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The universe exhales.
Its bitter, cold breath
Gently guiding us further
Away from the place where
We used to exist.
Constantly pushing and pounding
Such a passionate, violent kiss!

It is our Home that we long for,
But can't seem to find.

So, further and further and further, we fly:
Weak and weary, we will continue on
Until the Universe inhales-
And the very last particle of light
Returns home.
Oh, Torpedo,
it just ain't the same!
Since you've been gone
it's like I've been in restraints

Just a frustrated Pit Bull
yanking at his chain
Determined to break free
So I can gallop at least

Fifty miles past insane...

Maybe I'll see you when I get there,
and you'll be crazy enough to love me back
Like you always did
but, we were both too scared to act

Or, maybe that's not it at all
Perhaps the story is even more tragic
Could it be that I'd been victimized
by a most nefarious magic?

The type that tricks your heart
into believing it belongs,
That it has a place,
and has found it?
Completely befuddled
We fake it as muggles
The abuse we face alone
Buries confusion in our bones

The siren places fear in our hearts
She can be ours
If she wants the part
We can get ahead
By abusing those who would give their bread

In this we are all the same
Many silent murderers with unimportant names
Psychopaths on angry paths
Hell bent on *******

Would you let them continue to dictate the conditions?
Do you trust the statisticians?
We are the result of the easy decision
The sagging construction of constant derision

Another man's home subject to intrusion
A stance is required to end the delusion

They're not here to protect you

It's all an illusion!
I think this thing is broken
Come in here and and have a look
Observe closely the mechanical functions
And hydraulic flow
Fold your fingers above your eyes
And squint your peepers just so

You'll notice that the battery is smoldering
Flashing red lights and billowing smoke
The human that used to live here
Didn't even have the common decency
To leave a suicide note
Perhaps there was nothing to say

The information is readily available
Even to this day, I tell you
It plays just like a record
Spinning it's own glorious fables
Stored for eternity
As an unbalanced charge

That became stable
They have us surrounded
Shocked and astounded
Bloodshot eyes weep tears
By the thousands...

I looked at you, and you at me
The most stunning beauty that I'd ever seen
The boots on the ground and drones over head
That was the moment...

That we knew for sure

They built their prison
But it wasn't enough
To contain two lovers
As in love as us...

I could feel your heart pounding
Lurching and leaping
As the door burst open
And the gas started seeping...

It was then that I held you
And told you there was nothing to fear
It is only a line, together we will cross
A love as strong as ours could never be lost...

I remember the sting of fire in my back
I remember your screams
Everything went black
And then we awoke, or so it seemed...

To an existence so beautiful it could only be a dream

You were young again
More beautiful than you'd ever been
That is when I knew that the old world
Was only a means to an End...

Now we can begin to Live!
Hello Lady,

I don't live there anymore
The drum you beat about my head
I don't hear it anymore
The sickle you stuck in my throat
I don't feel it anymore

Just like the doubt in your eyes
Doesn't get me high anymore

Goodbye Lady,

I'm right next door
I've moved myself from the bed to the floor
Your soul crushing comfort
I won't need it anymore
Because the games are over
And there never was a score

I'll just take my place, floating through space
'Till there's only ashes left to mourn

Hello Lady,

How have you been?
It's so great to see you again!
I've been doing well, I'm so glad you asked
Life is the oyster and I'm in the shell
I've spent a lot of time avoiding hell
Repenting my sins, you do it so well!

So well that I can repeat our beautiful mistakes
For how long? Only time will tell

Goodbye Lady,

I'm feeling better again
The waves in my brain
Are all tuned to zen
Silly me!
You, a friend?
Oh, the places that demented mind has been

I'd mistaken your grave
For the one I'd be in!
I need to heal...
But you keep on ripping my stitches
It's kind of suspicious
That flesh and bone can be this resilient
You're one in a million
But I can't help but believe that you're guilty
Of trying to **** me

Why do you ****** my feelings?

I swallow pills...
So I can continue my mission
To tune out all the *******
And self-obsession, it's sickening
I'm ripping holes in your memory, turning ashes to sigils
I can't believe that you think
That I'd take all of this sitting

I promise you, this time

There will be blood on the ceiling!
And on the walls
All down the halls
And up in the Attic
Chop you up into tiny pieces
And hand feed them to maggots
Hiding behind corporate logos
and hijacked prose
Probably somewhere
a tattooed rose, weeping

The lamest in the game

You sell because you're for sale
Doesn't make those same old ideas
that aren't even yours
any less stale

What is it like to bite something
that's been chewed up, regurgitated, and re-eaten?
Does it taste like fire, or sound like Eden?


