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James Bakas Aug 2013
He lays there alone
each and every night
Mind wondering
Nothing going right

Light fading away
He loses his grip
Fighting the corners of his mind
Slowly beginning to slip

Heart beating slow
He fights for air
Now as he falls
His mind lost to despair

Memory now gone
Lost forever
The beauty he once knew
He will see never
James Bakas Sep 2013
i know you hurt baby
i know you hide it
you tell me you'll be ok
but its a load of ****

im here for you
you know that baby
so please talk to me
dont just say maybe

you are not alone
im by your side
ill die for you baby
i never lied

so please remember
you have me
i love you baby
that will always be
this is for a friend who i care a lot about. she hides a lot of her feelings and tells me its ok, but i really worry about her and i want her to be ok even if i have to go through hell to make that so.
James Bakas Sep 2013
He stuggles to hold himself up
His last moments left in this life
Why should he move on
When he can end it with a knife

He takes one last look at her beautiful face
Its the last he'll ever see
Tears run down his cold face
Now that it can no longer be

He looks at the sky for a reason why
Blank, empty clouds stare him back
He gives out one last yell
As the blood in his veins turn black

The life he thought, The life he had
Wasn't worth a single breath
But what awaits him true and real
As he's now faced with death
James Bakas Oct 2013
Hollow inside I'm soo alone
Death awaits me for his throne
Ripped from myself as I drift away
This prison I've created is where I stay.

Isolated from within
As I struggle to begin
Your voice, your name is what I hear
The pain and suffering is what I fear.

You can try to pull me out
Pull me from this blackened drought
It takes me deep, forces its hand
Splits me apart, strand by strand.

Your voice I still hear, it calls to me
Your voice I hear it cannot be
So far away I've lost my grip
My reality now begins to rip.

They say loves amazing, wonderful and sweet
I say it's hell raising, painful and cheep
But hollow as I am I cannot feel
Not even a kiss could seal this deal.

Ha! I laugh at those who say
I gaze upon those who pray
For the one their soul needs
For the one my soul feeds.

Have a guess just who I am!
Come on try its no scam!
I was your one, the one you loved!
The one you look to, the one above!

Now I'm hollow, empty and alone
You remember death and his throne
For now I sit at this treasure
Death is now my only pleasure.

This wasn't me for only you know
I was yours as I bestow
I wish for you not to follow
My love gone my body hollow.
Pretty much exactly how I feel :/
James Bakas Sep 2013
i felt the piercing cold, claw at my skin
i felt the suffocation of the dark night sky
i felt the pain and pleasure, looking in your eyes
i felt the loneliness as you watched me die

i felt the hate, pushing to leave
i felt the love, barely trying
i felt the rage, building up inside
i felt the myself, slowly dying
James Bakas Aug 2013
I'm your pain while you feel
I'm your sorrow while you heal
I'm your hate while you love
I'm you when push comes to shove

I'm your rage when you hurt
I'm your fear when you flirt
I'm your tears when you run
I'm you, ain't it fun

I'm your curse when you try
I'm your shame when you cry
I'm your eyes when your blind
I'm you you'll always find

I'm you don't you see
I'm you I'll always be
I'm you down to the bone
I'm you as your alone

It's just us isn't it strange
You thought we would ever change
Don't even try your thoughts won't drain
Cause you and I know you're insane.
James Bakas Sep 2013
take my hand so you can find me
tell me im not alone
take my hand so we can find
those words that we've known

oh, i will reach out for you
pretend that i could see
oh, i will reach to hold you
show you what could be

hold my hand and you will see
the words on the wall
hold my hand and i will show
the reasons we should fall

oh, i will protect you
so you don't see this war
oh, i will cut my heart out
so you can live once more...
James Bakas Sep 2013
**** the pain
Block it out
Fill my veins
Hide my doubt

Suffocate me
Throw me away
Cut me to bits
Watch as I fray

Hold this against me
Point it at my head
Pull the ******* trigger
I'll only be dead

Now as I die
Watch me be free
This is what you wanted
Why can't you see!
James Bakas Oct 2013
Just leave me alone
I'm used to it now
Me all alone
I deal with some how

I gave my love
My heart and soul
You gave your lies
Which deepened this hole

I'm tragically lost
As I search on my own
For the one that loves
Maybe she's here, I've never known
Can't deal with it anymore
James Bakas Oct 2013
Each day seems to fade
Each moment slips away
Your voice I struggle to hear
This love I seem to fear

Why not you and me
Tell me why can't you see
I've always loved with all my heart
You've always wanted us to part

Please tell me why I live in hell
Why it's dark and cold like a dripping well
I don't understand the things I do wrong
That I've hurt you all along

Love is in all love is free
But love is one thing not in me
So don't try to help or make me see
I have no love and that's how it'll be
So sick of trying :(
James Bakas Aug 2013
I live every day
afraid of tomorrow
I live this life
It's something you can't borrow

