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Joann Rolleston Jan 2015
What a year its been
The best job I've ever had
Attitude changing
Belief evolving
I can do it
Yes I can
Excited at this years prospects
What will I achieve
Its a mystery
And completely up to me ...
Joann Rolleston Nov 2014
Armageddon Auckland
Thanks now stalking
Yoda anything
Motion sensor
6 phrases
Glowing sabre
Cute and small
Tough as guts
Gentle Wise, Nuts
Anythings possible
Just gotta believe
Be positive
This is the Force
Of Course ...
feel the force, believe in yourself, reach for the stars
Joann Rolleston Sep 2014
It dawns on me sometimes when we talk
I hear, the noise turns white merging with the bird song
I listen, order in chaos a pattern emerges
I know, magma tears a way to the surface
I understand, creating form where there was none
I yearn, whats past, whats next
You give me conscience
Substance and Meaning
whats it all about??
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Oh Vodafone
Good at the sell
Good at the buy
Upsell galore
Pie in the sky
While in the hold
A customer waits
Too late now
We took the bait
The hassle of switching
But hassle I will
I'm sick of *******
I'm not a *****
I do my total best
Treat others as I wish
But my patience is worn
Your integrity torn
Theres no coming back
Customer service slack
I'm not locked in
No contract pain
I'm taking my cash
To give to someone else
goodbye vodafone, i'm shopping around, it wasn't even about the cheapest deal, it was a balance of deal and service and well, hate to say the service sux.
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Get outta my face
My chest My throat
I've had enough
Feeling sorry for myself
I want a deep breathe
A cough free night
I want to go to work
Not used to this ****
I'll ride it out
No choice about that
I have to be tough
This is really rough
I'll pray to the Gods
You'll leave me alone
Bring back normal
Dumb zombie zone ...
haven't been sick in years, flu kicked me in the **** big time, soooo over it ...
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Back to my old ways
The old days
Life was simple
kids were little
Cooking for family
Sweet in purpose
Prime and reason
Family time best
Around the table
Struggle street
It was okay
Ends were met
Some days difficult
Love to play
Keep kids busy
Wear them out
Till lights out
Goodnight kids
Sleep tight
Sweet dreams
School tomorrow
You will be busy
I watch you sleep
Peaceful and sweet
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
The 3 of us
Its always been that way
1 year apart
We grew up together

The years pass us by
We're still the same
I treasure every moment
We get to share

We were little once
Used to fight heaps
Me and my sister
The oldest made peace

If that didn't work
She'd go tell Mum
In trouble heaps
With a smack on the ***

We'll sing the day away
As we've always done
30 years ago
Sitting in the sun

The same songs and more
Our kids adore
The magic we make
Will never bore

Now our grandkids play
Laze away the day
Enjoying one another
Living for today

1,2,3 is right for me
We'll be close forever
No matter the weather
I'll always love my sisters
the youngest of my sisters, i was the spoilt one, i play the guitar, we all sing along, its truly beautiful, i really love my sisters
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