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David Mather is in the womb or Taylor Marlor
With mark Marlor being his new dad
You see David Mather was a very nice person
And he wanted to be with the kid who liked Brian Allan
But I know for a fact that David Mather misses his family
So Buddha made him still live in Canberra to be close to them
You see he died around my birthday, he was also getting sick at times when I knew him
He loved cleaning the shoes at. Vinnies Belconnen whilst he spoke about his family
Please Buddha give David a great next life with Taylor and mark whilst he looks over his old family
Enjoy your new life David Mather
Feb 11 · 202
Dos and don’ts
Dos and don’t about life
Don’t get into any strife
Don’t fight with your wife
Be good be great be grand
Don’t listen to losers on the street
Don’t listen to hypoactive personal trainers
Never listen to the liberals
Never never never
Getting drunk on beer
Today I heard a man ask a woman
Are you disabled or a slave to the system
He was really letting her have it
Like the ******* he is
He probably votes for the liberal party
To say things like that
He even brought in prostitutes
It didn’t make sense
I felt sorry for the woman
She was disabled she had problems
And he was a total ****
A ******* to boot
I understand that life can be hard
It isn’t easy to work as easy as him
I like how people are gathering together to help people
Even online
To answer your question
I am a cool adult and you are a slave to the system
So ******* mate
The Corona virus
Is making fussy people even fussier
In a way that they start preaching about
How people wash their hands etc
The Corona virus
Is stopping the cool people who like dancing from being cool
The Corona virus
Is always being mentioned on the news
When you wanna see other news
The Corona virus
Is making the boring non party people making everyone be like them
The Corona virus
Makes it right to not talk to people on the street despite them being nice
The Corona virus
Is killing the loving life people
The Corona virus
Is adding too many rules forcing the fun
People to stop having fun
The Corona virus
Is a **** of a disease
I want to dance
I want to party
I want to not worry about how I wash my hands
I want people to stop worrying about silly little things about being clean
You only should be clean if you need to be clean, otherwise not needed
I want to go to outdoor events
I want to have fun
And be cool
But the Corona virus is stopping that
Jan 14 · 91
Love the gender
Guess my gender
Will you please
Before we tell you
Having fun decorating the room
Any colour will do
If it is black
Do you think
That it would be dark
If it is green
Will it match the grass
Out in the park
Light blue my friend
Would be good
Yes that is so good
Oh my darling won’t you please
Give me my fucken food
Don’t wait till the gender date
Cause I am hungry now
But you must wait till we name
The gender cause
The meal will be suited
Each one
Love the gender no matter what
And always will oh yeah
I will love the gender
Yes I will
Have a lot of fun
Beer and wine and spirits yeah
And a special gift
To the gender I choose
Oh my oh my oh my darling
Please my dear
Getting drink Down ya
If it is a boy give a dark
And the girls choose light
But what if the gender you get
Wants to change the rules
Just except it like a man
And don’t you be a fool
Love love love
The gender and we will always will
Jan 12 · 48
Donald is a fool
Donald trump is a fool
Totally yes he is
He has stupid things to say
About covid 19
Yes Donald Trump ain’t cool
He just sticks up
To his republican mates
He doesn’t care oh no
You see he will think that Biden rigged
The 2020 election oh yeah
He refused to concede
Like a little child
Yes well stupid pain he is
Donald Donald Donald
Kevin ****** Wilson
Says his life is a reality tv show
He used to be on the apprentice
And I bet he was a pain on that
Cause Donald tromp is a fool
Mate jump in the pool
That will be better than you
Donald ya fool
Donald ya fool
Biden is better than you
Donald ya fool
Rest In Peace miles Blackburn
You were a blessing to have around
I liked being your bowling buddy
We used to get good scores together
I remember him saying to me
When Adams Goodes was playing
And when they were actually good
You will be sadly missed miles Blackburn
I remember when I was watching my Itouch in bed and he hated it
Cause he wanted to sleep
I thought you were hating me
But I know now you were a great friend to have around
Please moles Blackburn
Think of us
As you enter your next life
I liked you mikes Blackburn
And I as Cronus will help give
You a great family for your next life
Farewell miles Blackburn
Have a good future life
And be blessed
It is hard it is bad
As my bullies go into my body
They get in and rip out
Any family person energy I have
I want to do things
This year to make me feel happy
Like singing and working
But I don’t want to get bullied
You see he is ripping into my body
And pulling my heart right out
And then he says
I need to learn a lot of discipline
Even if it hurts your head
And hurts your neck
Making you say
Making me feel like a fucken kid
I know I like the kid life
But not to a bully
If the bullying stopped
There is everything I can do
I need to get it out for my Aunty sue
I know she has depression
But she was nice to me
I told her she was like Oprah
And she accepted with pride
I wish my dad would save me mate
From each of these bullies
I know rob Douglas said
I am not a good singer
But he is a liberal ****
I gave him to a republican Christian family
His new name is abram
And he is innocent as all kids are
But you can see the rob in him
I miss talking to Steve grigor
He was very nice to me
He is now dead
But because I say I can talk to the dead
The bullies bully me
Saying Woosey Woosey Woosey
Because they think
It is unfair how I use screens
While they have been raised away from them
Technology is cool
When I play on my iPhone
I get the hooligan itch
I am a lover of life
I know I want to hit people on the head
But that is just a bit of fun
I know people wanna do that to me
But they are bullies
******* paul berenyi
Or I will come back and
Tie you to the sun
And show the world
Peter says I was your case manager
At mental health
But now I am dead
In my next life
But Paul wants to bully me
But he doesn’t know
Up in nirvana mate
I am powerful
Dec 2020 · 44
People die
Everyone is growing old
Everyone I know
Like David Mather
Who I used to talk to
As he was doing the shoes
Bevil purnell
I used to see him at the swimming pool
And at our Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Stan niemiec
He went to my Sunday morning breakfast
Discussion group
Murray Flynn
One of the very nice mental health workers
Who thought I was a very good person
My father Barry Allan
I used to like talking to him about things
At home and when he went out
My cat lucky and muscles
I used to play with them and in a way have fun
Stan burns he used to walk us into the wetlands in Sandgate in Newcastle
Jean Allan I used to watch tv with her
But her house was so dusty I could hardly breathe
Mel.  I liked talking to her about her ****** life trying to keep her positive
Everyone of these people are all dead
And I am suffering because I have trouble talking to my people now
Unless I am having fun
I want to have fun with people
But everyone thjnks I want to be with old people but overall if anymore people in my life die I will go crazy
So I keep up to date on their next lives
Or just enjoy myself
