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Dec 2021 · 83
Star ⭐️ gazing
Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
I looked up and seen the stars
They were dancing inbetween the clouds
Did they ask to be let down
Into our vision
No they didn’t want to be seen
They were here for us to wonder about
Are we alone
Are we truly home
Is my home here
Or amongst the stars
Bored here
But it’s like hide and seek and you still haven’t found me
Look to those stars
Look at me
Sliding over the clouds
The rain will fall
I’ll fall on you
You can
Dec 2021 · 135
Cobwebs in the corner
Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
We are all apart of this beautiful nightmare
The stares never would fight fare
I use to dream under those abandoned stairs
Wrapped up in a blanket from somewhere
I guess I truly never cared
As long as the drugs were around to share.

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death

I’m shuffling in the corner
The only light I share is from
My lighter
I wish I could just dream
But my eyes are stuck wide open
Can you hear the demon
It’s laughter
Or is this my own personal nightmare

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death

I find solace I’ll be saved
Before I dig myself my own grave
I pray to God he will share his grace
And get me out of this miserable place

Do you see me fighting
My demons are winning
I’m unaware I’m hurting
I’m curating my own death
Dec 2021 · 72
Jay Jimenez Dec 2021
I almost forgot about you today
But I was switching my music on my phone
And hit that stupid pothole
The one we hit together when your coffee spilled everywhere
I never understood why it takes so long for potholes to get filled and fixed.
Instead they let other little potholes form
Until the whole road is a ******* mess.

I was looking down after my head smacked the ceiling of my car and I noticed that coffee stain, it was like a little piece of time was locked away deep in the fabric of my car seat. I wish I never hit that pothole.

I would’ve been able to slowly let you fade from my memory, until someday I’m
Gone and the only thing left is that small coffee stain on my cars seat.

Someone else will get the car and wonder what happened for this stain to get there, they will have no idea it happened on a day when a man was deeply madly in love with a girl.

They’ll wash it away
They’ll just fix that pothole

The memory will never exist
Sep 2021 · 96
Over easy egg
Jay Jimenez Sep 2021
I hear a ding as the door opens to the diner
My beard itches a little so I scratch it
Out of the corner of my eye I see a child spill their crayons.
One rolls under the table
Lands by my foot.

I pick it up dust it off and hand it to the waitress, everyone thinks it’s so sweet and tells me how nice that is.

The whole diner thinks I’m so nice, but inside I feel like a

Over Easy Egg on white toast.
Oct 2020 · 78
Red Punch Bowl
Jay Jimenez Oct 2020
What would it be like if I could dance on your heartbeat. As I sit back and watch you smile at me, I can’t help but think about how this all has to end, my heart is dancing in the corner alone while yours is on the dance floor calling me over, I wish I could place my glass of punch on the floor and come join you. But my heart is elsewhere. I’m trying to break the news that the love has faded but I don’t want your heart to stop and never dance again. I don’t want to make the music end.
Apr 2020 · 83
Jay Jimenez Apr 2020
The tide rolled in
as our toes formed in the beach
I thought about us running away,
after each wave
our footprints disappear,
my anxiety rushes as you come running out the door.

my hands loose the keys
they fall to the floor
and all I can hear is slamming doors.

we ran away
the only evidence we ever were together
is washed away
ask the tide
where we hide.....
Apr 2020 · 100
Jay Jimenez Apr 2020
Sometimes I chew on my lip so hard
that I make myself bleed,
I can taste the Iron
as Iron and Wine is playing

All the invisible strings
making us dance like fools
and sometimes we fall down
and the invisible strings help us back up.

I get so frustrated that I cant grab my string
cut it off
and Finally
Apr 2020 · 59
Lucid Dreams
Jay Jimenez Apr 2020
One last Goodbye,
All I ask is to smell your perfume again.
The last thing I remember is smelling your hair and your breathe it was so warm, I could feel the cold through the cracked door.
I think about this over and over, we were such distant lovers.
Always trying to get back
to those stairs
in the apartment complex
where we kissed for the first time.

