen to him tell the life he has made
How he became the man he proclaims
And how he has lied to stay that way

I have never known an unafraid man
Or one without scars on his hands
I have never known one to be true
For I am just as afraid as you
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
It's been a long time since we've spoke
You must think I'm a joke
Trying to reconnect something I expect must've gone up in smoke
If I wear you down or make you frown
Please doesn't hesitate to push me around

Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
I think that my youth is a mess
And when my heart reflects on this lack of respect I hope you tear it right out of my chest
I can't stop or start a dying heart
So please just leave me in the dark

Ali Girl, oh Ali Girl
I know that you'll be fine
And when the winter winds blow away these petty sins I hope you keep me in your mind
When life is free and loved to be
Please tell a story about me
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
A few emptied bottles
Aren't worth much,
When life without you
Could never be enough.

Maybe I could pretend
That you're here and you're well
And maybe I could pretend
That I don't feel like hell.

Maybe each year that passes
Will become easier to get through.
Or maybe time just drains me
And brings me closer to you.

I'll continue to reach for you.
Keep your picture in my drawer.
And soon the day will come,
I won't dig it out anymore.

Never forgotten
And never not missed.
I wish you were here,
But your memory will persist.
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
She's like devil himself
Except she's real
I ask her how she looks at me
What she thinks and how she feels
She just smiles
And says "That's not the deal"

She can't be trusted
But she's all I have
And like an old rusted car
She's the best but breaks my back
And when it's over
I'll realize that I love being trapped

I'm bound to fall
It's just who I am and what I do
And when I tell her so
She will laugh and sleep with you
And stumble home
Smelling of someone else's truth

I think I like it
When she tells me she's not in love
Because if I'm being honest
I have never really been enough
And I've made my peace with that
Just as long as she likes it rough
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
This cursor is staring at me
But it doesn't understand it's flocking to me
Waiting for me to come up with gold
But before I do, I have to get old
I'm too young to have any wisdom
And I'm not sure how to get some
Does age define a mature mind?
Or is the way you live your life?

Writer's block ticks like clocks
While tired eyes wish it'd stop
Finding hope in midnight thoughts
That get lost in parking lots
Begin with a cliché and pray
That it won't just be cast away
Print your heart and make it hurt
For rolling eyes are so much worse
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
Guess what? Baby, tell me that you know it's true
I'm one quiet little loser that's willing to wait for you
Guess what? Baby, that's exactly what I'm gonna do
But when you come around you're gonna make a sound only meant for two

Honey, honey, sweet little rock and roll
I'm gonna find a way to penetrate your soul
Honey, money doesn't get control
For when I'm here with you to steer, it's just between me and you

Darling, darling do you like the dress?
I bought it so we could make it smell like success
Darling, warning: I like to make a mess
Fire up the jets with blood and sweat because love knows best

Guess what, baby? I'm ready for more
Take a deep breath 'cause I know that you're sore
Guess what, baby? I'm opening the velvet door  
We've been doing this since our very first kiss, now it's all out war
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Well I'm basically ******
I've lived before this and I'll live long after it
But I'm not sure how great that will be
I did what I had to do
I was honest
I may have been cowardly
But the truth came out in the end
Now, as I sit in the basement
In the dark
Without hope
Without clothes
I wonder if I should've done what I did?
Who did I help?
More importantly, who did I hurt?
Besides myself, of course
There is only one thing worse than being alone instead of with the wrong person
And that is losing the right person
Jordan Rowan May 2016
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
He tosses in his sleep
He never gets a good night's rest
His mind is tired but can't control what's in his chest

She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She tosses in her sleep
Dreaming of a better place
She gave up looking and now she's got tears on her face

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's got a plan
But doesn't know how to start
He's too young to understand the language of his heart

She's got a picture  
But hasn't developed it yet  
She's got a picture
But hasn't developed it yet
All she sees is a silent silhouette

