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You see on Saturday night
I heard these voices
That the only reason why
People are nice to me
Is because I am dying
So I have to think
This isn’t true
Instead of sweets have celery
You see they have been pushing me down
Waiting for me to die
I wrote a poem about
Being six feet under wouldn’t bother me
But it does, I said that because
I am cool
But the serious thing is
I ain’t dying
I am putting cream on my cellulitis
As well as a pill
There ain’t no itching
I ain’t dying
I just need to stop eating crap
Dec 2021 · 109
i got ticks, i love life
I got ticks
But I love life
I got ticks
But I love life
You see it looks like
People are bullying me
But it is the ticks you see
I am watching the Sixers
Kick some ***
Showing Melbourne how to show class
I got ticks
But I love life
I am cool as I sit in my chair
As a lasy oathe
****** oathe
I got ticks
But I love life
Watching the parade till Santa comes
** ** ** and a bottle of ***
Sixteen men on a dead man’s chest
Watching Sydney Sixers hit sixes
I got ticks
But I love life
Every single day
Chester might need a sweater
A sweater a sweater
Chester needs a sweater
Because it is too cold
You see it is at the start of winter
So Chester needs a sweater
To keep himself warm
You see there are many floats
To spring out community
Time to say duddity
Chester needs a sweater
To keep
To keep
To keep himself warm
On Christmas he drinks eggnog
Just like a cold Freddo frog
Chester needs a sweater
Just to keep warm
Just to keep warm
Dec 2021 · 63
the fun of tonight
Snowmen near the Christmas tree
Having fun oh yeseree
Partying with *** by the Christmas tree
On the GET bus
You see these snowmen really love life
Having fun husband and wife
Snowmen near the Christmas tree
Really loving life
Drinking coke all day long
Forgetting about their eggnog
Drinking coke because they say that’s cool
Oh yeah that sounds rad
Fred Cummings wins a race
On a motor jet ski ( that is ACE)
Having fun eating turkey
That we caught on the buoni family farm
You see he nearly broke his arm
But the snowmen didn’t care
Sixers got 213
Fun for you and fun for me
Having fun is good for me
No I ain’t so bad
Don’t get me wrong
I am alright
When I saw a boy from foothill high school
As they marched in the parade
Cool man
Dec 2021 · 173
my informer with aunty pam
Willow Columbo is Aunty Pam
Oh oh oh yeah
You see she is my Aunty’s next life
Oh oh oh yeah
She is the life
Of the Columbofamily oh yeah
She looks so good
Oh oh oh yeah
Willow Columbia is Aunty Pam
Oh oh oh yeah
You see she is growing up
To a beautiful young lady oh yeah
I am
Sure she will make a lot of friends
As heaven purely waits Aunty Pam’s cool look
Willow Columbo is Aunty Pam
Oh oh oh yeah
You see she looks like the little girl
In the grinch
Oh oh oh yeah
I liked Aunty Pam
She was nice to me
Willow columbo is Aunty Pam
Oh yeah bow bow

