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iynjay Jan 2016
The day is beautiful.
The night is young
The moon not yet visible
Chasing the sun
I run, and run
And then I stop
And realize I don't need to run any longer
I start to realize that the running made me stronger
I can rest easy knowing I've invested in myself
If I get to close to the sun, would I melt?
Would it sting?
Would it hurt?
What would it mean
If i get burnt?

Stop it, don't you see how far you've come?
Think about what courage it took to chase the sun
Remember you're stronger, you're better
What you've learned will live with you forever

You've been consumed with thoughts of doom
If you only knew how much you grew
How u shed the old and became new

Rest easy tonight, enjoy the view
Why chase the sun when you have the moon?
iynjay Oct 2014
the comic book portrayal of superheroes
lets us step out of reality for a brief moment.
man can fly, he can teleport
he can be fast as a speeding bullet
the one thing that all heroes have in common is that each one has to overcome adversity and save the world.

Which leads me to ask... don't we all have the capability of being a super human.
Being a hero in someones life,
overcoming adversity,
making a difference in the world and defending humanity against those that seek to spread anything else but peace and love.


YOU do have super powers.
YOU are a hero

Someone once told me that, we are all heroes no matter if the whole world knows about it or not.

so the comic books are great but in reality, we save the world each day, little by little, just by being great humans and accepting the role given to us by the creator, which is a divine and honorable one.
iynjay Sep 2014
these days it's like we dodge pure emotional contact with other beings.
we tweet, we post, we text from phones
with followers that make it seem we are not alone
but a true connection is all we are really looking for.
i want to have meaningful conversations with so many people in my life
but it seems like every night i look at the clock and think that it's too late...

...too late is only too late when it's truly too late.

as long as you're breathing
make time for the ones you love, speak to them often, be in tune with the real people around you.
iynjay Jun 2014
my eyes feel as though tiny characters are hanging from the top lid
working together chanting, "1, 2, 3,...PULL!"
My mind feels like it's on E but myself tells me,
"there's plenty're'll make it."
to where?
no clue.
time ticks, the engine revs, my body begs
for a break and a gulp of z's.
sleep starts to resemble the woman you or i could only dream of
i pump the brakes, fill the tank, my lids meet yet again
for i have a date, and I've made her wait long enough.
iynjay Jun 2014
she lies beneath me.
forever providing me with
the sun, the moon, and the sky

for i, leap into her eyes
so far hidden from mine owne shadow
until yin and yang conversed

captive of thy blessings, mine heart
having to dodge the arrows
sent from the ambush of the ally

in a moment of clarity
echoes of the wind pattering my ear drum

with whispers of why she weeps
...what have i done?
man whispers back

— The End —