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Take your meds take your meds
You gotta take your meds
Take your meds take your meds
I’m too normal yes I am
But I need to take my meds
I want to get reformed oh yeah
You see I can be cool yes I will
If I take my meds oh yeah
You see I want to be normal
And have no problems
I want my keep in control with my mind
But I can’t, I need to take my meds
I have dreams of being with my old school friends
And I want those dreams being real
At the start I didn’t believe in dillusions
I thought anything that came in my mind was true
I ended up in the psych ward
And placed on an order to take my meds oh yeah
I thought people should give a ****
What I do give a **** what I do
But when I
Take my meds take my meds
I am normal oh yeah
I don’t annoy anyone oh no
Take my meds take my meds
I want to have fun oh yeah
But I gotta take my meds
Take my meds take my meds
Everyone needs to enjoy having me around
And I need to take my meds
I should behave I should be brave
Having fun is great
But it comes at a price
Taking meds is great
You end up nice
Oh yeah bow bow
Having fun is great
Take your meds take your meds
I want to get reformed oh yeah
I really want to be reformed
But I want to feel happy
And I am happy right now
I take my meds take my meds
I am normal yes I am
Because I take my meds
Take your meds take your meds
I am having fun getting rid
Of dillusions oh yeah
And I don’t like people trying to bring my dillusions to life like a trainer I once knew
No name mentioned
I don’t wanna be a big man
I want to be a real man
I wanna have fun
I wanna go out
I wanna do cool things
Without worrying about what I am doing
It is normal to want these things
I wanna be a real real man
Cause a real man drinks
And a real man smokes
The real man goes to clubs
To tell very corny jokes
To get everybody up and laughing
Yes oh yes what are ya saying
I wanna be a real real man
Then I saw an open ranch
Where they had horses and cattle
And bulls Oh what the ****
Then I sat in my private den
But I prefer the days when I was
Partying in the private bin
Getting drunk and dancing yeah
On a variety of real man beers
I wanna be a real real man
Cause a real man drinks
And a real man smokes
The real man goes to clubs
To tell very corny jokes
To get everybody up and laughing
Yes oh yes what are ya saying
Yes I wanna be a real man
Then my mate Paul asked me
To go to the local catholic school ground
To chuck our empties on the roof
And if people walked past we
Would say to them
Get ****** you stupid old mother hen
Then we will leave and I will stay up all night
Remembering when me and my brother had a fight
I thought he was against me
But I know more now
He wanted me to move out get a job
And have fun yeah
And all I could think about is
I wanna be a real real man
Because a real man drinks
And a real man smokes
A real man goes to clubs
To tell very corny jokes
To get everybody up and laughing
Yes oh yes what are ya saying
I went into civic to find a party place
I checked out Glebe park
And crown casino oh yeah
I saw some mates in moon junction
Where my mates all hung
But they didn’t like what I did
So they all just sprung
So I hung around the local clubs
Getting drunk playing pool
And the pinball machine too
I won a few and lost some too
But I had fun wollopoloo
I wanna be a real real man
Because a real man drinks
And a real man smokes
A real man goes to clubs
To tell very corny jokes
To get everybody up and laughing
Yes oh yes what are ya saying
I was a real man don’t deny it
A young racist girl gets captured in the psych ward