You always would hang your keys on the nail,
I miss the sound of them falling off the nail and on to the ground.
sometimes it would happen for no apparent reason.
but those keys are no where to be found.

The only places I see and smell you
are in my Lucid Dreams
where we're still together.
Oct 2019 · 93
Door crack
Jay Jimenez Oct 2019
Another ***** driver
Another way to unloosen the screws in my wall
I loosened up just enough
Enough to see the light through the crack in my door
I let you see just enough
Then the door closed
You knocked on it until your knuckles bleed
But you will never see me again.
Keep knocking
Keep wanting me to open that door again.
Aug 2019 · 147
Dragon fly
Jay Jimenez Aug 2019
My fingers twisted as my palms
Landed flat on the sides of your waste
They danced and danced around the lining of your jeans. They danced all the way threw the loop holes
Finding a way
To figure out your zipper
They got lost fumbled the button
And lost track In the sound
Your lips
Found the way to my neck
I fumbled your pants
They fell
Slightly just enough
For me to see your dragon fly tattoo
Aug 2019 · 98
The Ocean
Jay Jimenez Aug 2019
I think I’m good now
Smelling the ocean and picking up shells
I’ll be by the flow of the water
Kissing and licking the salt off my hands
I love it seaside
I love the sun sparkling on the top of the water
I can’t wait to hear that sound
The sound of the water gasping for air as my toes suffocate the sand
How I miss you
Will I see you again....
Oct 2018 · 165
Jay Jimenez Oct 2018
I’ve always found boredom to be the creator of genius.
As I sit back and think about how boring life can get.
I stir my tiny pink straw in my cocktail and wonder how infused I am to this habit of putting the key into my ignition starting my car and driving to work.
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to put my key into my ignition and drive my car into a gas station demolishing everything in its path.
The boredom would sure to be gone in the flames.
I would sure like to stir up some **** today.
To get punched in the face and see my blood.
But I will probably just lay in bed and wonder what it feels like to get hurt.
It’s been awhile since I tried to destroy myself.
I’ve been so bored taking it easy
Not getting into trouble
Has trouble forgot I existed?!
Apr 2016 · 471
Jay Jimenez Apr 2016
I could be anywhere
I choose to
Smiling as you
After having to many drinks
Mar 2016 · 411
Jay Jimenez Mar 2016
If all the stars stopped shinning your smile would brighten up the sky. If Gravity was no longer a thing you would hold me down on earth. If the birds stopped singing and the world went quiet our hearts would play the sweetest melody.
Oct 2015 · 396
Jay Jimenez Oct 2015
Can we just sit in silence
and smile at eachother
Can we just sit in silence
And feel the energy
Of the pull to just dive in for the kiss.
Oct 2015 · 366
Jay Jimenez Oct 2015
You taste the ***** on my lips
You hear my whispers I speak
You smell the fear I have
For giving you room to peak
Into my open window.
I want you to brace yourself
This isn't as beautiful as it looks.
Oct 2015 · 311
Jay Jimenez Oct 2015
You made me feel
When all I wanted was to shut the blinds
And be
You make me feel home
You make me feel home
Sep 2015 · 399
Jay Jimenez Sep 2015
Let's ****
And forget each others names.
Don't feed me eggs and bacon in the morning
Don't bother leaving me a cute note with coffee.
Don't leave your scarf behind so you can call later asking to come get it.
This is ***
One time
Unprotected ***
Leave me in the dark
And don't slam the door when you leave
I want to forget about you.
I want to eat my breakfast
And not have to worry about the awkward talk in the morning
Leave me in peace.
May 2015 · 306
Jay Jimenez May 2015
Kiss me under the covers
Kiss me under the stars
Fast cars
I've never thought I'd be robbed
But you robbed me of my heart
You stole it from the start
May 2015 · 428
Jay Jimenez May 2015
I remember your body so tender
Your a wild child that will never be tamed
Your fortune
Your fame
Your a game that no one wants to play
May 2015 · 291
Jay Jimenez May 2015
Can I come over tonight
Just for a little while
