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I think that
Slowly, I'm
Making friends
With the voices
Inside my head
You don't need to bend over
Your ***** falling out your shirt
Exposing your body, and your image
You don't need to pretend to be a ****
So that people will like you
Because in those cases, they don't like you
They like who they think you are
And you're not that person
You've still got self dignity
Hold on to it
One of my favourite poets on here has a profile pic and it just makes me really sad.
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
Emily Tyler
I hate that you're depressed
you are so

I do love you,
even if
we just met.

You are perfect.
Those scars on your

I hate how it
Poisons your
Making you cut open
your skin
in ribbons.


Please stop.
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
Amy Denison
My fingers are calloused
From the strings of my guitar
Just as my mind is filled with malice
From all of these scars
My heart is weighed down
From the numerous burdens
My physiognomy forever a frown
From all of the exertion
 Oct 2013 James Bakas
Amy Denison
there is a tone in the air
I breathe it in deep
and say a quick prayer
so that I might fall asleep

there is a noise in my ear
that is constantly humming
filling me with a fear
to which I am succumbing

there is a thought in my head
of what happens in the sea
as tears are being shed
as my weaknesses call to me
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