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Aug 2013
As the first tear falls
As your hearts ablaze
As your body freezes
Your whole world starts to fade
I ask but one favour,
I ask it of god
But he wasn't there
It wasn't his job
So then Welcome the death
In with the pain
You have to feel something
Just a break from the fame
Cut me and hurt me
Then leave me alone
Let me bleed out
I'll sit on deaths throne
I'll welcome my reaper
I won't put in a fight
Ill feel every cut
And praise every bite
**** me, leave me
I want to die
It would be easier
Then my sad excuse of a lie
Take me, leave me
Just let me go
On the boats of hell
It's myself that will row
I will thank the devil
For he is my saviour
He released me from fame
That, was my favour
James Bakas
Written by
James Bakas
   Alvira Perdita
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