It's been a while since I smiled
Apr 2015 · 255
Jay Jimenez Apr 2015
Your arms could fit the world
They are just big enough to hold my heart.
Apr 2015 · 267
Jay Jimenez Apr 2015
We can sit here
And fall in love
What a lovely story
What a lovely tale
Would be happy with us
My dear.
Feb 2015 · 524
A Perspective from a God
Jay Jimenez Feb 2015
I was sittin on a cloud
Lookin down
The kids were running and laughing.
The mothers and fathers were kissing in secret as the
little ones played in the puddles.
I watched the girl crying over her boyfriend
who she caught cheating on her.
I watched the girl cry as her father walked her down the aisle
to the man of her dreams.
I watched a addict fighting not to pick up again.
I watched a ****** convulsing in a cardboard shack.
I watched as a man recovered from a heart attack family surrounding him. I watched a man slap his child and then go slap his wife.
I watched a doctor save a life.
I watched that emo girl drop the knife as she was about to give in to the cyber bullying. I watched as all of you looked up to the sky and asked for help. I'm sorry I couldn't stop the slap, or pull the needle from your hand, I'm sorry that I cant come down to land.
Jay Jimenez Feb 2015
I Love when you roll your eyes
Your trying so hard
to keep it together
as your in the bathroom crying.
Your makeup bleeds down your face
and makes the sink look like a oil tanker exploded.
I hear the shuffling of the toilet roll and the sound of paper tearing as your trying to cover up the mess you've made.
Your such a pretty little liar that your lies have now consumed you.
Not even a simple touch of on your eyeliner can keep you hidden.
I think your tired of me catching on to you
while you chew on the ends of your finger nails,
and they make the slight click
I cant help but feel what'd feel like if we just had angry ***
and I could possibly forget about what a ***** you can be.
I guess
Jan 2015 · 396
Jay Jimenez Jan 2015
Your life is so delicate,
Like a house of cards.
Your so fragile
Sometimes I want to sit down
And pucker my lips make a slight blow in your direction and watch all of your cards scatter on the floor.
Sep 2014 · 666
Jay Jimenez Sep 2014
Can I kiss you goodnight
Can I tuck you In
And push your bangs from your face.
As I kissed you goodnight
You invaded my heart
One love
Bite your lip
Give me a reason
To believe
Sep 2014 · 341
Jay Jimenez Sep 2014
I remember all the times I had
As I danced
Aug 2014 · 507
Jay Jimenez Aug 2014
I let you into my heart
Find a place to get comfy
Kick your shoes off
Take ya braw off
and pants
And get comfy
And just stay
Just stay
Aug 2014 · 300
Jay Jimenez Aug 2014
I just wanna take you there
Ain't no one gonna touch you like I can
I'm gonna love you girl
The way you need
I'm gonna give you girl
All of me
It's what you want
It's what you lay around thinking of
In your free time
You think of me
I do everything
That you only use to dream
Aug 2014 · 314
Tender Eyes
Jay Jimenez Aug 2014
You make my heart melt
Before I met you I didn't know how love felt
But when you stare at me
And my hand moves in your hair the world stops,
And for that moment were stuck in time
Wish that
Moment would last forever
Aug 2014 · 247
Jay Jimenez Aug 2014
I take your heart
In my hand
I'll protect it
I know it's fragile
Like a butterfly sitting in my palms
I will take care of it
And if it ever flys away
I hope it finds a safe place to land
Jul 2014 · 331
Jay Jimenez Jul 2014
Don't tell me I'm wrong
When I know I'm right.
Your jeans fit you so tight
I watch the glitter on them sparkle,
In the moons light.
You blew me a kiss
And I tried to catch it but missed.
I've always had butter fingers.
Your kiss went into the air and got carried away to dance in the galaxy.
Jul 2014 · 361
A Tee Shirt
Jay Jimenez Jul 2014
Your eyes are a sea of blue.
I'm so blue that I can't have you. Touching me
I miss how you'd play with my fingers with your fingers.
You'd put each finger between mine and grasp them tight. I remember how you said we'd be like john Lennon and yoko. Young love, Young hearts, a young man and a young girl so naive. Thinking that nothing could tear us apart. The winter came and we nestled in bed all day. When summer came we rushed to the park to play. I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I just crumbled
