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May 2023
Out of fear and into courage I run,
Between hope and despair I continue,
Passed humiliation and betrayal I go
And with every cry and whisper I know
That the goal is reached when you try,
And that I must not stop running 'til I die.

There are no friends in this life, I know.
There are only responsibilities and opportunities to grow.
So lives run with and depart from me.
I run fast through the valleys,
And slow from under the sea.
And around me I see sometimes,
As I get distracted by other's songs and rhymes,
I see their smiles and laughter,
And in that I remember my own tears and anger,
And I'm overcome by a rage and hunger,
And suddenly I want to run no longer.

But in the dark, yet in midday,
I hear you calling me to continue your way,
Be it with a smile or with tears,
With rage or with grief all through the years,
"The best is with Me, had you known.
"Despite all adversity, look how much you've grown!"
And to love
I answer,
And to you,
I run faster!
Written by
Sabika  24/London
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