Today 15 year old jemma broteen spat and yelled at two Asian girls and had her best friend to film it, she said to the two asians that they are the reason for the coronavirus and the need to be shot, and as soon as they left them they called the police hoping they will get arrested and stay there forever, meanwhile Ron was waiting for the day that jemma gets arrested so he could put this ******* medication
And make her think about what she did and then suddenly Jemma was arrested but not with her best friend who had to go home and jemma was taken to the psych ward where Ron was trying to figure out what makes her tick and jemma said ******* *****, you know that the Asians started the coronavirus and I wanted to make them understand that it is their fault and Ron said no you don’t know their situation and you have no idea who actually started it, you just need to understand you were wrong
And jemma said I am not wrong, this disease is causing havoc in the world
And the Asians are the reason why it is here, Ron said, no it isn’t, and I think you need to be put on seroquel and lagactil and jemma said don’t you put me on stupid drugs, cause I am not crazy, I did the write thing and don’t pill me like a dog either or I will spit it out and I will spit on you and Ron said, well you won’t leave here till you learn the consequences of your actions and if that means you will stay here till you realise you were wrong and jemma said I am not wrong, they are ******* who gave us this virus and Ron said by coughing on them you could’ve gave them the virus and jemma told Ron to get ****** and ******* and then jemma ran toward the door and Ron got some backup to hold her down and jemma yelled out, child abuse, I will have these doctors for child abuse and then jemma spat on a doctor and Ron picked jemma up and put her in a room and locked the door so she can’t get out and jemma yelled out
This is what the Asians want and Ron said you are staying there till you agree to take the medication I prescribed because you are a fool, what you did was foolish and you are a danger to others out there and you are a danger to the other patients in here, and don’t try killing yourself because there is a video in that room which is constantly watched all day and jemma yelled out ******* and Ron sat on the chair outside her room making sure she doesn’t show signs of killing herself and after about 55 minutes jemma needed something to eat and said can’t I go and have some food and Ron said no, you need to wait for dinner time like all the others you are a psych patient now because you are too dangerous for the world and jemma told Ron to ******* and continued to lie down on her bed and then the nurse brought around Jemma’s medication in which jemma didn’t want to take and Ron said, if you refuse to take the pills, every meal you will have in here and jemma said ‘whatever’ and went to lie down on the bed being very angry about being arrested and taken to this hellhole and Ron said ok, if you won’t take it, I am wasting my time and jemma said yes you are cause I am not crazy and then said ‘there is nothing wrong with me *****’ and Ron went to his office to work out ways to really help jemma, because if she doesn’t want to take her meds, she must be under a cloud because she was wrong what she did, but everything Ron did made jemma get even more angrier and Ron said, you need medication jemma and jemma said no I don’t it is not called medication it is just drugs
And I am no ****** and Ron said yes? You are worst than a ****** and jemma banged on the door begging to be let out, to bash Ron up for saying she was worst than a ****** and Ron said, yes she could do this forever but she is dangerous and Ron went away to get an injection stick with seroquel in it to put in her and mind you it wasn’t easy for him, hoping that while he was doing that, he wouldn’t get jabbed and jemma said *******, I ain’t crazy *******
Drop dead and Ron got two nurses to hold her down so he could give the injection to her, and when the needle came through her jemma said, I am going to die, Ron has just killed me, I was telling her what she needs to hear, I ain’t crazy and then jemma fell down on the bed and slept and Ron went home but he knows this is going to be a tough journey so he went home and bought Chinese food and watched re runs of Wentworth on iTunes and the next day wasn’t easy because jemma said Ron is brutal to the other nurses and when Ron arrived to give her the morning medication she refused but Ron said if you take this, you will get better and jemma said, you go home at night and i can’t because I am here in this crap hole and Ron said ok, if you want to be an angry girl, fine and Ron went away till the next injection to be in his office
I heard about a man who has an illness and Has a notion to stop taking
His medication
Which is wrong
Very very wrong
Even if it stops you from being cool
Just write the stuff out of you
And then you can choose
If you want to post it or not
But when I went to the psych ward
I was believed I wasn’t taking my medication
And people were so worried
I had to have tribunal hearings about
Once a month
And when I was told that I don’t need
That anymore I made a pact to myself
To always take my medication
Even if it makes me uncool
I was so worried that I bought
Four more when I had four there
Because of the coronavirus
But when I heard of a man who
Said he had a Bomb strapped to himself which he didn’t really
But he should take his medication
Even if it takes your mojo or reputation away
Just write it out of you
You might not want to but
Those people who say that
Often end up locked up
After getting in trouble
Just stop trying to so called protect your reputation
Because I feel better writing all the stuff out of me
If you feel good you could use another name of someone you don’t know or doesn’t exist in your support group
Too many people want to be cool and by doing that they do things that are uncool because they stop taking medication when they need it
You have to be good
Because getting arrested the police
Isn’t cool
And if you break the law
You should go to gaol or the psych ward
To avoid breaking the law
Write the evil out of you in a story
This piece does exactly that for me
We are letting trapper win
I know it is a nice day
And who wants to be inside
Their house every minute of the day
You see the police are imprison people inside their houses
To keep them safe from the caronavirus
But people aren’t doing social distancing laws
My friend Daniel sits inside his house every day and goes out occasionally
But is trying to be nice to the police
Because of that the police
Wants us to be a total world full of Daniels
I watched my late father’s next life Betty do a special report about covid 19
When dad died I tried to show dad what being a kid is all about
Because he was always getting upset
With me for being cool
Now dad is having fun with his next life, Betty, so he is learning about being young again
And if we have the coronavirus
We will be in a world full of Daniels
Who was a negative friend of mine
And the police wants us to be like him
Saying I want to die and **** the world
And other **** like that
When Daniel does die he needs to learn the nice part I learnt about the whole world
I hated that Muslim who spat at the police man
Spitting at the police is against the law
I every stretch of the imagination
Daniel would say that is good
Because he is a real negative ****
Please Buddha stop the virus taking
Over the world
Stop trapper now
And Athena bring us a new drug to stop the virus
Bring back sport
Bring back parties
Bring back bbqs anywhere
Bring back fun
Bring back concerts in street
Bring back going to the movies
Don’t make this world a world full of Daniel j Sandersons who is negative
Not truthfull
But people need to follow the rules
To try and avoid that joke which Daniel laughs at a big axe murderer comes up to you in gaol and asks you what are you in for
You say I went to the beach
Or I played a footy match
Or had too many people over
Yes, we will have a world full of negative people if this virus goes
Much further
But we must follow the rules
It will end
Hi everybody
This is Brian Allan
I am on Jupiter
And I will sing fly burgers
A poem I wrote when I was social
Which is being watched very carefully at present
Here it is
Fly burgers are good enough to eat
Fly burgers are such a tasty treat
Just catch a blowie between two buttered buns
Add some lettuce and tomato
And make sure you wash your hands
You see there is no footy on
Because of the coronavirus yeah
So the flies wouldn’t get caught
On the barbecue
No old man no young boy
Anymore in this world
The flies didn’t do it
But they are still disease carriers
So please wash your hands
Fly burgers are good enough to eat
Fly burgers are such a tasty treat
Just catch a blowie between two buttered buns
Add some lettuce and tomato
And make sure you wash your hands
No restaurants at the moment
So there will be no flies
Parking on the griller
The virus is turning people
From being nice to an old yeller
Don’t worry about the flies
Getting in your food
No restaurant isn’t open
No fly burgers
That is good
Fly burgers are good enough to eat
Fly burgers are such a tasty treat
Just catch a blowie between two buttered buns
Add lettuce and tomato
And please wash your hands
Now hopefully the virus will be over
Before the summer time
So friends can drop round sharing coke and beer and having a great time
At present there is no bbq man
Noticing a fly upon his back
So keep the swat amongst your friends
Don’t spread the virus to jack
Fly burgers are good enough to eat
Fly burgers are such a tasty treat
Just catch a blowie between two buttered buns
Add some lettuce and tomato
And please wash your hands
The hospital is busy this year
Despite nobody having fun
Flies are still spreading germs
Straight flat bang in you
More people dying from the coronavirus yeah
But flies are still spreading germs
Don’t eat fly burgers if you don’t want to die
Fly burgers don’t eat them you stupid fool
Fly burgers as long as you keep your distance swim in the pool
But if a fly lands on you
You will catch a germ
And maybe the virus will hit you
Like a little worm
But if a fly lands on you
You will catch a germ
And maybe and maybe
The virus will hit you hit you
Like. A. Little Worm
No good
My daddy used to say to my mum
How are you going plip
And also called her mooey
And called me boo or booey
And called my brother croo
Or crust or crustophagus
He said those names in a very
Friendly nice voice
Hi plip hi plip
Mooey is around
I miss dad I know he is in his next life
But I miss him none the less
In these terrible times of the coronavirus
I need dads nice voice calling me boo
Or calling mum plip or mooey
But I don’t want to hear it in my head
I loved my dad
I miss my dad
He would’ve hated these times
Because he liked going to coffee shops to have coffee
Now he is stuck at his east Sydney home as Betty Campbell
Doing things to entertain his new family
Dad would hate those fools
Who steal 500 pkts of toilet rolls
Dad was nice
I miss him
I wish dad was still my dad
As opposed to being in his next life
Because our family is a loving family
And dad made it more lovely
With his cute names he gave us
Boo booey mooey plip croo crustophergus
You might not understand me
But dad was a very nice dad
He helped me have a good entertainment system and computer system
I don’t know much about computers much back then
But now I do thanks to my loving father
He was a great provider
And he was a loving father
Those names he called us was
Close to our names
It showed that my family is a loving family
He hated me being ******* by spirits
And he tried to keep me with the families
As I heard his voice which was in my head of dad saying
Stay with the families Brian
And dad put voices in my head making kids say
Stay with the kids Brian
Because the kids and families
Are the safe shelter for everyone
And a sign that I shouldn’t get into
Fights because dad showed me
To never ever fight anyone
Dad would cope with all the lockdowns with coronavirus
And dad would now break the law
Dad was great
I love my dad
I will stay with the families and the kids because it is a nice atmosphere for me
Dad was nice
What a shame
Oh what a shame
The footy is suspended
It will be different to not have sport on the television
But it has to be done
Oh yeah it has to be done
What a absolute shame
That the footy isn’t on for a while
The stupid coronavirus got rid of the footy
At least for a few months
Could be more well it is more likely
To be more
Just when the raiders are playing their better game
They can’t prove themselves
To be a great premiership winning team no more
No, the footy is over
And we have to cope without watching footy on tv
Or watching it at the ground
Or in the pubs and clubs
I remember way back in 1914 to 1918 in my previous life, when I was Albert Waldron life was hard
I was suffering
We didn’t have social media to keep us occupied back then
We had to deal with it
Now it is coming back to my mind
But knowing we do have tv and radio and social media like Facebook and YouTube to keep us informed
Back then we had to line up outside news offices to find out more
We were struggling but now we have television and all other technology to keep us informed and I remember hating every day but somehow we survived
But now we need to just keep our eyes on the news, by golly, we didn’t have it back then
Albert Waldron great south Australian footballer way back then
I was barbecuing for my local footy club
And I felt like kidnapping the Auskick kids
I felt like taking them and cooking them on the barbecue
Barbecue barbecue
Cooking kids on the barbecue
I didn’t want to act on it because
I will go to jail if I did that
And I will get the sack from bring the barbecue man
I was trying to be a young person
Who loved to work for the footy
And every time a kid walked past
I felt like taking them into my young person trap
But I didn’t because I knew it was wrong
Some of the kids teased me because they thought I was a ****** or something
And my hormones wanted to take him so bad
But I didn’t act on it
I feel like a big kid in my house
And when I mean big, I don’t mean fat
Just big and full of muscles
I know it is wrong but I felt the past catching up with me especially when two boys played near me
Because I talked to the ladies of the football club and the boys were playing and laughing at me
Well that is what I felt anyway
And every year I went to barbecue for the footy club those boys changed from being teasing boys to playing for the club and one of them played for the city as a ruck rover
I visioned the moo cows on the front
And the ships on the back
I think I wanted to get these thoughts to go away
Because even though the kids teased me because I was getting on with their mothers kids are innocent
Please Matthew Isaac and Alex and many more
My hormones were driving me crazy
Kenny Rogers was a heroe
Heroe oh yeah mate
He was a heroe oh yeah mate yeah
But he did some great things
You see Kenny Rogers is a man
Who was really really good
He sang the gambler very well
Coward of the county
And a duet with Dolly Parton
Called islands in the stream
He was great and he loved life
He was really cool
He performed with bobby Doyle
And had groups like the new Christy minstrels and first edition where he had a song just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in which got to number 5 on the billboard charts and then he got more control of first edition and made a song in 1969 which was called
Ruby, don’t take your love to town
He was an actor as well as a singer
He acted in the gambler and six pack where he played a race car driver
he was radically awesome dude he had a restaurant chain called Kenny Rogers roasters with Kentucky fried chicken ceo John Y Brown he couldn’t pick his chicken out on a taste test on the Conan O’Brien show and that would be weird the chicken was shown on Seinfeld on the chicken roasted show
It also went bankrupt on an episode of fresh of the boat called let me go bro, actor was Jeff pomerantz
Mad tv and ******* also talked about his restaurant what a great chicken shop
He was on Reno 911 in 2004
And in 2012 he released a book titled
Luck or something like it, explaining his ups and downs in the music industry
Ommmmmmmm the great Kenny Rogers passed away
Ommmmmmmm send him to his next life with a great message for all
Ommmmmmmm you have to no where to hold em
Ommmmmmmm no where to walk away or know where the to run
Ommmmmmmm islands in the stream that is what we are
Ommmmmmmm the great Kenny Rogers was a Heroe
Like I said at the start
Ommmmmmmm singer actor chicken franchise
Ommmmmmmm he was a great man
Mar 21 · 106
this nasty virus
You gotta know when to wash them
Cope with panic buying
Toilet paper and soap
What a fool ya know
You will be running out of money
Because the virus loses customers
There is no people going out
In this world today
You see this is a bad virus
The worst in the whole world
I have never seen so many rules
In this whole wide world
But they are doing it for the safety
Of other people there
You have to know when to wash them
Cope with panic buying
Toilet paper and soap
What a fool ya know
You will be running out of money
Because the virus loses customers
There is no people going out
In the world today
You see they are closing all the beaches
Cause people aren’t doing things right
It is a mighty shame because it is March
And people will want to swim in the waves at the sea
But because people weren’t doing social distancing
The beach just closes
Hoping nobody had the virus at the beach
You have to know when to wash them
Cope with panic buying
Toilet paper and soap
What a fool ya know
You will be running out of money
Because the virus loses customers there is nobody going out
In the world today
You have to know when to wash them
Cope with panic buying
Toilet paper and soap
What a fool ya know
You will be running out of money
Because the virus loses customers there is nobody going out
In the world today
You see when you watch soap operas
On the television
You get really into watching each character and getting into the things
They get into
When I saw a baby being snatched at the end of neighbours today I jumped
Saying what a poor little baby
But the Villain was losing all of his family and was getting scared
And the people who get killed might not want to be on the show anymore
Even if you get used to the characters
It happened before and it was very moving
Like it was tonight
Very very moving
You see the villain was trying to be good but his old memories came back
And I have no idea of how it will end
You see as I am talking about trapper sending the coronavirus abs a lot of things are cancelled this happens
You see everything was going crazy
And he was very crazy
Mind you as I said
The people might want to leave the show or getting written out of it or something
Next week is going to be ten times worst
I hope it turns out well for the victim characters
Aussie Aussie Aussie
I am a fair dinkum a Aussie
And I love life every day
I hate this panic shopping
I think it is ****** stupid
That isn’t loving life
I hate this ****** virus
It is trappers (the devil)’s
Way of stopping us
But I love how people
Are taking to social media
To spread love to this great big world
We need to find a cure or a vaccine
For the caronavirus
To make us all love life
I am an Aussie Aussie Aussie
I am a fair dinkum a Aussie
And every day I love life
The shops are taking desperate measures to keep the stock lasting longer
But it causes frustration amongst
All sorts of shoppers
And it doesn’t make them learn
I love the footy and I still want to cheer them on
In these hard times
So if you want to rid this virus
So Aussie Aussie Aussie
Fair dinkum a Aussie
I love I live my
I love life every day
I live my life in every way
Fuckwits fuckwits
People who panic buy are fuckwits
Stealing toilet paper from blind peoples trolleys
They don’t care
They are just fuckwits
Really stupid people
Don’t you think
It will be hard to wake up in the morning to beat the crazy fuckwits
Who panic buy their groceries
Probably giving the virus away
Fuckwits fuckwits
Mentally deranged fuckwits
They don’t care about anyone else
Than themselves
They are selfish for they are fuckwits
Yes they are the stupidest people that I ever met
Fuckwits fuckwits
Stupid crazy people
Not caring for anyone
Not helping the poor out
They are panic buying so they are ready
But they are fuckwits because
They stop regular people from doing the same
****** fuckwits
The coronavirus is striking down the whole world in stopping a lot of activities and the coronavirus is caused by a kidnapping spirit named trapper who had me back in the 80s
And what is happening is trapper is trying to destroy the world with this virus by cancelling all the fun stuff like sporting events and parades and theme parks by making people worry about getting sick
This year we might not see very much footy or other sports and trapper is YELLING out heh heh heh heh heh
I have the sports crowd and the families trapped and that is why they call him trapper, back in the 80s he used to tie me up to my bed and on the streets but he is more experienced this time
He caused the coronavirus to make people not want to get sick so much they panic buy and cause fights in shopping centres and keeping good family men away from their families
And making the community hard to be a part of, trapper is yelling out
**** THE WORLD he doesn’t care about the world he wants to see people worry and get into really bad fist fights over silly little things
I say that if they cancel everything people will want to be dead because the world isn’t worth living in but trapper goes heh heh heh I have the world in a trap that they will never escape from
Trapper is looking over every country saying look what I am doing and people could pray all they want but the authorities will not change their minds, trapper has the world in a trap
Because people are coughing on other people and doing other bad stuff which makes trapper laugh really weirdly yes this world is doomed nobody will be saved from this and I will take the world of what people liked about this earth
Trapper says to the world
Trap the sports fans
Trap the fun
Trap the television studios
Trap the concert goers
Trap the people who love theme parks
Trap the people who love the beach
Trap the army diggers
Trap the movie stars
Trap the Buddhists
Trap the Christians
Trap the tv stars
Trap the native people
Trap the shy people
Trap everyone with this coronavirus
And never let them have fun again
And trapper left saying nobody will ever be free from my trap and if they try and have fun they will be arrested by police
Yes dudes trapper is real
People laughed at me in the past about what I say trapper does but they aren’t laughing now
Everybody is angry thanks to trapper
Heh heh heh heh heh says trapper
Adults are stupid
How they cough on other adults
While the kids are trying to keep clean
Adults aren’t so clean
You see I saw this old lady cough on
A man on the bus
I find kids are more mature
To look after other people
It is the coronial virus times
Adults should be more aware
Please adults take advice from the kids, please
Adults think they are smarter
But that is a load of crap
Coughing on other adults
In these terrible times
The virus is spreading throughout
The world
The adults do not care
It is making the government say
No spectators into the ground
Simply cause they can’t be trusted, no
Kids are the best
In not spreading germs
Adults don’t care about it
They prefer to ****
Please Buddha bring peace to the world
Stop the virus
Stop adults cough on other adults
Make adults be more like their kids
In the way to protect us from the virus
Fight germs
Not each other
This morning I saw too men who worked at the fruit shop at Belconnen mall opposite the amcal chemist handling the fruit and vegetables with their bear hands
I don’t know who they were
But in these times with the coronial virus, you have to be fucken careful
I don’t know if they washed their hands nor if I know who or what they touched
I personally stopped eating fresh vegetables and converted to frozen vegetables because of the virus
These men shouldn’t touch every vegetable and fruit because of the virus
I thought it was discusting
Nobody knows if they washed their hands
And I think the shop looks very *****
No these men were in the wrong
For touching the produce with their hands with no gloves
Obviously these men have no regard for anyone but themselves
The coronial virus sounds bad and it could **** as well
I think people need to test these people and every customer who handled those fruits and vegetables
I didn’t want to cause a scene by telling them but I think what they did
Was wrong
Very very very wrong
Please wash your hands and don’t double handle foods
Keep the virus away
Crazy are the people
Who are addicts to buying toilet rolls
I don’t know their situation
But they rush for toilet paper
Like the sales at Boxing Day
I think they are crazy
Very crazy indeed
You see they get into fist fights
Over a silly thing like toilet paper
Crazy are the people
I think they are just
As bad as junkies
Cause they are very scared
You can’t change people
But you can say that they are crazy
Treating the toilet paper rush
Like the Boxing Day sales
Very very mental mate
The YouTube vloggers agree with me
It is totally stupid that people rush
For toilet paper
The people who really need it
Which is totally mental
Just like the people
Crazy are the people
Who get in a panic for toilet rolls
I can’t see the connection
With corona virus and toilet rolls
I prefer to be like the vloggers
And just live my life
Because fighting over toilet paper
Is really dumb indeed
And is not who I am
Fighting over toilet paper
Viral fights over toilet paper
How fucken stupid mate
To fight over toilet paper
People buy too much toilet paper
Other people getting upset over toilet paper
Totally stupid fighting over toilet paper
These people need medication oh yeah
There are ways to stop it
Just give one over
Because one won’t harm you
**** ****** no
Fighting over toilet paper
Fighting over toilet paper
Totally ******* don’t you think dude
To fight over toilet paper
Fighting over toilet paper
Fighting over toilet paper
Stupid stupid really stupid people
To think about ohhhhhhh
Fighting over toilet paper
They still make the toilet paper
People just are getting greedy
And that is what causes the fights
And that is shocking
To fight over toilet paper
Fighting over toilet paper
Really really stupid yeah
Fighting over toilet paper
Good god what a fool
Is what my dad used to say
Because he would hate the stupid people who fight over toilet paper
Dumb and dumber
Good movie
Well it is starting to come true
With this whole fighting over toilet paper thing
So if you fight over toilet paper
You are a fool
Well, you are
Toilet paper toilet paper
Why do people in this time
Feel the need to stock up on toilet paper
What is the point of stocking up on toilet paper
That just proves there are a lot of ***** done in a day
People are buying 5 packs of 12 toilet paper, they must have diarrhoea or something
I personally think it is stupid
They say I gotta wipe my ***
About 56 times a day
**** me dead
If you want to have enough toilet paper in a week
Because I don’t see the connection
With the carrona virus and toilet paper
People are just scared or stupid
Well, they are more stupid
Saying toilet paper toilet paper
We gotta have enough toilet paper
Gotta wipe me ***
Gotta make sure we don’t use our hands discusting
They are also trying to stock up on medications
Mainly a junkies thing though
The carrona virus hits me
Gotta have a Panadol
Or nurefen or Sudafed
Why the **** do people convert into being junkies
People sitting in the mall
Enjoying a high calorie lunch
With 17 undescribed medicine and 6 12 pack toilet rolls
The carrona virus can’t get us
What a bunch of crap
No, those people are news-scared junkies and drug junkies
When I say news-scared
I mean they hear we need toilet paper
So we buy six 12 packs of toilet paper
We are free from any virus
That comes our way
Athena doesn’t heal you if you be a ****** so why do they do it
I am in pain they say
I am in pain
They are not in pain
They are junkies and news-scared
Personally I had to buy paper towels to replace toilet paper
Hopefully that works
****** junkies
Back in the day when I was a kid
I seemed to like young people more than the. Adults
I thought they were cooler
I thought I was cool
I didn’t want my mum and dad to ruin it for me
I liked my friends more because
They went to the sports events with me
And we danced at school socials
And we camped out in the backyard
My friends didn’t feel the same way
They liked adults and young people equally
You see I have visions of my mucking
With young people instead of adults
Might be the cause of my delusions
Like might have forced my mind to go crazy in 2004 and 2013, because after the event of the police coming to my house in 2004 after the cat incident
The young people of my past said to me we don’t like you anymore mate
You see I loved cartoon shows
My parents didn’t but the young people did
I liked partying and acting like a clot
My parents hated it
And young people mucked with me
I thought church was for nerds
Because young people I respected told me so
My parents said I should do what I want
I agree now
I didn’t really want to wear suits
Because I will be treated like a nerd
But my parents thought I would look good in it
I drank beer and ate chips
Cause the voices of my friends were urging me on
My parents hated it
I used to fight them for that
I have no idea why I did that
I thought I was uncool looking back at it
I only liked music that my friends liked
And anything my parents liked was crap, I feel different about that now
Because the music my parents listened to was music from their era
Just like me
I wanted to go to the clubs and dance
And get drunk
While my parents were worried sick
I expected my parents to cook for me
Cause the young people told me too
I am different now
And all that could be the reason
I pass out during exercise and when I get up from my chair and why I get really fat, I need to face my fears of being like the adults and grow up
If I pass out I need to just relax and sit down
Mar 5 · 53
a friend from school
I liked Patrick Enright
We used to party a lot
At home listening to heavy metal
And at the raiders
Cheering them on
You see Patrick Enright
Was a really cool friend
We saw jimmy barnes together
And we partied on New Year’s Eve 1989 and I got totally ******
So much in fact I had to go back
To pats house to sleep
Because I didn’t want my family to
See me like that
Thinking at the time, that they were fun police
We watched e street and Patrick
Like the character called CJ
Patrick never put a foot wrong
But I did and I missed the atmosphere
I had when I was having fun with Patrick
I miss Patrick because he was a fun guy
Go Canberra capitals
You won the 2019/20 flag
Go Canberra capitals
You won back to back
You won the match 71-68
The flyers don’t know what hit em
Go Canberra capitals
You won on your home court
You kicked ***, you ****** well did
You gave your hats to the Aussie hoops juniors
And then held up the cup
And the crowd was cheering our name from the first half where we were losing to the second half where we won
Go Caps go caps we won the flag
It was great and superb yes
Canberra Canberra Canberra
Oi oi oi
Canberra are the champions oh yeah
Afterwards they will celebrate oh yeah
Congratulations congratulations
Well done capitals you won back to back flags again
Don’t stop us now
We won the flag yeah
Yes we’re having a ball
Don’t stop us now
We are the best team Canberra has by far
Moving our bodies around the court
Don’t stop us now
Cause after winning we are having a good time
Right now
Go Caps go caps go caps go
2019/20 was Canberra’s season
Congratulations and celebrations
Captured in the psych ward

