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Alex Teng
26/M/Singapore    Lost child constantly creating shell and barriers in front of others to avoid being called out for being weak emotionally. Trying to find inner peace ...
16/Bigender/living the life in Narnia    "What is the perfect love? If it's not the perfect time?" ~Jaytekz~ Taken! I am happy to say that we the pride community have a ...
Samantha Cunha
New York    For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
20/M/Australia, Melbourne    Your average Arts student. Poetry to me is ventilation. My poems may seem sad and depressive but in person, I'm actually a funny, happy and ...
M    The beauty that befell my eyes the very day we met, is more than I could ever hope to see And now as time has ...
Grace E
24/F/Probably a coffee shop    My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Selah
John Wiley
79/M/Australia    I have dabbled with poetry for most of my life but more seriously in the last ten years or so. I have lived for many ...
20/F    currently chasing happiness while filling the void with words
Raj Bhandari
Delhi, India    Trying through poetry, crying through poetry!
18/F    thunderstorm of a woman with so much to say
15/F/slow dancing in the dark    All I want is a human connection
Don Francisco Luis
44/M/Bayonne, N.J.    Memoirs & Continuing Thoughts
18/M/PA    Senior in High School. Love poetry. Love to lift. Play football.
13/F/parallel universe    lovelorn
Em MacKenzie
30/F/Ottawa    I have a passion for poetry, fiction, music and all things beautiful. I enjoy bright colours and night-time quiet conversation. All writing is intellectual property ...
M/Music City    Thank you for the support
21/F/London    Just a fallen star from a whole other planet All my poems are copyrighted ©
23/F/The Moon    Find what inspires you and capture it within the palm of your hands, what makes you passionate to live life to the fullest. what inspires ...
14/F/Up Your Ass    I’m depressed and suicidal and i'm brOKen
20/F/134340    the lovers, the dreamers, and me
16/F/Mars    im taking down all my negative poems, i do not want to spread that energy into the world. i love you all <3
queen of hearts
23/F/Cleveland    a page of words that might make sense to someone
Ally Ann
F/USA    It never ends, the bruise of being
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