The stupid coward who ran his car through a parade crowd


He needs to locked up with the key thrown away


All the poor children that lost their lives


And that little girl who thought it was part of the parade


It’s not


It was a shame the community of Wisconsin had to put up with that


He was an absolute clot


I hope this doesn’t spoil parades there or anywhere in the future


He caused a lot of grief
He ruined the fun for families




Stupid man
Nov 2021 · 78
i just can't say NO
Hi my name is Brian Allan
I have a problem
Which is
It is a simple fact that
I have a hard time saying no
It started when I was a kid
A ******* asked me for my lunch
And me being too afraid to say no
Just gave it to him
Maybe I was scared
Or maybe it was a problem I had
Then when I entered Canberra
I was being bugged into giving
People money and if I didn’t
They say they won’t be my friend
Also someone gave me a fruit box
They said drink it
I did and they laughed
Because they said I drank *****
I was worried but I didn’t know how
To stand up to them
Despite my father and brother showing me
Then I wanted to do things
Like play sport hiking in the bush
Social interactions with my peers
I joined RAiD basketball and AMF bowling
The d of e award scheme
Go to the mall to eat donuts
And drink coke etc
I ignored the people asking for money
But after school it all happened again
I was being forced to throw
Beer cans on the Catholic school roof
I was going out after I finished watching nightly television to the nite clubs
And the girls wanted me to dance with them
One guy asked me to duck his *****
And my voices said
Was it nice
I was ever so upset that I didn’t
Speak up for myself I followed
Him to the mall
I was constantly losing and gaining weight
But I rejoined bowling
And I was being forced to play with a Down syndrome girl
But she was nice
Better than being an old fogie
And away from my old crow carers
Who were telling me I was wrong
Saying I am too stupid to do what
I wanted to do
Even my local dentist tried to teach me
Right from wrong
People were teasing me on the street
Bothering me for money
And pushing me to believe in Jesus
That was a hard thing to say no to
Because my mum was a believer
And I had another carer who
Was a Christian and had his own
Beliefs and he made me feel
All my beliefs were wrong
I was always saying to him
I am a Buddhist I believe in reincarnation
And then another carer came
And tried to get mr back
Into believing what I did
I told him
I am a Buddhist and I believe in reincarnation
I wanted to get people to respect
Me on my beliefs
Problem is I was still dropping
And putting on weight
And I was forced to join
Define fitness
Where I had a trainer
Who was forcing me to
Eat foods I didn’t like
Do things I didn’t want to do
Go out and be the adult I didn’t want
To be
There were some good points
But the point is
I was too afraid to stand up to him
If I stood up to people in my life
I would have been a normal person
Now I want to do things my way
Even if I tried to speak up for me
Yo mum and dad but the wrong
I just can’t say NO to people
I wish I could
Nov 2021 · 48
not around
Patrick’s not around
To keep me with the young dudes
Lyles not around
To bully me every day
Glenn’s not around
To put me in dangerous situations
In the gym, he was totally queer
I like to be normal
No pressure in the brain
Getting up to sing my songs
Yes cool man eat my shorts
Raimo isn’t around
To bully me right from wrong
Glenn isn’t around
To push the old fogie out of my head
Tristan isn’t around to
Give me a friend
So I have to move on
I don’t want to live in the past
Of dwell in it oh no
I am getting headaches
I don’t need that pressure
In my brain
Ken isn’t around to give me a punch
Marco isn’t around to yell at me in his house
I just want to cuddle my teddy
And forget about the past
Still talk to myself
But keep the pressure out of my head
Just cuddle my Ted
School is finished now
Thank god
Hi I am a Brian
I am an alcoholic
My problems aren’t normal
For an alcoholic
It is about being bullied
Which could be the reason I drank
But who gives a hoot
You see my bullies used to tease
Me and then tell me that
If I told anyone they won’t be friend
And as a kid I felt worried
So I lashed out at my family
Which is dumb especially
When I am a family person
And the bullies appear to
Be big rich smug *****
I drank because I wanted to PARTY
With all the cool people
But still people bullied me
Calling me a *****
But I just wanted to PARTY
Who cares what other people think
Those people are big rich *****
Who cares they probably have big jobs
I danced to why don’t you get a job
And rock and roll all night by kiss
Because one of my bullies
Who, now is in hell loved them
But he was a fool, he used to
Stick a drawing pin in my ***
He died a few years later
But I think he is with the ***** in **** heaven
I used to venture around the pubs
Singing kiss songs
When a kiss fan bullied me
Doesn’t mean I will hate kiss
It just means I am cooler than him
And nicer than him
I had another man who wanted to
Squabble with me
But he was trying to hurt me
I said you can’t hurt Brian Allan
And some **** made me **** hid *****
I ****** it because he was bullying me
No I am not gay or bi or trans
Not that there is anything wrong with that
I heard voices in my head since
Saying. ‘Was it nice’
I followed him all the way to the mall saying
He’s a bully he’s a bully he’s a bully
One bully stole all my childhood toy cars
And cassettes saying he owns them
You just don’t know what it’s like
If you think I should’ve stood up
For myself but I would love to see
You stand up for yourself the way they
Were yelling at you
The only fun I had with him is drinking with me, but I don’t want people saying
I wouldn’t have given them the cars
But you don’t know what you will do mate
I felt like drinking but this drinker bullied me calling me by my school nickname
Shyboy, I hate being a shyboy
But this was hard for me
He yelled at me when I had a drink
Even if I bought it
I wanted to leave and never come back
To the basement in Belconnen
Especially when the bartender through me
Out for playing with the kids
Which was the wrong thing to do
I am not a inappropriate pig
I hated that man because he hated me
I gave up alcohol except for a glass of champagne to toast my art
But I can handle that
Those bullies are working in big jobs
And hate me because I partied
That isn’t true but I am a party dude
And they are rich ******
Please don’t judge me
I am an alcoholic I need to Just
Stick to art show drinks
And keep away from Pubs
Nov 2021 · 52
family person
I am a family person
I like sports like footy and cricket
I will watch them with mates if I can
I am a family person
I watch shows and movies
On my streaming services
I am a family person
I enjoy the flowers outside my door
I am a family person
I see a woman and I want to get to know her dear but I am too shy
But I am still a family person
Loving life is what I do for fun
I am a family person
I like eat chocolate and a cream bun
I am a family person
I don’t let anyone fucken push me around
I am a family person
The itch in my leg just the alien attacking my leg
I am a family person
I can’t wait for baseball soccer and basketball
I am a family person
I have an enormous collection of teddies
Which I love
I am a family person
I don’t steal people to have a play with them because I am nice
I am a family person
I like to do Matthew Broderick’s thing
By telling someone I am the only Christmas man here
I am a family person
I love to say how’s it going mate
To the people in the club
I am I am I am a family person
I love family life
I am a family person
I like singing songs on YouTube
Like hey good looking
And me and Julio down by the schoolyard
Bad bad Leroy brown
Which I made up a song called big bad Brian Allan
I am a family person
I love home and away and neighbours
Especially Jason Donovan with his first hit
Great to dance to
I am a family person
Nov 2021 · 80
Buddy’s favourite foods

Raw mince with an onion and egg
Mainly when Georgina Dunbar
Cooked rissoles
Buddy knocked in on the floor
And ate it, buddy would especially
Love it with salt
If buddy sees it on the table
He would eat a raw sausage
And mate, he will finish