You steel my mind
You steel my heart
I won't ever
Let us part

You my love
Are the air I breathe
You are the one
I won't leave

But you don't want
You don't seem to need
I'm thrown down
And left to bleed

My heart taken
Cut in two
This love I had
Was for you

You don't love me
But you don't say no
I'm stuck here now
Where the **** do I go

Cut me up
Leave me here
Not even the devil
Can make me fear

I thought it was
Seems its not
Lived this lie
Lost my spot

Now I drift
All alone
Cut to bits
With no home

I sit and bleed
All this pain
I sit and think
What did I gain

If I learnt anything
It was never to fall
Once you're gone
You lose it all
James Bakas Oct 2013
He who tries, will be wasted.
Sums it up pretty much
James Bakas Sep 2013
its not the pain i feel each and every day
its not the loneliness that creeps up from behind
its not the darkness that surrounds me
its not the people who left me behind  

its not the sky, the birds, the breeze
its not my friends by my side
its not the voice inside my head
its not the fact that i tried

none of these things even matter
no one really cares
so why do you even bother
when you're not even there

dont try to tell me its what you wanted
dont try to tell me it was true
cause you and i both know
i was not meant for you
James Bakas Aug 2013
The old man waits there
For something he cannot see
Years have gone by
As he waits for it to be

He wonders why
He wonders when
Why didn't it happen
Right there and then

He looks within himself
He searches deep within
No answers found
Nowhere to begin

Lost within his mind
Trapped inside
Her voice calls out to him
I'm right by your side
James Bakas Aug 2013
This cold feeling takes over leaving me for dead
The pain I feel ***** with my head
The anger that controls deep within
The rage I let out where do I begin

This feeling unknown what can it be
The feeling you know is what I now see
The hurt you say is all your fault
This hurt I know is not your result

My mind split in two I've lost my control
Caught between the two as I lose my soul
The one I love that one is you
I think about us through and through

Remember that feeling that was cold and dark
The pain and anger it left its mark
Now I'm left here as I wait and wait
How could I know that this was my fate

Left in the dark alone and sad
Why me was I that ******* bad
I struggle to find the reasons why
If I'm left like this I'd rather die

Leave me be my world is gone
It seems that I was only a pawn
As I walk close to what I fear
Death greets me warm and let's me near

He tells me why and what I must do
He's cold dead fingers they point at you
I beg of him don't take her away
Take me instead ill repay

He gives me this look I cannot forget
Deaths cold eyes they see my regret
I face this demon for I am strong
To take my life to take all the wrong
James Bakas Sep 2013
They don't know, they don't see
They don't show, they don't breathe
Hide away so they won't find
The dark thoughts that lay in your mind

They won't know, they never will
They won't rest, cannot sit still
Run away from what you know is right
Keep on running till you have to fight
James Bakas Sep 2013
im alone
on my own
by my self
no one else
James Bakas Aug 2013
As the first tear falls
As your hearts ablaze
As your body freezes
Your whole world starts to fade
I ask but one favour,
I ask it of god
But he wasn't there
It wasn't his job
So then Welcome the death
In with the pain
You have to feel something
Just a break from the fame
Cut me and hurt me
Then leave me alone
Let me bleed out
I'll sit on deaths throne
I'll welcome my reaper
I won't put in a fight
Ill feel every cut
And praise every bite
**** me, leave me
I want to die
It would be easier
Then my sad excuse of a lie
Take me, leave me
Just let me go
On the boats of hell
It's myself that will row
I will thank the devil
For he is my saviour
He released me from fame
That, was my favour
James Bakas Aug 2013
So long He waits for nothing to come
He waits and waits he holds his gun
Thoughts pass him by he feels the pain
He holds his gun his heart feels the strain.

Gun at his head he's lost his will
Hand on the trigger he holds it still
Ready to pull he takes one last breath
His memories flash by there's nothing left

He's lost himself he's lost within
He wonders why his life wont begin
Last steps taken there no turning back
All this regret opens like a crack

He pulls the trigger as memories pass him by
No one but him knows the reasons why
With this in mind he pushes ahead
Knowing he's alone he'd rather be dead

Now you see for he is me
This person is what I chose to be
All the pain and hurt inside
Creates this man for who I hide.
James Bakas Sep 2013
**** the pain
Block it out
Fill my veins
Hide my doubt

Suffocate me
Throw me away
Cut me to bits
Watch as I fray

Hold this against me
Point it at my head
Pull the ******* trigger
I'll only be dead

Now as I die
Watch me be free
This is what you wanted
Why can't you see!
James Bakas Sep 2013
Loneliness is the beginning
Death is the end
I tried to tell you
Don't even pretend

You left me there
Just me alone
You didn't seem to care
Now I'm on my own

The pain is real
My thoughts alive
This fear consumes
As I fight to survive

— The End —