He wears a cigarette
She wears a bayonet
He drives a beater and she drives a swift Corvette
He's not a cheater and she's one he won't forget

He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
He wrote his name and number
On the missionary of his hotel
As he laid it down he felt his heart begin to swell

She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
She called him up
And they talked over a drink or two
Now all their reservations are made for two
Jordan Rowan May 2016
I told my friends about you
They all say I'm better off without you
They don't know you but darling, do they know me
And where would I be without them?
I'm not sure what to do
But I know that I love them and you too

Just stick around here a bit
I know they'll stop giving you ****
When they see what you mean to me
And where would I be without them?
Give me some advice, my friend
Because I love you all until the end

Remember when we drove to town
We're all looking for something that can't be found
Just take my hand, make love to me, please be kind, give me all your time
I don't know what to do most of the time
But if we're together, I'll be fine
Jordan Rowan May 2016
Sweet summer leaves breathe with the breeze
Like a mild smile
Like a country mile
Sit with them awhile while you feel at ease

The sun soaks the smoke pouring from his throat
Cold in whirling blue
And like his suit
You can see right through the seams of his coat

Fall river blues run deep into his mind
Like a thousand blank stares
Coming from the air
That's stale and bare with no sense of time

Crisp winds that bend the crease of his tie
Holding in his hand
The promise of a man
He understands what it's like to want to die
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Oh, Anna
Don't let him steal your heart away
You've been doing fine celebrating Independence Day
Oh, Anna
You've got a lot of growing to do
Don't fall for someone who needs to do some growing too

Oh, Anna
If he ever gives your heart a shove
Come crying to me because friendship is just like love
Oh, Anna
Do you believe him when he talks to you?
When he says he loves you do you believe that it's true?

You'll never be the same when you give him everything
If he hesitates to answer don't wait forever after
Love should be an instinct, not a laughing matter

Oh, Anna
I know it isn't easy at all
But when the going gets rough, you know who to call
Oh, Anna
I know you're hurting so
But when the right man comes believe me, you will know
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I was moving
Just like everyone around me
I was losing
It was you who really found me
I'm too late
You say you're not available
I will wait
Another day

I believe in
All these things you say are wrong now
I'm not grieving
All the best things take too long now
I'm alright
I'll be better when you're near me
If not tonight
Another day

I was fleeing
The scene of my last lover
I was bleeding
But it was cleaned by another
You're a hero
Sent by years of wishing
I would say no
But I can't say no
Another day
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
There's a prophet on the railway
He's coming with a book
Written by a woman
And blessed by a crook
The station's been preparing
For his arrival, coming soon
He doesn't know a single person
In the town under the moon

His robes are made of velvet
And his chains out of gold
His eyes look about a hundred
Yet he's only twenty-two years old
His hands are un-calloused
With pages stapled to his chest
In his mind he believes
That he alone knows best

His name came from Berkley
But he hails from the south
His mother gave him nothing
So he found his own way out
In the dead of the night by his candlelight
He heard a voice calling him
It told to me ride north
And let the people rejoice him

On their Sunday feast he sets down his feet
In a town of simple heads
He gets on a podium
And he lifts them from their beds
He promises them redemption
He promises them the end
And with just a touch of his hand
He promises they'll be heaven sent

It's been six long years
And his statue's turning green
Just like his money
Which lights his swisher sweets
He knows his just a man
Made of flesh and rotten skin
He knows this and yet
He's the one who wins
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I haven't changed much
Just gotten old
I don't believe I've been alive just yet
As far as I've been told
You've got to shop around
You've to find out what you want
But there's a difference
Between what it is I want
And what it is I need

Give me my disposition at the door
So I know how to act
So I know what to think
How to talk
And what to say
If I can tell you what's on my mind
Will you help me through it or push me away?
I'm alright, I promise
Just look away
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
You're a work of art
Which is why I don't get you
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
I'm somewhere else
And you're right here
I need time to become clear
If all is well
And we can't tell
Sometimes things just disappear

