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15.4k · Jul 2014
Yoda's safe in my house
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
So your wife doesn't like it
That's okay with me
I'll make a special place
For the whole world to see
My Yoda collection
Star Wars *******
Fits perfect in my house
Next to my piggy banks
And Womble mania
They make me happy
Because I believe
And that's all that matters ...
a few friends have beautiful sci-fi collections hidden away .. i say no to that .. give it to me if you can't find a better way to enjoy it .. i'm hoping anyway ..
10.5k · Jun 2014
Be grateful for every day
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Just think when you're sick of working
someones desperate for any job
someones got 4 jobs and still can't pay their bills

Just think when you're down
someones contemplating suicide
someones been diagnosed with terminal cancer

Just think when you're hungry
someones really starving
someones watching their child die

Just think when you're aching
someones yelling the pain is so much
someones screaming tortured for just being

Just think for a moment
step outside of yourself
for just 5 minutes
Be grateful for every single day
stop sulking about **** that doesn't matter
10.2k · Nov 2014
Yes Yoda!
Joann Rolleston Nov 2014
Armageddon Auckland
Thanks now stalking
Yoda anything
Motion sensor
6 phrases
Glowing sabre
Cute and small
Tough as guts
Gentle Wise, Nuts
Anythings possible
Just gotta believe
Be positive
This is the Force
Of Course ...
feel the force, believe in yourself, reach for the stars
10.0k · Jul 2014
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
You Greet me
Warm in glow
Smile so sincere
Cleanse my palette
Slice of sky
Mirage of heaven
Pure perfection
I will reflect your image
keeping it real, lose yourself in the moment
9.7k · Jul 2014
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Convoluted & Polluted
Distraught & Disjointed
Corrupted & Addicted
Emotion human condition

Toil & Deprivation
Choice & Inhibition
Arrogance & Suspicion
Make your self decision

Want & Understanding
Seek & Sophistication
Experience & Learning
All on the itinerary
its not simple but you will gt through it, we all battle on through each day
8.0k · Jun 2014
No Sugar ...
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
No Sugar, please don't leave !

I must, my time is up

But I love you, I can't live without you ...

There lies the problem ...

But there's a piece of you in every part of my life !

Are you deaf?

I don't care, you give me variety more than I can dream !

Then, you are stupid, you must be ...

I breathe the rush you give me, exhilarated I want more ...

Then, you are addicted ...

I can't live without you !

Don't blame me, I am but a plant ...

Will you at least visit?

That's up to you, it was never in my plan to **** you

What are you talking about sugar?

Exactly my point, see you later !
6.7k · Jun 2014
Star Wars pen
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
From the last Armageddon
Floating Yoda
How does he do that?
That's why I spent $12
To get him why
Cause he's just cool
Diary 2013
On sale last January
You take my thoughts
Scratch and scribble
Nonsense or dribble
With small pages
I write heaps
Of fumbling lyrics
Time to just do it
On my couch or the train
Thanks to you both
The sky's now the limit
I love you my Star Wars pen
5.6k · Jun 2014
Star wars pen ... the Sequel
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Star wars pen
Not again
Will you leave me alone
I count the sheep
I need to sleep
Its only 3 am

I hear you shout
I hear you beg
Is this in my head
Super whacky
Almost tacky
Awesome prattle said

Liberated empty head
Drain like a kitchen sink
You **** my words
A whole lot more
You really make me think

No more games
I care no more
Cause I went and brought you
I have no clue
What I will do
When I put your pen to paper
yoda rocks
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Now, the truth

Luke & Leia is this love
Thank God not the wrong kind
Siblings apart since birth
Together till the end of time

Darth vader concious
Dark, evil, twisted
Luring Luke innocent
No Luke! Don't do it!

Doesn't matter he's your Dad
Doesn't matter how sad
He doesn't give a hoot
Who on earth he shoots

Stormtrooper beware
Puppet of your master
You will be beaten big time
By a gorgeous little Ewok

Chewy & Han
You are the man
Milenium shoots them all
You saved the day
Kept Darth vader at bay
You saved our heros

Poor Han solid
In some ungodly squalor
Not the nicest end
Certainly not Han Solo's plan

Geez George ... really ...