Like the bread the ducks were eating. My heart was blown into the wind like a dead leaf. I helped you pack for college, I threw in my favorite tee shirt thinking you might return it someday. I knew some boy would see you in class reading and he'd sweep you off your feet. There is no way I could stop it. Now as I smoke this cig and remenise I really wish I had that tee shirt back. I wonder if he's wearing it on his back, while your playing with his fingers and he's watching those blue eyes that I once looked into. I guess all I can do now is pray you donate it to a thrift store and I run into you while your trying to give away my love that I sent with you that day.
Feb 2014 · 1.1k
Eagle and the Squirrel
Jay Jimenez Feb 2014
The smell of the day stung my nostrils
As the cold air swept over my bare face.
I looked to the north and saw an Eagle carrying a Squirrel in its talons.
For some reason I thought of death at this exact moment.
All things must come to an end
That Squirrel was probably just chilling eating some nuts a minute ago
And then WAM the talons of death grabs its flimsy body.
I thought of my own death
I thought of myself as that squirrel just waiting for death to swoop me up.
I don’t fear death
But I do fear the waiting for my death.
I fear that I'll be taken while I'm trying to fix something in my life and never get the chance to accomplish it.
I have a fear of leaving unfinished things behind.
People always ask why I take my time so much
Why I'm never in a hurry.
I simply tell them I don’t want to
Leave this world
With something left unsaid or undone.
If I'm going to leave
I'm going to know that I at least finished my nuts (going back to the squirrel)
Their always in such a hurry and always leave unfinished nuts behind
If you watch them
They just run around
Dropping nuts
On their little journeys.
While the Eagle glides above them patiently waiting for their moment to strike.
I see death above me gliding waiting for its moment
Waiting for the perfect time to take my soul
And carry it off into the sunset.
Feb 2014 · 877
Hells Gates
Jay Jimenez Feb 2014
I was welcomed at hells gates
I was expecting a little more fire
Instead there was a line of people
And the body odor was terrible.
I looked around to see if I'd see anyone I knew
I always get so uncomfortable in lines
I hate them actually.
Every time I reached the front
I would get sent all the way to the back all over again.
I got a bad feeling in my gut
That this was it
This was my Hell.
I dug around in my pockets
And found a note that said
Welcome to Hell.
I got so thirsty sitting in that **** line
And I kept looking and I saw a water fountain
Kind of strange for Hell to have this glorious Culligan Water fountain
I knew the water would be so cold and delicious.
I walked towards the Water Fountain and went to take a drink
And all it did was spray me in the face
But the water never was able to quench my thirst.
this has always been a fear of mine
A Water Fountain spraying me in my face.
I was starting to get discouraged coming back and forth from the
****** water fountain back into the horrible stinking line of people.
I thought I'd at least be able to get into Hell.
It seemed like an eternity before I got to the Gates again
And when I finally reached them
I was greeted by The Devil Himself
He said "Sorry that took so long we got a special place for you here"
I looked him up and down
And the guy really wasn't wall that scary
I mean he had this sinister look to him
But nothing like I expected
Honestly I was a little disappointed.
I asked him where do you got me staying after all these years I'm finally here
And I'll be honest I'm not very impressed.
No demons
No Fire
No Heavy Metal Music
I don’t even see ****** or Ted Bundy
I was really hoping these cats would be here.
Honestly this place is pretty dead.
Like a really ****** bar that no one wants to be in
It's like I’m drinking alone in this Dive Bar.
I was just in line with
All these ******* people
And none of them are here!