There's stones to find
And towns to go
Stories to hear and myths to know
It's all right here
Written down
But who wrote it's in the ground

And down by the house on the lake
No string is loose, no word is fake
Sing as the winter blows
Past our heads and down the road

There's a car outside
It's running low
But it still finds a way to go
When I get young
I'll understand
But right now, I'm sure I don't

If time is past
Or up ahead
It's all too much for my head
Can I just sleep?
And dream in song
For it won't be long before I'm dead

And down by the house on the lake
No string is loose, no word is fake
Sing as the winter blows
Past our heads and down the road
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
It was down in California
Where the light hurt my eyes
I couldn't hear my thoughts or find a reason why
It was down in Louisiana
Where all my friends were now
When something went black and escaped into the south

So I went into the city
Of whatever state I'm in
I can't tell if it's New Orleans or if I'm drunk again
I buried all my secrets
In a tarnished leather book
At which only me and the universe can look  

Thank god for himself
For he's given me pain
And if it's someone else
You can erase them with blame

So I jumped into a truck
Driven by border clerks
But halfway down to Mexico, I knew this wouldn't work
They had it in for laughs
At the expense of broken hearts
I know they meant no harm but they were tearing me apart

The flag above my head
Only made me feel sick
Someone tried to sell me love but I knew it was a trick
But when the sun finally fell
And the stars shined on me
I understood what people meant when they told me I was free
Jordan Rowan Nov 2016
About an hour on the road
And too many left to go
There's a few things still on my mind about something so long ago
Where by the shadow of the smoke
And the feeling of hope
There was story too short to be told

A few feet from the highway line
The trees are as dead as you and I
Put on your sunglass face to cover up those hidden eyes
Whenever it flashes back
It just makes me laugh
To think of how much I cried

Just one more cup of coffee for the road
So I can make it back to my home
Back to that cabin on the lake swallowed up by the undertow
And the shop is closed
No one knows
Where true love goes before it dies on the road
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Do you recall the time the road blocked us from the stream?
We lost our day to flashing lights and machinery screams
The drive home was filled with quiet melodies
Stuck in my head like screaming memories

Do you remember a cold December when I came back home?
I called you once, you called me twice and yet we were alone
I saw you flying past me on the road we always drove
Your eyes were closed singing loudly to the Broken Bones

We slammed into the door and tried to catch our breath
But the time had passed and we were both upset
We missed our chance to see what really could've been
Like a wanderer who passes by who could be a friend

Our timing's off, we never seem to make there on time
Like when you said "hello" and tried to steal my mind
It just wasn't right, I don't know why, it should be the one
But now, once again, we are both alone
Jordan Rowan Apr 2016
It's hot in the city
And never settles down
Look past the dark and the gritty and see beauty all around
I've made a mistake
Says a close friend of mine  
"When hearts begin to break, just give it a little time."

I wrote you a letter
In a broken whiskey bar
It said "I hope you're better, wherever you are."
I don't want an answer
I don't want to hear your voice
But when I close my eyes I don't really have a choice

I came in from the rain
From a place I can't recall
I'd rather be insane than stuck here staring at a wall
I laid down to rest
Where you've lied before
I get a feeling in my chest that there's something more

I punch out and run
To the station by the tracks
I stare at almost everyone trying to see if you came back
When the sky opened up
And showered off the note
I knew I wasn't bold enough to give you what I wrote

The evening settles in
And makes me think of you
All will be forgiven if you'd just tell me what to do
Quietly and calm
The ringing begins
I feel the brass on my palm as I let you in
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I'm moving on again
The storm is coming through
I haven't been home in awhile
But there isn't much to do
The temple drags along a razor's edge
Like the beauty that I've found
But before I can enter in
I've got a soul to pin down

There's a warrior inside
And I can see it from a mile
It's probably just lost
Behind a painful little smile
If I ever get too close
Sometimes it washes over me
And the end of the day
It's all I want to see