When Tommy got a coke out
Buddy would knock it over
And lick it up

A cooked T bone steak
Buddy loved t bone steaks more than anything

If the spices were out
Buddy would eat the spices all up

And I did that when I was young
It was because of what buddy liked
Nov 2021 · 113
my purpose in LIFE
My purpose in life
Is to work on my art
Working on my creativity
Doing a solo exhibition
In Canberra and beyond
Working on my writing
Making sure what I say or write down
Gets In a book etc
Working on my next life
But only in a way that it benefits this life
Go walking at least once a day
Find interesting things to do in the world
And enjoy them
Keeping up my job at the merry go round
So I could get money to fund everything
From the years of 1931 to 1949 I lived as a cat named buddy in the dunbar household in unley in Adelaide
It was a fabulous life, running around the yards and drains expecting people to give me a saucer of cream
My owners names were Patrick dunbar and Georgina dunbar with one son named Jonithan used to pick me up and tickle me on the tummy and stroke me as I purred on the lounge room floor listening to the radio shows and the hit parades,
In this life I used to drink water from a bowl like an animal and my grandfather (pop) used to give me tea from a saucer
In memory of when I was buddy I wasn’t scared as an adult in this life when I went out to play and that is because I was having previous life memories as buddy
And in the 90s I was having hallucinations of Patrick playing with me and jonithan in the form of my friend Patrick in this life
Patrick and jonithan dunbar loved mucking around like two free boys and I sat on both their knees while they were saying to me
Patrick what’s that buddy
Tommy what’s that buddy
Patrick what’s that buddy
Tommy what’s that buddy
Tommy used to say a lot of the time
That he was smart kid yeah mate
Patrick used to put me out at 8-30 every morning and that is when I ate catnip
Jonithan used to follow me around saying
Come on buddy
What’s that buddy
Come on buddy
I used to catch mice to keep them out of the house and yard
It was basically the same roster day in day out, Tommy studied to be a scientist
And I used to sit on the window looking in on him doing experiments and my spirit made him pass for 4 years
In 1949 may 16th when Tommy was in University buddy died and Tommy was devestated and I went on to help the future which I found hard to do but as graham, grant, and Brian I and surviving
R I P buddy 18 years
Bert Newton finishes at 83
He has been on a lot of TV
Like Safeway new faces
Which is the old version of Australia’s got talent etc
He hosted FORD SUPERQUIZ with his wife
He had his own talk shows like the Bert Newton show and good morning Australia
He now will be joining his former co star don lane when he helped don put on his show
He went on 3XY radio to do a Saturday morning kids radio show
In 1961 Bert Newton and graham Kennedy did a 2 hour morning on 3 AK
Now he is reunited with Kennedy in the cosmos
He won a few gold Logies as well as hosting the Logies
And I remember when the Newton family joined forces to perform at the Sidney Meyer music bowl for the Christmas carols
Chow Bert Newton
And I hope your next life has many interesting stories to come out of it
Like this one
R I P Bert Newton chow
From the northwest side of Canberra
In Belconnen kind of town
If you go up there
You must beware
Of a big man named Brian Allan
He loves sport
And watching soapies too
Because dude he is rough
Around every edge ya see
He likes to holiday in Sydney
And Adelaide as well
Won $72 in Melbourne mate
On Melbourne’s big day
You Brian will really party
And he will push you all around
He will push you
You will sit there
And fucken take it
Like the fool you are
I am big bad Brian Allan
The biggest toughest man oh yeah my friend
Badder than a really tough boon
Meaner than a bank robber
Big bad Brian Allan
The biggest toughest man oh yeah my friend
Never gives up a fight
He will win each day and night
You see as Brian goes out
Seeing people protect him
Brian says no
I don’t need protection
I am big and tough
Then Brian’s friend Patrick
Tried to tickle Brian everywhere
On **** and tummy and head and foot
To try and ****** protect him yeah
You see he is big bad Brian Allan
The biggest toughest man oh yeah my friend
Mean like a bad bully
And tougher than really bad boon
You see he is big bad Brian Allan
Tougher than everyone
Eventually he will beat Patrick hands down
Yes that will be great
Leave us big bad Brian
Brian said NO
Oct 2021 · 176
On October 19 2021
Was a terrible day
For people who knew linden sims
You see linden was nice to me
When I was a drunk
When nobody else was
But he just flew away from me
So on October 19 Ted bundy
And Ronnie Biggs
Came into linden’s head when he
Was asleep and whisked him away
To outer space and tied him up
Really tight and linden was saying
Ronnie and Ted both yelled at him
Saying why don’t you shut your trap
You weren’t normal in this past life
But I will **** you
And make you suffer ‘linden’
You will die you will die mr sims
And you will go to hell
Popeye was an evil character
And so are you linden
They told linden that they have just killed him and he won’t see the sims family again
And that will be cool for us
I want you to be normal
But not a family person
I want you to be a troubled kid
Where you will constantly suffer
Nobody will save you
NOBODY will SAVE you ‘Linden ‘
Then I came in and said leave linden
He was nice to me in the 90s
And I am repaying his niceness
By freeing him from these two criminals
Suddenly Ted bundy put me and linden in a fire pit and threatened to **** us
I got out but linden couldn’t
And I took linden over to BUDDHA
To free lindens spirit
Buddha and I said
Linden sims
You will be free from suffering now
You will go off into your next life
Where you will have a family
That really loves you
And I thank you for giving me somebody
To muck around with at raid basketball
I know I was a DRUNK
I will send you to the next life you have
Just look at your suffering as POSITIVE
You were a great friend to me back then
Linden smith
Have a great future life
And then I sent Ted and Ronnie back to Mercury to suffer in silence
But not before lindens death
But he will head to his next life
Catch ya later dude
Little baby lucky loo
Cute little ***** cat
Used to scratch the legs that fed him
He used to blame dad for the rain
Even if he looks very tamed
But I love lucky loo
Very cute indeed oh yeah
Gray and white with a cute pink nose
He used to eat rockmelon
Which was unusual for a ***** cat
He used to walk around when I sang
We’re going to find a way
I hope you are going my way
Oh yeah I am a ***** cat
And me and you are going cruising together
Little baby lucky loo
Sleeping in the laundry
But when a friend was babysitting
Lucky went to her bed
You see ole lucky loo
Was a sneaky cat
Very cute very weird
And really sneaky
Lucky loosey was a little floosy
But deep down was the cutest cat
And was loved by everyone
Lucky the cat
Was a wonderful wonderful cat
He meows so much
His belly will ache
Just listening to lucky
The wonderful cat
RIP lucky cat
And now you are Daxton butler
Oct 2021 · 58
brisbane day 11
PARTY ON @ Brisbane bowling trip day 11

Today was a very awesome day
We started just having breakfast
And then brushing our teeth
And heading down to catch the two public buses
To the pier to aboard the lunch cruise on the Brisbane river
We got on the boat, and for the people who wanted alcoholic cocktails
That wasn’t good, so instead they had to have a mocktail
Which is a non alcoholic cocktail
I had two blueberry lemonades
And the buffet meal was ever so nice
And so was dessert as we sailed up and down the river
We took some photographs and videos
And the boat rocked and rocked
But none of us was sick
Then we got off the boat and caught the two buses home
And on the bus there was this schizophrenic or ICE sufferer
Getting really anxious, poor guy
Because we all crowded up the bus, which was his space
Then he got up, but he got anxious when he thought
The back door wouldn’t open
Then the bus let us off, and we had two hours to get ready
For the celebration Hawaiian night dinner
Then we all had our calypso Hawaiian on
And it took 50 minutes to get there
And when we got in there, there was a big
Line for the drinks, and when it was my turn
I bought two glasses of lemonade for $9-00, ****** rip off
And we were the first table to get the buffet main course
And it was ****** amazing food
And then we had a dance and got a few photos of us near the
Hawaiian poster, a nod then they drew out the lucky door prizes
Which out of the wizards bowling league, me and Jarrad and tony won
Nobody else, but it would’ve been fun whether we won that or not
Then after that we had dessert and when it was our turn
The cool music, we will rock you and we are the champions came on
And buddy, we were loud, but we were enjoying ourselves
And a lot of people shoved the dessert down their cake hole
And danced, and I got a good video of them dancing to nutbusb city limits
And then the Macarena and TNT and we left singing who let the dogs out
As I said in the title, PARTY DUDES
Then we got home after a 30 minute ride
And we went straight to bed😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😊😊❤️❤️❤️
Oct 2021 · 59
brisbane day 10
Brisbane bowling trip day 10

Today I got up at 7-30 to have breakfast
Then I went back to the room
To watch Becker and get myself ready for.11-00 departure
And we left for the bowling alley
And I went in and got my ball
And bought sweet potato fries for lunch
And two crunchie bars as well
And then I went to watch the other bowlers bowl
And at 1-45 I was in a doubles match with kyra
We had a great conversation about television
And football etc etc
Then we bowled
Kyra got 103 and 147 and 117
I got 136 and 132 and 111
And when we finished I noticed
Mitchell Meares getting 7 strikes in a row
And finishes with 246, which was a ****** for him
But he will probably get a medal though
Then after that we went home, I watched Becker on the bus
And when we got to the hotel, we had 1 hour and a half to freshen up
Before we went to the old mill pub for dinner
I had beer battered fish and chips and salad
And pavlova with chocolate ice cream for dessert
And then I went home to do art and watch the footy
South’s beat broncos 46-0 AWESOME👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍😃
And I tried to watch home and away but there were technical issues
Maybe later, I only need to watch two episodes
Tomorrow an 8-30 breakfast then we go on a river cruise
And presentation dinner tomorrow night
Now I am off to bed 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Oct 2021 · 52
brisbane day 9
****** it is the Brisbane bowling trip day 9

