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 Apr 2014 daniel f
Jasmine Luna
who knew that in about
4 years time,
or maybe
10,000 years lost in
10,000 multi hued tears,
id be on the same trip-
dancing to the same
shimmering inner grove as before-
braiding fresh cut
delicate genital-hands, unfolding in prayer
into my subconscious mind
or perhaps into my hair-
saving colored prism fragments
of knowledge or nonsense-
digesting intoxicating
incense smoke into the
deep throated green streaked
laughter chasms
that are my lungs-
spinning vinyl, spun mind
unwinding, undulating
through string music-
contemplating the sunset's sweet
immaculate form, reoccuring
and balancing itself right outside my window-
dressing in shells, bones,
and beads; kaleidoscope fabric dripping from
the ******* like mother Kali in a Fellini
peeping out at heads slinking down
the ****** pavement streets-
my hairy angelic form grooving
intensely, spastic-
body flung, strung out in
hot patterns of
mirrored arms and legs-
brain brew bubbling; wicked, fantastic-
limbs waving and grabbing at
tangible tasty morsels,
smelling strongly of indigo
and patchouli-
the East smiling on me and
my intrepid journey to the ocean city-
head thrown back in
tranquil madness-
pipe smoke curling like
ancient hound howls from the corners
of my lips-
smiles spread like insanity, a wicked disease
lost in the forgotten finger painted
confounds of creamy
****** milk consciousness-
basking in lamplight
of the golden glistening
 Feb 2014 daniel f
Kirsten Lovely
Things come from all things
Matter cannot be created
It can't be destroyed
But like all things,
Everything comes from something
Like thoughts from brains
Brains from bodies
Bodies from a woman
Put in that state from ***
*** from love (hopefully)
Love from interaction
Interaction from thought.
So the physicists and scientists
Might be right
But it's not true that all matter
Cannot be destroyed
Someone created a body
But that, I have too often seen,
Is destroyed
Because of thoughts
Or maybe love
Could be interaction or brains
But at least some matter
Can be
Has been
 Feb 2014 daniel f
Kirsten Lovely
The air is too cold
For me to be breathing
As heavy as this
But my legs are too tired
For me to keep going
And the snow looks
Pretty inviting.
I don't know what it is
But laying here
Alone and cold
I'm more comfortable
Than I ever was
When I laid in his bed
I concluded,
When I thought that I was happy
He was chasing me
When I could keep running
And he always came back
I thought that snow was a good place to die-
Alone and comfortable
Cold and quiet-
But this is better
With the air too cold to breathe
And my body too fed up to move
And the stars getting brighter
And my head feeling lighter
And the sound of footsteps getting closer
So I concluded,
The snow isn't a bad place to live.
 Feb 2014 daniel f
Kirsten Lovely
He gave her the look
Not the look that his friends gave her
Not the suggestive look
Not the kind of look
That someone took with their eyes
But the kind of look used only
With their brain
A brain that saw more than a chest
And more than mere legs
A brain that recognized another brain
One on fire for curiosity
With a drive for discovery
And a lust for the unknown
This look was not intended to put out the fire
Or to hit the brakes
Or to **** the mood
But to douse flames with lighter fluid,
Step on the gas,
And love the lust.
 Nov 2013 daniel f
Monica Rose
Heavy Weight
Won't Dissipate
CAN'T concentrate
I     H e s i t a t e
To move or wait
Stuck in between
Crushed underneath
Always unseen
Lying Beneath.
I knew a simple soldier boy
Who grinned at life in empty joy,
Slept soundly through the lonesome dark,
And whistled early with the lark.

In winter trenches, cowed and glum,
With crumps and lice and lack of ***,
He put a bullet through his brain.
No one spoke of him again.

You smug-faced crowds with kindling eye
Who cheer when soldier lads march by,
Sneak home and pray you'll never know
The hell where youth and laughter go.
 Sep 2013 daniel f
Elaine Grace
Each puff infuses poison and serenity.
Clouds drift off, combine with the air.
Slowly burring away years off time.
Disgust or desire,
The distant smell of the once infamous beauty.
The cancer stick, the deathly hits.
The denial of mortality caused from deadly attraction.
A single hit they say will dig you a grave,
But what’s the point if you will get one anyways.
A torch of liberty.
For the ones who find peace,
Within each calming puff.
 Sep 2013 daniel f
Ashley R Gomez
Oh His Eyes!
His eyes are like the journey through
Grace and wonder through are journeys together.
When he looks right at me His Eyes take me some where
That know would take me.
Oh His Eyes!
His beautiful brown eyes he has.
We will take journeys together we will dance through through rich green grass.
He will pick me up and give me a kiss on the fore head and whisper inside my ear and say "I love you."
We will kiss through rain,snow,hot and falling leaves.
Oh just where he takes me with His Eyes!
Oh His Eyes!
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