Tin & metal
R2, See threepio
Nitter natter chatter
Lots of friendly banter
Cuter than buttons
You just wanna hug em

Jedi Knight Yoda
Played his part of course
Strong in force
He helped the cause
Although he has passed over

Goodness wins in the end
Good force takes the flag
Mighty, Epic, Timeless
And gloriously mad
star wars
3.7k · Jun 2014
Weight loss miracle?
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
The miracle weight loss pill ...
does help you lose weight, but keep it off what a joke
it doesn't change whats in your head
it doesn't give you the rush you need
when you're down

The miracle diet ...
does work for a while of course you lose weight
feels good you're eating healthy food
feels good that others notice and compliment you
then you plateau

The exercise machine ...
promises the world you too can be a hot model
you can do it just 3 minutes a day
you will transform into **** in weeks
then you stop

It takes much more than a few dollars
To turn your world inside out
To change the way you think
To change your lifestyle
Food is just food
Think about it like that
Try cutting out added sugar
Replace the bad takeaway with a good one
Do something small everyday
Remove all the effort
Its working on me
Day by day
I'm starting to fade away
don't be ****** in, change the way you think about food, good luck!
3.5k · Jun 2014
Sleep is grand ...
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Snuggled up
Warm and comfy
Sweet slumber
Under the covers
Best place ever
Dreaming ....
dream ...
drea ..
dre .
*** !!
.. almost fell off my seat
Cause I'm on the train
Not in my bed
Asleep ...
busy day, clock watching by the hour lastnight .. grrrh, roll on bedtime ..
3.3k · Jun 2014
I love the smell of kerosene
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
When I was 5 ...
Your kerosene heater .. I hated that smell ..
Your snoring .. kept me awake at night ..
Bathtime .. my ears hurt when you cleaned them with the rough flannel ..
Bathing in the river .. I was ashamed to be naked like you ..
Your teeth .. in a glass scared me ..
You had no mercy .. when on the hunt for head lice ..

Now I'm 45 ..
You had no mercy .. relentless, you got them all ..
Your teeth .. I keep mine in a glass in the bathroom ..
Bathing in the river .. unrestricted & one with nature, I get it ..
Bathtime .. your ears do get *****, I use a rough flannel too ..
Your snoring .. any snoring reminds me of you ..
Your kerosene heater .. the whiff of kerosene, my strongest physical memory of you .. I think of you .. now I love the smell of kerosene ..

Every cherished memory of my Grandmother, no detail forgotten, I will always love you Nan XOXO
2.5k · Jul 2014
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
I treasure your friendship
You make me laugh
I look for a gap
To give you a hard time
In the best possible way
I make you laugh too

If you're having a bad day
I'll tell you a joke
Or act like a clown
I'll make you laugh
You won't be upset long
If I have my way

If you need a hug
I'll happily oblige
If its real bad or real sad
I'll weep with you
Until you get through
I'll be there

We will share the load
Good, bad, happy or sad
This is friendship
like velcro, we are stronger together .. i love hanging with my friends .. life is richer through good relationships.
1.9k · Jul 2014
Get Up Sunshine!
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Oh Alarm clock
I do hate you
Beeh beeh beeh you go
Till stir and I get up

I don't do sweet music
Bells or the cute rooster
Cell phone just not loud enough
I really need a giant shove

Across the room you sit
Small in corner discreet
But at 6am you shout
And sometimes freak me out

I try to wake before you
Stumble corner fall over
If you didn't play your part
I'd be late for work and flustered

Thanks alarm clock I love & hate you
mostly not needed but i don't know what day that is ..
1.8k · Jun 2014
I hate haters
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
I don't really
You are reminding me, of what I don't want to be
I feel for you
I hope you'll snap out of it, for you, not me
I see you
So you're in my world, which isn't as bad as you think
Theres much worse
Places to be, you are just oblivious to it at the moment
Don't let it linger
You'll feel better, look better and attract positive energy
I walk away
I just don't want your energy right now, please feel some of mine
give what you want back
1.8k · Jul 2014
Waste not, Want not
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
What does that mean??
Consumer madness is where we live
So mad, we can make our waste just disappear
Like magic, **** its gone
In a hole ..
.. somewhere, who cares ..
On a hill top plateau ..
.. that used to be a valley, not that long ago
To a place to be dissected by strangers
.. who salvage everything they can
An invisible continent of floating plastic shame
Trapped in the rhythm of the Pacific
Out of sight out of mind
Strangling nature and her beasts
Who gave us this right
We actively recycle but to what end
Did we need to go there in the first place
Does this justify our madness
I think not ..
love mother nature, re-use everything and stop buying **** where there is no real need .. its up to you and me ..
1.4k · Jul 2014
Mighty Moaner
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Hello how are you?
I soon start to regret
I think I've triggered moody
Right into my lap