Death happens
One minute you are having fun in your current Surroundings
Next minute you have to find more surroundings
You need to live your life
And have fun
Dec 2020 · 39
Just a kid
You see way back in the 80s yeah
I was having a lot of fun
I used to tease the girls
And muck with all the boys
Everyone wanted to be my friend
I was enjoying every day life
Drinking a lot of coke
But everyone thought I was a bit different man
But I said I was just a kid
Just a kid
Just a kid
I was to everyone just a kid
I used to tease my friends
And make them feel stressed
Yeah I was just a little kid
I used to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
When I turned 18 man
I became a man
But my problems were starting yeseree
I was getting fought and bashed and mugged
In the back I wanted to be a kid
Be a kid
Just a kid
I want to tease my friends
Right till the end
I was just a little kid
Even as an adult I was a kid
Just a kid
I used to tease my friends right till the end
I was just a little kid
Just a kid dudes
Dec 2020 · 65
Christmas insomnia
You see I sit there doing my tapestry
While everyone is trying to smile at me
You see I am being treated like a hooligan
Or a big mean bully
I don’t want to be any of those
I want just to be a family person
I can’t sleep so I am sitting up
Watching Christmas concerts
The music is quite good
There is  not much time till Christmas
And we are ready for a party
Drinking eggnog
Eating pavlovs and trifle
Saying hello to Santa Claus
Yeah that will be rad
I want life to say to me
That I am cool
I break no rule
Listening to carols
Happy new Yule
Today s ****** fat and ugly woman
Stuck her finger up at mr
Saying she wasn’t like my mum
I said I know ugly *****
You are too shy to be like my mum
You look as like you want me not to
Stare at you
I said gladly my eyes will pop out
If I looked at you too long
She said I am not your mummy
I said yes I know you are too shy to
Be like my mummy
Patrick Enright said let’s trase Brian
I am not like his daddy
I said Patrick I know
You are too shy to be like my daddy
That woman looked like she spent
Time in gaol
God knows what for
But she is a ****** criminal
And that is why she stuck her finger up
She is too fucken shy to be like my mum
Patrick is too fucken shy to be like my dad
I suppose Patrick should marry that fucken *****
They would be suited
Two ugly people hitching up
That would be weird
My mum and dad are much better than
That criminal lady and her hogan husband
I don’t wanna be with bogans anyway
As I might have told you
My dad died and came back
To life as Betty
And I live in Canberra
And this weeks betty’s dad
Took Betty and his other two
To Canberra for a visit
Yesterday Betty and her family
Went to cockington green and the dinosaur museum and the national museum
And today Betty went to the national gallery
You see bettys dad David who is into
The arts wanted to show Betty what her previous life Barry Allan was like
Barry was my dad
And he liked arts but more on art history
And he was into other aspects of art
Like music and performing arts
And he liked when I went to
Art shows in the community
And dad wanted David to take them
To Canberra so dad can give his son
Some enjoyment with Betty being in his city
I wonder where David will take his family to tomorrow and the other days
Of their vacation
You see I miss dad
Because some of the things I did with dad
I don’t get now
But I will be doing a show on Christmas and nye on Facebook
I will do a Santa dash on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day where I as Santa
Will show Santa leaving for his present dash and when he gets home
It will be fun
And on nye I will do a poem reading to see out the tragic 2020 year and hope 2021 will be good
I will do it after the big bash or at 10-30 whatever comes first
And it will be on my Facebook page
My Facebook name is Brian Allan
My dad who now is Betty inspired me as well as a lot of other singers like Travis Collins and Elise Courtney etc
Watch me, you will be entertained
And my dad is watching over us while his new family is holidaying in Canberra
I can’t sleep
I feel awful
Like I don’t feel good
In my nose
I want to party
Like a smarty
Like Lisa and baby Barty
It is hard my friend
I just can’t sleep
I walk up and down my house
Thinking why oh why
I have got things I need to do
Just Buddha give me strength
To get through this stuffy nose
Dear god
Please heal me
Please god hear my prayer
I don’t feel like sitting of sleeping
My mind is a fucken racing
What can I do
What the **** can I do
My hat rack fell down
It didn’t break nothing
But I think I don’t need it
Because it is a nuisance
I was singing Christmas carols
Having fun doing that
I really love life, mate
Yes that is grand
I like little babies
Cute cute cute
I just just just
Really love life
Nov 2020 · 467
Stanley’s gift
You see I was George Washington
The first president of the United States
And after my life of Albert Waldron
A famous Adelaide Melbourne footy star
I became Stanley Roberts
Who was born in 1930
Stanley knew he had a gift
As well as knowing the world puts you through situations so you can
One day know your past life story
Stanley was the son of John and beryl Roberts and the younger brother to Judy
Judy wanted to be a princess
And me, well because of my gift
I was having bad nightmares
And these nightmares meant nothing
Because I had a best friend named bobby
Who seemed to understand my gifted past
But still he wanted to be a normal kid
I couldn’t understand this
Especially when I wrote him a note
Explaining my issues
And 4 days later
I saw him burning something
Which at the time I thought was my
Letter and then in 1937 on my 7 th birthday
I made the baseball team for Manhattan pistols and bobby was trying out for it too
And he wasn’t so lucky
So I decided to concentrate on
Bring a great baseball player
And be the best version of Stanley Roberts
I could be and I was given my grandfathers
Old baseball bat
Now as I was in the psych ward
Both times I had dillusions which I couldn’t explain and then in 1943 when I made high school I was ready to play PRO baseball
And I was very popular and bobby was lonely and a ****** because he bashed his parents and killed them and was sent to juvenile detention till the age of 18 where he was killed on the electric chair and a test later in 1949 Stanley turned 19 and was too worried to persue his career as a baseball player and I auditioned for broadway where in the televised Macy’s thanksgiving day parade was apart of and I did that in 1950 too but in March 1951 a group of pit bulls attacked Stanley outside the Bronx swimming pool when I was meeting my broadway friends for a swim and this was a case which turned into homicide till they realised it was a pack of dogs that killed me
