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Jakub Feb 2016
I sleep less now
than I did before
Hear rapid tapping
At my door
The sounds of violence
Keep pushing me
To want to leave you
Here in peace.
I come downstairs
Hold to the railing
I want to fall
But fear the waking.
Plates smashed on the floor
Blood spilled on the floor
You lay on all fours
And call her a *****
You say she's a *****
Tell me not to swear
And clean up all this ****.
I lost my temper that day
Or night should I say
Too early to tell
Or too late for this hell.
I want to leave here
I've just had enough
Of this mess
Don't blame me for this
My actions are mine
But the cause is all yours.
Jakub Feb 2016
Look back now and reminisce
Do you remember her first kiss?
It was sweet to see her blush
To touch the lips of her first crush.

With no thoughts on her brain,
About deep life so full of pain,
Where she will sleep
How there will be no food to eat.

So she looks back now
and she remembers how
She was so happy way back when
She didn't have to sleep with men.

When she was hungry,
Don't forsake her
It's not her fault
She couldn't make it.

She may have let you down but know this
You will always be her closest
You were the one that she adored
And the one for who she ******.

We all knew her for what she was
She was bright, she was happy
Until she forced herself
To live a life for someone else.
Jakub Jan 2016
I can't stop thinking about you.

You have beautiful eyes
I just wish I could express it better.
I'd put my hand on your thighs
But I can't find the confidence.
I'd call you up and tell you how I feel
If I just asked you for your number.
I want to take you out for a meal
But I can't tell you.
You walk by me everyday
But you don't know me.
You wouldn't talk to me, you wouldn't hold me.

Poetry isn't my strong suit so I write this and force the rhyme because without it I'll be told that it's not a poem, just pointless prose. The poems I write will not get noticed, I won't be thrown a rose. See that last line? It wasn't needed but I added it to make things rhyme.

I'm stabbed by the stares you never give me
But not really.
I like symmetry but this is irregular
to symbolise how I feel about her.
Self reflexive poetry is odd
why read something that keeps you where you are?

You want to go on a journey don't you?
You want me to take you
To make you, dream
To carry your thoughts to a place away
From where you are
Through the clouds, through the stars
Yeah, look up, there you are.
But I won't. You're not there.
You are here. Always near
Full of fear, full of doubt
Choose a car. Choose a house.
Live this life
Make it count.
Don't write plays. Don't smoke ***
Don't say hot, don't say gay
You offend. Walk away.
It's your fault, it's not me.
I'm alone. Am I free?
I don't know any more.
She's a *****!
She's a *****!
I have time!
Make me rich!
Live for now!
For the day!
Carpe Diem!
Always say that you're mine!
Who is she?
Is she better?
Don't you love me?
Where's MY letter?
Where's MY ring?
Where's MY child?
Where's MY kitchen?
Where's MY car?
Where's MY life?
Where's the money?
I'm YOUR wife!
You don't love me!
Get out now!
Walk away!
Start again.
I won't stay.

I took time and took your troubles, left you alone all in your bubble. You wanted this you always said, you wanted me inside your bed with a house with a kid, you and me "ride or die" remember that? Of course not! That's why I'm never home. That's why I feel alone. That's why I drown my pain, I numb my brain and make it count, to take the bills off my account. I create chaos to create excitement. I've lost all time stuck in this system. I sit at home, I look at you, I read my books then start anew.

I can't look at her.
She's all alone,
She's in my arms,
She's in my home,
She's got a man
And so do I.
We know all this.
"It's just our life" We stare and say.
I've had enough!
I want a divorce!


We aren't together
Ironic, right?
We'd never love. We'd always fight.
And now we've lost all time.

He loved me and I knew it but the life we led, led him to do it.
She loved me when I was younger, when we were anxious, full of hunger.
We hung each other from the fan.
As life as in death, two separate souls in harmony. Woman and man.
Jakub Oct 2015
I talk too much
When I'm alone.
Jakub Oct 2015
She plays the weak
I play the strong
End of the week
Another song

She lets us know
I keep it closed
Ending it low
Now decomposed

She wont call
I want to talk
I dropped the ball
She threw the rock.
Just venting tonight.
Jakub Oct 2015
From that day
To when I write this.

I wanted a lot more
Than what we had.

But now it's gone
Sadly, it's gone.
Jakub Oct 2015
Papers thrown around
Like autumn leaves
Showing me bound
To fail like clumsy thieves.

Writings on the wall
With cliché phrases like the last
Show how I'll fall
That's just looking from the past

I don't want this, it isn't me
All I ever wanted to be is be free.
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