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 Oct 2013 James Bakas
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
is where it all began.
Angry words were being thrown
back and forth between a woman
and a man.

A little girl woke up from her dream,
as she heard her name in between those screams.
Tears spilled from her eyes as she began to cry,
asking questions that mostly began with why.

a tale of two lovers comes to an end,
leaving a girl with a broken heart
that cannot be mend.

And I finally
Why adults
Never seem
To be happy
Life is so fill of it
I could
Be dead
Right now
And absolutely
Nobody would notice
I want your fingers
In my hair as I lie
With my head on
Your shoulder
While we watch
Comedies late
At night
Look in the mirror
And tell yourself
That you are beauty
That you are the face
The mind, and the body
Of beauty

Here's a secret
You, that girl who thinks
That she's fat, and that
Anorexic girl
Yeah, you're all the
Definition of beauty
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
I'm sorry,
but I haven't been coping well lately.
I hope you'll forgive me,
and be able to save me.

So many thoughts on my mind,
and all of them screams "I'm not fine.".
I hope you might be kind,
and won't let me cross that line.

I have set a date,
on the day I graduate,
to end my fate.
So don't be late.

I've thought this through,
there's nothing that you can do.
I don't belong here, it's true.
This shall be my goodbye to you.

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