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May 2016
Oh, Torpedo,
it just ain't the same!
Since you've been gone
it's like I've been in restraints

Just a frustrated Pit Bull
yanking at his chain
Determined to break free
So I can gallop at least

Fifty miles past insane...

Maybe I'll see you when I get there,
and you'll be crazy enough to love me back
Like you always did
but, we were both too scared to act

Or, maybe that's not it at all
Perhaps the story is even more tragic
Could it be that I'd been victimized
by a most nefarious magic?

The type that tricks your heart
into believing it belongs,
That it has a place,
and has found it?
Ishmyre of the Inferiors
Written by
Ishmyre of the Inferiors  9th Ring of Saturn Box 7
(9th Ring of Saturn Box 7)   
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