Today Ron was busy when a former personal trainer/strongman was admitted into the ward, his name was Benjamin Parker and Ron was wondering why he would groom young girls online and Ben said
I felt lonely and bored and a tad sad and I always had people tease me when I was young, and Ron said is that a perfect reason to groom a child online and Ben said I wanted to one day to have kids and I never was in a good relationship with and Ron said
You do know that it was wrong for you to do that and I think you have a psychosis problem which abilify could help in making you show remorse
And whilst Ron was talking Ben was texting his best client saying you need to keep up your exercise and Ron said you know you won’t get your job back
Because you will never be able to work with vonerable people and Ben said GET ****** I am not giving up my life because some quack told me too and Ron went on his break and went to his cafe to talk to his friends and without saying his name he said this former strongman/personal trainer is getting crankier and crankier with him because I want to help him and they said what did he do and Ron said groom a child online and they said that is awful and Ron went back to the ward to prepare the abilify and epplim to get his mind totally clear and then Ron said to Ben you will be in here for as long as it takes for you to get better, you know talk about what you did and realise you were wrong and Ben said well, my mum loves me and so does my dad and my family have my back, I want to have a girlfriend but the only girls for me are online and Ron said yes, but it is wrong what you did, I need to understand why you did it
Facebook and messenger can be dangerous ways to meet the opposite *** especially when you could be risking your life or freedom, ever thought of going to the pub or meeting place rather than online
Because you were talking to these girls for a very long time and I ain’t happy with the information you gave me and then Ben said I like kids
They are cute, they are sexier than adults because kids listen to my training tips and adults don’t, well, some do but they are the nice ones
But I thought that kid really understood me and I understood her and when I asked to meet her she got all fucken defensive and I know this is wrong but she wanted it I can tell
And Ron said ok, I will start you on the pills, and let me know if you get anymore thoughts and Ben said ok
But I ain’t finished with you, you see I was visioning a **** young wife who could give me plenty of children and Ron said that girls father wanted to punch you, and you are in here for your own protection and Ron clocked off and bought a pizza and went home to watch the AFLW hoping his fave team wins
Mar 3 · 45
IMPROVE (not groom)
I want to find out what is happening
So I can improve this world
But I don’t want to find out people I know and sort of liked going to gaol
For something so horrible
I know my late father knew what was going on but he refused to tell me
In the case it will make me CRAZY
Thinking I could look into homes to see what is going on
I know a man who says he could read body language
And now he’s in gaol
I know he believes that
But he is CRAZY and WEIRD
I know I was never inspiring when I was with him but I wasn’t into his style
Everybody wanted me back then to party so I did
Cause if I didn’t I would be square
But I knew no better
So I partied
And boy did I party
The internet say a mate of mine
Was lonely and sad
But that made him very very bad
He never saw it but really did love life
I want to exercise to have fun
But just normal so I can enjoy everyday life
Not have pains in my movement
I think about myself doing bad things
When I was younger and I know
Now I will never groom the young
Please Buddha help anyone who is suffering
Especially the poor children
Getting groomed online
Mar 3 · 38
think about things
I just want to sit there and think about things
All sorts of things just think about them
Like thinking about bad things happening to people
And good things happening to people
Bad things happening to good people
And good things happening to bad people
And people you know being locked up
For something you could never imagine they’ll do
Thinking about why they put crap on tv and why I need Netflix to build it up
I just want to sit here and just think about things
All sorts of things
Just think about them
Thinking about online scammers
Trying to scam my friends
Thinking about everything that is going on in the world
Some are bad and some are good
Thinking about bad people trying
To kidnap me and I know if they did
They will go to gaol
Thinking about supposingly good people asking you to do something wrong and if you said no
They won’t be your friend
You see it is hard but you have to have your faith to give you answers
To make you want to think about things
All sorts of things
Just think about them
We must help you
We must help you
Because what you did was terrible
And you need our help
I know you as a personal trainer
But you groomed children online
You said you were bored and lonely
Well you are a nut case ya know
You see it is terrible what you did
Especially when you said I need discipline
You are the one who needs discipline
Especially if you thought this was good
You are an online predator
You need medication to stop your urges
Especially if you think being bored and lonely is a good reason
I don’t want to judge him
But what he did was terrible ya know
And no amount of jail time
Will make what you did a good thing
But I want him to get the help he needs so he could get better
We must help you
We must help you
Because you need help after what you did
It is party time at the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras tonight
Everybody partying through the streets in all sorts of interesting clothes
It doesn’t matter if you are gay or lesbian
Even though in some countries it is illegal
But this is a party night
Where you get down and party
Gays and lesbians of all shapes and sizes and their families partying through the streets
You see I think this is a cool event
Where everybody is having fun
Gays and lesbians should be treated
Like people who has their own gender
Party party party the best time of the year
It takes over the streets of Sydney
To raise aware of your gender
Who cares if boys love boys
And girls love girls
And men love men
And women love women
They still want to enjoy themselves
Oh yeah they ****** well do
You hear all sorts of great songs
Playing in the back ground
And the floats are amazing, dude
Celebrating the fun they have
So dudes please don’t discriminate against gays or lesbians because they really do have fun
So if a friend of yours says they are gay or lesbian respect them
Because they are normal
Gay bashers are bad
Because this is a time to PARTY
To celebrate your gender
In the way you want
Party time
You see some people from the Catholic Church who love and adore babies gets a bit nervous if a priest
Gets a woman pregnant the right way
Saying it is against morals of the church and they talk to people who have babies all the time
And enjoy it but if a priest creates a baby with a woman they give him the stare as if he is against the Catholic Church and I think it is absolutely stupid how the Catholic Church are against the priests conceiving especially when the think it is normal to have *** with children
Children are vonerable and young
Too young for ***
I think the Catholic Church should change the rule against priests from conceiving because everybody has crazy hormones and everyone will want to have *** but if priests can’t have ***, they will choose children which is totally wrong and at least if they had *** with people their own age, they could talk about it like other Christians do and it will work
Don’t trust Catholics because priests have to be celebate which means no ***, so dudes, if you love babies like me so much, let the priests have *** too because children are too young to be abused by priests life won’t change if the catholic law doesn’t
I have a hooligan trapped in my body
I was telling everyone I know
That I wanted to be a family person
But the hooligan itch
Started to dominate me
Like it was teasing me
I get angry with people through anxiety
But I don’t ever hit them
I just tried and tried to get rid of that itch
Because it was a hooligan
I said to my voices that I am a family person
And I love family life
I live my life to the full, mate
Yes I do yes I do yes I do
I know when people asked me for money
They were just bullying me
And people who like bullies back then
Were just trying to be cool
But really they are cowards
And my itch got worst
It was a hooligan caused by anxiety
Really trying to push me around making me feel bad
But you will never make me **** myself
Never ever mate
The itch is like a stabbing feel
Like a needle in your arm
And I hated it, I really really did
You see I look at my cool young looking legs and then I get an itch
In my feet, should I clean my feet more
Or should I just decide to except each teaser like they are just jealous people
Because they fucken are
Jealous that I am a nicer and better and happier person than them
I brought sandwiches an orange and a few biscuits to school
And some **** of a coward stole it from me
And told me not to tell
But I did tell because that man was a jealous man
Jealous that I had nice parents and he didn’t
He isn’t a young dude
He is a fool
I know people like to take lunches off a lot of kids from good homes
LEAVE MY SON ALONE my dad said
But I heard parents say that to me when I used to hassle their kids
And at the time I thought all parents were out to get me but that was because I was doing stupid things
Bullies bullies bullies
Are the biggest cowards of all
You will never make me **** myself
I love my life too much
I hate the voice of my old friend
Getting into my head treating me like a troubled mans kid and keeping me away from the families by letting me play in my house
Just listen to my dad
Bullying is wrong
If you bully someone to make them want to **** themselves
It is wrong
I feel for poor little children who get bullied
Even if the bully says it is just a harmless tease
It is not
Remember dolly killed herself 2 years ago it is wrong
Very very wrong
When I was a kid I was locked in a room
I hated that so much
People used to harass me for money
Saying if I don’t give it to them
They won’t be my friend
That was wrong
Like when I was smoking
People tried to bully a smoke out of me
So I gave up smoking
All that is wrong
You might think they are just joking with you but no, they are bullies
Really bad bullies
My late father was very good at helping people who got bullied
But I became too scared to tell my parents
Mainly because I liked the school
But every school has bullies
And I think IT IS WRONG
To bully a poor child who is trying to love life like me
I didn’t **** myself because I love life too much
It is awful to bully kids like quadan bayles who was bullied and he wanted to end his life but his mother showed the stupid bullies that Quaden bayles suffered from that and then he brought out the players at the football and got a trip to Disneyland and I think it is great how people rallied around him through his ordeal
I hate online bullies
They are stupid too
Bullying people they hardly know
And taking people’s money
Bullying is wrong
There is too much bullying in this world
It is stupid to bully people over what they look like or what their beliefs are
I think if more people were like me
Everyone will be happy
Cause I love my life too much to let any bully worry me
But I was a bit shy and sometimes let the bully take over
But I was never into killing myself
Dolly can’t do it but Quaden and all the other bully victims like me should
Tell them that they love life too much to let them worry me
Bullying is very very wrong
Fight this world from bullies
Feb 20 · 188
hey CRAZY lady
Hey crazy lady
Hey crazy lady
Why are you saying ******* to me
I have no idea of who the ****
You ****** are
I call you crazy because
For the simple reason
Only crazy people curse all day
Especially when I love my life too much to worry about **** like you
You are a crazy lady
A very crazy lady
Can’t seem to stop swearing
You are very crazy
You need the psych ward, mate
I am normal very normal
I don’t yell at anyone oh know
Not like you, who yells all the fucken day
I want you to get out of my head
And get out of my life
Cause you are too crazy
To ever be like me
It doesn’t sound good when you yell
You look like your crazy
And you need a bit of psychotic medication
To clean out your mind
You need to give the world a break
You ugly little ****
Because nobody wants to hear you yell
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
You think you are expressing your feelings but really you are crazy
If you think you need to be
As fucken angry as you are
You see you love to curse
At your life today
I get tired of hearing it
Just ******* today
You might be poor
You might have problems
But really you are crazy
Who needs help today
I wish you will go away
And leave me alone
You see your voice is annoying like
I was being attacked by a clone
Like is Star Wars you are an alien
Who is in strife
You see when you yell like a crazy lady, you don’t understand that
I really do love life
I wish you will go away
So I could think about life
I the way I would like
So crazy lady
So crazy lady
Just shut your trap today
I don’t want you to yell at me
Cause I don’t even know who the
******* are
Feb 15 · 181
the after life part 13
The after life part 13