And in 1952 I became Graeme Thorne and I was living in Sydney Australia And my gifted visions didn’t happen this life and I realise now that the visions keep me safe from being kidnapped after my tragic last life and everything was going well as greame he was a choir singer and met the great Arthur summons and in 1960 Graeme Thorne was kidnapped and thrown to the sharks and this was a wake up call and in the 60s was a hard time being a lot of young babies which died after a few months of existence and in 1969 Brian Allan was born and his life started the same way as Greame’s but then Brian went crazy doing stupid things but as a kid he was normal and in the 90s he was normal too well apart from bashing his loving parents and that could have got me in gaol for a long time but after hearing about the troubled times of September 11 2001 I was trying to be nicer to my parents and it lasted untill 2004 when I was getting Stanley’s visions coming back to me in the form of silly dillusions which lead to me killing the family cat, which was a crazy thing for me to do and I was sent to the psych ward where I was thinking I was being kidnapped and the psych ward was to me like a old age home and I felt it was the entry to heaven which scared me so much and I was there for 3 months and I still had silly dillusions which lasted for a while untill I tried to ignore Stanley’s gift and went back to work and I went to batemans bay in 2004 2005 and 2006 as well as playing Santa at vinnies where I felt part of the establishment and then I was becoming very well I went back to Adelaide in 2009 where my previous life Albert Waldron lived and I felt very welcome and I saw the Adelaide christmas parade there and then I went to Merimbula where I partied on New Year’s Eve to the pigs music band and in 2012 I was really hyped up in the establishment I went to Adelaide again and I saw the Christmas parade again and albert’s spirit was on top of me and I was feeling Stanley’s gift and then I went home I got another job at ACTEW and in 2013 I was in the psych ward where I became an artist with delusions but despite the screws not giving a **** about me I was writing poems drawing pictures to my hearts content
And when Christmas came I left the psych ward and I wanted to do something good so I did the cartooning course and joined a theatre group where I expressed myself with the gift of Stanley which was starting to fall into space I told the whole world my problems like sending emails to different addresses around the world and I started reading poems in the poetry slam, my first poem was I get headaches from champagne
And after that I read many more and in 2015 I left but then I became the ornament to a personal trainer and he made me lose Stanley’s gift which when he went to gaol I started to understand that coronavirus was taking people’s fun away and everything was cancelled at the start and I was watching online concerts and Netflix and YouTube and suddenly tonight I was taken on a journey where I was Darren Stephens from bewitched and I saw my best friend bobby and he assured me that he didn’t burn my letter it was a few other things they were burning when I saw them  and I saw my girl friend of 1947 who brought my mind to think that Stanley wasn’t gifted
He was nice and when she died in 1997 bobby said Stanley had no gift but I was sure I had a gift and bobby said, the reason why Stanley died so young was because he thought he was special ya know
Better than everybody and each death was a wake up call saying for me to live in the real world and not think the gift means something, it is just silly dillusions that you can’t control and I felt I was back in the psych ward learning my life stories abs suddenly Jupiter moon blew up with methane and we couldn’t get out suddenly With my plans to work and join singing groups etc my dad gave me methane pills to help me become good next year and get over this coronavirus and the gift of Stanley became an urban legend and suddenly I thought I was born again
Go thunder go thunder go thunder go
We sent the heat packing
It looked like we were going to lose it
But then we dismissed the heat
And sent them packing
We are the might of Sydney thunder
Into the grand final yeah
We are the might of Sydney thunder
Kicking *** is what we do
We nearly ****** lost it
But somehow wickets started falling
We are the night of Sydney thunder
Go the mighty thunder
Put out Brisbane’s heat
Yes we party yes we are great
We did it well at north Sydney oval tonight
The heat don’t know what hit them
It was all the thunders fault
The might of Sydney thunder
Sydney thunder Sydney thunder  
Bring on the stars
Go thunder go
I am jumping up
Jumping down
I can’t control it
It is my medication
It is seroquel
Which can make my mind jump
You see I hate it hate it hate it
Tuck I wish it’ll stop
I feel like shooting into space
To shoot a cosmic concert
To help the dead enjoy the after life
The medication is pushing me up
For many reasons
Like he doesn’t want me to be lazy
He doesn’t want me get back to the old days where I made my family laugh
Ya know silly things made my family laugh back then
He doesn’t want me to put water on the computer to grow the money tree
He wants me to relax
And have fun
My medication might be trying
To push my house up to space
Leaving people on earth yelling at me
Saying you ain’t a normir mate
You are brainless and dumb
He might want me to go to bed and
Find it herd to sleep because of sleep apnea
My mind is a racing
Racing oh yeah racing
My mind is a racing
Really really fast
It is normal for a mind to race
But not before I went to bed
And yes I think I know another reason why my medication is making my mind race
You see I use to go to the pub in the city or Belconnen and I would hang loose in the city all night, maybe it is my medication saying your don’t go to bed
You stay up with us all night mate
Don’t go to bed early
Pubs are still open Brian
Don’t be shy Brian
You see, Brian, you are a man
And I am a kid
You go out with all your chums down the pub
While we stay home and laugh at you getting bashed up or teased by the clubbers
While I am suffering mate
I don’t want to go to pubs
Pubs are for yobbos and *****
Nov 2020 · 49
I am cool, man
You see I want to hurt somebody
Punch them in the face
But that is not what I want to do
Because I am nice
You see I see people flying around
Over into outer space
You see I feel like yelling at everyone
If they get in my fucken way
You see dad flies around me
My brother is flying around with him
And I am hating every minute of it
I want to sing in a fun singing group
I want to learn video streaming
That will be fun
I would like to just relax
And not feel like anxiety is pushing down on me
I am watching shameless at the moment
Learning about how poor people really suffer
I don’t give money to poor people anymore
I just use my atm card
No I think people expect something for nothing
Something for fucken nothing
I feel like I am being treated like an alcoholic criminal who is having a hard life
I love to ave a beer with Benny
Yes I will fucken drink with him
I will drink on moderation mate
And get really drunk with someone whose slim
Yes I am cool
The coolest dude oh yeah
I love to have a beer with Benny
Yes that’ll be real ace
You see I feel like I am being pushed through my arms to go to the psych ward
I don’t want to end up there at all
I gotta have some steak
Gotta have chips
Gotta have a Coca Cola
Telling my father
To go and **** a lemon
Is something I hated doing
You see I crack open a can of coke
And sink it down my throat
Yes that’ll be so great
I gotta have burgers
I gotta have fries
I gotta have fish and chips
Give half to the seagulls
Sometimes seagulls take the food
Directly from your hand
I like to PARTY really great for me
Have a steak and fries
And a drink of coke
Sink it down sink it down sink it down
Doing a big burp oh yeah
Have a coke have a beer have a wine
As long as mate my name is Brian
Don’t forget to say mate
Drinking is the way of the world
For every boy and little girl
I know life can get you down
But I can love it to the full without a frown
A coke is refreshing