Tell me why this is
Why did all those people suddenly vanish?
And I got in

The Devil looked at me
Took my hand
And told me congratulations
All the other people asked to be saved by Jesus
And you just kept standing there praying that you could get into this
******* gate, sit down, and have some water.
The Devil pulled up a chair
Poured a glass of water
And Said Welcome to Hell.

We lit a couple smokes
Poured a nice strong glass of Jameson
And watched the Gates for the next sucker to fall for the trick.
Jan 2014 · 472
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
Lady Lady I tried so hard too be a good man
But it's time for me to go try something new
dont even think all these women
could replace the way I felt for you
But my heart is getting colder...
and my love for you is becomming farther and farther
and It's so gone by now
that im afriad of the man I'm becomming
I'm out here breaking hearts
and running the town
I'll drown before I let my heart get broken again
even if it means breaking a few hearts of my own
Jan 2014 · 463
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
No time to be inlove
even though it fits me like a glove
too fall inlove
it just feels right.
My hearts been so cold lately
I cant make a hasty decision
and find myself slippin into love again.
I'm gonna just play these games
and break a couple hearts
maybe I'll give that a try
if I dont like it I'll go back to givin love a chance
but for now
I just wanna run the streets
I just wanna run the streets
not lookin for a girl of my dreams
Just lookin for something too take up some room under these sheets.
Jan 2014 · 712
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
I'm aware
I'm alive
I'm caring
I'm honest
I'm Wierd...
I'm living one great minute at a time
I'm not fighting the wind
But letting it ******* to where it wants me to go
I'm Me
Born free
Born with a Brain
and a heart
That makes Peoples Lungs burn
when they breathe in the happiness I put off.
I'm here to stay for the moment
I'm here to Love,cry,hate,and forgive
I'm not sick and tired
I'm a walking living example of struggle equals improvement
and at the end of the day
I lay my head down happy
that I atleast made a Effort To be Me
The person in the mirror
the person that whoever wanted me to be
is working this Life and making it happen.
Live happy Live Lovable Live Joyous and Grateful
you got one life USE IT.
Jan 2014 · 670
Faded Jeans
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
I saw your chubby fingers
and I saw your big toes
and I saw the wrinke under your nose
I saw this one little hair strand that you could never tie up right.
I always tried to fix it and put it behind your ear
but you always told me not to worry and leave it be
I could never leave you alone even  if I tried.
Even when things went bad
I'd still sit around and think about how our feet would brush up while layin in bed.
I wanted to be stuck in time forever but like my jeans our love just faded.
Jan 2014 · 5.2k
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
I seem to be stuck in this spiral
falling in and out of love
being washed under the waves
and I'm fighting for air.
Jan 2014 · 1.6k
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
My hands reach for you now
but your so far away
what happened to the girl I use to know
is she in there
is she in there
waiting to be let free.
It seems this person is kidnapping you dear
and My fear is I'll never save you babe.
You've been taken over by hate my love
You've been taken over by Greed
The girl I knew before
would care more about Time well Spent
or sitting under a sunset and smoking a ciggerete slow
This woman I see doing her hair in the mirror is far from the woman
I use to know.
I'm sorry I have to go now
I can't see you in turmoil and try to save your soul
I tried to ask the Lord to watch over you
but you pushed his hand aside.
You know it's a brutal ride
being inlove with a woman who isnt inlove with herself.

I wanted to be your great escape but you ended up pulling a great escape
your heart faded away
and your makeup pealed off
and your real face showed
I wanted to save you before
before your own demons consumed you
I wanted to be your Constantine
But I guess I didnt reach you in time.