In forces and in friends
There's a sorrow in youth
But where my words fall apart
My presence screams the truth
If all has broken down again
And nothing turns out right
Sometimes just a friendly face
Can get us through the night

Wear the face you want to
And wear it like a star
Because I don't care much for paint
It's the person that you are
Up high in the swirling mind
That dances through the night
I've fallen for the thoughts inside
May I make them mine?
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
She's beautiful
She treats me bad
She's still the best I've ever had
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
I don't need the stars aligned
I don't need the perfect line
I don't need a ******* thing
Just treat me nice and kind

I don't need a million words
I don't need a perfect world
I don't need a ******* thing
Just tell me what I'm worth

It never ceases to amaze me
How much people need
I think they're crazy
But maybe that's just me

I don't need a hero's heart
I don't need shooting stars
I don't need a ******* thing
I just need you to be who you are
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Take a deep breath and let your life begin
Close your eyes and find meaning within
Disappear if you disappoint
Bust your blues and split the joint
Calm your nerves
And be who you deserve

Turn off the old mind and finally relax
Space and time can get you back on track
Flee the scene and whisper to the sun
That all is well for now you have become
Who you are
You were never that far
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Blind Willie Johnson strums six strings a day
He drinks with the woman who taught him to play
He spells out his secrets in the songs that he sings
And breathes his life onto six rusty strings
Blind Willie Johnson brings home the blues
Blind Willie Johnson will wail the blues to you

The brothel he grew up in is tearing down the walls
He's got so many memories of those smokey halls
His mama could be there or she could be dead
He's got no pictures, just anecdotes instead
Blind Willie Johnson said he don't know a thing
Except for the truth in the blues that he sings

Blind Willie Johnson ain't really blind at all
He's just got those gray eyes from years of alcohol
He stares into the smoke of a Friday night crowd
Who stare back at him as his stories ring out
Blind Willie Johnson doesn't cover up a thing
Listen to his pain in the blues that he sings

"Blind Willie Johnson" reads the graveyard stone
Under the blanket of the sky, Willie rests alone
Though his voice is lost underneath the ground
The world will never forget Blind Willie's sound
Blind Willie Johnson sang the way he felt
He never complained about the hand he was dealt
Jordan Rowan Nov 2015
The time temple drags along a mirrors edge
It breaks itself on the window ledge
I came undone as you came to my door
The movement bleeds out to the street
Like a dancing child on tiny feet
My young belief says to follow you once more

**** me, brother, **** me now
**** me, brother, strike me down
I can't go on without her anyhow

The distance starts where the love began
A simple touch of her simple hand
Tear down these walls please, for me
It's been too long and I'm strung out now
Either come to me or throw me out
Just let me know so I can finally breathe
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
In light I saw a face
It took me out of place
It was within my taste
I need to get closer to her

In love with music too
It's all happening at the zoo
And every word she knew
I need to get closer to you

Tonight, we made our way
All the love just went away
I don't know what to say
I need to get further from you

I wish I could explain
Why you're in so much pain
I can't control my brain
I need to get further from you
I don't what else I can do
I need to get further from you
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
Chivalry rests under a lonely soul
No one seems to get where he goes
He doesn't sleep as he dreams
About beauty queens

He's a fire under ice
In search of paradise
When he finds it in the mist
He will always remember this

Nothing breathes here in the cold
He must die before he grows old
He can pull out your chair
And still pull your hair

His boasting comes from you
As he is proud of what you do
And when you smile and sway
It takes his breath away
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
I think I saw you sometime yesterday
You had your hand in the pocket of a man
Saying things that you don't understand
Like you do every single day
Maybe all the good girls got away

And the man's got a smile on his face
I don't think he truly understands
What he's done and what he's gonna face
Did I mention, that you may have your taste
You're still just an old disgrace

