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Dec 2020
As I might have told you
My dad died and came back
To life as Betty
And I live in Canberra
And this weeks betty’s dad
Took Betty and his other two
To Canberra for a visit
Yesterday Betty and her family
Went to cockington green and the dinosaur museum and the national museum
And today Betty went to the national gallery
You see bettys dad David who is into
The arts wanted to show Betty what her previous life Barry Allan was like
Barry was my dad
And he liked arts but more on art history
And he was into other aspects of art
Like music and performing arts
And he liked when I went to
Art shows in the community
And dad wanted David to take them
To Canberra so dad can give his son
Some enjoyment with Betty being in his city
I wonder where David will take his family to tomorrow and the other days
Of their vacation
You see I miss dad
Because some of the things I did with dad
I don’t get now
But I will be doing a show on Christmas and nye on Facebook
I will do a Santa dash on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where I as Santa
Will show Santa leaving for his present dash and when he gets home
It will be fun
And on nye I will do a poem reading to see out the tragic 2020 year and hope 2021 will be good
I will do it after the big bash or at 10-30 whatever comes first
And it will be on my Facebook page
My Facebook name is Brian Allan
My dad who now is Betty inspired me as well as a lot of other singers like Travis Collins and Elise Courtney etc
Watch me, you will be entertained
And my dad is watching over us while his new family is holidaying in Canberra
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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