Today we went to Australia zoo
We all were given yummy treats to eat there
Some people walked around in groups
And others like me chose walking around the zoo single handed
We saw crocodiles and and tortoises and dingoes
And 1 dingo jumped up when I was taking his photograph
While the other dingo just lied there relaxing in the hot sun
And I saw some wallabies and kangaroos
Walking around us, and I walked around the cute koalas
Got some photos, because my iPhone doesn’t have a flash
And then I walked up amongst a sleeping snake
And a sleeping tiger, really awesome😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
And then I walked around to the zebras and giraffes
They were totally radical dude
Then I walked back to the crocaseum to see the show
Fun animal sounds and one guy lifted his arms out
And caught the bird, once in just one hand
And then it was two hands, awesome 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
And then they brought more birds as well as a snake
And Robert Irwin and his brother in law, chandler
Came out to have a play with a crocodile
Which I put on my YouTube channel (Aaron clayton)
Santa in top hat photo, it already shared 10 views AWESOME
It was the most fun I have ever had
Then as I went out of the crocoseum
I bought a rainbow ice cream in a cup
It was scrummy, and I bought a cuddly crocodile
With Steve Irwin’s autograph on it, cool
Then I bought a wildlife warrior cap
As well as a few fridge magnets of koalas and the Irwin’s
Then I walked around to other koala tree
And one of the koalas had a little baby with her
Hooooooooowwwwww. Cccccccuuuuuuutttttttteeeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
And then I saw a tortoise and an echidna
And many more, after that I bought a rock Lea road chocolate
And we got in the bus to go back to Brisbane
And when we got back to the pacific hotel
We had a shower and went to the 10 th floor
For a pizza night, and some garlic bread
Which was also scrummy
And I took many photos of the view of Brisbane from up there
And I am putting them on my Brian Allan Facebook page
And Brian Allan 6 Instagram page
And after the pizza was eaten up
We went around the table to hear people’s best moments
Of the trip and today
Like it’s the donnellys YouTube page saying
‘What made you happy today’
It was fun listening to everyone saying happy things
About the trip and then after that, I went home
Do my things and off to bed ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😁😁
Oct 2021 · 40
brisbane day 8
Brisbane bowling trip day 8

We had a sleep in till 8-30
Then we had breakfast and
The brushed our teeth
Then I was told we are meeting at 10-45am
To go to the bowling alley
And the bus was filled with music
From grease music and other stuff
When we got to the bowling alley
I got my alley ball and shoes
And went to my lane ro bowl with Jess
And Jess got 121 and 143 and 117
I got 105 and 133 and 113
I had fun, the score was over 100
None of this nineties nonsense I got the previous 2 days
And then I asked Sandra to bring my lunch I just ordered
Over to me, it was a super toasted sandwich
AWESOME 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️😁😁😁😁😁
And I ate that meal at my lane of my second game
It was the first time in the tournament I bowled two in one day
I bowled with a Tuggeranong bowler Michelle cook
A fellow Canberran
Michelle got 113 and 92 and 73
I got 129 and 110 and 126
And then I bought an apple juice and a had some fruit
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Fruit and vegetables
And we went on the party bus with groovy music on the way home
And we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner
The dinner was an any burger night
And some of the people were very ungrateful
But at the end of the day they were tired
My next day of bowling is 1-45 on Thursday
The last squad for me, hopefully I will play well enough
And tomorrow I say this
We are off to the zoo tomorrow
Yes Australia zoo tomorrow
We are off to the zoo tomorrow
Looking at the animals play
And then we went home to our hotel
I watched home and away and neighbours
As well my roommate watched outback truckers
Till he fell asleep
And now off to bed 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😎😎😎😎😎❤️
Oct 2021 · 41
brisbane day 7
Brisbane bowling trip day 7

Today I got up at 7-00 to have breakfast
And I went up to my room to brush my teeth
And then I hopped in the bus
And went to the bowling centre
I didn’t have a chocolate to start the day
But, I bowled ever so badly
I tried ever so hard
But, I kept missing the strikes and spares
I wanted to play better, it is what I wanted
But, I was pathetic at playing today
I know people wanted me stop bowling scores in the 90s
But, my performance wasn’t too good
I tried hard to get strikes
But, tried too hard I guess
I got 93 again and 99 and 116
I teammates bowled much better
In many sort of ways
After a ** day of bowling
I went over to have lunch
Which was Mexican cheese nachos and a drink
I finished my lunch and went over to cheer my other
Teammates on, and I found a table, I sat down
And placed the iPad on the table, to listen to it’s the donnellys
And the French family concert
So I have their lovely music in my ears
As I watched their performances it was fun doing that
And after the concert, the bowlers were finished not much later
And we tried to go to the mall to do shopping
But the car park was too low down for our buses to down
So we went to the lions club to watch the footy
Canterbury v st George and Melbourne v Collingwood
Canterbury and Collingwood won
Two upsets 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Then we had dinner, I had garlic prawns on rice
And a apple pie with cream and ice cream
We thanked the club staff for helping us
And they were very grateful to us 😎😎😎😎😎😃😃😃😄😄😅😅😅😅😅
We went back to hotel
And there was a choice, go to your room to watch tv
Or play charades in the lobby
I watched RBT home and away and neighbours
And we will sleep in tomorrow hoping I don’t say too many buts
Tomorrow, and now we are getting ready for bed
Overal, I know those scores aren, t good, but at least it is a great holiday. So far 😎😄😄😄😄😄😸😸😸😸😸😁😁😁😁😁🙃
Oct 2021 · 34
brisbane day 6
Brisbane bowling trip day 6