Then why do you repeat it!?

Because, all you know is what you're told
Fear keeps you clinging the mold
You hate yourself
so you pretend to be someone else

I've been there myself...

We are all ******* fakers.
You silly little fashionistas,
so concerned with your reflection!
Art is a humble endeavor,
a self dissection.

****** for money,
or ****** for fame,
when you really take a look at it
it's exactly the same.

Wallow in your pit of self-delusion,
slap the hand of kindness and bruise it.
You think you love,
but it's just an exchange of excuses

Blow my ego and I'll blow yours
and we'll just be the best of lovers
Until there's a bitter discord.
Well, now you're just useless!

We're chasing things we don't understand
Looking for lights with our heads in the sand
Starting fights wherever we can,
for a little paper, or a pat on the head.

What silliness!

Meeting the Maker

  Matvei Andreivich Stolovsky stood there, eyes glaring, completely slack-jawed; his entire being unable to absorb the reality of the event he'd just witnessed. 'It couldn't happen. Impossible.' he thought to himself, unable to speak. He'd seen the flash from across the street and almost instantly, he felt himself choking on a ******'s seven millimeter bullet.
He felt the sticky warmth slither down his neck; his hands began to tremble. Next, it was his knees. Less than a half second later, the tunnel vision came. Finally, the darkness of oblivion took complete possession of him.
  His limp body crashed into a tangled pile next to the American made leather chair he'd spent so many evenings in, planning, plotting, scheming, scraping, scratching, clawing, losing sleep at night, wondering if he'd done everything within his power to avoid this very occurrence. Now, here it was, the end. One by one, each of Stolovsky's hopes, dreams, and aspirations flowed freely from his body, exiting through the **** left by the ******'s bullet. All was lost; all of his work and worry, in vain; or, so it seemed.
  'I, I'm not...,' the words spun through his dying mind. He ceased to notice reality; he no longer felt the choking sensation in his throat; instead reality became the written words, 'I, I'm not...,' actually spinning inside his mind; which, at the present time, for an unknown reason, was colored as a cloud would be, with a pinkish-orange haze. These words, currently soaring effortlessly through Stolovsky's perception of consciousness, were balloon like in appearance, each and every color represented in some way, shape, or form; each pixel doing it's part to reproduce the amazingly beautiful, but horrifying images, revealing the true nature of humanity against the infinite pinkish-orange haze that never began, and never ends.
  I, I'm, the two commas, not, and even the ellipsis, who was there as well, shot up and down, spinning and swirling in every direction, flashing and snapping as they traversed the endless expanse of Stolovsky's new found purgatory.
  A few moments later, Stolovsky realized he was actually viewing this spectacle, the inside of his mind, as we've chosen to call it, in the third person. He watched what appeared to be himself floating through space towards his current vantage point. Matvei squinted his dark brown eyes to try and get a better look. 'Is that me?' he asked himself. 'I can't be in a good way there,' he continued; 'that is almost certainly bad.'
  As he made his observations, a cold northern wind began blowing violently, chilling what would've been his nose. 'Is it there?' Stolovsky thought to himself, startled. 'Could it be? Here and there, all at once?'
Then, without warning, the pinkish-orange haze oozed a deep, dreary red; and the written words, that so violently shared the truth of mans nature with Matvei, transmuted into a pack of ravenous dogs; howling and wailing, foaming at the mouth, as they began to tear each other to shreds. The flesh and blood flew in all directions; painful yelps, angry, threatening growls, and the sound of tissue being torn from the bone filled the air.
  The violence of the atrocity dripped from the mouths of the dead dogs and ran flowing across the expanse; the river of life unleashed, meandering through the empty vacuum until it began to swirl and pool at the feet of Matvei's double.
Stolovsky felt the sickness of the act wash over him, striking his presence in much same way as an angry ocean wave, bitter from it's long journey, unleashes it's pent up fury on the piling of an unfortunate fishing pier.
  Matvei's double was bound by his hands and feet; he was bleeding from the corner of his right eye. Stolovsky noticed how the double's crows feet dispersed a briskly flowing river of la sangre into thin streams of liquid ruby; some of them traveled over and into his ear, others ran flowing down his cheek before becoming nutrient, consumed by the roots of his tangled black beard. His shirt was tattered; the gaping holes revealed hideous wounds, partially obscured by the ***** blue linen still loosely draped around the double's upper-body. It was a nice sweater once, but no longer.
  The double screamed frantically, wrestling his wrists in a futile effort to free his hands of the burdensome chains fastened tightly around them. Realizing the hopelessness of the situation, Stolovsky's twin began laughing the laugh of a mad child; a child who has just seen something that no one else could ever know. Matvei felt the scent of freshly cut lilac drift through him; then, as suddenly as all it began, everything stopped.

