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Aug 2013
This cold feeling takes over leaving me for dead
The pain I feel ***** with my head
The anger that controls deep within
The rage I let out where do I begin

This feeling unknown what can it be
The feeling you know is what I now see
The hurt you say is all your fault
This hurt I know is not your result

My mind split in two I've lost my control
Caught between the two as I lose my soul
The one I love that one is you
I think about us through and through

Remember that feeling that was cold and dark
The pain and anger it left its mark
Now I'm left here as I wait and wait
How could I know that this was my fate

Left in the dark alone and sad
Why me was I that ******* bad
I struggle to find the reasons why
If I'm left like this I'd rather die

Leave me be my world is gone
It seems that I was only a pawn
As I walk close to what I fear
Death greets me warm and let's me near

He tells me why and what I must do
He's cold dead fingers they point at you
I beg of him don't take her away
Take me instead ill repay

He gives me this look I cannot forget
Deaths cold eyes they see my regret
I face this demon for I am strong
To take my life to take all the wrong
James Bakas
Written by
James Bakas
   Emily Tyler
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