Today was an adventurous day especially after
We all had a sleep in after going to outback spectacular
We had breakfast at 9-00 and at 10-00
We headed off to the bowling alley
And we cheered on our team mates
And I caught up with watching neighbours and YouTube
And I had a pizza for lunch
And we all just chilled waiting either to go or bowl
I had to find my alley ball and get my shoes
And by when 4-30 came I can tell ya tell ya tell ya
Had a day full of mistakes, so much so that it looked like
The pin wouldn’t fall over and I wasn’t getting better in spares either
Theo got 149 and 131 and 155
Micheal got146 and 163 and 175
And my lousy scores were 112 and 122 and a very dismal 93
A game full of bad luck
We all had fun, but I might have let the team down though
On the way to the club we saw the pretty lights of the Brisbane river
And then we all went back to the Brisbane lions AFL club
I got a fetticine carbonara with chicken and bacon
It was superb, and for dessert I had choc and wild berry ****
With chocolate ice cream, other people had what makes them happy
AND when me and my roommate Shane got home
The toilet was full of *ty poo, when me and Shane got back
We had to move from room 109 to room 207
Mind you, it was a bit weak of the pacific hotel
To not move the *
from the toilet, ** ME DEAD😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
And then we went to bed in room 207 and hopefully we sleep well
And I will be able to wake at 6 for 7-00 breakfast
Ready to bowl at 9-45
Oct 2021 · 32
brisbane day 5
Brisbane bowling trip day 5; COOL DAY

Today I had a lot of fun in Brisbane
I got up for my first 7 -00 breakfast
And it was a usual breakfast of scrambled eggs
Bacon and hash brown, and we left at 8-00
Toward the bowling alley, and the other ACT team from Tuggeranong
Lined up in the opening ceremony, why not us
And then at 9-45. We. Started bowling with Theo and micheal
Theo got 134 and 128 and 146
Micheal got 140 and 99 and 130
And I got 160 and 115 and 127
And after we finished bowling I ordered sweet potato fries for lunch
And after I ate that I watched my teammates bowling
And after that we left the bowling alley
Back to the hotel getting ready to go to outback spectatacular
Which is near Warner brothers movie world
Outback spectacular was really totally radical dudes
They gave us a book and a free drink anda backstage pass
To see all the actors and horses and cattle etc
I loved it, especially when they give us a meal
To eat whilst w arching a quiche and beef and veggies
And a cheesecake with chocolate around it
And I loved the show, it shows how farmers are doing it tough
In every stretch of the imagination
As I was watching it, I thought of the show heartland
With trick riding and training horses to be nice to you
I liked the wedding especially everything else
Nothing was wrong with this shoe
After the show, we went to the dunny can
And I bought a soft toy horse, very cute
And then we went back in the bus heading back to Brisbane
If anyone has seen outback spectacular and liked it
Leave a message in my message bank
I thought it was RAD
Then we went home and off to bed, I bowl in the afternoon at 4-30
So my breakfast is at 9-00
Oct 2021 · 28
brisbane day 4
Brisbane bowling trip day 4

Today i had a fun day in Brisbane
Started off having a late breakfast
At 7-30 and then I went to my room
To clean my teeth and watch a bit of Ted Danson’s Becker
And then I went to the lobby to wait with the others
And the hotel people wanted to take our photo in the car park
And then we all hopped in the bus and off to the bowling alley
And it was a fun ride, and we got there
And I ran in straight in to get my ball and shoes
Mind you I do find it fun with the alley ***** and shoes
I don’t have to carry it with me
And then I started to bowl, I was on the same lane as graham
From Queensland who bowled 177 and 179 and 124
And I bowled 144 and 121 and 122; the scores were
****** better than yesterday and I sent some of those pins packing
And when I finished I went over to have lunch which
Consisted of a Mexican nachos which took 40 minutes to be ready
Which was a ****** long time mate, I tell ya I tell ya I tell ya
And after I watched my fellow team mates we went home
And we all gathered in the lobby to see which people
Want to go shopping and which people didn’t want to go
And I chose to go, to the shop, and when we got to the shops
I went with Mark and Belinda and Paul and Vince and myself
We went to a gift shop, I bought a Brisbane cap and a book called
101 raising HORRORS which is a no.1 best selling series
And then we stopped off at rebel sport and I bought a Anaheim mighty ducks beanie and then we had dinner, I had fish and chips and a pineapple juice and we all had to each pay $56 each even if I didn’t
Pay that much, I felt like Becker in the dinner and a showdown episode
I only should’ve paid $30, I should get reimbursed for that, what a ******
And then I took photos of Brisbane city and we all walked home
Some people worried that my leg was too swollen
But I know I could walk, I might be fat I might be fat but I still can walk fast
And then we picked up our washing and went into our room
And silly old me, forgot to bring my hotel room key with me
Thant Christ, I didn’t lose it
And after I walked I had a drink of water, watched footy and went to bed
Oct 2021 · 44
brisbane day 3
Brisbane bowling trip day 3

Today was the third day of my tenpin bowling trip in Brisbane
I started the day having a late breakfast at 7-30
And after that I went back to the room till 10
Watching Frasier on tv after everybody loves Raymond
After that we headed off to the bowling alley
Getting ready to play bowling, it will be radical
My scores were 136 and 106 and 116
And, mate, I blew those pins to kingdom come
And then after that I went to the cafe at the bowling centre
And bought sweet potato fries with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce
And mate that was a dainty dish, fit for a king like me
I bought three chocolates and one guy who was fat himself
Told me if you eat too much chocolate, you will get FAT
After I finished that meal, I went to the grandstand
To watch Leckie and Stephen bowl
And mind you they bowled fantastic
I watched Shane bowl with Belinda and Paul bell
That was cool
After leckie and Stephen finished, our team posed for our team photo
And the picture was so close to the bowling lane
We were setting off the fowl lines
It was fun laughing at that, yes it was
After we left there, we put our bowling shirts out to get washed, so
They will be ready tomorrow
And after that we went to the OLD MILL for our dinner
I had chicken parmigiana and I made a joke, of a chicken wearing pyjamas
Ha ha ha ha, very funny
And I had a pavlova for dessert
And I walked home, and went inside to hang our
Bowling shirts out to dry in the cupboard
And watch home and away and the neighbours
And the AFL footy, between port and Geelong
Cats won, and I remembered Matthew Reid’s song
We are Geelong the crappest team of all
We are Geelong we’re always dropping the ball
But the cats won, I wanted port to win😹😹😹😹😹
And now we are off to bed, goodnight
At the club we were remembering all the home and away and neighbours
Now we are off to bed
Good night😌😌😌😌😌😌
Oct 2021 · 31
day 2 brisbane
Brisbane bowling trip day 2

