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Oct 2013
Hollow inside I'm soo alone
Death awaits me for his throne
Ripped from myself as I drift away
This prison I've created is where I stay.

Isolated from within
As I struggle to begin
Your voice, your name is what I hear
The pain and suffering is what I fear.

You can try to pull me out
Pull me from this blackened drought
It takes me deep, forces its hand
Splits me apart, strand by strand.

Your voice I still hear, it calls to me
Your voice I hear it cannot be
So far away I've lost my grip
My reality now begins to rip.

They say loves amazing, wonderful and sweet
I say it's hell raising, painful and cheep
But hollow as I am I cannot feel
Not even a kiss could seal this deal.

Ha! I laugh at those who say
I gaze upon those who pray
For the one their soul needs
For the one my soul feeds.

Have a guess just who I am!
Come on try its no scam!
I was your one, the one you loved!
The one you look to, the one above!

Now I'm hollow, empty and alone
You remember death and his throne
For now I sit at this treasure
Death is now my only pleasure.

This wasn't me for only you know
I was yours as I bestow
I wish for you not to follow
My love gone my body hollow.
Pretty much exactly how I feel :/
James Bakas
Written by
James Bakas
   poetic justice
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