Cronus has had his fair share of junkies recently when someone who killed himself after overdosing on Panadol and Cronus said Jacki burnhead who do you want to be in your next life and Jacki said I want to be a bird and when that bird dies, I want to be another bird untill I get confident enough to be a human again, and Cronus said I could arrange that because taking too much Panadol is bad and it is ****** behaviour and Jacki said I am not a ****** mate I was just somebody who was in a lot of pain and no prescribed medication at the right dose was doing any good, so I went to the shop to buy heaps and heaps of Panadol and Cronus said, did that stop the pain you ahead and Jacki said **** NO, all it did is fucken **** me but I am no ******, right, I just wanted Athena to heal me and Cronus said Athena will only heal if you do the right thing on earth like take the right dose, Athena will call you a ******, Jacki
****** Jacki that is what you are, a total ****** and Jacki said, I AM NOT A ******, just stop calling me a ******, I was in pain, can’t you tell and Cronus said ok, but really you need to learn and I think you are right, you need to be a bird, flying in the air for a while because you don’t really have a real purpose in life like other people, you just expect Athena to heal you with easy ****** like drugs like Panadol and Jacki said I am going to **** you from the after life and Cronus laughed saying, you can’t **** me, out of here because I am a powerful being who will make you a rainbow lorikeet and Jacki said, thank you, I guess and Cronus sent Jacki to Athena for a soul check and after yelling at Athena for 10 minutes, which she lost, then went to Saturn to have a methane smoothie and to watch bon Scott and Freddie Mercury
Perform and then Cronus had Brian simonston from Westminster who was killed by a drug ****** after getting hit by a speeding car and Cronus said
Brian, what do you want to be in your next life and Brian said I want to be a salt water crocodile, because I love salt water, I want to be protected enough so I won’t mean to **** anybody and I want to be looked after by the Irwin family and I want to really destroy that junkies life up here from space, like I want to get inside his head so he doesn’t get away with what he did to me and Cronus said, I can see what I could do, and yes, you could really get into his head, of that ****** ****** and Brian said thanks and then went to Athena for a soul check and went to mercury to torture the junkies of earth in their heads and then Cronus had Kenneth Barbury who was a man doctors called a ****** because he always wanted a stronger medication to heal him, and he doesn’t believe in the powers of Athena because the cosmos to him should be easy, and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and Kenneth said, a boy in a happy family who has money for me to be cool and playing sport or theatre and Cronus said, well, even if you reckon athena’s powers are fake I will grant your wish and you will go to a wealthy happy family, but you must learn that Athena can heal you, she has that power and Kenneth said ok, whatever and Cronus sent him to Athena for a soul check which Kenneth was shocked to see Athena was real and then went to Jupiter to watch a football match between cosmos capitals and Cronus kings and Kenneth wants to have the power to write a story of what he knows about the after life with Cronus and Athena and Buddha
Feb 15 · 92
the after life part 12
The after life part 12

