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Sabika Dec 2023
I denied myself your garden of Eden,
The heaven that you promised me.
I denied it even though I was deeply swayed by its beauty.
I reject your love knowing that you loved me.
I reject my love for you too, baby.
I reject it all, though it has been hard for me,
Because I can't have any of it without the Almighty.

So God, please accept my attempt at courage,
And if this was a test, make it so that I've passed.
For the things I've done,
I do not ask for a reward, but,
May I request for your love to replace
The pains of the past?
Sabika Dec 2023
I remember the ways in which your body told me that you want me:
Pulling me so close so that our chests were inches away,
Your strong arms firm around my waist
Taking my breath away.
"Come here" you'd rasp, and I'd obey.
Grabbed my ******* and ****** the tip,
Picked me up and threw me on the bed,
Kissed my hand to my arm any chance you'd get.
****** and bit my neck,
Liked the way I tasted...
Yet all our efforts to hold onto each other,
Sabika Dec 2023
I don't know if it's true,
But I think I may have a temperature.
Doctor, what is your prognosis?
How do I heal this sickness?
My chest is burning,
Like an iron is pressed against it.
Well of course these are tears!
I guess I'm threatened by the silence...
I feel ill and feeble,
My only cure is to be with people!
Loneliness is evil,
I need you by my side.
Sabika Dec 2023
Baby if our lips cannot,
I hope our hearts can still kiss each other
As we remember.
If our hands cannot,
I hope our minds touch
When we recall our love.
Sabika Nov 2023
I embraced you for dear life
In my *****, where you comfortably reside,
To our detriment, our weights combined,
So in fear of violating the rights of mankind,
I release you, my love,
Though you may weigh heavy on my mind...
Sabika Nov 2023
You look down on me from your high tower.
To me, you're full of beauty, strength and wonder.
I cannot count on the words you utter
To tell me the truth that lies in your heart;
Instead, I'll read your eyes as a start,
Then I'll study your expressions,
Look into the patterns of your mannerisms, your tone,
Study how you're different in private, with friends or over the phone.
I'll let you seep into my heart and mind,
Let you change me, I'll leave the me from the past behind.

All for what, I ask?
If it's a sin to love you...
Then why can't I let go?

Do I **** out the life from you
Like a leach?
Were you more excited about your future before meeting me?
Do I remind you of despair and insecurity?
Do I bring forth the future's unpredictability?
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!

Never thought about how all this could hurt you,
My Romeo...
The poison we'll take is heartache.
But which of us will have the courage to break this curse?
Which of us will drink from this cup first?
"Drink poison now, or live longer in thirst."

As I edge this vessel to my lips,
I remember the nights we spent together
Gazing into the lights in our eyes.
I remember you singing from the heart
As you held me tight, Oh Romeo...
Oh the things we'd whisper,
Oh the games we'd play.
And my favorite part was when
You would read my soul as if it was on display.

Yes, my Romeo...
I did warn you, didn't I,
That the lights that burn brightest, burn fastest.
And how bright did we burn for each other?
Oh how much did we yearn for one another?
But I still find myself yearning,
Dreaming of the possibility
That you'd see life the way I do.
But that isn't fair on you,
Neither of us will change.
"So the quicker we drink the poison,
The easier we'll be unchained."
Sabika May 2023
Out of fear and into courage I run,
Between hope and despair I continue,
Passed humiliation and betrayal I go
And with every cry and whisper I know
That the goal is reached when you try,
And that I must not stop running 'til I die.

There are no friends in this life, I know.
There are only responsibilities and opportunities to grow.
So lives run with and depart from me.
I run fast through the valleys,
And slow from under the sea.
And around me I see sometimes,
As I get distracted by other's songs and rhymes,
I see their smiles and laughter,
And in that I remember my own tears and anger,
And I'm overcome by a rage and hunger,
And suddenly I want to run no longer.

But in the dark, yet in midday,
I hear you calling me to continue your way,
Be it with a smile or with tears,
With rage or with grief all through the years,
"The best is with Me, had you known.
"Despite all adversity, look how much you've grown!"
And to love
I answer,
And to you,
I run faster!
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