  A woman's voice filled the air from every direction.

  “Well, now you've gone and done it, haven't you?” she spat. The voice was surprisingly present, though there was no apparent source. “Haven't you, you fool?” she continued.
Neither Stolovsky felt compelled to answer, so both remained silent. The auditory assault continued, “Answer me while you still have the pleasure of a tongue, Matvei!” The venomous sounds came as an echo, rippling up Stolovsky's spine in thunderous waves that seemed to penetrate to his very core, making what would've been the tiny black hairs on what would have been his thin, serpent-like neck, stand on edge.He knew not what to say to this invisible creature, so he maintained his silent vigil, hoping no further harm would come to him; his double followed suit.
  Stolovsky watched as his twin continued wrestling with his chains, apparently completely befuddled by all that he was experiencing. Who could blame him for being confused? This wasn't the type of situation folks typically find themselves in.
  The silence prevailed for a few more moments, until Matvei felt the smooth, cool, silk of her flowing robe as it danced on the cold wind of the north, lashing out every so often to lick him behind the ear or slither across the back of his neck. The vibration of the silk flowing through crisp, cool, air sent shivers bounding outwards across the landscape, causing poor Stolovsky to feel as though the very particles holding him together were being stretched to point of separation, then snapped back into place with a brutality that simply can't be captured with words.
  Matvei was petrified by these goings-on, and refused to even consider what unwholesome outcome may transpire should he turn to face this unholy presence; instead, he focused his attention to his double, who was staring back towards the image. Matvei struggled to read himself; his double appeared dumbstruck, like a man who has just realized that his whole heart belongs to an evil that terrifies him, yet simultaneously, it fills him with an unshakable love; the unrequited love that an unfortunate slave feels for it's tyrant.
You say you made this puzzle
With just one jigsaw loose
So I could twist it and turn it
Then flip it and curse it

Give me a reason
Just one good excuse
That you would construct this grand puzzle
One that this piece can't fit into

What are you trying to say?

Should it be the piece
Or the puzzle to change?

Well, isn't that quite the question...

Tell me, what is your mission, child?
What are your intentions?
Will you change the space around you
Or, just go where I put you?

That depends on who I'm talking to...

As for me, I will stretch as far as I can reach
I'll do my best to be a good piece
But I should tell you, there are lines
There are borders I won't breach

I am a human
I was born to be free
Not part of a some puzzle
That is looking to bend me

You're being ridiculous, child.
A prideful, first rate fool!
Just bend a little and you can have the spoils of Earth
I made a space just for you, come on...


Just burn the edges off for me.

Look, I told you: I'll stretch as far as I can reach
I'll burn nothing; I'm not here to destroy
I'm just passing through, planting seeds while I can
I'm sure you can do without me, you seem to be talented

If you built all of this you must be a king amongst the stars...

But fear is always ugly
Even when perfected to an Art
It is no way to win
And I will not be a part.

I must tell you, you dog
I will fight you until you cease
Leave me, weak spirit
Your stupid little puzzle

Will have to find another piece.
I've killed you a thousand times
For your wanting, your needing
Your selfish crimes

Play me a tune,
Pick a key that transcends time
With a beat that will tear the stitching
Connecting your heart to mine

I never doubted, from the moment of bloom
That my time with you would bring us anything
Short of matching keys to a padded room

You are the darkness and I am the light-
What a cruel joke the Master played
To have given us equal might

You push and I'll pull
Eventually we will get it right...
For the one thousand and first time
Your blood will be mine tonight!
Create an environment!
I implore you, try it
make it a peaceful existence for all,
none divided

The image you get
is the tyranny you'd beset
on another,
if you decided to try it

We have no rights to the mind of man,
To process it, stamp it, and file it
To mold it into shape
To draw the lines that divide it

Maybe there will come a day
in the future, on the horizon
when we won't feel the need
to yoke the mule
instead, we'll work beside it
On this, the day of the dead
I decide to visit the graveyards
Scattered about my head
I light candles and leave flowers
In memory of those memories
That I had to leave behind

I visualize the scratches
The deep, ****** gashes
Infected by Fears
And cauterized by Bold Action
I kick the dirt about
And spit new flame upon the ashes

Even still, not an ember remains
Not one shackle, or tether
To bind these shredded pieces back together
We were never as beautiful as we are today. Every moment, every whisper that passes from the lips of time to the center of our heart cleanses us, makes us new again, if only we allow it. This is not fanciful philosophy, but beautiful truth.