Cronus has been having a hard time sending each soul to the earth body they need and then he met up with a drug addict (ice) named Johnny fooey
And Cronus said Johnny I see you yell at passers by, by saying ******* or ******* you stupid ****** and I think for doing that you should be given a good family to really look after you, so if you yelled at them you will be labeled crazy and Johnny said are you calling me crazy and Cronus said if you yell at people, yes I do think you are crazy and Johnny said I think you should get a nice bunch of fives and Cronus said Judy what a crazy person does and I think I will send you to cape town in South Africa where your family will be so nice and Johnny said those people deserved to be yelled at and Cronus said nobody deserves to be yelled at and the way they don’t treat you bad is to try and keep a busy agenda as opposed to taking ice to ease your troubles and we all know that no drug eases your troubles and Johnny said Cronus’ mind your own business and let me do what I want, and Cronus said that sort of attitude is really bad, saying I need to take drugs to be happy, when we all know that drugs make you a very angry person, and if you hit me, it won’t work because I can’t be killed
I am the ruler of the afterlife and Johnny fooey, you will go to a good family in Cape Town and then he sent Johnny to Athena for a soul check and then Johnny went to Pluto to enjoy a few cosmic ales
And then Cronus was dealing with brad taylor from New York in the USA
And he asked brad, what do you want to be in your next life and brad said I was murdered by a armed bandit who looked like he was on ice and that makes me scared to come back, but I think if I must have a earth body, I would like to be in California where I could swim a lot and really enjoy life
Because I want to show ice addicts that I love my life too much to let them **** the soul in me, he might have killed me but I will kick but in my next life
And Cronus said, I will give you power to say no to any drug because it will be in your mind and then Cronus sent brad to Athena for a soul check and brad went to Venus to PARTY all day and night untill his new earth body is born and then Robert tobit came along and Cronus said what or who do you want to be in your next life and Robert said I want to be away from the drug ice and all it’s sufferers
Because I took too much ice and every day it made me angrier and angrier and my very own mother worried about me, so Cronus please put me in a better life and Cronus said
Well I will see what I can do because you abused a lot of people and I think you need to get away from drug addicts but you were given that chance to get out of it when your parents tried to move you away and you nearly killed them and they never got over it, so Cronus said I think I will put you in Arlington in Texas where there are a lot of bogans and Robert said, NO I don’t want to be near them
I want to be fucken normal and Cronus said so did your parents in your last life, yes I will send you to Arlington in Texas in a family to teach your soul a lesson and Robert said
******* and Cronus sent him to Buddha for a reincarnation test and then to Athena for a soul check
And Robert went to Saturn to watch a band and drink a methane smoothie
Feb 13 · 98
the after life part 11
The after life Part 11

Today Cronus has to deal with cerebral palsy sufferer Joan Cartwright who was bashed and robbed and killed by two heartless people, Cronus said to Joan, I know it is hard but who do you want to be in your next life and Joan said well, I want to be able bodied because people get behind the bottle and are out to get disabled people and I want to look down at them and make sure they go to jail for a long long time and Cronus said ok I understand that you suffered severely from those heartless drunken people and I understand that you want to not be disabled, so I will send you to the UK where you will have all your limbs but don’t forget your last life where you were a bad serial killer and I think with the mount of times you suffered I think it is enough, so I think after 26 years of a life of suffering no disabled person should suffer like you had so I will make you able bodied it will be hard so I will send you to Buddha where you could talk about your 26 years of suffering and Joan said yes I remember my last rebirth but I am not that serial killer anymore and I blame you for my life gone wrong and yes I understand that it feels awful for what I did back then, so please make my next life better and Buddha and Cronus could see she is sorry for all that and having a severely disabled earth body was bad and after that Joan was sent to Athena for a soul check and then she went to Saturn to enjoy a methane smoothie and after that Cronus had young 14 year old David brown who was kidnapped and killed by an armed robber when he was home alone one day and Cronus asked David what do you want to be in your next life and David said I want to be a puppy dog and stay puppy size even as an adult dog where I could be cute and cuddly all through my life and being a dog, no armed robber will ever get my human flesh and Cronus said ok I will see what I can do and he sent David to Athena for a soul check before he went to mercury where ted bundy was and David found himself ******* to the sun with all of his dead friends and then ted bundy said you will be a little lost dog where I will have your soul forever and David said no, HELP ME CRONUS
And Cronus said ted leave David alone, let him be what he wants and then Cronus pressed the methane gun and blasted Bundy right to Saturn and David was untied and went to Jupiter to eat a Jupiter moon cake
And said thank you to Cronus
Feb 12 · 101
the after life part 10
The after life part 10

Today Cronus is still busy sending people to their next lives when child *** offender, Ryan peters comes up to him, and Cronus said I have the perfect life for you, your next life will suffer on earth and I will make you a wild pig, you see when you did your crimes people said ‘Leave the children alone you fucken pig and I know pigs are cute but I still think it is a good idea to make you a pig and Ryan said no, I want to be in a rich family where I am looked after by loving parents, pigs suffer mate and I don’t want to be a pig and Cronus said sorry, Ryan but I have to make you a wild pig where you will having a hard time looking for food and Ryan said, don’t you think I need to learn the family life and Cronus said why should you, because you ain’t a family person or animal you are a wild pig and you deserve to be in the wild, Ryan yelled at Cronus saying you are the one who is **** because I saw a priest in prison and I am totally reformed and Cronus said I know but a lot of people see priests and still make other people suffer, so you are a wild pig from the day you enter the world to the exit, because what you did was dreadful and Cronus sent Ryan to Buddha and Athena for a soul check and to make sure this pig suffers positively and Ryan went to Jupiter to try and cause a hurricane in his city he lived in and then Cronus looked after **** victim Katrina petty who lost her life in a terrible **** and Cronus said Katrina what or who do you want to be in your next life and Katrina said I want to be in Russia where I could look over my grandchildren who live there and I want you to save me from the bad people like my ****** and Cronus said I will do exactly that, helping you be the person you want to be and Cronus sent Katrina to Athena for a soul check and then Katrina sat in Uranus where she enjoyed some good music by deceased Russian singers and then Cronus saw Patrick gloright who was a nice man who lived in a public housing property in Australia and he got killed in a violent robbery and Cronus said Patrick gloright, who or what do you want to be in your next life and Patrick said I want to be a wild pig where I could hassle Ryan peters every day to make him feel awful about what he did to the children, I want to come in the same litter as Ryan where I could hassle him every day and that would mend the blade of grass to get him back for what he did and Cronus said ok, I will see what I could do, it would be great to see Ryan peters suffer a bit, because what he did was dreadful and Cronus sent Patrick to Buddha for a spiritual mending blades of grass talk and sent to Athena for a soul check and Patrick tried to stop the hurricane that Ryan is trying to cause and Cronus is happy that Patrick gloright has a brave spirit to get Ryan back for his crimes
Feb 11 · 102
the after life part 9
The after life part 9

