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Jan 2
It is hard it is bad
As my bullies go into my body
They get in and rip out
Any family person energy I have
I want to do things
This year to make me feel happy
Like singing and working
But I don’t want to get bullied
You see he is ripping into my body
And pulling my heart right out
And then he says
I need to learn a lot of discipline
Even if it hurts your head
And hurts your neck
Making you say
Making me feel like a fucken kid
I know I like the kid life
But not to a bully
If the bullying stopped
There is everything I can do
I need to get it out for my Aunty sue
I know she has depression
But she was nice to me
I told her she was like Oprah
And she accepted with pride
I wish my dad would save me mate
From each of these bullies
I know rob Douglas said
I am not a good singer
But he is a liberal ****
I gave him to a republican Christian family
His new name is abram
And he is innocent as all kids are
But you can see the rob in him
I miss talking to Steve grigor
He was very nice to me
He is now dead
But because I say I can talk to the dead
The bullies bully me
Saying Woosey Woosey Woosey
Because they think
It is unfair how I use screens
While they have been raised away from them
Technology is cool
When I play on my iPhone
I get the hooligan itch
I am a lover of life
I know I want to hit people on the head
But that is just a bit of fun
I know people wanna do that to me
But they are bullies
******* paul berenyi
Or I will come back and
Tie you to the sun
And show the world
Peter says I was your case manager
At mental health
But now I am dead
In my next life
But Paul wants to bully me
But he doesn’t know
Up in nirvana mate
I am powerful
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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