Blah blah blah and then ...
My eyes they're glazing over

Woe is me I'm thinking
Regretting my decision
I was being polite and friendly
Now I'm seeking freedom

Blah blah blah and then ...
You take my silence as agreement

Its not that I don't like you
I do really care about you
I'd love it if you stop talking
And realise silence is golden

Blah blah blah and then ...
I'm reaching my limit

I think God must be laughing
Patience lesson working
Although I wish he'd teach you
'Great' is the correct answer
got to love our moaning groaning friends ... some good people wear their hearts on their sleeves and really think you wanna know all about it, when you don't really ... but you love them anyway
1.3k · Jun 2014
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Took me a while to join
Had to learn all the security settings
I've heard about the weird on the net
I need to protect myself from all that ****
I won't friend you if I don't know you
If your not a family member
I'll ignore all random messages
And ads that give the universe
And all my friends I tell them
My mum is on my list
So take care with where you tag me
Or you could **** me off
Your loss I'll unfriend you
Just send me cool warm fuzzys
Thats what I call a buddy
Lolcat positivity
Affirmation awesome trippy
I f*cking love science
Mega Success stories
Against overwhelming odds
Photos of your son
Pet day at school with his lamb
Your new makeup
Your family outting
Theres no better way to keep in contact ...
facebook is cool
1.1k · Jul 2014
My Sisters
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
The 3 of us
Its always been that way
1 year apart
We grew up together

The years pass us by
We're still the same
I treasure every moment
We get to share

We were little once
Used to fight heaps
Me and my sister
The oldest made peace

If that didn't work
She'd go tell Mum
In trouble heaps
With a smack on the ***

We'll sing the day away
As we've always done
30 years ago
Sitting in the sun

The same songs and more
Our kids adore
The magic we make
Will never bore

Now our grandkids play
Laze away the day
Enjoying one another
Living for today

1,2,3 is right for me
We'll be close forever
No matter the weather
I'll always love my sisters
the youngest of my sisters, i was the spoilt one, i play the guitar, we all sing along, its truly beautiful, i really love my sisters
1.0k · Jun 2014
White bread gold
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
The last loaf in my freezer
The last I'll ever buy
I'll savour every crumb of it
Toast slap on the butter
And marmite mmmh sweet marmite
Worthy of an eye shut moment
Warm fuzzy .. Smile
Thakyou hello poetry
Free therapy for me
Purging my bad choices
But back to my moment
Im so happy right now sunshine
... damit .. marmite on my keyboard ... hahaha
952 · Jun 2014
Cancer says ...
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Hello Weakling
You are nothing
I won't discriminate
I'm not fussy
Anyone will do
I will ravage your senses
And destroy your mind
Bit by painful bit
I laugh in the face of your loved ones
Mock your feeble attempts to evict me
I will fool you
I sleep dormant
Then - I am reborn
This time with more stamina
I pick up the pace
I will take you down before I disappear

What are you going to do about it ?
find a cure, love those wit cancer
898 · Jun 2014
I am not disposable
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
I'm not beautiful
Or well-bred
I watched my brothers die
I thought I was dead

Saved by a stranger
Who showed that they cared
Wrapped in a blanket
Hungry and scared

Now I just wait
Unsure of my fate
Please come and get me
Its never too late
Nueter them if you love them
847 · Jun 2014
See a Hygenist
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Brush your teeth please
Do something listerine
Save up for a dentist
Or rip them out and get dentures

Totally inconsiderate
I think I'm gonna *****
I don't know whats worse
That or no deodorant

Why do I have to Poker face
Just to save you embarassment
This isn't your island private
Your on the train in public

Your space bubble is broken
I'm just about choking
Dam you good manners
I must behave and be decent

