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Rest In Peace miles Blackburn
You were a blessing to have around
I liked being your bowling buddy
We used to get good scores together
I remember him saying to me
When Adams Goodes was playing
And when they were actually good
You will be sadly missed miles Blackburn
I remember when I was watching my Itouch in bed and he hated it
Cause he wanted to sleep
I thought you were hating me
But I know now you were a great friend to have around
Please moles Blackburn
Think of us
As you enter your next life
I liked you mikes Blackburn
And I as Cronus will help give
You a great family for your next life
Farewell miles Blackburn
Have a good future life
And be blessed
It is hard it is bad
As my bullies go into my body
They get in and rip out
Any family person energy I have
I want to do things
This year to make me feel happy
Like singing and working
But I don’t want to get bullied
You see he is ripping into my body
And pulling my heart right out
And then he says
I need to learn a lot of discipline
Even if it hurts your head
And hurts your neck
Making you say
Making me feel like a fucken kid
I know I like the kid life
But not to a bully
If the bullying stopped
There is everything I can do
I need to get it out for my Aunty sue
I know she has depression
But she was nice to me
I told her she was like Oprah
And she accepted with pride
I wish my dad would save me mate
From each of these bullies
I know rob Douglas said
I am not a good singer
But he is a liberal ****
I gave him to a republican Christian family
His new name is abram
And he is innocent as all kids are
But you can see the rob in him
I miss talking to Steve grigor
He was very nice to me
He is now dead
But because I say I can talk to the dead
The bullies bully me
Saying Woosey Woosey Woosey
Because they think
It is unfair how I use screens
While they have been raised away from them
Technology is cool
When I play on my iPhone
I get the hooligan itch
I am a lover of life
I know I want to hit people on the head
But that is just a bit of fun
I know people wanna do that to me
But they are bullies
******* paul berenyi
Or I will come back and
Tie you to the sun
And show the world
Peter says I was your case manager
At mental health
But now I am dead
In my next life
But Paul wants to bully me
But he doesn’t know
Up in nirvana mate
I am powerful
Everyone is growing old
Everyone I know
Like David Mather
Who I used to talk to
As he was doing the shoes
Bevil purnell
I used to see him at the swimming pool
And at our Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Stan niemiec
He went to my Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Murray Flynn
One of the very nice mental health workers
Who thought I was a very good person
My father Barry Allan
I used to like talking to him about things
At home and when he went out
My cat lucky and muscles
I used to play with them and in a way have fun
Stan burns he used to walk us into the wetlands in Sandgate in Newcastle
Jean Allan I used to watch tv with her
But her house was so dusty I could hardly breathe
Mel.  I liked talking to her about her ****** life trying to keep her positive
Everyone of these people are all dead
And I am suffering because I have trouble talking to my people now
Unless I am having fun
I want to have fun with people
But everyone thjnks I want to be with old people but overall if anymore people in my life die I will go crazy
So I keep up to date on their next lives
Or just enjoy myself
Death happens
One minute you are having fun in your current Surroundings
Next minute you have to find more surroundings
You need to live your life
And have fun
You see way back in the 80s yeah
I was having a lot of fun
I used to tease the girls
And muck with all the boys
Everyone wanted to be my friend
I was enjoying every day life
Drinking a lot of coke
But everyone thought I was a bit different man
But I said I was just a kid
Just a kid
Just a kid
I was to everyone just a kid
I used to tease my friends
And make them feel stressed
Yeah I was just a little kid
I used to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
When I turned 18 man
I became a man
But my problems were starting yeseree
I was getting fought and bashed and mugged
In the back I wanted to be a kid
Be a kid
Just a kid
I want to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
Even as an adult I was a kid
Just a kid
I used to tease my friends right till the end
I was just a little kid
Just a kid dudes
You see I sit there doing my tapestry
While everyone is trying to smile at me
You see I am being treated like a hooligan
Or a big mean bully
I don’t want to be any of those
I want just to be a family person
I can’t sleep so I am sitting up
Watching Christmas concerts
The music is quite good
There is  not much time till Christmas
And we are ready for a party
Drinking eggnog
Eating pavlovs and trifle
Saying hello to Santa Claus
Yeah that will be rad
I want life to say to me
That I am cool
I break no rule
Listening to carols
Happy new Yule
Today s ****** fat and ugly woman
Stuck her finger up at mr
Saying she wasn’t like my mum
I said I know ugly *****
You are too shy to be like my mum
You look as like you want me not to
Stare at you
I said gladly my eyes will pop out
If I looked at you too long
She said I am not your mummy
I said yes I know you are too shy to
Be like my mummy
Patrick Enright said let’s trase Brian
I am not like his daddy
I said Patrick I know
You are too shy to be like my daddy
That woman looked like she spent
Time in gaol
God knows what for
But she is a ****** criminal
And that is why she stuck her finger up
She is too fucken shy to be like my mum
Patrick is too fucken shy to be like my dad
I suppose Patrick should marry that fucken *****
They would be suited
Two ugly people hitching up
That would be weird
My mum and dad are much better than
That criminal lady and her hogan husband
I don’t wanna be with bogans anyway
As I might have told you
My dad died and came back
To life as Betty
And I live in Canberra
And this weeks betty’s dad
Took Betty and his other two
To Canberra for a visit
Yesterday Betty and her family
Went to cockington green and the dinosaur museum and the national museum
And today Betty went to the national gallery
You see bettys dad David who is into
The arts wanted to show Betty what her previous life Barry Allan was like
Barry was my dad
And he liked arts but more on art history
And he was into other aspects of art
Like music and performing arts
And he liked when I went to
Art shows in the community
And dad wanted David to take them
To Canberra so dad can give his son
Some enjoyment with Betty being in his city
I wonder where David will take his family to tomorrow and the other days
Of their vacation
You see I miss dad
Because some of the things I did with dad
I don’t get now
But I will be doing a show on Christmas and nye on Facebook
I will do a Santa dash on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where I as Santa
Will show Santa leaving for his present dash and when he gets home
It will be fun
And on nye I will do a poem reading to see out the tragic 2020 year and hope 2021 will be good
I will do it after the big bash or at 10-30 whatever comes first
And it will be on my Facebook page
My Facebook name is Brian Allan
My dad who now is Betty inspired me as well as a lot of other singers like Travis Collins and Elise Courtney etc
Watch me, you will be entertained
And my dad is watching over us while his new family is holidaying in Canberra
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