A coke is nice
I used to go to the servos late at night
To ear chips and drink coke
I live my life to the fullest mate
And that is ME
Canberra crowd
Canberra crowd
Are little young dudes yeah
They want to copy me with pat
Because they say I ain’t cool
You see
You see
Canberra crowd are dumb
They copy me with what I do
And take off my favourite things
You see I want
You see I want
To sing in a choir
I don’t people saying I am
Too intelligent oh know
All Canberra do mate
Is want to tease me
Me who is the mentally ill man
It drives me fucken sick
Canberra crowd
Canberra crowd
Are taking my adult away
And making me suffer like a little young dude
Well if I have to be one
Maybe I will
You see my mum wants me
To be good to Canberra yeah
And not video Canberra kids
Cause they don’t like it
Even if I say mate
That there are a lot of people who
Are on the video it drives me fucken nuts
But no other person gets copyright laws
Like fucken me
The world is out to get me mate
Canberra are taking my cool away
Like Glenn Johnston took my indeprndence  away
Stop teasing me Canberra crowd
With little girls and boys who looked like me
I am a cool kid mate you are a fucken man
******* canberra
Nov 2020 · 1.1k
Don’t smoke that cigarette
If you want to live man
Just do one thing man
And that is
Don’t smoke smoke smoke that cigarette
Because if you do you’ll get cancer
Or something worst
Or emphasima or something fucken worst
If you keep smoking that cigarette
You see smoking stunts your growth
Smoking can slow your body down
It can make you lose your life man
If you keep smoking that cigarette
So if you wanna live man
Just do one thing man
And that is
Don’t smoke smoke smoke that cigarette
It tastes like dried ashes anyway
It gives you bad cancer and other things too
And if you smoke you might as well eat poison
I am glad they are cutting out smoking at the sport
And I am glad you can’t smoke on outside tables
If you wanna smoke mate
******* ******* ******* with that cigarette
Don’t smoke smoke smoke that cigarette
The old movie stars who like smoking
Died early oh yeah
And the ones that didn’t die
Gave up early man
Yes it is great they quit quit quit that cigarette
I used to smoke a pack of 50 a day
And the taste was bad I was losing my cool
Because smoking is bad
Don’t smoke that cigarette
Just quit like me
You will be happy as you know it
And we can clap our hands
After we stopped smoking that cigarette
Nov 2020 · 48
Medication blues
The pressure in my Arms is hurting
I don’t know why oh no
I just feel this pressure
Maybe I am thinking of drinking
And being fought by the men
I hate that feeling it drives me insane
I just say I am a medicated fool
Who loves life really I do
Cool man eat my shorts
I don’t drink I don’t smoke
So why are my arms aching
I don’t deserve it, no
I believe in family life
I like partying but I hate getting too drunk
I like looking strong but I hate being fought by the men
I don’t want this pressure to strike my arms
Because I am a family person yeah
I like footy but not fighting the crowd
And I like cheering but not around people too loud
I just wanna be a medicated fool oh yeah
Yes yes yes yes that is me
I was ok when I was on melleril because it started me medicating right
Better on largactil and haloperidol because that calmed me down even more
I hated risperadal because I got crazy look ups from anxiety but largactil sort of was helping
I liked seroquel but I hyped me up
I liked eppelim because it was trying to calm me down
I like being on seroquel and haloperidol because it calms me down but
It brings back some of my bad thoughts from my drinking but I write the bad stuff out of me
I am cool I am not getting fought by the men
And I live my life right
Nov 2020 · 49
Bus stops due to covid
Yesterday I got on an action bus
Headed for Tuggeranong
And tony Parker and my brother Chris and a few of his friends were on the bus too
It went the normal way until it got to black mountain and because of covid 19 the bus stopped and told everybody to get out and social distance and I was listening to twisted sister and KISS and we all found it hard to get off this bus at this point especially when nobody was paying attention to the driver and then the driver got the police to come to distance everyone and we all complained saying we want to get to our destination and we don’t want to be here and the driver said I am sorry but that is the way the cookie crumbles and I got out some of my chocolates and started to eat them and some of the other passengers wanted some but I said NO and they told me to ******* and o just ignored her but I couldn’t ignore the driver as he said as I started to board the bus ‘don’t get on the bus yet and everybody was complaining saying please ignore the covid rules please ignore the signs that we ain’t social distancing just take us to our fucken destination because this is a bus
We all need to get to where we want to go
So let us go
Hi my name is Briano alliano and welcome the Jupiter early Christmas party
And the first song is this
Santa Claus came through the computers
Through the computers
Through the computers
Santa Claus came through the computers
Every Christmas Eve night
He will drop presents down cyber space
Cyber space oh cyber space
Making Johnny and frank and tommy and Ryan and many more kids to count
Santa Claus came through the computers
Through the computers
Through the computers
Santa Claus came through the computers
Briany is a cool boy
Who is trying to be good
But nowadays it is harder to go down chimneys because nobody has one no more
But how about sending Santa’s sleigh
Down through cyber space
And and and send
Santa Claus through the computer
Through the computer
Through the computer
Santa Claus came through your computer
Each and every year
Cause daddy has a brand new computer
Just for you this year
Yes daddy gave me a brand new computer
For everybody to see this year

And now here is my funny jingle bells 2020

Dashing through the year
Was the covid 19
Yes the coronavirus has been making
Everybody sick
Victoria copped it bad
And footy started and finished late
I was unhappy that Richmond and storm won but at least Christmas will be cool
Jingle bells jingle bells
Party on at home
Covid 19 is keeping all the people from having fun yeah
Jingle bells jingle bells
Please find a vaccine
So we can go out and party again
Without worrying about touching
You see when you take the kids
To see good ole Santa Claus
You have to book online
And social distancing
So what you have to do
Is stand back and say to Santa
I want a book and a toy to play with
And then get our photo taken
Jingle bells jingle bells
Santa still will come
Covid 19 is really bad
But it doesn’t spoil the hype
Jingle bells party on
At home to be safe
Singing Christmas carols on YouTube mate
Party party party yeah

That was covid jingle bells and now here is
We wish you a merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
We wish you a merry Christmas
In these covid 19 times
The party will still be on
No matter what is on
We wish you a merry Christmas
In the covid 19 year
Party on dudes

Thanks and I will see ya next time
You see I am feeling tired and off
To ****** bed I have a Christmas party
With ***** to soothe my head
But what I actually see is
People partying everywhere
You see I was having an alcohol
All over my fucken eggnog
Like I saw a chocolate
Getting stuck in my arteries
You see I miss my dad but I. Know
He is with David and Lisa yeah
