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Eliza Jan 2014
It's not my fault
that sleep doesn't come to me easily,
that the thoughts in my mind will not leave me,
that it takes two hours before I drift off completely
(sometimes even three).

It's not my fault
that my hands and legs would not stop fidgeting,
that I find the littlest things very distracting,
(like how the clock never stops ticking)
that I like to keep repeating.

It's not my fault
that sometimes I can't breathe,
that I'm not the person who you would want to be with,
that sometimes I don't want to live.

It's not my fault that I have a condition.
Or maybe it is.

Eliza Jan 2014
being young
is less fun than
being dead."

*- Pump Up The Vol.
Eliza Oct 2013
Yesterday, I was sad.
Today, I am sad.
Tomorrow, I'll be sad again.
And that's really kind of sad,
dont you think?

I'm tired of always feeling this way. It's always a constant battle between convincing myself that I can survive and convincing myself that I can't. I don't want to burden people with my sickness and all I can say is that I'm sorry for everything.
Eliza Oct 2013
is where it all began.
Angry words were being thrown
back and forth between a woman
and a man.

A little girl woke up from her dream,
as she heard her name in between those screams.
Tears spilled from her eyes as she began to cry,
asking questions that mostly began with why.

a tale of two lovers comes to an end,
leaving a girl with a broken heart
that cannot be mend.

Eliza Oct 2013
I'm sorry,
but I haven't been coping well lately.
I hope you'll forgive me,
and be able to save me.

So many thoughts on my mind,
and all of them screams "I'm not fine.".
I hope you might be kind,
and won't let me cross that line.

I have set a date,
on the day I graduate,
to end my fate.
So don't be late.

I've thought this through,
there's nothing that you can do.
I don't belong here, it's true.
This shall be my goodbye to you.

Eliza Sep 2013
Don't make decisions
when your eyes
are as heavy
as your heart.

Eliza Sep 2013
I want to love
and I want to be loved.

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