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Jul 2014
Your eyes are a sea of blue.
I'm so blue that I can't have you. Touching me
I miss how you'd play with my fingers with your fingers.
You'd put each finger between mine and grasp them tight. I remember how you said we'd be like john Lennon and yoko. Young love, Young hearts, a young man and a young girl so naive. Thinking that nothing could tear us apart. The winter came and we nestled in bed all day. When summer came we rushed to the park to play. I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I just crumbled
Like the bread the ducks were eating. My heart was blown into the wind like a dead leaf. I helped you pack for college, I threw in my favorite tee shirt thinking you might return it someday. I knew some boy would see you in class reading and he'd sweep you off your feet. There is no way I could stop it. Now as I smoke this cig and remenise I really wish I had that tee shirt back. I wonder if he's wearing it on his back, while your playing with his fingers and he's watching those blue eyes that I once looked into. I guess all I can do now is pray you donate it to a thrift store and I run into you while your trying to give away my love that I sent with you that day.
Jay Jimenez
Written by
Jay Jimenez  31/M/Faribualt Minnesota
(31/M/Faribualt Minnesota)   
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