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Jason McCarthy Jan 2015
Heart beats faster than the wind,
And I sleep better when you're in,
My bed,
Not in my head.
Jason McCarthy Nov 2014
Think of the brain like the bodies mother,
Telling it to stop running as it is at the brink,
Over protective to the point of smother,
But the body is more capable than its mother thinks.

And think of the body as the hearts brother,
The heart can be elsewhere but they always have the link,
One may argue it has more power over the other,
But as you grow up together you can’t help but beat in sync.

And think of the sun as the bodies lover,
Always out there but only through a squint,
Brightens the eyes through the love of summer,
A body exposed will see a whole new tint.
Jason McCarthy Nov 2014
I stepped on a twig,
The sound bolted your legs.
My deer I would chase after you,
But I snapped my pride in two.
Jason McCarthy Nov 2014
Hero got a phone call,
From the being with three eyes.
So often his existence,
Could be validated by advice.

It is then organised by rhythms,
So that the words solidify,
If the chaos cant be structured,
Then all vision is blinding light.

Hero said to the being,
“I fall in to infatuation with such ease.”
The being said, “You’re seeing,
Your own love reflectively.

“Your brains mirror neurone system,
Causes you to smile at a smile,
This mirroring of others,
Allows for formation of a tribe.

Now you know this wisdom,
Think of your romantic life.
The subject of your infatuation,
Did not cause your love inside.
The love all humans seek,
Is already in your possession,
Which is why the search feels bleak,
You’re hunting the impossible obsession.

You’re all looking for your lost keys,
Tearing everything apart,
All the while they’re in your hand,
Or your breast pocket by your heart.”

Hero nodded rhythmically,
But found it hard to understand,
“If the love’s inside of me,
Then how has any love began?”

“A lot of love is a product,
Of false infatuation;
Two people seeking it from each other,
And thus there is divorce and separation.

But true love is the love inside of you,
Which is the love of the universe,
If you can learn to embrace this,
Then it will free you of your curse.

The mirror neurone system also detects,
The love inside as if it was a grin.
Within another, you’re existing love will reflect,
And embrace and share this world that the two of you are in.

It’s not a swapping of hearts,
But a pressing of them together.
The look in her eyes was not the start,
The start of love was forever.”
Jason McCarthy Nov 2014
I'm really enjoying this little beer,
Each sip doth speaketh un to me.
The green tint glass seems so sincere,
As if the bottle also ponders me.

And when I finish this little beer,
I'll roll a smoke regretfully.
As the bottle sits so empty clear,
It's label will plead its identity.

— The End —