First world issue I know
A bit of a low blow
Now I write about it
So I can just forget it
837 · Jun 2014
Please don't apologise
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
If I hear ...
Your daughter outside screeching
I know she didn't blackmail you with her tantrum
You showed her you can't get your way all the time
She's learning it doesn't work like that

If I see you ...
Taking your daughter by the scruff
Dragging her from a bad news party
I praise you, she has no idea whats she's doing right now
You are keeping her safe

If I hear you ...
Remind your son he forgot his manners
Rude to the lady at reception for waiting too long
She is trying to help you
You are showing him honey will get you more than lemons ever will

If I see you ...
While I'm driving
Fumbling across the road toddler in hand
Pre-schooler behind
On your way to the park
You know what they need
And I think you're just awesome

Being a great parent is hardwork,
Never apologise for trying
You are my Hero
be a good parent
837 · Aug 2014
Go Away Flu
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Get outta my face
My chest My throat
I've had enough
Feeling sorry for myself
I want a deep breathe
A cough free night
I want to go to work
Not used to this crap
I'll ride it out
No choice about that
I have to be tough
This is really rough
I'll pray to the Gods
You'll leave me alone
Bring back normal
Dumb zombie zone ...
haven't been sick in years, flu kicked me in the **** big time, soooo over it ...
736 · Jul 2014
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Have to song along
Nothing I can do about it
About all words known
Motown ... bring it on

Years of chillin' in your space
No matter my age
I always keep pace
Drifting off ... to my soul filled place

All Great things
Visionaries started
Up to that point
No-one ... fussed over it

So masses they fought
Went out on a limb
Did their own thing
And we feel in love ... we did

Mentors of Inspiration
Gave birth to a legend
They set the standard
So we could ... humbly follow it

Thick skinned individuals
Seek the same goal
Of making music
To stir your soul ..

And the beat goes on ...
motown great music, hard stories sung with such sweet harmony
723 · Aug 2014
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Back to my old ways
The old days
Life was simple
kids were little
Cooking for family
Sweet in purpose
Prime and reason
Family time best
Around the table
Struggle street
It was okay
Ends were met
Some days difficult
Love to play
Keep kids busy
Wear them out
Till lights out
Goodnight kids
Sleep tight
Sweet dreams
School tomorrow
You will be busy
I watch you sleep
Peaceful and sweet
718 · Jul 2014
Goodnight Sweet Prince
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Your fragile soul
Shines like a beacon
You are vulnerable
And strong

Your trials temper you
You are a Knight
In shinning armor
This is what I see

Time will pass
Just get through today
Then tomorrow
You will feel power

If you lay down
Let it be brief
For you Will Not
Be defeated

Now rest dear Lad
More quests await
This is your fate
Goodnight Sweet Prince!
my new friend ryan, so many trials for such a young man .. yet he radiates kindness.  be strong my friend
709 · Jul 2014
My Mum
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
I had the best day
Hanging out with my Mum
Took her grocery shopping
A month overdue
2 hours in the supermarket
What a mission
Trailing behind
Pushing the trolley
Her in front
Holding the list
Crossing it off
Oops I forgot this
Two aisles back
So we turn around
Go back to look
Until we find
After the third time
I'd had enough
Mum give me the list please
I grab it and scan
To check whats where
I make a plan
A small fortune later
We go to the car
Its raining hard
I tell her to get in
I carefully arrange
So it won't fall out
When we get home
She goes inside
And starts to unpack
I mule the packages and bags
To her bench
I read my poetry and stories
Shes happy
She loves it
She cooks me lunch
Nice one Mum
We'll do it again
Only this time
I'll hold the list
Love shopping with my Mum, shes so sweet and classy
700 · Jun 2014
Don't be a weak link
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
If your moma told you it was all flowers
She was lying
There is so much bad
Its easy to succumb
And lose yourself
We all do sometimes
You must decide
Live it everyday
Pave your way
Because no-one else will
What do you want around you
Choose carefully
We only get so many
We have limited time
Use it wisely
live learn & prosper
636 · Jun 2014
What do you choose
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Lose your job
your family
your wealth
your mind
How important is that red BMW

Lose your Mum
your Dad
your son
your daughter
your life
Yet you haven't talked to your brother in years

Lose your doubt
your inhibition
your excuse
your fear
your suspicion
You may achieve greatness, you may get to where you've dreamed

