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Jan 2017
I was ready,
but they said hold on...
Left me standing right here by myself
shooting dice in the middle of Rome

Since, I've found
with each roll I get closer
to figuring it out...

Pretty soon I'll know it all

For now, just keep it steady
No need to rock the god ****** boat
I'll bite straight through my tongue
Spit out the blood and try not to choke

Would you tell me
that it's funny as long as you're not the joke?
ClichΓ©d sob story angry kids
with a half a mind to tell you so...

Come on now,
You create the future
with how you're living each hour
and every minute that creeps by

The second that
you realize
it has passed
another one is through the door

But, I'm ready.

I think I'm done digging my hole
Guess I'll climb on out
and wander around for awhile
Since now I've got a place to go...
Being mortal.
Ishmyre of the Inferiors
Written by
Ishmyre of the Inferiors  9th Ring of Saturn Box 7
(9th Ring of Saturn Box 7)   
     Lior Gavra, name and Jamadhi Verse
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