I am singing we’re not going to take it
With a bourbon in my hand
I sing tomorrow from Annie
Yes I feel really fucken rad
I watch reruns of Becker
Seinfeld and everybody loves Raymond
They celebrate Christmas differently
To normal family shows
I like watching Halloween shows
I love to scare my brother
But sometimes when I scare him
It backfires on me
I want to do singing
Learning songs I like to sing
I want to teach the world to sing
I was drinking with my mate Paul berenyi
Floating around the solar system together
And I welcomed Jeanie little to the cosmos
With her oh darling flaming attitude
She will be missed
My Nsnna really loved her
Now she sings occasionally on YouTube
As J R R
I put my Christmas tree up
Right near my teddy bears
You see I get up from my comfortable bed
To sleep sitting down
I see my friend lucky Scott daxton
Giving me a big frown
I was bad back then
And sometimes my mind tells me
That I should just try and relax
And sometimes sweat my lungs out
I watch shameless and it teaches me a lot
Of how people can get when they drink
Too much alcohol well I am glad I gave up
I sang you never care for secrets I confide
You see I was an ornament to my old trainers Facebook page
He pushed me hard and took my sugar
I found it very hard
But all he cared for was
Making him look good
I want things to go well
For me like they did in 2010
Everyone has baggage though
And I don’t want to have bad baggage on me
I want to learn jingle bells
And all I want for Christmas is you
And we sing let it snow let it snow
I Like silent night
And today I learned to learn songs starting with A B of flaming C
I am Brian Allan I like Bryan Adams
His name sounds like mine
I wish people treated me well
So I. could sleep longer rather than get up at two
Party party party with all the dead
I don’t believe in death though
Just passing from old life to new life
Joe Biden
Thank you for electing me your president
Donald trump
Thank you for giving me the golf course
Joe Biden
I will help America get you through this pandemic
Donald trump
I don’t care as long as I can play golf
Joe Biden
I will support Obama care like what used to happen
Donald trump
Playing golf helps me
Joe Biden
I will support the United States of America
Donald trump
As long as I play golf I will be supported
Donald trump
Who cares I don’t want to concede defeat
I prefer to play golf
Just play golf
Fake news as won
Nov 2020 · 48
I was a drunken rebel
Having fun having fun
Having so much fun
Not breaking any laws
Opening many doors
Yes I am having fun
You see I wanna be a video streamer
I prefer it to a cleaner
It has a life I want to have
I have got a new bed
For Margaret John and Greg
But they don’t want it
So I will use it rest my young fresh leg
Party up in the solar system yeah
I used to be a rebel
Nearly getting kicked out of my house
For bad language
And I know how it feels to be not wanted
But now I have my teddies
On my cupboard and in my bedding
Yes I am cool oh yeseree
I watch shameless cause it is about
A poor family with an alcoholic dad
You see I occasionally was like him
Bit o was trying to be young
And I had a lot of fun
With my party on dude kinda ways
Glenn Johnston never never cared
About my future goals
Unless they had something to do with
Fitness oh yeah
To him I was an ornament
On his Facebook page
You see he pushed me hard
Even if I lost weight
He’ll make me lose more
It was such a pain ya see
You see I won a medal
For losing the most weight
But I would prefer to win
An award in relations to my art
He said to always run
And he never cared
And he only did support worker
For the money yeseree
All he really cared about
How good it made him look
Like one of his clients
Was actually doing well
I am glad Glenn is in gaol
Because he was a ****
Never cared for my future goals in work
He probably said it was unfair
That I was getting help
While he had to figure it out for himself
But he wanted to push discipline into you
To make me fully functional oh yeah
I hate that ****** ****
Glenn Johnston needs to change
Because he has no right to
Push discipline especially
When he doesn’t follow it himself
You see being perfect was his game
But that isn’t my game
******* ya ****
Nov 2020 · 66
Tantrum throwing trump
Donald trump is a
Baby baby really bad baby
When he throws a tantrum
If he loses an election
You see an election should
Be chosen by peoples votes
But if good old Donald trump
Doesn’t get his way
He just throws a tantrum like a baby
But if you must know
Babies are cute
Donald trump isn’t cute
He is a pain in the ***
He should graciously accept defeat
Like a real adult
At least he would say that if he wins
That man is a baby
A real right wing **** of a baby
And the problem is he is even more like
A baby when he gets his republican friends
To join in
Baby baby Donald trump is a baby
Throwing a tantrum
Complaining about life
What a ****** baby
Why not accept joe Biden is the bigger man
But tromp will never accept that
Anyone is bigger than him
He is a baby a tantrum throwing baby
Get over it trump
Biden is just too good
You see Donald trump is dangerous
And gives no **** for the poor
He wants to scrap Obama care
And show em the ****** door
But people are suffering
Underneath Donald trump
Yes oh yes they are
Heal the world
Vote Donald trump out
Vote for Biden because he is better
And life would be good with him
The poor are suffering
Really suffering mate
Heal the world from Donald trump
You see his hat said
Make America great again
But under Donald trump
America isn’t really that great
You see George Floyd died
Because of his ****** laws
Make the world a better place
By getting rid of Donald trump
He doesn’t understand Covid
By telling people
To inject disenfectant into your veins
And said he was only joking
And telling people to take
A drug for Milleria
And nobody is social dinstincing
At all his rallies
You see his crazy promise
A world free of covid
Keep telling us he wants a vaccine
In 2 months
You shouldn’t promise things like that
As a president
Heal the world
Get rid of Donald trump
He is America’s most dangerous president
Vote the ******* out
Vote for Biden
If you want the truth
Come on Donald trump *******
You see I have problems saying
I don’t want to talk to people
Because I so badly want friends
To talk to and today I found it hard
To talk to Daniel (the messiah) Sanderson
Because he is very negative
And up in nirvana my previous lives Graeme Thorne and footballer Albert Waldron are pushing really bad anxiety into his brain and making me buy fish oil
To calm mine to make me deal with mine better than him and today his phone calls are very boring because I think he fucken wants me to fucken help him but when I first met him I showed him I wasn’t into his kind of anxiety and lately the messiah every day was thinking of killing himself by going to bstehaven to drown and Greene Thorne who was a cool kid said, we need to bring Daniel away from me and Albert said he hates footy and my current life wants to help him get to a better life so we will give me a panic attack and then after that I get rid of the panic attack in a way that the messiah doesn’t understand so he prefers to talk to another friend about it and I don’t understand his sudden mood but I do know that greame and Albert are pushing my anxiety out of me which was caused by him indefinitely and hopefully the messiah doesn’t hate me for it but I never want his anxiety problems because he is a loser