A perfect day on a Sunday afternoon
The cafe crowd and a quiet, calm monsoon
Reaches down into a bag colored like the sun
And pulls out a gold encrusted gun
I hope the man had his days of fun
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
Dear Colorado,
Are you still awake?
You're like a fantasy I have
Like I risk I have to take
How have you been?
It feels like years since we kissed
How many people come your way?
How many of them do you miss?
I think what you said was true
I'm gonna die alone and sad
But I've grown to realize
That it wouldn't be that bad
Just let me see you again
At least one more time
Once more, and I'll never call
I wanna die under your sky
Jordan Rowan Nov 2015
Send my dreams to the paper press
I've got too much to confess
This whole mind is a mess
And it's mine
It's all I could find
As I was spending too much time
Screaming and crying

**** my brothers in the Middle East
Let their souls be released
As the mongrel dogs have a peaceful feast
On our blood
Down in the mud
When it's someone you don't love
You don't even shrug

Break my bones over color pride
Don't you see what I have inside?
For my thoughts, I must die
Or else I'm a joke
Lost within the smoke
If I'm not rich then I must be broke
A dying man unknown

Make the streets a place of peace
Instead of hate and bombing grease
Power only makes us weak
To ourselves
To you and myself
Take a long look at yourself
And you can tell

The morning comes and someone's gone
Sent away to a funeral song
They lost their life being young
And still bright
Now they only see the night
As their mother tries to sleep at night
Without life

I'm dead and gone someday soon
But still I love each sun and moon
As they pass over my room
I kneel down
I start to look around
I start to love everything I've found
And I'm proud
Jordan Rowan Nov 2015
I'm a quiet little burden
On the stoop of your door
You can't let me go
But you don't want more
I've been your friend for years now
I've been there by your side
I ran across town
When I heard you cry
Love me, darling
Don't ask why

We've got a lot to ruin
We've got a lot to lose
We could dance together
Or get lost in the blues
There's enough for me
To forget all of that
If it ends tomorrow
Friendships come back
Love me, darling
Love me back

I'm a starry-eyed
Romantic inside
You know me well
And you can tell
By the words I write
And send to you
So, please, tonight
Say you love me too
Love me, darling
Say it's true
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
Love me, girl, all the time
Send me roses when I die
It's no reason to break your heart
But I'm gonna leave you when mine won't start

There's a fire in the sky
That helps me see your eyes
But I won't walk away
If you find the right thing to say

I'm not a man of wealth and taste
But what I have doesn't go to waste
When I get my hands on what I want
I protect everything I've got
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
I'm calm, I promise
Just don't convert me
Just please be honest
And don't desert me
I'm lost in obsession
In all directions
Will you be laughing,
When I lose possession?

My heart's fading
But there's no answer
To all my waiting
It's like a cancer
That now controls me
It's gaining power
I'm fading slowly
Under desire

The night's a weapon
I use against me
It leaves impressions
On me gently
And when the morning
Comes in higher
Without a warning
Comes desire

If I'm still waiting
When you find me
No escalating
Just please come find me
When it's over
All of this waiting
All this desire
Is never fading
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
One day, I'll tell you what goes on in my head
The things I think to myself
Are different from things that I've said
It doesn't matter to me if you run away
I'd be sad, sure, but I know that eventually I'd be okay

We're not perfect, in fact we're far away from that
I still remember that Christmas Day
I remember it and laugh
I think about you every time I blink my eyes
Even if you tell me how you feel, it would come as a surprise
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
I'm on the final trail
Ever since I awoke
Since my mind turned on
I'm destined for cosmic smoke
There's a distance covered
But it took my whole life
I don't know what's left
But I hope I do it right

It's like a winter storm
That doesn't know how to end
It sweeps up some
And never comes back again
This distance here
Has taken me so long
But before I disappear
I'd like to sing you so-long