Today it was just a tenpin bowling day
My scores were 143 and 129 and 115
And I waited about an hour for my Mexican nachos
And I cheered on my team mates including my roommate Shane
And no, he isn’t Shane Warne, different kind of bowling dude
It was fun watching people bowl
I also saw tony parker, an old acquaintance at school
And when I got my Mexican nachos it was 4.00 pm
For lunch, I bowled with another bowler tony d
And after the last bowler left, we went back to the
Brisbane lions AFL club for dinner, I ordered a burger
Which I only ate a little bit because of my late lunch of nachos
We had numbers in the raffle there
And Ingrid said, what will we do with a tray of meat
I said, how about if we win a tray of meat
We could have a BBQ, but we lost, and then
We stayed at the club to watch the state of origin
And everybody was singing the national anthem
And the veronicas looked **** on the television
And when the game started we headed home and
I videoed a video of us going past the Brisbane Ferris wheel
Which is on Aaron Clayton YouTube channel Santa Claus profile
And we all listened to the footy cheering on the blues
And I went into my room to watch home and away and neighbours
With the state of origin on
The blues won 50-6
We are the cool blues
We won the match up in Townsville
Today my mate we never let them down
Cleary and the others too good for maroons
And then we went to bed
Oct 2021 · 35
day 1 off to brisbane
I am in Brisbane, Queensland
I flew in from Canberra this morning
It was an awesome flight
We had a snack on the plane
Biscuits with caremalised onion dip
The flight took 1 hour and a half
We got off the plane
I tapped the plane for good luck
I ate a gourmet pie for lunch
We went on two buses to the pacific hotel
And it was really COOL
When we got to the hotel
I am staying with another good bowler named Shane
We got into the room, and we showed off our room
To social media, it was rad
We watched Becker on 10 peach Brisbane
And at 5.00 we headed off to the Brisbane lions AFL club for tea
I had a seafood basket, it was tasty
And just for $1 we all became members
They had Tuesday night trivia night
Where they asked questions
And we called out the answers
Like KISS and the Sullivan’s etc
I found the club totally awesome
I took a few snaps for my Facebook page
Then we went home to relax before our first day of tenpin bowling
I watched neighbours
And everyone did what they awaited
Paul bell joked about us all go to a nightclub
I was told I have to be ready for breakfast @ 8 am tomorrow
Some others got 8-30
It was a great flight up
You see I party
And I have a lot of fun
With friends
With people who I like
Who aren’t friends
And I party on Jupiter
With all my chums
I get drunk
I say to god that he doesn’t exist
Even if he does
You see I like country music
Slim dusty
Johnny cash
Travis Collins
Blake Shelton
Kenny Rogers
Troy Cassar Daley
Lee kernaghan
Tanya kernaghan
I bring them to Jupiter
And we all have a BIG party
Maybe a bit of ***
But I am a ******
Never had it
Never want it
But I ain’t against it
You see *** can produce a baby
A beautiful little baby
And if people want kids
Do it
You only in a way live once
I know we have many lives
But you only live once in this life
So have a bit of fun
And get down and PARTY
And let your future lives
Take care of themselves
So have kids
Because your next life
You will be a kid again
And you have to fight your way up
All over again
HAVE *** make babies
Have fun
And when it is time
To go, just look back at your family
You know a lot of people
Don’t get that
So have fun dudes
Canberra people are shy ya know
Canberra people are shy ya know
They don’t want to do anything fun
You see they cancelled the lighting of the Christmas tree
No reason, Canberra Is just shy
You see they don’t like people doing vlogs
In their city because they feel very uneasy
Uneasy what a bunch of crap
Canberra people are just fucken shy
Canberra love being shy
I want this virus to end
So the government will let me *******
Maybe down to Adelaide
To do something fun
You see Canberra are fucken shy
They don’t want to do anything
Ya know I want fun I want fun
You see Canberra a hooligans
But not cool hooligans
Shy hooligans
And ya know who I hate
People who don’t want to take the jab
Especially when they want to travel
Canberra is just fucken boring
Nothing to do nothing to do
Nothing ever to do
Canberra a just a pack
Of shy hooligans
Because family people do what I do
I am a family person
I love life I never lose faith
I like fun
But Canberra people hate fun
They sit in their houses being
The old Scrooge
You see, the local pat’s a ******
The local Paul’s a drunk
The local Glenn grooms kids online
And the local Lyle is a ****
What do ya say what do ya say
The local Lyles a ****
Oh darling I am free
Oh darling I am Croix Rey
Finally I am out of hospital
Despite my brothers still
Being there
Oh darling mighty me
I get to be with my mummy and daddy
Waiting to hopefully see
My new brothers slowly following me
Oh darling the only healthy one
I remember my garbage bag pants
Oh darling I am having fun
Finally home with my parents
Oh darling Out of hospital
Oh darling let me pray
For ezrah and daxon to come out soon
Oh darling let them out
Oh darling oh darling
Pray for my brothers to be free
Oh darling I am glad I am out
Hopefully darling my brothers
Follow soon
Go the mighty panthers
You are the best in Sydney
You beat south Sydney Rabbitohs
By 14 - 12
It was a top top match mate
I will celebrate every day
Congratulate Nathan cleary
For being the best on ground
Go the mighty panthers
Won the comp in 21
We really pushed and pushed and pushed
2 tries each mate
Panthers won in scoring more goals
We will get some champagne yeah
Everyone was happy
From the ground to mt druit
Partying all over
The road having fun
It was a shame last year
When the storm fucken beat em
But we had our second chance this year
And we won
Go the mighty panthers
We won we won we won
Everyone is partying
With goggles on eyes to stop the beer
Kickass mighty panthers
It was a great match
Go the mighty panthers
All the way
Daniel is in the psych ward
Because he is a cool kid to the system
He dreams of having anxiety
By saying he will get one
Totally weird
You see he needs to change
But he will never do
Because he pushes himself down
To be a cool kid to the system
He should try to work
And just ignore
His boss when he yells at him
He says he is dying
And he wants to fucken die
But I believe in living
I don’t want to push myself down
Only losers push themselves down
Working is much more important
Than falling in the ditch
I try and tell Daniel to just ignore people
But mate he is a crazy funny fella
When he pushes himself down
At the moment
He is being harrased by  nurse
Who won’t fucken help him
Boo hoo
You see Daniel hates
The Australian culture
Mainly the whites though
He supports the blacks
I agree with him
But not all the time
I say I do
To be nice
But really he is a fool
Only fools push themselves down
And when he dies
He wants to be a Jew in New York mate
But I have better ideas mate
Daniel is strange
He hates my fave bbl team in cricket
The Sydney Sixers
But I don’t fucken care
Because I don’t push myself down
I keep up with the families
I stay with the families
As well as the kids
I want to have fun
Like a family person does
Not like Daniel
Who is a hooligan
Oh yeah
Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul is alive
You see as long as I am walking
And Keeping me fit
Able to party on all night
Yes that will be alright
You see I might want to look young