I am taking two fish oils a day to hopefully calm it and hopefully Graeme and Albert will get the anxiety away from the messiah
But I don’t really care if he doesn’t want to talk to me before he dies
Yes Graeme and Albert’s plan worked
To hopefully calm my anxiety by making his worst
I feel like
Someone is sitting on me
Pushing me down
So I don’t feel relaxed
I want Patrick Enright
To leave me alone
To stop pushing me down
I want to feel cool
I want to feel relaxed
I want to have fun
Sometimes I feel it is my hooligan
Going from giving me itchy feelings
But suffocating my body
I feel Patrick is pushing the
Hooligan into me
Sometimes I feel
It is the fact that it is my cholesterol
Which could be causing it
Or it could be old time hooligans
Pushing me down
When I hop into the shower
Patrick said you are stuck
You are losing your energy
I don’t want fucken old time hooligans
Pushing me down
It could by skin cancer I have on my lip
**** I will be glad to get that off my lip
You see it could also be me just having
A schitzophrenic panic attack
I feel like god is pushing me down
Everyone is giving me an anxiety attack
Please stop please stop please stop
I feel like I am going to drop my phone
Lord knows I dropped my glasses
I had to reach over as I am having
My panic attacks
I Brain is weak my hand is dropping
I feel like I will want to use the seroquel
To push it away
But I am not like frank Woodley
Saying the panic attack olympics
The suicidal javelin
Making having a panic attack
Being an Olympic sport
Sometimes I feel like
I was feeling like I did in 2004 and 2013
Both years I went to the psych ward
I was excercising and I had weird dillusions
In which I didn’t want to get rid of
I feel like saying
**** ******* DROP DEAD
I watch the Sheffield shield cricket
Where records are being broken every day
I sometimes feel like getting a panic attack
When my carer always quotes me
Like when I say a family of musicians
Is just like mine
He will say did they put a guitar in your hand and play it
I said there are other reasons why
They are like my family
Politicians are driving me crazy
The coronavirus is driving me crazy
End of next year is the possible start to the vaccine but there is no proof the vaccine has been found
Trainers telling you to go to bed early
But deep down he just wanted to
Stay up and play with the kids
And now he is in gaol
Suffering oh suffering
But he needs to change
He needs to learn that talking to kids online
Is wrong
Very very wrong
Last night I watched Halloween concerts
You see covid can’t stop people from having fun @ Halloween
Please stop pushing me down
Oct 2020 · 69
The cops
The cops
Never view me
Like I view me
The cops
Treat me like a criminal
Not knowing that I am a good family person
The cops
I know they deal with all sorts of people
But why do they treat me like a criminal
The cops
I try and view life through their eyes
But they view me as a baddie
The cops
Try and figure out why I turned my feet
To try and avoid them
Why can’t they arrest real crooks
The cops
I know I have to be careful
If I want a job in live streaming
Because they could arrest me
The cops
I view life like them
But they view me like a poor mentally ill
The cops
I know I made mistakes
But I still want to be good
The cops
I try to watch highway patrol
To do the right thing
So I don’t get fines
The cops
They might not know it
But I respect the cops
Because they are just doing their job
But I ain’t a criminal
I try and not swear at the cops
Cause really the only people who do that
Are alcoholics druggies and the guilty
The cops
Just help the cops arrest the bad people
I want to feel cool
I have a lot of fun
I might have a fat belly
But I still can love life
I don’t want to be like
The other mentally ill
Or intellectually disabled people
I just want to be a normie
I want to just sit there doing my art ya see
And lift myself up so easily
Even if I am big ya see
I want to have some energy
I want to be the kind of person
That doesn’t have problems
I watched the French family
On YouTube and Facebook
They are a singing family
Who loves life through their voices
It reminds me of my family
When I was young
Sonny reminds me of my brother Chris
And the parents remind me of my parents
And the young girl reminds me of myself in a way where she enjoys doing
Quarantine concerts
When I fall asleep on my sofa bed
I want to relax on the bed like a little girl
I remember my friend Patrick
He was a top friend but he just works
And goes to music concerts
I take cholesterol meds and vitamins
So why do I feel heavy
I want to feel young
I know I ain’t young anymore
But at the end of the day
I like the life I have
I don’t want to feel heavy
I get vibes that when I get my skin cancer
Removed I could die and wait till the
Messiah dies and then get reincarnated
As twins where we could do anything and feel fitter
I hate peoole who push negativity into my brain
I don’t want people pushing me down
Like I am a fat shy person
I try and be regular
I do I do I really really do
I was walking in the street
And i saw a policeman walking past
He said hi how are going
I just ignored him
The policeman wasn’t happy with that
And he stopped me saying
You must be polite
You must answer when you are spoken too
If you want to relax just go home
You see that building there
That is a Psyxhiatric centre
And because you weren’t  polite
I think you should go there don’t you
I  said *******
Are you kidding me
I am scared of the psych ward
I don’t want to go there for this
And the policeman picked
Me up and off to the psych ward
For not being polite
I didn’t talk to any nurse there
I was *******
I like halloween parties
I like to have some fun
But I never get to have
Parties like that
Because I don’t work
I would think it would be fun
And dressing up can be fun
And drinking red cordial punch
With Lolly snakes as worms  
Really makes it so Devine
I don’t want to be alone
But I am too old to have ***
I don’t want people thinking I want ***
Very hard to believe
I had ****** thoughts in 2013
I was sexually frustrated so I went to the psych ward
But when I was in there
I was telling everyone
I wanted to put my artwork on the walls
To brighten up the place a bit
And I wanted to help in the celebrations
Of parties for Xmas Halloween and Easter
And I would be dressed up as the Easter bunny
Yes I think that will be so cool
I know they are kids holidays
But it will be ****** fun oh yeah
Just good food and drinks but no beer
Because alcohol sounds so bad
I would like to have a lot of fun
And dress up as people you know
Put a devil mask on
And a coloured wig and ****
And a pitch fork to say
Oct 2020 · 47
Bad day at the footy
Richmond ****
Richmond ****
The only reason why they won tonight
Because the umpire was going for them
Like match fixing or player doping
Because why would a team who
Has been on top all year lose
The preliminary final
You see port were attacking great
But they weren’t taking marks
When they needed to
It was like storm bearing raiders
The losers might as well not
Been in this game
I hope the Brisbane lions best Geelong
Tomorrow and Penrith beat Souths
But it was frustrating that raiders
And port lost after such a good season
Oct 2020 · 48
I was well
I was well
When I had Foxtel in my flat at the back
Of my parents house
I did volunteer work and I went on bush walks with leap frog adventures
And I did performing arts
I was talking to people on the bus
I was well
I was happy and as soon as I started to power walk I started doing things wrong