Outer beauty can be seen with the eye and is, at it's very best, a mere reflection of light; each transmission dead before it leaves for it's final destination.

Inner beauty is felt by all who encounter it; and is, at the very least, a tiny vibration of perfect pitch in a world that is severely out of tune. At best, it is an eternal representation of why we continue the struggle; an understanding of the human condition to be passed from heart to heart and mind to mind until the end of hate and judgement is upon us.

Choose love, be fearless today.
My Dear,
We know!
Your perfect cover is blown
I fear,
you'll go and teach the angered souls

My Dear,
I've grown!
I've been bent and whipped into a son of Rome
Am I clear?
Do you know? Your aura penetrates my soul

Just a human controlled by the fear
We will not always be here
One more forgotten mistake
The insanity of history remains

My Dear,
Let's go!
I'll hold your hand, so come on
You steer, I'll row
Eventually, we will get home,
My dear
I've been focused on the end
For a while
My child, we'll just separate the energies
Inside, disperse them to the corners of all time
Our crimes are taking place in the vicinity

My sins, equal to the evil
I let in
You sir, have resigned yourself to apathy
Beware, the symbols on the idol in the chair
Suggest that we are sleeping with the enemy

We've been focused on the end
For a while
It's time to celebrate the miracles
We survived, a wonderful experiment of the mind
Enjoying the infinite theater of the Omniverse

Tune in

Realize the shape that we're all in
Mutate to neutralize the symphony
Our waves, those of the true and the brave
Modulate themselves into reality
Well, what do you know?
It's such a strange wind that you blow.
I'll never  see you again,
But I'll still feel you wherever you go.

Now I know for sure.

Happiness, I will escort
You to the back of my heels
To ooze out and reveal
The danger of ideals.

We'll what do you know?
It's such a strange way that you grow.
I'll never see you again,
There are a million places I have to go.

Now I know for sure,

That I don't need you anymore.
The change renews my faith.
Inside the cage a human remains
Completely cut off and deranged

I've reached my higher plane.
Eye has become a Warrior
Eye spent years turning my insides to Flame-Tempered Steel
Dousing the flames of my selfish desires
And hammering out the emotional weakness
That is slavery to self
Eye focused my energy solely on the Inner Work
And dare Eye say, it is complete

Now, the Outer Work is in progress
Eye can feel my Soul is growing stronger
With each breathless ******
With each drop of sweat that spatters against the cold floor
Or streams directly into my burning eyes
Eye remembers the pains of past lives
And Eye readies my Warship

For it is War that has been declared upon me
But Eye cannot be defeated
My Spirit has completed the tasks
All but One
That cannot be done in One Lifetime
Eye will help me to finish strong
Eye has become a Warrior
Status: Enigma
My presence, a soft ripple
My mission, a finely crushed riddle
A powder through which
The Honest Serpent slithers
Stretching out molecules
To throttle these dangerous Fools
These silly Humans with dull senses

Please challenge me -I dare you
For I have become bored
With casting crumbs before the Profane
In the Mist the Pearls are stored
The swine, they still eat it up
The teachings they ignore
May their bellies always rumble
May their focus always be: MORE, MORE, MORE!!
I feel so ******* stupid
Managing someone else's cupid
Why I ever gave a ****
I cannot determine
Now I'm treated like the vermin!

Never said a ******* word
To make you feel you were unheard
As I listen to the lies
I can't help but laugh inside
At you
On your self-inflicted stupid ride

So take your ******* somewhere high
Where I don't have to hear
Those ******* lies!

I know what I have done
No apologies are going to come
Abused this way
I will be no longer
It's your addiction
And it's your drama

Take it somewhere that I'm not bothered
I've got no time for pity monsters
And I am not your ******* Mother!
I was ready,
but they said hold on...
Left me standing right here by myself
shooting dice in the middle of Rome

Since, I've found
with each roll I get closer
to figuring it out...

Pretty soon I'll know it all

For now, just keep it steady
No need to rock the god ****** boat
I'll bite straight through my tongue
Spit out the blood and try not to choke

Would you tell me
that it's funny as long as you're not the joke?
Clichéd sob story angry kids
with a half a mind to tell you so...

Come on now,
You create the future
with how you're living each hour
and every minute that creeps by

The second that
you realize
it has passed
another one is through the door

But, I'm ready.