Send me whispers
From somewhere beyond my place
Maybe I'll understand
When I finally see your face
There's a distance between us
But it's getting closer now
No matter how long it takes
I've got to get there somehow
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
Someone is dying, I can hear them breathe
The dark isn't final as it sets on me
Nowhere is everywhere, say what you see
Don't **** me, brother, I've got family

There's nothing here, look all around
The sun is dying, it makes no sound
Someone is crying, lost and unfound
Don't **** me, brother, and bury me down

Fighting is over, now we survive
Only the weak are left alive
Smoke rolls away yet the fire has died
Don't **** me, brother, don't even try

Light's on its way but don't hold your breath
You've only got so much left
I'd like to shake the hands of death
And say don't **** me, brother, lay me to rest
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
As the sun reaches the other pearl shores
Your eyes are waited on by the universe's starry doors
It's okay to say that you miss me, you see
But you'd better miss all of me

Miss the way that I talk about you
Miss the way I laugh and the way I croon
Miss my voice when it sings out of tune
Miss my touch when we lie under the moon

As the stars blink into the sun
Your life is young and it hasn't yet begun
Do you remember the good times or bad?
Do you miss me or just a companion to be had?

Miss my paranoia about the way you feel
Miss the darkest things I tried to conceal
Miss the spirit of my unconfined relief
Miss my questions and my constant disbelief

Are the things that you remember too old?
Did you coat the dust in veneer crusted gold?
Are your memories too good to be true?
You say you miss me but really, you miss you
Jordan Rowan Mar 2016
Life is just an addiction waiting to fade away
But while you've got the time
Let it free your mind
Even if it kills you someday

Today is just a day waiting to disappear
And though it's piling on
Soon, it will be gone
Just another wrinkle in your mirror

Tomorrow's just another stop along the road
A quiet little town
Or heaven coming down
Or somewhere you've never known

Death is just a final chord ringing out
Drifting into applause
For what is and what was
Something to never cry about
Jordan Rowan Feb 2016
Down on the bottom
Everyone's favorite place to be
Come join me
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
I'm too drunk to write
But I'll write anyway
Lately, I've been drunk night and day
It helps my mind forget
That she walked away
Jordan Rowan Aug 2015
It's hard to say you've missed someone
When they're standing right in front of you
You can remember all the bad things
But you can forget the good they do

It's easy to say that I'm in love with you
While I see you walking away
The burden doesn't even stay with you
Because you're gone and far away
Jordan Rowan Dec 2015
English girls, they never die
They never seem to wonder why
They can get
Any guy

The camera lens takes its toll
It will consume your soul
As the sky pretends
The stars lose control

Darling, I am on my own
I don't even have a home
Pity hurts worse than death
Leave me alone

Somewhere else on this road
I saw a ******* canyon sky explode
But what's in those dark eyes
I'll never know

When it's you and no one else
We're both by ourselves
I hope you keep,
The pictures on your shelf

Blood swims in my eyes
Like the clouds in the sky
Watch over me
When I die
Jordan Rowan Jan 2016
She was bled into riches
That can't be seen
And when she digs her ditches
She doesn't know she's mean

She's casually honest
And she's your friend
Like a singer's sonnet
She flows like wind

She can't break the spirit
Of an honest man
But she can steer it
The best she can

She knows nothing's better
Than the truth of love
And when she reads the letter
I hope that's  enough
Jordan Rowan May 2016
We said our goodbyes
With tears in our eyes
Sometimes things don't last and that's alright
Our family's got a split
How quickly we forget
How much we needed each other through all the ****

Remember the trip down south?
I couldn't believe what came out of your mouth
And how Momma almost kicked us out
But when we got there we forgot what we were fighting about

All I could do was stare
When we threw away the chair
I remember listening to Momma tell stories from there
I broke down once more
When someone painted over the door
With all our heights and that one night where my first love left for war

Remember that Christmas Eve?
When Daddy threatened to get up and leave
And as Momma cried on the balcony
It was just pointless gifts and you and me
It'll always be
You and me
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