Today Cronus was even more busier than ever sending people to their next lives and his latest person was 14 year old beryl stone with her two sisters Harriet and sienna who were on their way to get ice cream when a drunk driver came out of nowhere and hit them and killed all 3 of them together and Cronus said beryl, Harriet and sienna, who do you want to be in your next life, do you want to be together or seperate and you will lose everything in your next life and sienna said I want to be with beryl and Harriet but if it can’t be done we want to be together as best friends and Cronus said ok, is there anywhere you will want to go in the world and Harriet said, not in Australia, that’s for sure because people say it is the lucky country but we weren’t lucky in that car, I like to go to the USA, where we could have anything we want, and beryl and sienna said yes, USA for us but beryl said in different families because I want to meet one of them and marry them and Cronus said well I can’t guarantee that but that is something you must work towards doing and sienna said, what is going to happen to the crazy drunk driver and Cronus said well I can’t do much there but I will guarantee he will get what is coming to him and then Cronus sent beryl and Harriet and sienna to Athena for a soul check and after that they went to Saturn for a methane ice cream spider and then travelled around the universe hoping they can have a forfilled life and then Cronus saw famous horse trainer Tom Barclay and said who do you want to be in your next life and Tom said I want to be a racehorse so I could win races and be cared for by the next generation of little girls and boys and make my jockey win a lot of races and my fans win a lot of money and Cronus said yes but we are supposed to mend each blade of grass by helping people, you seem to encourage gambling and Tom said yes, I know but it was hard to be a human, especially after I got sick and had to get away from the horses and if I was a horse I will be around horses all the time, and I can mend heaps of blades of grass that way, I won’t live as long as a horse, maybe I will want to be another person after that and Cronus said, what could you offer people as a horse, I could ride children and adults around and I could keep horses from not going extinct and Cronus said that is mending blades of grass so he sent him to Athena for a soul check and Tom went to Saturn to ride dinosaurs high on methane and then Cronus had Kenny Harrison who was a volunteer fireman who died tackling the south coast fires and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and Kenny said I want to make a difference in people’s lives by helping people to rebuild their lives from natural disasters and Cronus said yes but I can’t give you much there except give you the helping people spirit abs put you in a family who wants to make a difference as well, so you could learn when your next life becomes an adult and Kenny said ok I will hopefully won’t get bullied into helping people by them though, I want to make a difference in what my calling is, and Cronus said ok no worries and sent him to Athena for a soul check and then to Buddha to get a helping people spirit and then Kenny went to Jupiter to help stop evil spirits from causing hurricanes and Cronus said it is great that he wants to mend each blade of grass
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the after life part 8
The after life part 8

Today Cronus is busy with a crazy personal trainer who believed in very strong discipline to get people to lose weight, you see he was killed by a friend of one of his clients in a bar and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and he said, mate I am a strong Christian who wants to go to heaven and Cronus said well now you are here there is a heaven up here but everybody gets an earth body where they can mend each blade of grass and the personal trainer who was named Joel said ok but really I like the feel of leaving earth but Cronus said, Joel I want you to help us mend each blade of grass, and Joel said I want everybody to be fit, strong and healthy and not the way they are now, I want to make a world full of strong people who are ready to enjoy life in my way and Cronus said you need to learn that your way might not be the way people want to be and Joel said I used to have people argue with me but I know that they wanted to be fit like me, mate and Cronus said yes but it isn’t what I mean by mending each blade of grass you must understand the kind of person that the other people are trying to be and it is not a good idea to boss people around, I can put you in a body of a person who loves exercise where you will learn how trying to be strong could put that affect on other people you need to respect other people, I will give you parents who believe in just loving life so if you want to be the worlds strongest kid, you have to suffer the consequences of your peers, and Joel said ‘yeah yeah yeah’ ‘whatever’ and Cronus sent him to Athena for a soul check to make sure he would get the body he deserved and after that Joel went to Jupiter to participate in a foot race to see if his soul can be strong enough to re-enter earth and then Cronus had millionaire Fred bucket who was a right wing person who only voted for the party who had policies to help the rich, you see Fred hated poor people because they are always asking for money all the fucken time
And Cronus asked hi Fred, you hate poor people but you are dead and you won’t have all your money in your next life and Fred said ‘can’t you put me in a very rich family where I could look down at the poor from my rich mansion and Cronus said the way you get your earth body is if you are prepared to mend each blade of grass, which in your way, rich help the poor and Fred said yes but poor people are annoying everyone by saying gimme gimme gimme help me help me help me I say ******* ******* *******, and Cronus said what happens if I made your earth body a very poor person in Central America or some other place like that and Fred said I can’t do that, because I won’t have what I want and Cronus said there is more to life than getting what you want you have to do positive suffering and Fred said what do you mean by positive suffering, nobody suffers positively, so sent me to a rich life, or I will send a hurricane to ruin poor communities and Cronus said, well, I think you need a poor family from anywhere and before Fred can say anything Cronus sent Fred to Athena for a soul check and then Fred went to Jupiter to winge and whine about the chance he will lose his chance of being rich and then Cronus met Harriet goodchild who was a member of parliament who got shot by a deranged fan on a cruise ship and Cronus said who do you want to be in your next life and Harriet said I don’t want to be famous, that’s for sure because people are out to get you if you are famous, so I want to be in a very private family or a happy family on YouTube or Facebook, but I don’t want people to want to **** me
I felt awful when I saw him come into my cabin and killed me, so I want to be protected, so please make me protected and Cronus said ok, I think I have the perfect womb for you and he sent Harriet to Buddha where Harriet and Buddha spoke to each about the way the world is, it is a social media world and it is not going to be easy for you to totally private and Harriet said well, social media is alright but I want to be protected from deranged fans who are out to get me and Buddha said ok and sent Harriet to Athena for a soul check and then Harriet went up to Saturn to enjoy the after life with a methane smoothie and she re-enters the world in another womb and she felt happy hoping she gets the protection she needs
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the after life part 7
The after life part 7

Cronus is having a busy times bringing people back to life and he had 33 year old Brian Buchanan who was a hard worker, he works as a landscaper during the day, helping people get their gardens sorted out and he worked every dinner time at the roadhouse, which is a homeless shelter where he helps out at and after that on Tuesday and Wednesday he does performing arts at the community centre and on Thursday he plays tenpin bowling where he has won many trophies and in summer he volunteered at the cricket and basketball by standing at the gate letting and not letting people in and at winter he does the bbq for the Southport sharks neafl team in Aussie rules where he occasionally gets free footy tickets for Brisbane lions and also works at the masters games where he has met so many great olympians and doing all this made him feel good about himself but he was all burnt out doing all this, he collapsed on the road and passed away and Cronus said, Brian Buchanan what or who do you want to be in your next life and Brian said I want to play little league baseball for whoever they choose for me and I want a family who respects the decisions I make and if you think it is a good idea, I want to bring afl football to Jupiter, I have a team name called the goofy gorillas which is cool enough don’t you think and Cronus said yes that would be good, as long as you don’t burn yourself out
And Brian said no I won’t burn myself out and Cronus sent him to Buddha for a reincarnation talk and then to Athena for a soul check and after that Brian went to Jupiter to work on creating the afl team, the goofy gorillas and after that Cronus had another soul named Harry symes who died by getting hit by a car on his way to work by a drunk driver and Cronus said it was horrible how you passed away, so who or what do you want to be in your next life and Harry said I want to be good enough to be a trainee policemen and I want my spirit to make me a good policeman and Cronus said there is no such thing as a good policeman but I could give you to a family who is ready to learn how to not break the law, so it will be your fault if you make mistakes and Harry said ok, but I don’t want to make mistakes though, I just want to lock away people like the driver that killed me and Cronus said policemen get killed, I hope you know and Harry said yes I know but it is an important job so Cronus sent him to Buddha for a spirit check and then to Athena for a soul check and then Harry went to Saturn to have a methane smoothie before he comes to a world where methane is deadly and then Cronus asked Yvonne Simmons who died on the operating table after collapsing at work, who or what do you want to be in your next life and Yvonne said Just send me anywhere, I want to play sport and do concerts at school and outside school and do a few other cool stuff, please I want to be normal and not stupid and Cronus said you ain’t stupid you could do anything you want to do, and I could see you are a live in the moment kind of person so just relax as I send you to Buddha to talk about the best parents for you and then a soul check with Athena and after that Yvonne went to mercury to meet her deceased boyfriend and they had a good conversation about future lives and Yvonne went back to Buddha to ask if she could be in the same family as her boyfriends next life and Buddha said fine but you might have to just be a cousin and Yvonne said that is fine with me, thanks and Cronus sent her to be her boyfriends cousin and in 9 months she will be back to earth
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the after life part 6
The after life part 6