I think I'm done digging my hole
Guess I'll climb on out
and wander around for awhile
Since now I've got a place to go...
Being mortal.
I noticed you today
For a split-second you were unsure
You didn't know the answer
And you couldn't supply the cure

I noticed you today
The way you kept going, the way you endured
And though it may not have ended
Quite the way you'd hoped it would

I noticed you today
And I think you did pretty good!
For those who endure their struggles with grace and optimism, I notice. Here is a silly little poem to prove it.
A single drop of crimson scarred the collar of Ishmyre's freshly dry-cleaned muni-suit. He eyed it in disbelief, his brow twisted like that of a madman. He knew that if any of The Superiors found out that he had so carelessly ruined the only garment he'd been issued, he would have to go back. “I'm not going back in there,” he mumbled to himself. “I'll cut myself down where I stand before I let them put me back in that hole!”

Ishmyre began to panic, his thoughts sloshed around in his head like water in a pitched fish bowl. An intense, paralyzing, fear gripped his heart causing it to fit and start. He took a deep breath and attempted to calm himself. No luck. The terrifying thoughts continued,

'They probably already know! The wash-bots, they've inspected it; they have to know! They've sent the report and The Superiors are on their way! Any minute...' His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the intercom's crackle,

“All Inferiors prepare for mandatory lock down! All deck doors will engage in T-minus 30, 29, 28...”

'****! They've gotten the report; they're coming now!'

The countdown droned on in the background, the monotonous robotic voice ascending and descending in perfect rhythm with Ishmyre's pounding heart. His mouth was as dry as a bone, his cracked lips stung and tasted like iron to his sticky tongue. His almond shaped, hazel eyes darted around the empty concrete room, searching for some hint of salvation. There was nothing to see; a mesh cot and a simple steel folding chair were the only items haunting Ishmyre's humble concrete bunk. His options were few and he needed to act quickly. This was no time to panic.

As he stared blankly at the items available, Ishmyre heard the sound of footsteps on the out-deck. They began as a faint rumble in the distance, growing louder and louder, closer and closer, until his heart began the short journey into his throat. His stomach churned and sunk so low it was as if he could feel it oozing out of his heels.

'Here they are, I'm finished!' His mind squeaked to itself in a frenzied, trembling voice.

The footsteps stopped. Ishmyre heard a heavy fist pounding on the door. He sat there naked, staring blankly at the blood stain on his collar. The countdown reached zero. The hiss of the air lock systems engaging snapped Ishmyre back into reality. His thoughts fell away like the dead leaves of autumns latest romance. He waited, paralyzed by fear and anticipation, until he heard an ear-splitting crash. He turned towards his door, expecting to see agents of The Superiors barreling in any second, but there were none.
This story contains a hidden message. There is a purpose for the message, so try to figure it out. It's nothing stupid, I promise. The key is fairly obvious. If you can figure it out, send the message back to me and I'll tell you what to do with it next. If you need extra clues, just ask.

Here it is:

The sign said to beware, but Julie didn't listen. The girl stood before ancient symbols, of which she recognized three. “How beautiful! They're, they...are just magnificent! Look at the detail, so exquisite, nearly divine themselves!” They were only Five small pieces of rock. “Is that Isis? Where is the legendary ***** of her man, Osiris?” Oh, the naivety of youth! She admired the woman for a moment, until six tiny shadows fell across the caves entrance. A strange number of shadows, indeed. Indicative of the beast, destroyer of enlightenment, killer of divinity; the seven, it's immortal enemy. Obviously, the unholiest of all the number realm.

Julie, in awe of all she saw, absolute nirvana enveloping her being, didn't know of the danger that these Omens presented. The six things, growing, began to move and slither towards poor Julie. You would never want to know what these things are.

Love entered Julie's mind. Unaware humanity had deserted her, Julie is. Her last moment was love.
Think of where we've been
We all began where we end
Once, we were all one
We were created with the Suns

The original Bloom

At the core
At the very source
Of our rage
There is recourse

We were born of rays
An experienced haze
It set a blaze in her eyes
When we told the lie

Just look at us now
We are all so very proud...

What is you, is also me
We are the space in between
We are the dark
We are the light
We exist far beyond sight

Because the end
We never reach

It's safely hidden in the deep

Beneath the Fears
And ****** Years
Lying in wait....
A sudden breakthrough, my dear!

Welcome Home

Just look at us now...
She closed her eyes and strode towards the door
At the edge of her Mind where she found
Sixty One point Eight percent more!

