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Dec 2020
Everyone is growing old
Everyone I know
Like David Mather
Who I used to talk to
As he was doing the shoes
Bevil purnell
I used to see him at the swimming pool
And at our Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Stan niemiec
He went to my Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Murray Flynn
One of the very nice mental health workers
Who thought I was a very good person
My father Barry Allan
I used to like talking to him about things
At home and when he went out
My cat lucky and muscles
I used to play with them and in a way have fun
Stan burns he used to walk us into the wetlands in Sandgate in Newcastle
Jean Allan I used to watch tv with her
But her house was so dusty I could hardly breathe
Mel.  I liked talking to her about her ****** life trying to keep her positive
Everyone of these people are all dead
And I am suffering because I have trouble talking to my people now
Unless I am having fun
I want to have fun with people
But everyone thjnks I want to be with old people but overall if anymore people in my life die I will go crazy
So I keep up to date on their next lives
Or just enjoy myself
Death happens
One minute you are having fun in your current Surroundings
Next minute you have to find more surroundings
You need to live your life
And have fun
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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