I hope I see you in the next life
and I get another chance
But maybe its just fate
to keep crossing paths
and really never figuring out
where things went bad.
Jan 2014 · 574
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
Reality has been chopped and *******
its slowed down and twisted
it's been morphed into something scary
I dont know where I'm going or where I've been
I'm trying to remember what it was like to be happy.
Dec 2013 · 565
Music is the hearts escape
Jay Jimenez Dec 2013
kiss me love
love me tender
strum my heart like a fender stratocaster
Oct 2013 · 405
Jay Jimenez Oct 2013
I use to smoke slow and live fast
now I smoke fast and live slow.
Oct 2013 · 531
A chance
Jay Jimenez Oct 2013
She shined like a diamond
and She was worth more then gold
She didnt really believe in love
but I think I changed her mind
I took a peice of coal
held it in my hand
and make it sparkle and shine.
She was a lot on the eyes
She use to think guys passed her by because she was ugly
but the case was guys passed her by because they thought she was to pretty
to be snagged.
So she read her books
did her job
went home and dreamt of a boy
who would take a chance on her.
Sep 2013 · 477
Never Set Me Free
Jay Jimenez Sep 2013
I run in my dreams
to a place of endless sea
and picture myself sailing the ocean
with you by my side
I see the waves collide the side of the ship
and see you bite your lip
and then you ******* a little kiss
and you seem like a angle
as I watch your air blow in the wind
even in my dreams I miss your ***...
I try to remember what it's like to hear you telling me you love me
but I didnt retain ****
when I was with you
I was always so horrible at containing memories
they usaully pass by
like a passerby in a train car.
Scar tissue forms on my heart from each time its blead to touch you again
and I go back to my dreams to catch bits and peices of you...
but I'm not afraid of what was maybe ment to be
I do now that no matter what
those dreams can never be set free.
Jay Jimenez Sep 2013
I walk these streets
and hear the pitter patter of rain
paint the street
I throw on the beats
and get my audio on/
I Feel the rain wash down my neck
and a trickle goes down my spine
as the music travels up my spine
My eyes get bloodshot off of the Pine Smell of my bud in the air
I take a long drag and watch the cherry get really long
its a long walk but I have a shaggy stroll and keep in mind
that I'm baked listenin to Method Man while the music is in sychronization with
the view of a lighting striking. It blows my mind that I almost trip over a curb
and scuff up my Jordan Flights that have been ruined from being my most comfortable walking shoes. I look around and see a couple kids buying a 10 sack or 20 sack from a Somalian..... which isnt smart cuz" half the time that **** aint even ****"(quoting Thorogood from Half baked).
I gigle and think about what If I just yelled freeze what there reaction would be

but I just pass by and wave with my blunt in the air
Saluting the other *** heads out in these elements to get faded
May the Force be with you Young Jedi
Jedi Mind Tricks switch over onto my headphones
and I begin to think my blunt is a light saber
and im on some type of epic adventour....
But I'm only go to the grocery store for another wrap, a bottle of welches strawberry soda,and a nutty bar...

Muchies will take you the strangest places.
Jul 2013 · 901
Carry me Away
Jay Jimenez Jul 2013
The rain pours down
and my hands feel each drop
as my frown gets drowned out in the storm
my happiness burts like the sun threw the clouds
I embrace the thunder and the lighting
because I know this storm will pass
and the light will bake my skin
God has my life from here on out
and I'm perfectly okay
being swept away in this flood
of emotion.
Jul 2013 · 812
wont let you go easy
Jay Jimenez Jul 2013
Follow me into the land
of promise and promise
Follow my heart as it leads you to a
place of hopefullness
and joy
just take a little time
and build some trust in me
I promise I wont hurt you
or make ya cry.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

Dont worry
I'll take the good with the bad
and the sad with the mad
I'll sit around and wait for you to calm down
I got time to wait for ya babe
it shouldnt take long.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

You always tried your hardest to make me go
so you called me a douchbag
and said just go
but I know you wanted me to stay
so I took the words you said with a grain of sand
and waited outside
smoked a cig and waited for you to call my name
to come back in

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy

You opened your heart
and let love in
and to this day
our lives have never been the same
and it's not a dream
you can awake
and know that my love is yours
till the we day
and our ashes are scattered across
this land.

You never really trusted much
You always said just give up on me
You always wanted the easy way out
but I wont let you go that easy
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