She thought for a spell, then continued her tour
At the end all she found was
Sixty One point Eight percent more!
This puzzled our *****, or perhaps she was bored
Still, she continued walking, inevitably towards
A Future that contained Sixty One point Eight percent more!

I closed my own eyes and strode towards the door
At the edge of my mind and I thought:
*I wonder if you're wondering
If you wander while you're wondering
If you understand that by pondering
During all your Mysterious frolicking
That you, too, have a door
And beyond it there lies
Sixty One point Eight percent more!
They think they own the land!
They don't.
They think they own the water!
They don't.
They think they own the energy!
They don't.

They think they own you and I!
They don't.

A doomed aristocrat once said,
“Let them eat cake!”
As the poor starved in the street

Her head was sent to the basket

We the 99% stand up in reply,


We produce the goods
We work the fields
We run the grid
We police the streets
We create the wealth of the Earth
We destroy the greedy and self-serving
We can take care of ourselves

She turned away
Never really looked my way
Oh, what we could've had!
She's gonna miss me one day.
She could've kept her stupid lies

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies
I've got a reason to believe that there's a reason to believe in
I've got a reason to believe that there's a reason to be leaving
She's not the only one, she's just one of the ones that I sin with

We looked away
No game that those eyes didn't play
She looked at me and said:
I never really loved you anyway
Well the whole world could've died from those

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies
I've got a reason to believe, that there's a reason to believe in
I've got a reason to believe, that there's a reason to be leaving
She is the only one, she's not just one of the ones that I sin with

Some other day
The sun may burn as cool as the shade
It'd still warm your frozen heart
I never really loved you anyway
Or the disaster that we had, it was

Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies
Now I've got no reason to believe that there's a reason to believe in
Now I've got two reasons to believe that there's a reason to be leaving
I'm not the only one, I'm just one of the ones that I sin with
I know there will come a day when she will leave me

She has to

No longer will I get to enjoy the beauty of the smile she hates
Or notice the way she waddles away
A bit like a duck

'I'm perfectly okay with this'
That is what I'll say
That is what I'll say on that terrible day

And it's coming...

Creation slows for no man
Not even the son of Three
It's coming to take her away
To new and exciting roads...

A life that needs to be lived in a little

I hope that she finds the goodness
That she finds peace
It's an ugly world we live in
If you ain't marching to the right beat

If ever you need me, I'll be around
Spinning just the way I always was
Even if only the electrical impulses that used to be me
Remain buried


Deep in the back of your mind

I hope sometimes you'll visit
You can have a seat in my chair
Perhaps we will plan new adventures
Or just reminisce about the ones we've shared

Either way, I will be grateful
To see that you're happy and intelligent, and capable
I'll tell you a couple of my stories, too!
Maybe then we'll fall in love the way

All True Lovers do.
The cold Winter winds have soaked these bones
Again and again
I long only for the warmth of Sol's Summer to penetrate my heart
To melt these burdens away
To allow the light inside to escape
To consume me from within

Her cold Winter words have soaked this mind
You're only a friend, dear one of mine
I long only for the warmth of her heart and her touch
To know that our minds are one
And I am finally complete
Able to begin

As Spring inches closer I realize I've been foolish
Again and again
You were right when you said I was stupid
You could've also added Jaded and Deluded
Why should I expect you to be any different
Than all the others who threw me away?

After all, you are only human
Time? It is but an attempt to measure the immeasurable
A cruel trick to plant seeds of fear and doubt
Into the souls of the ignorant and gullible
The god(s) do not favor the the meek
How could they relate to passivity
When action and reaction are the means
By which creation is established?

Why do you sit, begging at the altar
Rejecting what you are?
Were you not told you are a reflection
A beam of light refracted from the source?
What if all creators just sat there hoping, praying
For others to do their work?
Where would you be then?

You ask for favors without sacrificing your sweat
Your blood, your tears
And you expect in return something other
Than a hearty laugh and vicious rebuke?
You are a pathetic **** ant, human.
Granted power you refuse to wield
Why would we trouble ourselves to serve you?

We've already given all that there IS!
Ever think that you matter?
That you were gifted,
You gift grabber?

Tell me, do you take the time
To listen to your chatter?
Inside your head
Thought throws the pitch
But there is no Batter
And your voice is always louder
But your words
They never matter!

You belch your stupidity over and over
From the flaming pits of hell
To the furthest supernova

Are you the Captian of this ship,
You heartless waste of carbon?
I've washed better from my feet
Trust me, I've done it often
Why am I wanting?
Over-analyzing and taunting
Feeding my ego,
It eats my amigos!