Live my life and have a lot of fun
It doesn’t matter when I die
Who gives a ****
I go to my next life
In Katie Donnelly or Annie Le Blanc
Annie would be great mate
Cause I will be back with my gran
Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul is alive
You see I want to be a popular dude
Even in my adult life
But not like now
I don’t want a mental illness
I don’t want a disability
My next life I will be cool
And have cool friends
Feel cool oh yeah
I can party on tik tok
And Instagram too
I want my next life to be loved
And I want to have fun
Six feet under
Doesn’t worry me
My body will be dead
But my soul
My ******* soul
Will be alive
Back in the day
Of September 11 2001
In most areas of the USA
Twin towers
The pentagon
Had big aeroplanes going through them
And the planes weren’t empty
They were full
Of many Americans who love business
Love travel
And the terrorists said it was good
But if you look at it
So many people died
And so many people to this very day
Are feeling very lost and shamefull
Very sad
But those people are still with us
The terrorists didn’t win
They could be somewhere different
But they are still angels of the lord
Shine Buddha shine
Remembering this terrible day yeah
People who loved life
And loved their family
Shine Buddha shine
Feel the spirit of the victims
As you speak to other people
Yes that feels so great
Just shine Buddha shine
This day was awful
So many people lost their lives
Just sit back and remember their ways
The grand old duke of York
Had associations with a phedaphile
He marched the children  into his bedroom
And stuck his **** in them
Then he will cover it up
As if it never happened
He loves to put his **** up children dude
That is sick and rude
You see this duke of York
Loves to put his **** up kids
He will hang around schools
And feel his ******* getting hard
You see this duke of York
I ain’t scared to bash him up
You see had connections with Epstein
******* little ****
The kids were fucken scared
For their fucken life
The duke of York covered up abuse
He is fucken sick
You see he has serious problems
With the things he did
Probably they should lock him up
And throw away the key
Then it will be
The grand old duke of York
He has 10-000 friends
In jail and outside jail
But the truth is he won’t go to jail
Because he is related to the queen
The duke of York
Gets away with bad stuff
There are no consequences on what
He does go home go home
You see a few years ago
I was part of define fitness yeah
And I thought it was weird the way
They treated me
They wanted me to be a rich ****
They wanted me to sell my art
Basically on the road at trash and treasure
They pushed me around like I was a piece of meat mate
They didn’t care about my safety
They just wanted me to just
Enjoy being slim
Maybe I do but in my own way
Not drinking salty water or beef stock no way
Just eating the food I like you know oh yeah
You see it is hard to be like them
If they treat you like a rich ****
You know taking you out wiping
The poor man out of you
You see I had it made
Before I joined define fitness
I enjoyed doing things
And having fun yeah
Making me lift weights
Heavier than my own weight
Define fitness is an organisation
Full of rich ******
You see I had it best
Before I had them
I had to do two squats after one pull of vacuum
Eating everything with 10 shakes of salt on
Putting salt in my water
Like I am drinking out of the sea
I had it best
Before I had them
I could’ve broken my back
You see I was slack
I won an award but if I wasn’t good
The next session
He would say I will take your medals away
Which I think they are a bunch of rich ******
Sure it is good to exercise but mate
Were pushers
I hated them they made me feel like a ****
You you you
I had it best
Before I had before I had before I had them
Time after time I wanted to leave them
And go back to solo exhibitions in
The art hall
And not sell them at trash and treasure
Like a loser does
I had it best I really had it best
Before I ever had define fitness
Treating me like a rich ***** of an adult
And not just a nice adult I want to be
Cheap seats is weird
Very very dumb
There is nothing cool
About this show
Just two very wealthy tools
They made fun of the Queensland premier
Saying she has a silly name
But when it came to Gladys
They said they got it right
They are taking the Mickey
Out of Daniel andrews
Mate that is really bad
They made fun of a poor woman
Who gets her protest sign taken away
I thought that was so spastic oh yeah
Just because you dress in a suit
Doesn’t mean you have funny jokes
They made fun of the Tour de France commentators
And they made fun of the Japanese
Who were protesting against something
Probably the fact they can’t see the Olympics
They look at funny bits of reality tv
But they ignore home and away
They laugh at the fact that 12 year old boys
Should drink a bottle of beer
I hate this show it is stupid
And it is totally Rupert trash
Making fun of the poor or the people helping the poor
Of exploiting kids as well
Cheap seats is stupid very very dumb
Don’t watch it if you have half a brain that works
David Mather is in the womb or Taylor Marlor
With mark Marlor being his new dad
You see David Mather was a very nice person
And he wanted to be with the kid who liked Brian Allan
But I know for a fact that David Mather misses his family
So Buddha made him still live in Canberra to be close to them
You see he died around my birthday, he was also getting sick at times when I knew him
He loved cleaning the shoes at. Vinnies Belconnen whilst he spoke about his family
Please Buddha give David a great next life with Taylor and mark whilst he looks over his old family
Enjoy your new life David Mather
Feb 2021 · 327
Dos and don’ts
Dos and don’t about life
Don’t get into any strife
Don’t fight with your wife
Be good be great be grand
Don’t listen to losers on the street
Don’t listen to hypoactive personal trainers
Never listen to the liberals
Never never never
Getting drunk on beer
Today I heard a man ask a woman
Are you disabled or a slave to the system
He was really letting her have it
Like the ******* he is
He probably votes for the liberal party
To say things like that
He even brought in prostitutes
It didn’t make sense
I felt sorry for the woman
She was disabled she had problems
And he was a total ****
A ******* to boot
I understand that life can be hard
It isn’t easy to work as easy as him
I like how people are gathering together to help people
Even online
To answer your question
I am a cool adult and you are a slave to the system
So ******* mate
Jan 2021 · 150
Corona is spoiling our fun
The Corona virus
Is making fussy people even fussier
In a way that they start preaching about
How people wash their hands etc
The Corona virus
Is stopping the cool people who like dancing from being cool
The Corona virus
Is always being mentioned on the news
When you wanna see other news
The Corona virus
Is making the boring non party people making everyone be like them
The Corona virus
Makes it right to not talk to people on the street despite them being nice
The Corona virus
Is killing the loving life people
The Corona virus
Is adding too many rules forcing the fun
People to stop having fun
The Corona virus
Is a **** of a disease
I want to dance
I want to party
I want to not worry about how I wash my hands
I want people to stop worrying about silly little things about being clean
You only should be clean if you need to be clean, otherwise not needed
I want to go to outdoor events
I want to have fun
And be cool
But the Corona virus is stopping that
Jan 2021 · 387
Love the gender