After sending each soul to their next lives, Cronus has been totally busy and his next soul was afl player jack reinstein who played for Ipswich in the 1960s and made himself a lifetime member of the Brisbane lions for playing in the QAFL back then, jack died peacefully in hospital at the age of 88 and when he entered Cronus said what or who do you want to be in your next life and jack said I would love to play afl footy in the Auskick to see if my spirit in my last life can make me grow stronger in the game
I would like to be good enough to be a footy player because I am spiritually good enough to play this game and Cronus said yes you were good at play and you were a good coach as well, and jack said even if I start up in the USA to play basketball it will be fine, my soul was made to play sport
Please please please let me tough and skilful enough to play sport, I used to get drunk a bit as a kid and there are a few things I did I am not happy with but I never killed anybody nor did I hold anybody hostage, just a few drink driving fines but I paid my debt to society and I should be able to play more sport a lot of sport and Cronus said yes I remember that but I am not judging you and Cronus sent jack to Athena for a soul check and to Buddha to make sure he gets what he wants and then jack went to start coaching a team on Jupiter called cosmos kings and then serial killer Noel thengate who killed 123 people between the 1950s and 1980s and when he was arrested in 1992 he was sentenced to life imprisonment till he died just now and Cronus said I am going to not give you a choice who you are, you will have cerebral palsy in your next life and Noel said ok but you are putting the future of the world into sadness but Cronus said no I am not, you did and if you want to improve your next life’s condition you have to be a good person up here in the cosmos but if you don’t you won’t live very much longer ok and Noel said but if I died I will come up to you again for another life and Cronus said yes but the same old ****** life untill you could prove to me you have changed and then Cronus said because you made the emotional part of the world really bad back then so you are being punished for your crimes and Noel said but you don’t want to destroy a baby’s life for my crimes and Cronus said yes I do because what you did back then was awful and dreadful, so I am not giving you what you want, and Noel said I went to church in prison so I should be in heaven but Cronus said yes but you still punched a few people in prison while you were in church and Noel said ok but they were worst people than me mate and Cronus said yes go to Jupiter and cause a hurricane because that is what your soul wants to do and Noel said crap mate and Cronus said you will go to Athena for a soul check and then Noel went to Jupiter and a hurricane hit California but Noel Denys wanting to do that but Cronus said I am not reversing my decision and then dean Marlow who was 45 died in a workshop fire came up to Cronus and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and dean said I want to be a seagull because I want free fish and chips without having to worry about it, please give me that, cause 46 years ago you gave me this ****** life after I came off my horse as a little girl, and Cronus said, ok I will see what I can do, but being a seagull is a tough job, you have no strong muscles to protect unless you Charge over on people and dean said yes I know but I live for fish and chips so I want to attempt to steal them from the humans and Cronus said no seagulls don’t do it like that, you won’t survive like that, so I will make you a seagull but because of your attitude I will give you problems because you need to change, mate and dean said ok make me a rich man
I am going to powerful, no matter where you send me and Cronus said no you will suffer, mainly because of your attitude, the world is about helping people by mending each blade of grass one by one and if you don’t know what that means you need to change and Cronus sent him to Buddha for a morality check and then to Athena for a soul check but the decision wasn’t what dean was wanting, so he headed to Saturn to get high on methane and dance to bon Scott in the club hoping he gets what he wants in the end
While Cronus was thinking as he sent more souls to where they wanted, hoping dean Marlow gets to where he is needed
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the after life part 5
The after life part 5

After hearing some more stories about how the souls died, Cronus was visited by Harry bernette who was a one punch victim who lived in Sydney and Cronus asked him who or what do you want to be in your next life and Harry said, well I want to be one person who loves his life and he wants to look down at his attacker to make sure he gets caught because he was saying he was out having a great night out with friends till he met butch, who gave him a deadly one punch attack just because he disagreed with me on something I ain’t sure about now but I want to make sure he gets arrested and I definitely don’t want to be his son or daughter and Cronus said yeah I understand and I could send you to England where your life was enjoyable when you visited there and Harry said am I allowed to look at butch being chased by the police because that will make my day and Cronus said fine, it would be great if you could get him off the streets and I have powers to make him get caught for what he did to you and Harry said thanks and I want to go to the uk away from Australia the so called lucky country but there were a lot of nice people in Australia though and Cronus sent him to Athena for a soul check and then Harry looked at earth cam to make sure butch gets arrested and then after that Cronus had mike mutra who was mowing his lawn and it had a block and without thinking mike tipped the mower over while it was still on and stuck his hands in the blades and cut his hand off and then in hospital he lost too much blood, the doctors couldn’t save him and Cronus said where would you like to be and who do you want to be in your next life and mike mutra said I would like to continue my television as I worked for abc America and I would like work for YouTube in a vlog, where my family will be famous, I would like to keep my fame, and Cronus said ok I will see what I will do and then sent mike mutra to Athena for a soul check and then to Buddha for a living life check as well, because that was a weird way to die and you must be careful but not too careful though, but you need to not put your life at risk and mike said yes, I won’t do that again in my next life and went to Jupiter to watch slim dusty perform because he really liked him and then Cronus had 14 year old Sam Marshall who was kidnapped, ******* and killed and he had his body dumped in the lake to drown and Cronus said who do you want to be in your next life Sam and where do you want to live and Sam said a long way away from California where I lived in my last life, because this wasn’t the first time these people were after me, they tortured me for 4 years now by taking my lunch and stealing my iPad and iPhone and tying me up in the toilet and bullying constantly every day and I hated it, and my parents thought they were cowards and problem people, I kept on telling my parents who wanted me to leave that school and go to another school but I didn’t show I was scared so I stayed but if I didn't stay in the school I wouldn’t be here talking to you and Cronus said yes it sounds terrible and I must send you to Brisbane Australia and hopefully you won’t be bullied there or kidnapped and Sam said thank you Cronus and Cronus said, I want you to have a good life as he sent him to Athena for a soul check and then Sam went to the Saturn Olympic Games where some of the best deceased athletes will perform for us and Sam enjoyed it hoping his next life can be better
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the after life part 4
The after life part 4

After having a busy day sending person by person who died to their next life, one of the people was 21 year old Ben siller who was a man who suffered from Tourette’s syndrome who had weird ticks which made him crazy and as he met up with Cronus, Cronus said what do you want to be or who in your next life and Ben said definately not someone with Tourette’s because all my life I was treated like a shy person or a weird person where I never ever fitted in well with my friends, and when I turned 21 I was skipping around the local mall saying I am fitter than you much fitter than you and when the crowds came to have their lunch I said I am a kid and you are men I am cool and you are not I am smart and you are not
Cool people do what I do yeah only boring men do what you do mate and then I said I am a kid and you are men
I am way fitter than you are yeah you guys live like old timers oh right I will stay young and really love life and then the men said ‘get him ‘ and I skipped down through the mall saying you can’t catch Ben siller so don’t even try and then I had a voice saying don’t even try to kidnap Ben siller he is not like us and after that I skipped through the mall like a happy little girl and then at the end of the day I went home to have dinner before I went to the pub to have a beer and be tougher than those men in the mall and Cronus then said what did the men say to trigger you and Ben said nothing really I just wanted to tease them and Cronus said ok how did you wind up dead and Ben said as I was walking to the pub these men came out of the car and grabbed me and tied me up with thick rope and drove me to the ******* tip where they buried me alive, well I ended up dead and now I feel scared, but I definitely don’t want to have Tourette’s syndrome, I want to be normal and Cronus said, what do you mean ‘normal’ and Ben said someone with no disability or mental disorder because mate I felt awful as I was ******* in the car like I felt awful at school and I heard them say that is way we get rid of this little Woosey and after that a rat bit me and I died and Cronus can you put me in a better life where I have a lot of friends and Cronus said, ok I will see what I do but you couldn’t control your ticks and you need to understand that you need to control them better but I will send you to Buddha for a mental check and then Athena will give you a soul check
And after that Ben went to Jupiter to have a few methane smoothies with a few dead friends and the next person was Kirk Douglas who was a famous actor who was in the movie Spartacus and Cronus said what do you want to be in your next life and Kirk said, Cronus someone who could entertain a lot of people because a lot of people liked my movies and now I am dead I want to be a young entertainer
I don’t know how yet but I will figure it out, I want to be in shows similar to the movie Spartacus, please Cronus send me to a famous life and Cronus said, I will see what I could do but you have to work toward that again but Buddha could give you a bit of shanazz and that is what Buddha did and then Athena gave him a soul check and Kirk then went to Saturn to put on a special screening of Spartacus where all the dead can wish him well in next earth body and then Robert long who was a 40 year old man who was killed by an armed robber said to Cronus
Since I turned 26 I was being chased by people which made me scared
When I was on my way to work and on my way home, as I sat watching tv at night, I heard voices from outside and on garbage night people said rude things to me as I brought the garbage out, you see Cronus I have 2 boys, which I worried about their safety every single day, I knew they wanted just to get to me but I knew they would harm my kids to get to me
And one day, which was yesterday I said to them leave my kids out of it, TAKE ME and they did and I died and Cronus I want to be well away from that town I lived in Victoria and Cronus asked, where do you want to live, I told him New York in the USA and Cronus said, ok I will see what I could do and Robert said ok and Cronus sent him to Athena for a soul check and then after that Robert went to Uranus for a cosmic foot race
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the after life part 3
The after life part 3

After sending all of the souls to their next lives, Cronus had this 37 year old male who weighed 152 kg who passed out in the shower and cut his head on the shower **** which was the hot water **** and he yelled out
**** ME DEAD and nobody heard him because he lived alone and it wasn’t till his colleagues from volunteer work noticed him missing
He probably would be there for ages without anyone noticing him and he did die though but the hospital tried to revolve him but failed and as he entered the after life, Cronus said what life would you like to be in your next life and he said I was 152 kg and I was fucken suffering and nobody would give me a job and I was quite often being yelled at by other poor people and if I came back I want to be well away from any poor people even if I was Rupert Murdoch’s child, it would be better than being yelled at by poor people and Cronus said yes I understand but being with Rupert might not happen but I could give you to a family in a rich area and then the 152 kg man said yes I want my parents to look out for me rather than being drinkers and not caring too much about me, and Cronus said you need to be independent when you grow up and able to look after your own health because I prefer for people to try and gain independence as they get older and whereabouts do you want to live (what country) and he said maybe the USA but not with Donald trump or any other politician because I want my parents to help me and look after me as a child ok and then he spoke to Buddha who had earth cam tv on to see which lady’s womb you want to enter and the 152 kg man who was Phil checked and chose the right one for him and then was told by Athena that his weight will put pressure on his next life and you might need to look after your health a bit but try and do things you want to do though and good luck and after he left to have a few methane smoothies
Cronus was with Tim Walsh who died in a car accident by hitting a child and him and the child were killed instantly and the child’s name was Johnny brown who was 8 and he was scared as Cronus told him he was dead and yelled at Tim saying there is no way I am living with you because it will take a long time for me to notice I am no longer with mummy and daddy and Tim said, I am really sorry and Johnny said you should be going 40km past schools and there is no way you were going at that and Tim begged for Cronus to listen to him because he was drunk and Cronus said well yes being drunk is wrong especially when you get behind the wheel and Johnny said Cronus, send him to HELL and Tim said no, I want to go to the USA because I have never been there and my parents promised me we would go and they died when I was 13 and I lived in an orphanage for 5 years because none of my other family members wanted me and Johnny said no excuses and Cronus said to Johnny whereabouts do you want to go in your next life and Johnny said not the USA because I want to be away from Tim ok maybe Russia I love the people I met from there and Cronus sent Johnny to Athena for a soul check and went for a methane smoothie with Tim to try and explain that Johnny just doesn’t want to have died at his age and Tim said yes, I understand him and I feel for him but I think death calms me, I might not have thought that way if I didn’t die
And I hope I don’t do the same in future lives and I always thought we went to heaven and Cronus said we are in nirvana at the moment but you need an earth body to improve the universe and Tim said take me to the states as a girl because I want to learn about girls and why they care more about looks more than guys and Johnny went to the jumping castle in Jupiter and Tim went to see Athena for a soul check to learn about what he has to do in his next life in the USA and then he went to Saturn to party hardy won’t starty
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the after life part 2
The after life part 2