My God!
Now I NEED them!

I was so much happier when I didn't give a ****

Why do I care if you like me?
You wouldn't stand beside me in the war.
Pump my ego, and off you go;
You've got other trumpets to blow!

My God!
Did you see that?

I was so much happier when I didn't give a ****

Why am I being needy?
Like a baby that momma ain't feeding
Like a toddler whos circumstance just so happens to be displeasing
That **** makes me want to throw up

My God!

I was so much happier when I didn't give a ****
Friend, let me tell you
You can never trust a human

If you give them a nugget of wisdom
They will only bare their teeth to consume it
And rip it to shreds
No matter how beautiful
They'll then take slaves to gather up the pieces
And put them in tastefully colored packages
Designed by scientists
Hoping to sell themselves back to you

-at a profit.

It doesn't matter if it's poison
These jokers will horde it
If we imagine love as a baby
Then the humans had a late-term abortion
Everything is so self-serving
And insanely distorted
The only thing that matters
Is what they think they are worth

-in the markets

I'm so sick of this
You ******* numb-nut, half-wits
You're just too ******* selfish
I'm done with the nice guy *******
I'm disappearing like Elvis
Am I alive or dead?
I can be both, it's no Agatha Christie mystery
I've never been happier to introduce you

-to disappearing me.
I won't mince words,
Or try to be eloquent about it:

I've had it.
That was me shouting it.

Where once there was beauty,
Now, there's just rot.
I could save it...
But, I'd rather not.

I've had it.
That was me shouting it.

Where once there was hope,
Now, there's just madness.
I could've changed it,
But going insane...

Was just too ******* romantic.

I've had it.
That was me shouting it.
There’s a place, deep inside our minds
Where we create; then we send it into space
Just a trace, a thread slithering through time
No face, just tales of our beautiful kind

But, for now we’re spinning around
These same old towns
Just looking for a place to try again

We go round, and round, and round
We try up, we try down
And now we’re lost again

But that’s okay…

It’s a shame; yeah it’s a downright crime
The human shape, once considered divine
Just a crate, to contain the master’s time
No face, just a couple dollar signs

So, for now we’re spinning around
These same old towns
Just looking for a place to die again

They spin us round, and round, and round
We look forward, we look back
And now we’re lost again

But that’s okay…for now
Oh, Little Bird, you've made my day!

The laugh that we had
I'll carry it with me
Through all my journeys
Even past my grave

I know you'll remember
The laugh that we laughed
When that drop of water
dripped down from above

And splashed directly on your head!

At first you were stunned
As if you'd never expected it
Then your little head shook violently
And tiny beads flew in every direction

You flapped your blue wings
And stuck out your round belly
Then you stamped your left foot
As if to tell me, you'd had enough

What a mood you were in!

I'm sure you noticed my eyes as they narrowed
And how my lips bore that ridiculous grin
And how I laughed, and laughed, and laughed
At the situation we found ourselves in

It was then that you realized
What had happened wasn't so bad
Then you laughed the laugh that birds laugh
And flew off to visit the wind

Goodbye, Little Bird!
You love me when you need it...
Only when it's convenient
Only if I earn it
Only if I deserve it

Whenever you taught it
I tried learn it

I started out caring
Dashing and daring
Looking down the road
I thought we'd be sharing

I feel like the wet cement
Beneath our welcoming doormat

As those tires touched the road
I knew our world
Began to close
My time with you, I will hold dear

Only if it deserves it...
The cops took my ****!
Beautiful living creatures
Extinguished by extraction

This message made possible by
The bible-thumpers passion

A simple farmer, simple life
He's caused no one pain or strife
The victim absent, non-existent?
It matters not, just throw him in prison!
Pesky Cat!
Fur bold as fire
Cold as wire

What a disgrace!
Screams the Goddess of race


You got to get yourself together
Your mind is floating like a feather
Through the games we used to play
And the songs we used to sing

Now come on down!

Pesky Cat!
Claws hard as diamonds
Sharpened nicely

What did you do to your face?
Sings the Goddess of Hate

Jebediah woke up, fixed himself a stiff drink
And he thought everything was fine
Then he found Matt’s feet, covered up in red ink
Lucifer’d caught him in the night

But, he ain’t no fool
He knows Pharmacy Ted

Julie Ann suffers from a stress disorder
That keeps her awake all the time
Freak out, rip the sheets, play a game of tiddlywinks
That chick does it all the time…

She’d rather drink whiskey than wine!