I thought the police were going to look at me as being a great volunteering man
Who wanted to work in a good job
I could do it I just needed to relax at the end of the day and watch Foxtel
And I killed the cat and the police were looking down on me saying I did something wrong and I need to be punnished and I wanted people to understand I wasn’t a criminal
But that is what they treated me like
And I stayed there for 4 weeks and I got out
And I was saying weird things but I didn’t really want to be as sick as I was
And I got back into volunteer work and 3 years later I moved out but I had no Foxtel
So I had to watch shows on free to air
And I did and after that I got iiNet internet and it was like Foxtel and I enjoyed it but I had a negative friend even when I worked I tried to ignore him and started working 3 days a week and I was working at ainslie village and on construction sites and actew and I loved being a working man but I was running to and from work and doing art in front of the television and after a while I was throwing everything out of the balcony because I was hearing voices and the police put me in the paddy wagon and off to the psych ward where people treating me like I was an idiot and renald told them I like doing art which I did in there and some girl held a plastic fork to my arm and people said if I come to the psych ward I have to cope with the problems and everyone wasn’t very helpful with me
Never again but I could have those problems again if I don’t get help
I was well
Oct 2020 · 50
I am cute
I reckon I am kinda cute
I love to watch the AFL
And support teams that
Don’t often win that game
I like to watch Sydney v Carlton
And I say Sydney Sydney Sydney
Or Carlton Carlton Carlton
And when Adam Goodes scores a goal
I used to say onya goodsey
Now if Eddie betts scores a goal
I say onya bettsy
I used to sit there with teddy bears
As a collection item
I liked drinking lots and lots Coca Cola
And I used to say free instead of three
Saying I was cute
I liked tony lockett when he played for the swans I said well done plugger
And Barry hall took Lockett’s place
I said good onya bazza
Punch that other player
Mind you I don’t like bazza punching
I think he had alien hand syndrome
I wanted to help the homeless
Get a home cooked meal
Or have a home in a hotel
With round the clock dental and medical work
I like young kids who love to perform music going to meet and greets with their fans
I like making sure my washing is up to date
And my washing is done
I love to wear a Canberra Raiders top
And if they make the grand final
I used to go to their club to watch the game and cheer on the team with their fans
I have two adorable Neices Caitlin and Susan
Who love what they can out of life
I like bindi Irwin and her brother Robert
How they love animals saying they are just like humans
I cheer on the brumbies
To win the super 15
And even if the wallabies have no chance on winning I still like it if they fluke one
But I don’t like cheating
Cheaters never prosper
I love my life too much to **** myself
But I find it hard with people who talk about killing them selves
I think medication can soothe you
And help you get better
I love to be loud because that prevents yot
From being taken by people
I have false teeth because I acted like a kid
I think overall I am cute
Yes Brian Allan is cute
Able to get a women in minutes
If I could change the negativity that comes out of my friend Daniels mouth I would
I would make sure he wouldn’t feel that people are doing things with his food
I would make the hospitals give him operations to make his eyes better
I would make some people keep their religious and political beliefs to themselves
I would make the television stop talking to him like bert newton waving at him and saying the hovel that you live in
I would make him feel the people aren’t laughing at him as he says something on the computer
I would make him not feel That something bad will happen when he does something artistic because art therapy is great
I would make him feel that the liberal party won’t play with the phones when we are talking
I would make him enjoy the lifestyle he likes to do
I would make him not believe it would be cool if everyone likes the same thing, we need everyone to be different
I would invent a happy pill to make him
Not have all this
So he won’t feel like swimming in batehaven to the deep water so he will drown
I want to help him make him positive
But it is hard
I had it all made before Glenn my trainer
Came along
I finally got Canberra to respect I like to party
And I finally got Canberra to respect me as a person
No, I had it all made before Glenn my trainer came along
I watched the wallabies even if they lose
I cheered for the raiders with cool people
And if they won I would be happy
I still like to exercise
But the cool people liked everything I did
But when Glenn my trainer came along
He said shape up
Write proper stories
Don’t be lazy
Walk quickly don’t walk slow
No, I had it made
I was able to make Canberra realise
That there is nothing wrong with being lazy
Especially on a Sunday
And Glenn my trainer treated me like a robot
To make me a fully functioning human being
I don’t want to be a fully functioning human being
I go on the bike 15 minutes at a time
But Glenn my trainer made me do
41000 steps a day
And I refused because I am not a machine
Yes, I had it made before Glenn my trainer came along
I did what I wanted to do
Yes today I do my exercises
And I can have fun
But I want people to like me for what I am
As opposed to the fully functional human being that Glenn my trainer wanted me to be
I tell you I had it made
Oct 2020 · 39
Chicken burger anxiety
Chicken burgers fries and coke
And after that you have a smoke
You are a very big dope
Eating chicken burgers fries and coke
Every day seems the same
Some young people say your lame
But they go to KFC
To get a chicken burger just for me
Bidney Bidney bidney
Is what I em saying tonight
And if my team losss
They won’t go down
Without a fight
Watching cricket
Feeling rad
Chicken burgers
Are a fad
Watching Beethoven for his birthday
I am a man you are a kid
I know more than you ever did
About what to eat at restaurants yeah
Even if it makes you fat
You don’t care
Chicken chicken chicken
Burgers fries and coke
Stops anxiety yes it does
Unless you are a negative man
I don’t really think that looking up
Is worth going to the psych ward for
You see the psych ward is like prison
And I hate the sight of the place
If you sit in the foyer
Doing your writing
People threaten to rip it all up
No looking up isn’t psych ward material
Even if it is anxiety
And pushing on your brain
Just do art or watch cricket mate
Or watch YouTube live streams
If you feel anxious I will feel
People are out to get me
I feel I could get robbed
Even if I don’t get robbed outside
So when I feel anxiety coming
I do art I drink water
I watch sport I do writing
To get bad thoughts out of my head
Just write anxiety out of me
And then try and relax
If it is hard to relax mate
Just tie yourself to your bed
And squeeze the anxiety out of your body
But try not to squeeze hard enough to ****
Just pretend the evil spirits get on you
And hold for a short ransom
Please don’t send please don’t send
Me to the psych ward
Because I am too cool for that place
Even if looking up could send me there
We are the mighty Canberra Raiders
We got revenge on the roosters yeah
It was only 22-18 by 4 points
But our performance was totally rad
I haven’t seen the raiders
