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Dec 2020
Today s ****** fat and ugly woman
Stuck her finger up at mr
Saying she wasn’t like my mum
I said I know ugly *****
You are too shy to be like my mum
You look as like you want me not to
Stare at you
I said gladly my eyes will pop out
If I looked at you too long
She said I am not your mummy
I said yes I know you are too shy to
Be like my mummy
Patrick Enright said let’s trase Brian
I am not like his daddy
I said Patrick I know
You are too shy to be like my daddy
That woman looked like she spent
Time in gaol
God knows what for
But she is a ****** criminal
And that is why she stuck her finger up
She is too fucken shy to be like my mum
Patrick is too fucken shy to be like my dad
I suppose Patrick should marry that fucken *****
They would be suited
Two ugly people hitching up
That would be weird
My mum and dad are much better than
That criminal lady and her hogan husband
I don’t wanna be with bogans anyway
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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