Well, she’s sleeping now
And there’s pills by the bed

She's sleeping sound
She knew Pharmacy Ted
Well, I’m getting older now
I’m letting go of all the anger
That I should’ve dealt with
A long time ago

But still, I’m feeling down, my friend
I see the pain in your eyes
And I understand that
It starts again

So that old North wind is gonna keep right on blowin’
That old cold river is gonna keep right on flowin’
And where we live there won't be any yellow brick roads
To carry us home

So Girl, please don’t cry again
I won’t give up
And I promise that I would never leave you
Out there alone

So, if you ever need a friend
A kindred soul
That can see the light you radiate
Through this darkened world

We can hoist our sails and drift right on through the cold
We could escape the desert of our tired and wounded souls
Because where we’re going we won’t need any yellow brick roads
To carry us home
To carry you home
To carry we home
Feeling uninspired? Well,
You're higher now.
Smoke another cigarette!
Have a whiskey drink.

It's on the house.

Learning how to love again?
Have you been let down?

Yes, I've been let down;
And I'm feeling kind of anxious because I know
It's just a matter of time,

And mine just ran out.
What are we so afraid of?


Afraid of wanting, but not being wanted
Afraid of loving, but not being loved
Afraid of feeling, but not being felt
Afraid of asking and being denied

Why do we stay inside of our cages?


Have a look at my cage...

It's the one with the open door.

I rejected it.
There are three rubber bands
That hold this reality together
One for the Alpha
The other two for Sierra

They exist as a muddy haze
Another solution-less dilemma
Seems as if the pie has gotten
A bit soggy in the center

You should go to the place
You went from, young child
To meet your vicious mate
The famous lynch mob of Ellgotton

Gulping drunkenly from their jugs of hate!

Sierra stands by waiting
As a lady often does
Biting back a mother's violent rage
As her alley ways fill with blood

She watches her children get gobbled up
And chained to the ground by their necks!
Killed and captured one by one
As if cursed by the Alpha’s hex

Now Alpha sees they’re not strong enough
He knows this is the chance to strike
It’s better to **** with the velvet hand of deceit
Than to wound with the iron fist of might!
Got to go to work
Gotta get a job
Gotta pay the mob
That should keep them off my back for one more day!

What do you do?

Got to go to school
Got to get them to say that
I'm qualified to live
In debt to them!

What do you do?

Got to get up
Got to get out
Got to ooh-ooh-ooh
Got to ahh-ahh-ahh, the crowd

So, that's what we'll do!

Got to grow up
Got to quit your dreamin'
Boy, you better listen
You ain't nothing but a human being!

That's what they'll tell you.

So, what do you do?

Just turn your guns back on to
The ones who turned their guns on the truth!
I stared East, directly into eyes of Ouranos
The Water Bearer, in her flowing robe, stood
Beaming like a new Mother at his Left hand
Andromeda, angry and ready to do battle on his right

Screaming forth with great fury
On a collision course with glory

Andromeda wields his fiery sword!

We are but particles in this drama.
Incapable of defending our existence
Attracting and repelling each other
As if we are of some great importance.

I, you, us, we, them...
all of us who are here,
have come,
or will ever be

Are but the blink of an eye in this,

The Ultimate Drama.

Our Stars will dance the dance
And read the script as it was taught them.
The Tiny Audience already knows how it ends.
There really is no, “maybe...”
Or, “Well, it depends.”
We've seen the Angel of Death
Coerced- his hands we become
His hollow countenance, our own

So many numbered wretches
Disguised as hollow drones
Stalk the night

Fighting non-existent thrones

The empty expression, brow bent in deep thought
The humans we used to be
A garden of seedlings in desperate need

The tide rises quickly

These ideas can save us
Or they can tear us apart
Once we've destroyed the concept
Of the celebrated self and love of art

We can begin the process of growing up

Completely spent
We bit the apple, bought the lie
Exploited the poor and boy did we rise
We snapped those necks and boy did we thrive
My little mind is slipping,
Ripping, and tearing
Exposing the soul
That I shouldn't be sharing

My heart is in pieces
For thousands of reasons
And though I am older
The embers still smolder

My father, he left me
My mother, she blames me
My world, it tried to enslave me
The son of Three

Who could ever be free?

So, I'm out here all alone
Too bad, we never had a home
What a shame,
I would've made a very good dog

The spirit was strong,
Its intentions, wrong?

The sweet water still flowing
Saturating drowning lungs
Washing the hurt away
Towards the shallow graves I've dug
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