After sending his previous days souls to their next life, Cronus has to deal with 80s serial killer bob willow who killed 8 people between 1983 and 1987 and 3 of them were children, you see in 1996 he was caught and sentenced to life imprisonment and he was diagnosed with cancer in 2016 in which he lost his battle in January 2020 and went up to see Cronus to talk about his next life and where he’ll go but Cronus decided to give him a few problems in each birth like still born etc and bob willow said you are putting the newborn babies at risk by punishing me and Cronus said no you did that, you see if you punish other people you are punishing future generations and bob said no, I won’t put up with this I will find a terrorist and we can cause havoc on earth like punishing them for what they did to me and before Cronus could say anything and Cronus became very worried about the future and suddenly a nasty bushfire hit the eastern coast of Australia which forced a lot of people to suddenly become homeless and Cronus made the communities bond together to help each other so bob willow’s powers stop and Cronus thought this was bad, so he decided to make bob willow’s new earth body John Robertson who will develop Down syndrome where he will find it hard to communicate with others, but bob decided to fight Cronus by making fires really bad and Athena sat bob down to give his soul a once over and said yes a Down syndrome person for you and bob went away to cause more havoc and then George baccarack came up after being killed by an armed robber in a bank and Cronus sat him down saying you are dead and we need to give you a new earth body and George said I don’t really want to come back I got killed, I am scared, I don’t want to come back
And Cronus said there is always a life that could keep you safe from all that and George said yes, but I thought my last life was safe, I thought I couldn’t be killed but now as you can see, I am here and Cronus said yeah well life is not a problem it is a gift, good things happen, bad things happen and you must grow up and keep your new family safe from the bad people around and Athena gave George’s soul a once over to find out where does he need or want to go to his next life and George said can I have one of your famous methane smoothies I was going to have one before George but I rushed in doing that life, I don’t want to be as rushed in this life, I am just a tad scared of the earth after his ordeal and Athena gave him the address of a place where you could get a great methane smoothie while he will re enter the womb of another mother and while he was living the high life young teenage activist Yvonne Bennie was killed by a mad gunman at the age of 13 Cronus sat her down to find out where she wants to go in her next life and Yvonne said I tried to make a fucken difference and I was killed and I am not sure if I want to come back, because nothing will ever be the same again and Cronus said yes but, death happens I can’t explain it I don’t understand it but what I do understand is that people are given earth bodies for a reason which is the earth needs to be protected and Yvonne Bennie couldn’t save it but your next life could have more power or control and Yvonne said yes thank you and Cronus sent Yvonne to Athena for the routine soul check to find out what womb is right for her and after that Yvonne explored nirvana having a few methane smoothies and listening to a bit of great music and Cronus said, yes another busy day there will be more lives to build
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the after life part 1
The after life

One day in the afterlife town of nirvana, lived a spiritual being called Buddha and his assistant Cronus and the spiritual healer Athena and they worked together to bring the souls from their last life to their next life, there are so many souls up here already as they sip their methane smoothies and explore the kingdom.
The main people are Robert mike and Jenny who died in the same plane crash and Cronus was asking them what would they want to be or do in their next life, and Robert said, I don’t want to come back to earth because it is too dangerous and Cronus said don’t worry, we won’t force your decision but as a natural fact you need a new earth body and the decision is yours on who or what it is
And Robert said, what if I die like I did before, my last body was only 17 and had dreams of living forever, so why do you want me to come back, and Cronus said well, you want to live forever think about death as being an obstacle where, sure you will lose everything from your last life that you treasured but you can collect new memories and new treasures in your new house with your new parents in which you can choose through our earth cam tv and Jenny said can I look at that now, it is important to check out my new parents and whether they will let me party with my friends till all hours and Cronus said, yes but I can’t promise you that you will get parents who let their kids run wild but I can give you new parents who will listen to you when you need them too and Jenny said ‘whatever’ so there are parents like that and Cronus said all parents have your best interests at heart and Jenny said well, you don’t really know my parents do you, and Cronus said well, I do but all kids hate their parents discipline techniques and Jenny said ‘whatever’
And then said ok I will see the best parents for my needs, and I will get emotional to find out which parents care enough for her to pick and Cronus asked her do you want parents who take you on holidays or give up their time to take you to daily activities like sports tryouts or community performances or do you want to live in a nice community and Jenny said, I think we all do, don’t we
And Cronus said Athena needs to give your soul a check up and bless you off to your next life and then Cronus went up to mike who was a real party animal who loves to drink and Cronus said how about you have a methane smoothy on us which up here will improve the quality of your life and then Athena will give you a soul check to get you ready to be reborn in your next life, you see we need to make our decision now so you can be added to your next life, and mike said do you know where my parents are, I am an orphan and my parents died when I was 10 in a car accident and I am now 16, please send me toward them and Cronus said you know who could help you, Buddha, so I will send you to Buddha and he could help you locate them, and mike said, in my next life, is there a way that I won’t lose my parents early like this life and Cronus said, pick the family you want and then explore nirvana but you must speak to Buddha to see your parents
So mike went up to Buddha and asked him to locate his parents and Buddha said your parents are on Jupiter living near hurricane hill where they can have fun pushing hurricane activity away from earth but they are not really finding it easy, and mike said, yes that sounds like them because they lost their parents in the hurricane of 2006 and it sounds like them to try and control them but where did they go to earth, and Buddha said only your parents can tell you that, do you want to be close to them in their next life, I could arrange that, and mike said yes that sounds good and after about 3 hours the souls of Robert, Jenny and mike were reincarnated into the womb of their next life as they started to throw a few flies down to keep having fun with people which happens because flies have a 28 day life span so we need to have fun with them
Buddha Cronus and Athena sat down after sending their souls to the womb and drank methane smoothies and waited for the next souls including former prime minister jack Solomon who died after battling 40 years of cancer and he came up saying to Buddha and Cronus I am ready to become a child again and I want to make a difference and Cronus said
Just do what you want to do and you will make a difference, happiness is the answer and jack went to Saturn to watch a jazz bank perform and he really enjoyed it
Ommmmmmmmm please stop those evil spirits who are sending the fires to Canberra
Ommmmmmmmm please bring some rain
Ommmmmmmmm to put out the fires
Ommmmmmmmm and make our city safe
Ommmmmmmmm we need rain
Ommmmmmmmm we need rain
Ommmmmmmmm we need rain
Ommmmmmmmm please stop the fires making it HELL on earth
Ommmmmmmmm by sending some rain SEND SOME RAIN
Ommmmmmmmm bring rain to put out the fires which is caused by evil spirits
Ommmmmmmmm ommmmmmmmm
Ommmmmmmmm please bring rain
Feb 2 · 114
Ommmmmmmmm my mum is in the hospital
Ommmmmmmmm she had a fall
Ommmmmmmmm please Buddha sit by her as she has an operation
Ommmmmmmmm help her get better
Ommmmmmmmm have everything go right
Ommmmmmmmm no complications
Ommmmmmmmm Just look after her
Ommmmmmmmm ommmmmmmm
Ommmmmmmmm please help my mum
I think this person who wrote on
Lauren Jackson’s Instagram who
Made her feel bad about praising
Kobe Bryant was totally awful
You see maybe he might not have been nice to all, or have a past
But we all have a past and people who are known as cowards
Shouldn’t wait until someone is dead to post horrible comments on Instagram
You see a lot of kids liked him and
Looked up to him
And despite what he was like to some people’s opinion he should be treated with dignity
Because to me Kobe Bryant was a basketball hero who loved life
It is a shame that he is now dead
Lauren Jackson wanted to pay a tribute to the great man
And yes, I called him a great man
Because he went somewhere with his daughter he died with his daughter
He was a real family man a great man
It is a shame he had to end his life like that
I am paying tribute to him too
I am doing a woollen tapestry of him and his daughter and the other people on the helicopter flying up to heaven or nirvana where the colours
Really are bright and Kobe deserves that so if you want to leave nasty messages on Instagram just think
About whether you have a past and whether you will want to air your ***** laundry when you die
Leave Kobe Bryant alone dudes
I can’t control the world
But I am working on controlling the evil spirits from sending the fires to really destroy Canberra
It is hard
I can’t control the world
But I am working towards getting into the minds of politicians to help sort out this virus bug around Hong Kong
I am trying but it’s hard
I can’t control the world
But I am keeping myself fit on the exercise bike I get really sweaty
I can’t control the world
But when kobey Bryant died I vision
Kobe and his daughter with the other souls floating up trying to find the rainbow in the sky
Where the streets are paved with gold
I can’t control the world
But I am working on making people beat cancer like I tried to make Natasha Stuart from the voice beat it
But I failed but I know it is hard to beat that illness
I need to make cancer sufferers very brave
Ommmmmmmm it is sad for nba Legend cobey Bryant and daughter gianna
Ommmmmmmm they had their whole lives ahead of them
Ommmmmmmm the end no more
We won’t ever see them
Ommmmmmmm his daughter gianna had big dreams
Ommmmmmmm why did the helicopter crash happen Buddha
Ommmmmmmm it was a terrible thing to have happened
Ommmmmmmm please Buddha look after their family in their time of need
Ommmmmmmm because this will be a difficult time
Ommmmmmmm goodbye cobey and gianna
Ommmmmmmm May Buddha bring you peace in your next life and the many lives you will be
Ommmmmmmm ommmmmmm ommmmmmmm please help their families out in this time of crisis
Please help everyone who was also on that helicopter flight
Ommmmmmmm ommmmmmmm
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