Guess my gender
Will you please
Before we tell you
Having fun decorating the room
Any colour will do
If it is black
Do you think
That it would be dark
If it is green
Will it match the grass
Out in the park
Light blue my friend
Would be good
Yes that is so good
Oh my darling won’t you please
Give me my fucken food
Don’t wait till the gender date
Cause I am hungry now
But you must wait till we name
The gender cause
The meal will be suited
Each one
Love the gender no matter what
And always will oh yeah
I will love the gender
Yes I will
Have a lot of fun
Beer and wine and spirits yeah
And a special gift
To the gender I choose
Oh my oh my oh my darling
Please my dear
Getting drink Down ya
If it is a boy give a dark
And the girls choose light
But what if the gender you get
Wants to change the rules
Just except it like a man
And don’t you be a fool
Love love love
The gender and we will always will
Jan 2021 · 110
Donald is a fool
Donald trump is a fool
Totally yes he is
He has stupid things to say
About covid 19
Yes Donald Trump ain’t cool
He just sticks up
To his republican mates
He doesn’t care oh no
You see he will think that Biden rigged
The 2020 election oh yeah
He refused to concede
Like a little child
Yes well stupid pain he is
Donald Donald Donald
Kevin ****** Wilson
Says his life is a reality tv show
He used to be on the apprentice
And I bet he was a pain on that
Cause Donald tromp is a fool
Mate jump in the pool
That will be better than you
Donald ya fool
Donald ya fool
Biden is better than you
Donald ya fool
Jan 2021 · 149
Farewell miles Blackburn
Rest In Peace miles Blackburn
You were a blessing to have around
I liked being your bowling buddy
We used to get good scores together
I remember him saying to me
When Adams Goodes was playing
And when they were actually good
You will be sadly missed miles Blackburn
I remember when I was watching my Itouch in bed and he hated it
Cause he wanted to sleep
I thought you were hating me
But I know now you were a great friend to have around
Please moles Blackburn
Think of us
As you enter your next life
I liked you mikes Blackburn
And I as Cronus will help give
You a great family for your next life
Farewell miles Blackburn
Have a good future life
And be blessed
It is hard it is bad
As my bullies go into my body
They get in and rip out
Any family person energy I have
I want to do things
This year to make me feel happy
Like singing and working
But I don’t want to get bullied
You see he is ripping into my body
And pulling my heart right out
And then he says
I need to learn a lot of discipline
Even if it hurts your head
And hurts your neck
Making you say
Making me feel like a fucken kid
I know I like the kid life
But not to a bully
If the bullying stopped
There is everything I can do
I need to get it out for my Aunty sue
I know she has depression
But she was nice to me
I told her she was like Oprah
And she accepted with pride
I wish my dad would save me mate
From each of these bullies
I know rob Douglas said
I am not a good singer
But he is a liberal ****
I gave him to a republican Christian family
His new name is abram
And he is innocent as all kids are
But you can see the rob in him
I miss talking to Steve grigor
He was very nice to me
He is now dead
But because I say I can talk to the dead
The bullies bully me
Saying Woosey Woosey Woosey
Because they think
It is unfair how I use screens
While they have been raised away from them
Technology is cool
When I play on my iPhone
I get the hooligan itch
I am a lover of life
I know I want to hit people on the head
But that is just a bit of fun
I know people wanna do that to me
But they are bullies
******* paul berenyi
Or I will come back and
Tie you to the sun
And show the world
Peter says I was your case manager
At mental health
But now I am dead
In my next life
But Paul wants to bully me
But he doesn’t know
Up in nirvana mate
I am powerful
Dec 2020 · 67
People die
Everyone is growing old
Everyone I know
Like David Mather
Who I used to talk to
As he was doing the shoes
Bevil purnell
I used to see him at the swimming pool
And at our Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Stan niemiec
He went to my Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Murray Flynn
One of the very nice mental health workers
Who thought I was a very good person
My father Barry Allan
I used to like talking to him about things
At home and when he went out
My cat lucky and muscles
I used to play with them and in a way have fun
Stan burns he used to walk us into the wetlands in Sandgate in Newcastle
Jean Allan I used to watch tv with her
But her house was so dusty I could hardly breathe
Mel.  I liked talking to her about her ****** life trying to keep her positive
Everyone of these people are all dead
And I am suffering because I have trouble talking to my people now
Unless I am having fun
I want to have fun with people
But everyone thjnks I want to be with old people but overall if anymore people in my life die I will go crazy
So I keep up to date on their next lives
Or just enjoy myself
Death happens
One minute you are having fun in your current Surroundings
Next minute you have to find more surroundings
You need to live your life
And have fun
Dec 2020 · 72
Just a kid
You see way back in the 80s yeah
I was having a lot of fun
I used to tease the girls
And muck with all the boys
Everyone wanted to be my friend
I was enjoying every day life
Drinking a lot of coke
But everyone thought I was a bit different man
But I said I was just a kid
Just a kid
Just a kid
I was to everyone just a kid
I used to tease my friends
And make them feel stressed
Yeah I was just a little kid
I used to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
When I turned 18 man
I became a man
But my problems were starting yeseree
I was getting fought and bashed and mugged
In the back I wanted to be a kid
Be a kid
Just a kid
I want to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
Even as an adult I was a kid
Just a kid
I used to tease my friends right till the end
I was just a little kid
Just a kid dudes
Dec 2020 · 95
Christmas insomnia
You see I sit there doing my tapestry
While everyone is trying to smile at me
You see I am being treated like a hooligan
Or a big mean bully
I don’t want to be any of those
I want just to be a family person
I can’t sleep so I am sitting up
Watching Christmas concerts
The music is quite good
There is  not much time till Christmas
And we are ready for a party
Drinking eggnog
Eating pavlovs and trifle
Saying hello to Santa Claus
Yeah that will be rad
I want life to say to me
That I am cool
I break no rule
Listening to carols
Happy new Yule
Today s ****** fat and ugly woman
Stuck her finger up at mr
Saying she wasn’t like my mum
I said I know ugly *****
You are too shy to be like my mum
You look as like you want me not to
Stare at you
I said gladly my eyes will pop out
If I looked at you too long
She said I am not your mummy
I said yes I know you are too shy to
Be like my mummy
Patrick Enright said let’s trase Brian
I am not like his daddy
I said Patrick I know
You are too shy to be like my daddy
That woman looked like she spent
Time in gaol
God knows what for
But she is a ****** criminal
And that is why she stuck her finger up
She is too fucken shy to be like my mum
Patrick is too fucken shy to be like my dad
I suppose Patrick should marry that fucken *****
They would be suited
Two ugly people hitching up
That would be weird
My mum and dad are much better than
That criminal lady and her hogan husband
I don’t wanna be with bogans anyway
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