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Joann Rolleston Jun 2017
typical plot black guy cop
justice served piping hot
pop pop pop **** this ****
peers of who **** out of luck
a little girl mourns stop the scorn
no idea this is her thorn
do we tell her get used to that
no jury will save you because you're black
its hopeless no matter what you do
your father, brother, son
killed in front of you
accept that fact cause lifes like that
assimilated conditioned shat out and whacked
do we teach her
its okay hes black
Joann Rolleston May 2016
my plush velvet seat
i'm starting to weep
my head does bow in shame

i waste replace update and escape
i salivate envy and deny

my plush velvet seat
i'm starting to reap
the ignorance of my ways
Joann Rolleston Sep 2015
Spread the word
Embrace the consequence
Of your conscientous
Its all madness anyway
But I don't despair
Honed my sharpest weapons
My heart my mind
Make you stop and think
Today is a Good day
Joann Rolleston Sep 2015
I dreamt of you lastnight
In the arms of a stranger
Too late to save you
It broke my heart
I've no idea
The pain your parents felt
The desperation that drove them
To put you in danger
Worse then where they came
This is crazy
Please God
All the Gods
Doesn't matter which
Take this child
And ease their pain
I usually delete disturbing pictures from my FB newsfeed, but I left the photo's of the lifeless refugee children.  We've got to stop this.
Joann Rolleston Sep 2015
You don't even know it
******* about whatever
Who what when why
Who cares

Whine about nothing
Want for nothing really
You got so much
You waste it

Yes I'm angry
So few with so much
So many with nothing
Do something about it

For starters
Snap out of it
We don't know how lucky we are ... Glad to be in New Zealand!
Joann Rolleston Feb 2015
I walk in the steps of my ancestors
They paved the way
They laid the foundation
Of who I am

When I talk I echo them
I act to honor them
With enduring spirit
That is the core of my being

I do not stand alone
I represent with pride
Steadfast in my goal
To achieve greatness

Lest I forget
Who I am
I evolve I grow
That is the essence of me
What I believe gives me strength, the power of my forefathers will live on forever, I will make sure of that.
Joann Rolleston Jan 2015
I hate you for being here
I hate the way you look
I hate what you believe
I hate who you believe in
I hate that I have to change
I hate that I must give you space
I hate that you are offended by my speech
I hate that others react because I joke
I hate that they are not you
I hate not being in control
I hate you for being here
the world is changing, we are now universal beings, we must evolve, we must move on or we are stuck in hate, hate is optional
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