Play like this since 1994
They are the best
They put the roosters to the test
Yes the mighty green machine yeah
We are up against the storm next week
For a place in the grand
Who will win who will win
Well, I hope the raiders do
Cause they are playing good
Raiders clap clap clap
Raiders clap clap clap
Raiders clap clap clap
The roosters don’t Knos what hit em
Go the mighty green machine
An emotional heartfelt win
Congrats Canberra Raiders
Oct 2020 · 36
Don’t fall for scammers
I want o work
But people are trying to
Treat me like easy meat
Like one fucken **** tried
To get my bank details
And I stupidly gave them to him
Because he said he was from
ACTEW but I know now
And I will never make that
Mistake again
I should say that I might find it
Hard in a job because people
Will think I am easy meat
A target to tease
Once I gave a 14 year boy
A packet of smokes
And the owner of the shops
Was tearing strips off me
And the boy
Well he was just having fun
Teasing me
Like these stupid scammers on
Phone they here having fun
Teasing me too
Everyone is teasing me
Everyone is making my life
I never get phone calls from
Friends just scammers
Never give your bank details
To scammers
They won’t get my money
Cause my account is frozen
Till I get a letter
But I heard so many people get caught up
Next time I say
I am mr gobbly goop
And I am the mayor
Of your fantasy planet you live in
Thru will never beat me
And tomorrow I wanna get up
To watch the marlins play
At 5am
Please leave me alone teasers
My friend Daniel Sanderson was annoying me, ya know wanting to **** himself in November and I did nothing to stop him because of his short fuse he has about his ****** life so every night I went to the spirits of my previous lives and started to wonder how can I understand Daniel because even if he wants to end his life I would miss him, so last Thursday my previous life Graeme Thorne really got inside Daniels head with a very strong anxiety attack and the next day he was in the psych ward and I want him to be ok even if he has eye problems and overweight and let’s not forget the problems with his knee and I know I can’t live In the past when we were all younger but I just don’t want him to **** him self
Because he says mentally ill people can’t
Change the world
Be who they want to be
Have big groups of friends
Etc etc etc
Just because he doesn’t
And I wanted him to stop talking about
Doing the cowards way out by killing himself
But I need to understand him
But best of all I want him to get the help he needs
I don’t think I am the psych ward type
Because I love my life too much to want
To **** myself
I am not visiting him
Just talking on the phone to him
Covid and I don’t want him to drag me down
I thank Graeme for giving him enough anxiety to get the help he needs
i like watching youtube
but not shows that i hate
people tried to convince me to get netflix
to make my life so good
so now i am sharing it with my mum
and i gave her the money
i watched shows like
good witch
*** education
the ranch
one day at a time
fuller house
dear white people
mr iglesias
and a movie titled night school
and many many more
netflix is very good
the shows are great
and it gets me away from the crap
on free to air television and for sport i have kayo
where i can watch
Indian premier league cricket
BBL and WBBL CRICKET women and men
Aleague soccer
rugby union
basketball NBA NBL
you see i get good use out of netflix and kayo
and way cheaper than FOXTEL
i am a cool adult, man
i am feeling cloggy
very very cloggy
probably because everything
i expect much more
than there actually is
like i like the 70s and 80s jive
and i find it hard to like anything different
i like christmas
but mainly the well-known carols
and unfortunately i view a youtube video
which raves about Jesus
i know christians believe he is the
reason for the day
but i think that they should keep
downgrading hymns out of christmas
we need something uplifting
ya know like lifting our spirits in the air
ya know i need to hear great
christmas music like

jingle bell rock
all i want for christmas is you
let it snow
jingle bells
silent night
it's beginning to look a lot like christmas
christmas by the pool
away in a manger
many more poppy non preaching like carols

and i like the 70s and 80s bands and singers like

bay city rollers
def leopard
cold chisel
dire straits
three dog night
alice cooper
robert palmer
ole '55
the seekers
sister sledge
noise works
dead or alive
boy george and the culture club
and a lot of great performers after that era like
alfie boe
guy sebastian
the offspring
bonnie anderson
and many more know thee are a lot more from those
eras but i just chose a few
yes it is me GROWING OLD
but i am still hyp
Thoughts go out for the family of
William wall
As he was taken by trapper whilst on his run
William had great hopes and dreams
As well as being fit
Trapper grabbed him on his run
Please Buddha and Cronus
Help his family give him a great send off
To show of how much of a treasure he was
Rally round the family to show how much you care
Send William to his next life where he will live out his dreams
Don’t let what trapper did to him stop him from being the best version of himself in his next life
Rest In Peace little fellow
Help me fight trapper
So no more people suffer
I like going out to have a good time
But I would like to actually have
A good time doing wholesome
Family stuff
I don’t want to and I quote
Be bored and lonely
Because the people who say that
Are phedophiles
And if they don’t have a family
Of their own they will groom
Kids online
Which I find are bad
A lot of people get mixed
Up doing bad things when they are
Young but I am starting to find
That a good wholesome family
Can be the cure of that
I hate the atmosphere of the
Psych ward
I hate gaol even more
And I hated my life as a child
Because a lot of times I nearly
Got myself kidnapped
Like I was locked in a room
Just for being a nice wholesome
Family kid
I did something wrong
And I paid my price
But I am not that same person anymore
I am too old to start a family
But I am too smart to
Groom kids online
I don’t talk to people
In the vlogs I watch them like tv
I used to party in nightclubs
Cause I loved the feel
But I was drifting away from family
And that wasn’t really any good
I want to be happy
I want to love my life
I don’t want to work at night
I am better working in the day
I used to meet up with bad people
When I did things at night
And in the psych ward
The doctors said
If I come here I have to cope
With the traumas of being in a place like that
I chose to follow Buddhism
Because I choose to believe
In coming back
Nobody can tell me to believe in other things
If it takes me away from coming back
I don’t want to do stupid things
Despite my love for partying
But that can lead me down
The garden path
Mate it really can
But I choose family events
Not because I like to perv or anything
I just find them entertaining
I watch the voice with my mum
And I play Yahtzee with mum and her friend
I have a love of teddy bears
Yes I am very much a nut
I live my life to fullest
I love Christmas carols
I go to as many as I want
Not to perv on the young
Just to sing the carols
It is a cool night out
This coronavirus has stopped
All the fun people can do
But I can still watch the sport on kayo
Footy baseball cricket etc
I am cool
Find a vaccine to bring my fun back to me and stop me from being as I quote bored and lonely
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