What do you choose
635 · Jun 2014
Gorgeous little man
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Hanging out my washing
On my front porch
My new neighbours go to their car
Little man in tow
He sees me, I see him and smile
Hey mum. look theres an old lady
I chuckle and hear an embarassed Sorry !
I say, No worries, thats cute !
They say what they see
The wisest words said can come
From the smallest mouths
I love you little man
And all like you
I will lay my life on the line if I had to
Yet I don't even know you're name
You hold my future in your little hands
You are our future so I'd better make sure
I do the best that I can
love all kids
626 · Jun 2014
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Train platform
Have you met
A thousand strangers
Destination not yet

Young old fat bold
Man woman
Same place stand
Day in Day out
But weekend

Train conductor smile
Ahead makes Greet
Genuinely nice
How sweet

Look blank stare
Etiquette dictate
Train Sit
Peace but one
Mother to son
Aah headphone
Peace for me
Melody sweet
Head space
I can do this
write on the train
620 · Feb 2015
Essence of me
Joann Rolleston Feb 2015
I walk in the steps of my ancestors
They paved the way
They laid the foundation
Of who I am

When I talk I echo them
I act to honor them
With enduring spirit
That is the core of my being

I do not stand alone
I represent with pride
Steadfast in my goal
To achieve greatness

Lest I forget
Who I am
I evolve I grow
That is the essence of me
What I believe gives me strength, the power of my forefathers will live on forever, I will make sure of that.
611 · Jun 2014
My Cat Pog
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Every morning
Every night
You're always there
I miss you already
Dread the day you won't be here
I'll be heartbroken, grieving
A few kilometres away

You've kept me calm
When my days were dark
A physical reminder everything will be alright
You'll promise me I can find another friend
To unconditionally love me
And always be there

Until then you are the Queen of this realm
Everything  I can give you
To enjoy without a care
Sitting there in bliss
Watching the birds in the sun
To never know hunger, thirst or fear

I will hug you, play with you
As much as I can
I will protect you
Take care of you
Its the least I can do
You're my very best friend
I'll always love you
i love my cat
570 · Jan 2015
Hate is optional ...
Joann Rolleston Jan 2015
I hate you for being here
I hate the way you look
I hate what you believe
I hate who you believe in
I hate that I have to change
I hate that I must give you space
I hate that you are offended by my speech
I hate that others react because I joke
I hate that they are not you
I hate not being in control
I hate you for being here
the world is changing, we are now universal beings, we must evolve, we must move on or we are stuck in hate, hate is optional
569 · Jul 2014
Old school Phone
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
Photos are best
Way less pixels
I like the best
I hate photos
Flash phone camera
I hate the detail
Everything captured
So for the profile
Photos I use
My old school phone
I feel uplifted
Snap I'm taken
Look golden smile
I am happy ...
not photogenic, i hate photos, now its so easy i've had to get used to it
565 · Aug 2014
Vodafone grhhh !!!
Joann Rolleston Aug 2014
Oh Vodafone
Good at the sell
Good at the buy
Upsell galore
Pie in the sky
While in the hold
A customer waits
Too late now
We took the bait
The hassle of switching
But hassle I will
I'm sick of *******
I'm not a *****
I do my total best
Treat others as I wish
But my patience is worn
Your integrity torn
Theres no coming back
Customer service slack
I'm not locked in
No contract pain
I'm taking my cash
To give to someone else
goodbye vodafone, i'm shopping around, it wasn't even about the cheapest deal, it was a balance of deal and service and well, hate to say the service sux.
548 · Jun 2014
You Loser
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Its easy to be a *****
Act like a big ****
You thrive on stirring ****
Cause you're completely full of it

You bore me now go away ...
547 · Jun 2014
Don't be a victim
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
In the extreme, totally not on
Beating someone senseless on the brink of death
For terrorising someone to the point of breaking
Beating or neglecting an animal in your care
The small **** voice inside me says
You deserve the same

Although it would take a worse person
To serve that justice ...

My primary voice says
On a simpler level
At the beginning of it all
When you are a child
Do not invest in it
Do not give it power
Do not tolerate it
Even if its not directed at you
You can do that

We need to teach our kids
To believe in themselves
Don't lie down and take it
We can all be strong
Even if you're physically weak
Self belief in words said is a powerful tool
That parts up to you ...
don't be a victim, be strong, you can do it!

a friend posted a photo on my facebook, beautiful 6 year old girl holding a sign 'i was bullied for wearing glasses, like if you agree bullying is wrong', Of course I think bullying is wrong, but I also think victim mentality is wrong, I was about to like when I thought again ... and wrote this poem ...
538 · Jan 2015
Happy New Year
Joann Rolleston Jan 2015
What a year its been
The best job I've ever had
Attitude changing
Belief evolving
I can do it
Yes I can
Excited at this years prospects
What will I achieve
Its a mystery
And completely up to me ...
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Yes thats me, I'm that momma ...

Spit on hankee, hankee on finger, up in your face
In front of your mates
Cause you didn't wash your face
I don't care, I washed my face

Stand up tall, strong and proud
You're a man now
Not broken or neglected
Hungry or rejected

If I ride you
Its coz I know you can do it
I know if my Mum didn't do that to me
I'd be half the person

You are not a *****
You are not a wussy
Get off the couch
Don't live a virtual life
Get real and just live it

I told you life is tough
You have to go and get it
I don't care
If you're a doctor or burger flipper
Do it well ... whatever

My son said to me .. They're all ******* Mum
To which I said .. You know what they say when
Everyone else is an ******* aye son ...

I love you Mum
I love you too Son ... more than you'll ever know !
i love my boys
513 · Jun 2014
Tick tock
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
One cell
One cell more
Tick tock
More and more
Complete reliance
Define me
This is me
I feel time move
I change
The world has changed
I leave
Bit by bit
Tick no more
make the most of every minute
508 · Jun 2014
Lonely hearts
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
Say it to my face
Not online
Oh you can't
Then just stop
It's that simple
Isn't it?
Validate yourself
On the back
Of someones pain
You're pathetic
I don't know you
That's great
You don't deserve
My time
or My effort
You deserve
What you get
What is that again
Oh that's right
I don't care ...
fight negativity & wasted space
487 · Jul 2014
Smart phone blues
Joann Rolleston Jul 2014
No buttons
Grrh I screech
Auto spell dam
This is madness
Someone save me
Before I smash it
Change the settings
Big keyboard
If I were a smurf
It would be perfect
But I'm not
Get with the game
Yes I'm insane
You won't beat me
You are a machine
I rule you
I will get this
You will learn
My speak
My language
I persist
Yes I think
I got it ...
my smart phone drove me nuts for ages ... no way was i gonna let it win ... now i'm sweet with it, lol
483 · May 2016
phat so
Joann Rolleston May 2016
my plush velvet seat
i'm starting to weep
my head does bow in shame

i waste replace update and escape
i salivate envy and deny

my plush velvet seat
i'm starting to reap
the ignorance of my ways
482 · Jun 2014
Not Sad ...
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
I feel incomplete
As if you were stolen
At your peak
You were gone

New years 96'
I held your hand
Complete in that moment

March 97'
The knock at my door
A new pain
Changed my life

I'm cheated
Not Sad
Too short
Wish you were here
478 · Jun 2014
We are not doomed
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014
An act of random kindness
Is all it takes
Try it at least once a day
See what happens
It will come back
From somewhere unexpected

A stranger offered me a strepsil on the train
Because I was coughing
Breaking the rule of personal space
A smile a helping hand
And a losenge

Your home is your castle
But in a disaster
You leap the fence
To check on your neighbur
Because your family is safe
You don't have to but you do it anyway

Start an avalanche
Influence whats around you
Control it  Own it
Take charge of your world
Because we can make it a better place
461 · Jun 2014
Joann Rolleston Jun 2014

hate bitter twisted resentful guilty aching broken


ache seek wish hope desire yearn journey purpose


grow learn respect love build gather reap walk talk


time heal peace reconcile positive desire aspire inspire


empower faith strength power care love essence quality

449 · Sep 2015
You got it Sweet
Joann Rolleston Sep 2015
You don't even know it
******* about whatever
Who what when why
Who cares

Whine about nothing
Want for nothing really
You got so much
You waste it

Yes I'm angry
So few with so much
So many with nothing
Do something about it

For starters
Snap out of it
We don't know how lucky we are ... Glad to be in New Zealand!
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